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  • Review Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam Bros. (3DS)

    This Mario mashup is a real jam

    Though it came as a bit of a surprise, quietly tucked away into Nintendo's Digital Event during E3 earlier this year, fans of RPG silliness have been anticipating the crossover of a lifetime since the announcement of AlphaDream's latest adventure. Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam Bros. (known simply as Mario & Luigi:...

  • Random Check Out the Most Expensive Super Mario Watch in the World

    It only costs as much as a new car

    As some of you watch connoisseurs may be aware, Romain Jerome is a fine watch manufacturer that develops wristwatches for rich people. After all, nothing says "I make way more money than you," like a handmade watch crafted from crocodile skin, parts of the original Apollo 11 space shuttle, ISS spacesuit fibres, and...

  • Video We Gawk at the Contents of Nintendo UK's Super Mario Box

    Unboxing a box

    A little while ago we pointed out that Nintendo UK's official store is offering a Limited Edition Super Mario Box as part of the mascot's 30th Anniversary celebrations. It's only in the UK and costs £29.99, but is it worth it? Well, probably not if you already own the classic colour Super Mario 30th Anniversary amiibo, but if you...

  • News Nintendo's Latest Hanafuda Deck Is Perhaps Its Most Eye-Catching Yet

    If only we knew how to play

    As we all know, Nintendo started out making playing cards - Hanafuda cards, to be precise - and although the company's focus has changed over the years, it has maintained a link with its past by producing special Hanafuda packs. The latest set is possibly the most visually alluring yet, and uses classic Super Mario...

  • Video Take a Look at This Super Mario Mod for Sonic Generations

    Looks surprisingly polished

    For those of you that aren't part of the PC gaming world, you may not be too familiar with mods. Basically free, fan-created DLC, mods can put an interesting spin and add significant value to the base game that they're made for. It's gotten to the extent that certain mods have become more popular than the game they've...







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