The Game Awards has showcased a variety of musical acts over the years and the 2020 edition of Geoff Keighley's annual gaming event was certainly no exception. Keighley was able to enlist the talents of the London Philharmonic Orchestra this year, and they performed a brief celebratory medley of Mario music in honour of the mascot's 35th anniversary.

The video clip above is only two minutes and fifty-five seconds and is well worth a watch if you're after a little morning pick-me-up. Featuring snippets of music from the usual suspects โ€” Super Mario Bros., Super Mario 64, Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Odyssey โ€” we wouldn't have minded hearing a little more, to be honest. Still, better to be short and sweet than long and... sour?

You may recognise the wood-lined venue for the performance as Abbey Road Studios, famous worldwide thanks to the title of the final album recorded by the Beatles which borrowed its name and featured a cover shot of the group walking across a zebra crossing outside the building.

Abbey Road Super Mario Medley TGA
The London Philharmonic performing at Abbey Road Studios. — Image: The Game Awards

A little shot of positivity for you. Not a bad start to the day, hmm?