Super Nintendo World
Image: Nintendo, Universal Studios

After its lengthy delay, Universal Studios Japan's Super Nintendo World theme park will officially open on 4th February 2021.

The news was shared by USJ's official Twitter account this morning, which also provided a great look at some of the park's finer details. There's a fantastic image of the park itself, which looks like it'll be a charming, colourful wonderland, and we can also see the Mario Kart ride which was first revealed in leaked (and now deleted) images earlier this year.

Bloomberg's Kurumi Mori has also shared more details about the park after being treated to a first-hand look. Mori confirms that the Mario Kart ride, which is called Koopa's Challenge, is an on-rails experience that uses AR headsets. She says, "it was really cool with themed walls, doors, banners, ceilings, lights and a giant statue of Bowser. Visitors see all this and a trophy room while lining up for the ride."

In the same Twitter thread, Mori explains that all riders are given slim headsets, and that each kart has four seats and a steering wheel. Riders are apparently "given some control" of the kart, and you can collect items and 'throw shells' at other karts.

Last month, a Super Mario Café and Store opened at Universal Studios, ahead of the main theme park's launch. The entire thing's looking pretty delightful, isn't it?