Super Mario 3D All-Stars is available now on Switch, and it's a good time indeed. However, if you're of the opinion that Mario's 3D adventures should be available on even more consoles, then you'll be pleased to learn that industrious coders have converted the sublime Super Mario 64 to three non-Nintendo systems (unofficially, of course).

Last week, we saw the PlayStation 2 version of Super Mario 64 in action alongside the even more impressive PS Vita homebrew port. This week, however, we've got even further back in time to the Sega Dreamcast, which is now able to play host to its own conversion of Mario's groundbreaking 3D classic. We've also seen an Android version, too.

It's worth noting that none of this is achieved via emulation; Super Mario 64's source code was recently reverse-engineered, which means it's now possible to compile the game to run natively on other formats.

What machine could we see Mario on next? The sky appears to be the limit!