Luigi in Super Mario Bros. 35

Super Mario Bros. 35 has been available to play on the Nintendo Switch eShop for almost three weeks now, and players have finally discovered a very exciting secret indeed.

It turns out that Luigi is available in the game as a playable character – something that Nintendo hasn't publicly revealed up until this point. There are a couple of things you'll need to do to unlock him, which probably explains why it's taken so long for players to notice his inclusion.

How To Unlock Luigi In Super Mario Bros. 35

First of all, you'll need to have reached a 'star rank', meaning a level over 100 (when your level ticks above 99, it'll actually go to '1-Star' rather than 100, with '2-Star', '3-Star' and so-on following thereafter). Then, you'll need to hold down the 'L' button while loading up a game.

You can see Luigi appear in this video below from Twitter user @CombotronRobot:

CombotronRobot notes that the timing for this button holding isn't quite clear, so it's perhaps safest to hold the button throughout the entire game loading process. Of course, reaching level 100 takes time, so that should be your first goal if you're hoping to play as Mario's number two.

Ironically, reaching level 1-Star rewards you with a Luigi icon – perhaps Nintendo was hinting that this could be done all along?