Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury
Image: Nintendo

Listen, we're not going to get too deep into this, because we are a family website, gosh darn it, but it seems that Big, Angry Bowser in today's Super Mario 3D World trailer is exactly what some people are looking for in a man. We admire the candour and courage of these people in publicly admitting it to the rest of the world, like in this Kotaku piece by staff writer Ash Parrish simply entitled: "Oh No, He's Hot".

We cannot possibly pass comment on Large Father Bowser, since we are a website and, as such, have no feelings, but in lieu of our own take on whether or not Daddy B is lookin' fine these days, here are some opinions from social media:

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Ring Fit Dragaux
Image: Nintendo

Hey, remember when a lot of people thought Ring Fit Adventure's antagonist, Dragaux, was hot, too? Maybe that's because its players are predominantly women, or maybe that's because he's an 80-foot-tall slab of beef. Again, we can't pass comment. We are but a humble website. Is Nintendo catering to these fans on purpose? Is someone on the development team really into tall, muscular dragon-men? We may never know.

Anyway, now you've read about Buff Papa Bowser, read about sales figures to cool down, and tell us about your favourite ways to file your yearly taxes in the comments.