Game Manual

Updated: Physical video game manuals are seemingly no longer a thing - even Super Mario 3D All-Stars didn't include one.

To help fill the void, one fan has taken it upon themselves to create their very own hand-made manual for the game. Here's how they describe it:

"This will complete the physical set as well as give new and older gamers the feel of the retro days where manuals were used to help, as well look great. This is not an official product nor meant to be, it is made by myself to give a complete physical feel with the official game."

The manual includes a total of 44 pages, covers all three games in the collection, and features important details like the prologue and controls of each title. There's also a star list - ensuring no objectives are skipped.

This same individual has previously created manuals for Animal Crossing: New Horizons, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and many other Switch games.

Do you think Super Mario 3D All-Stars should have included a manual? Tell us down below.

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