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  • Deals The Sega Genesis Mini Is Now On Sale For Just $40

    Go! Go! Go!

    If you've been holding out on buying the Sega Genesis Mini (or the Mega Drive Mini as we'd call it here in the UK), you'll be pleased to know that there's never been a better time to jump in and grab one. At the time of writing, Amazon is selling the console at a whopping 50% off the regular asking price, meaning you can now snap one up...

  • Poll Box Art Brawl #50 - ActRaiser 2

    Raise your act

    Welcome back to Box Art Brawl, the weekly contest between box art variants from around the globe to find out which is the best, better than all the rest. Last week Puzzle Bobble, or Bust-a-Move as it's known in North America, graced us with its presence. It wasn't a contest, really - Japan absolutely stormed it with over two thirds...

  • News GC Loader Ditches The GameCube's DVD Drive So You Can Run Games From An SD Card

    DVD drive playing up? This might be what you're after...

    A short while back, we reported on a new optical drive emulator option for the Sega Saturn and Sega Dreamcast, and we've since been made aware of another product which does very much the same thing – but for the Nintendo GameCube. The GC Loader is GameCube DVD drive replacement that allows...

  • News The Super Mario 64 PC Port Just Got A 60fps Patch

    Smoother than before

    The Super Mario 64 PC mod - that Nintendo tried to take legal action against - has certainly come a long way since its unofficial release in May. When it first arrived it included 4K and ultra-widescreen support and in the following month, modders added in a modern Mario model and some imp





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