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Sony: Wii U is No Threat, Says "Welcome to 2006, Nintendo"

Posted by James Newton

Jack Tretton not impressed

The Wii U was a big ace up Nintendo's sleeve at this year's E3, but president of Sony Computer Entertainment America Jack Tretton doesn't see the console as much of a threat to its current generation PlayStation 3.

Tretton spoke to Forbes about the E3 reveal of Nintendo's new console and had this to say:

I didn’t see anything about Nintendo’s announcement that said ‘Oh, we’d better get working on rolling out a new PlayStation here pretty soon.

Our attitude is kind of ‘welcome to the party.’ If you’re looking at being a multimedia entertainment device, if you’re looking at high def gaming, that was 2006 for us.

Last year Sony launched its PlayStation Move motion controller and this year sees the release of its touch screen-wielding portable console, PlayStation Vita.


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Graph said:

Why does SONY PR people always speak as if they are lacking maturity and reason?



Megumi said:

Playstation 4's controller will have a big touchscreen...thing....just watch.



SteamMistwalker said:

i love how sony does this every time nintendo releases something new and different. Welcome to motion controls Sony! that was soo 2006, touch screen controls? wow ur a little late to the party there Sony!
can he not see how they always trend behind nintendo?



SilverBaretta said:

But the real question is, was the WiiU created to be a threat in the first place? I don't feel like Nintendo is trying to upstage anyone with this console, but, I guess Tretton does.



Sneaker13 said:

We can say the same about touch screen control on the Vita. "Welcome to 2004, Sony."

But to be serious, they have a point about HD, but I think the Wii did excellent with SD. And with their strategy this generation, they made a load of money and now release a HD console which (according to rumors) is 50% faster then the PS3, a lot cheaper then the PS3 was in the past and innovate gaming again by adding another screen.



MasterGraveheart said:

Yeah, I'm sure technological powerhouses with innovative interfacing technology doesn't really compare on the threat level as endless hackers, identity theft, public relations nightmares, stockholder unease, and the mighty mite system that's been kicking your butt for five years compares, oh, wait, you still have all these problems AND another system popping up!

Jacky-boy, let me lay a hard truth on you. Yeah, you pretended you grew a set and got on the E3 stage to apologize for the blackouts and the hacker attacks. Meanwhile, you face multi-million doller lawsuits and your biggest competitor, the one who HAS threatened your existance, coming into your back yard to use your dog as a flail to beat your pompus face in, and you have to deal with the backlash of your own product getting booed off stage at E3. Sony, you have no idea just how much in real trouble you're in.

The hackers, the backlash, the lawsuits, the 3DS getting going, and now Wii U, who is a very serious threat to not only dominate your market but continue it's stranglehold on it's own? Don't get me wrong, you'll keep your head above water, but careful. Here comes Microsoft on a motorboat aimed right for your bloated head.

Does ANYONE at Sony actually know how to run a video game industry? I mean, seriously, they got by two generations because they didn't have any serious competition, but when Nintendo woke up and Microsoft finally figured things out after the first X-Box, we came to realize that the emperor that was Sony had no clothes. And if you want my opinion, Sony still hasn't fixed that problem.




Again, u see why they sell so poorly globally (relatively speaking). They don't understand the market and are quite upperty about their Sony "brand" (which has declinined in the television market as well as the console market). Isoaltionism is their way.

Anyway, what about the Sony's failure - the Move - lol



Ecto-1 said:

I could criticize Tretton's attitude towards Nintendo, but I won't because I know that the people above me already are and the people below me likely will.

I will say to some extent he is right. If Nintendo was hoping to compete with the 360 and the PS3 as an HD gaming console, Sony and Microsoft will have a 6-7 year head start by the time the Wii U launches.

I don't think Nintendo will fail by any means, as their loyal fan-base (myself included) will undoubtedly adopt their new console.



Deviant_Mugen said:

The Wii U was touted as a multi-media device, when? Also, way to miss the entire point by singling out the fact that Nintendo have "finally" gone HD. As if that's what the Wii U is really going to be about...



Noire said:

Sony guy said something mildly disparaging about the competition! LET'S JUMP HIM IN A DARK ALLEYWAY AND BEAT HIM UP!



irken004 said:

So motion controls on Sony consoles aren't new either? Way to think of the future



Monsti said:

Yeah...that's so 2006. Just like the touch controls on the Vita are so 2005...



warioswoods said:

"If you’re looking at being a multimedia entertainment device..."

