Super Nintendo World opens in Japan next year on 4th February. Ahead of its release, Shigeru Miyamoto gave us a 15-minute look at some sections of the park. For your convenience, we've thrown everything from this livestream into a single post.

Warp Pipe Entrance + Peach's Castle

The entry point of Super Nintendo World is a Warp Pipe. How appropriate! From here, you'll enter Peach's Castle. As you can see, there are some familiar-looking paintings on the wall. There's also castle music from Super Mario 64.

? Block and Power-Up Band

In Miyamoto's words - this here is the "? Block" activity. With the Power-Up Band, you can play a special game. Power-Up Bands also allow you to search for secrets hidden around the park, record what you do and you can use the QR code on the back to link it with the smartphone app and "check your status".

Just like in the Super Mario games, this block will give you coins. In this case, they go straight to your smartphone app. All up, there are six different bands to collect and they even work "like amiibo" so you can use them after you return home.

Power-Up Band

Sleeping Piranha Plant Activity

Miyamoto didn't want to reveal anything about this one just yet...

Piranha Plant

Koopa Troopa POW Block Activity

In this activity, the aim is to get the spinning key above the pipe. To start the game, you tap the "key tap point" and must then try and get the shell to hit the POW Block above. It's all about the timing.

The key then gets recorded to the Power-Up Band. If you manage to collect three keys, you can then take on Bowser Jr.

POW Block

Underground Level + Giant Bob-omb

This section of the park was described by Miyamoto as a "realistic underground cave" resembling a huge maze. In here, you'll find more things you can scan and exploding Bob-omb. In one section you'll even feel like you've turned into "mini Mario". And to go out with a bang, there's a giant Bob-omb activity.

Underground Level

1-UP Factory, TOKOTOKO Mario + Popcorn

Presenting the 1-UP Factory (aka the gift shop). Here you can purchase some exclusive Super Mario merchandise. The Nintendo development team has even created a special toy - "TokoToko Mario". No batteries required!

1up factory

While you're at it, why not try out some popcorn. The flavours include Caramel Peach and Mushroom. Mushroom, really?


Kinopio's Cafe

The place to go for food and you can also scan some small or big items with your Power-Up Band. The restaurant is run by Toad, hence the name of it, and there's a nice big dining area. Below is a look at some of the tasty treats on offer.

Toad's Cafe

Bowser's Castle + Mario Kart: Koopa's Challenge

This ride apparently took six years to develop and is said to be like nothing else before it. Inside, at the very top of the steps, is a giant statue of Bowser and even further in, is a display of all the Mario Kart trophies - including a special Universal Studios one.

Mario Kart

AR Headset

This is what you'll be wearing during the Mario Kart challenge...


Super Nintendo World

Shigeru Miyamoto

Once again, Super Nintendo World opens in Japan on 4th February 2021. Super Nintendo World will also open in Hollywood, California and Orlando, Florida in the United States, and Singapore in Asia. What did you think of this special Direct livestream? Leave your thoughts down below.