Super Mario Bros. 35
Image: Nintendo

It's now officially the 1st of October and that means Super Mario Bros. 35 is available on the Switch eShop.

Super Mario Bros. 35 is a Switch Online battle royale game just like Tetris 99. In other words, you'll need a subscription. You compete against 35 other players to be the last Mario standing, and all you have to do is stay alive as long as possible.

To celebrate the launch, Nintendo is also hosting a special battle event in the game:

Test out your platforming skills on a limited selection of courses from Worlds 1 and 2 in Super Mario Bros. 35's first Special Battle event, running until 04/10!

Keep in mind, this is another "limited-time" release. Nintendo is pulling Super Mario Bros. 35 from the Switch eShop on 31st March 2021, and once it's gone, it will no longer be playable. So make the most of it while you can!

Will you be competing for the top spot in Super Mario Bros. 35? Leave a comment below.