Super Mario 3D All-Stars may well be made up of three pretty old games – can you believe that even Super Mario Galaxy is now 13 years old? – but we're willing to bet that we know of a fair few secrets that will blow your Mushroom Kingdom socks off.

In the video above, Nintendo Life newbie Jon takes you through 35 hidden secrets and exploits that can be discovered across Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, and Super Mario Galaxy. There are all sorts of different things in here from secret moves Mario can perform and hidden teleports, to tricks that can completely transform levels and make them far easier than they should be.

We know that plenty of you reading this site will be huge fans of these games, so we've no doubt you'll have heard of some of them before, but give it a watch and let us know how many are completely new to you in the comments below. And no cheating!

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