Shigeru Miyamoto, Super Nintendo World
Image: Nintendo

Rounding off 2020 in the nicest way possible, Nintendo decided to treat fans to a bonus Direct presentation to show off the upcoming Super Nintendo World theme park in Japan. It looks absolutely stunning, but there was one particularly surprising fact given away during the show.

The Direct was hosted by none other than Mario creator himself, Shigeru Miyamoto; the industry icon took us on a tour of the park, showing off the amazing sights and sounds it'll have to offer next year. But that wasn't all he did.

Not once, but twice, he took the time to confirm that he is, in fact, Mario and Luigi's actual father. The following images aren't part of some fancy caption contest we held – these words really came out of Miyamoto's mouth and will now certainly be treated as canon.

Don't believe us? Look, Nintendo's even tweeting about it:

Simply amazing.

Will you ever be able to look at Mario and Luigi in the same way again? Isn't Miyamoto also supposed to be Bowser Jr.'s mother? What a way to end the year...