Since the reveal of Nintendo's latest battle royale game Super Mario Bros. 35, there have supposedly been some comparisons to a fan-made Mario Battle Royale game that received a takedown notice last June.

Reports about Nintendo's game being a "rip off" are "not true", according to a translation by PushDustIn - which reveals Mario 35 was in development well before the release of Tetris 99 in February last year.

"Mihara, who works for Arika Co. Ltd (they worked on Mario 35), confirms that Mario 35 was actually in development before Tetris 99 was even released. There was some reporting in the West that Mario 35 is a rip off of a Mario Battle Royale game, but that's not true."

In a follow-up tweet, it's noted how Arika was already in the process of testing Super Mario Bros. 35 at the time of the fan-made release. And in addition to this, Mario 35 doesn't use emulation.

"When the Mario Battle Royale game was released, Arika was already in the process of testing Mario 35.

Mario 35 doesn't use emulation either, and the team received advice from Nintendo."

Last month, the creator of Mario Royale told Polygon he was surprised when he first saw Super Mario Bros. 35, but was more than happy to take credit for the idea:

“My first reaction was ‘Oh wow, should have seen that coming,’”

“It’s honestly really funny that some nonsense joke idea I came up with ended up being yoinked by a giant corporation like Nintendo. They must be really out of ideas over there.”

Have you tried out Super Mario Bros. 35 yet? Did you play the Mario Royale while it was about? Tell us down below.