Personally, I hope Nintendo is not looking to be a general multimedia device, and fortunately the current evidence is on my side (no Blu-Ray or DVD support).



gamer1pc said:

If you guys haven't read that sony's Playstation Vita can do the same thing the Wii U controller and what I mean is that you can play your PS3 game on the vita, but developers have to include that option on the PS3 game



WaveGhoul said:

Like a few of you already said, SONY are the ones late in the game, not to mention they take Nintendo's ideas and mold them into their own. After the N64's controller with it's game changing analog stick hit the world by storm, sony then decided to whip out their own Analog based controller later on for the PS1....Nintendo then innovates by using Motion Controls with the Wii, Sony then wan't a piece of the pie so they come out with the Move control years later. Meanwhile the DS earlier had come out with the touch screen, and now sony's whipping out their own touch screen portable the Vita.

It seems the only innovation(which it's not) is sony's power house in the graphics department. This guy's basically saying Nintendo isn't a threat because it won't pack the same graphical punch? lol jesus, clearly innovation and thinking about why we play games in the first place(aka 'FUN') doesn't apply to these goof balls.

These guys want serious buisness rawr! rawr!. Super Powerful realistic HD 18954p Resolution based graphics, with a High octaine 10 disc bluray mulimedia device player all suped up in a black chrome while looking like a massive beast of a console that shoots laser beams out of it's Electric A**hole.

Here's what the Vita 2 will be....It will had 3D technology and PS4-like graphics and a 3rd analog stick. No suprises here folks! But serously didn't Sony say that the PS3 would be supporting titles up to 120 Framers Per Second? haha. That clearly never became a reali



gamer1pc said:

@32 I really don't care who copies who I just care who does it the best like if it is more powerful, more creative etc.



Kid_A said:

Said the president of the company who still uses the Super Nintendo controller...with control sticks. And the Wii Remote...with a ball on top.



DarkLloyd said:

well im still thinking of moving my multiplatform buying on ps3 to the wii U when it comes out so sony you got about a year or so of getting money from me on multiplatform games



J-Forest-Esq said:

@29. Me too, guv. Me too. I just want it to play games.
@31 Sony like to whip things out don't they?



Token_Girl said:

It's true technologically, speaking. The WiiU is not that big a jump from the PS3 compared what we generally see with console generations. Didn't Sony confirm a PS tablet that would be compatible with PS3 too back in the spring? So they can't be accused copycatting, but I'm going to guess Ninty's still going to be the cost effective option.

That being said, I'm still angry at Tretton's "apology" for their network outage at E3. It was pretty much "we're sorry that we still have so many sales and good games and our customers are so loyal that we can turn this into a marketing spiel instead of an actual apology for our lack of online security and customer service."



ToastyYogurt said:

Hearing these people diss Nintendo when Nintendo is hardly dissing back is really immature and making me start to hate Sony...



Tim_Slim said:

He kinda has a point...although as someone who was thinking about getting a PS3 with Move, but is now waiting for the Wii U...he's wrong if he thinks it isn't a threat



lord_hades said:

yeah playstation move umm whats that a rip off of then the wiimote face sony hates nintendo since the playstation 1



AcidFox said:

"Last year Sony launched its PlayStation Move motion controller and this year sees the release of its touch screen-wielding portable console, PlayStation Vita."

...I see what you did there.



Hardy83 said:

He has grounds...This time.
The Vita could easily be used as a substitute controller to the PS3 that acts like the WiiU remote. It would actually include more features too, if Sony decided to do that.

Though he said it was a multimedia system when we all know it'll have Netflix and that's it, no DVD/Blueray and I doubt it'll have a music player.

Either way, I'm sure both the lovers and the haters will go nuts with this statement, just like his statements on the Wii.



The_Fox said:

That's cute: It's like Jack Tretton and Reggie Fils-Aime are competing to see who can spew the most sh*t out of their mouths.



bboy2970 said:

Oh Jack.....words simply can't quite describe how short sighted and ignorant you really are.
2005: Touch screen on a handheld!? How ridiculous! And look at those graphics! PSP is gonna wipe the floor with DS!, 2011: Introducing the PS Vita...Its got a touch screen!! We're so innovative!

2006-ish: Wii? That's not a REAL game system. Motion controls are for little kids! Sony owns the living room and Nintendo owns the closet! Oh and those graphics, what a laugh!, 2010: Intoducing Playstation Move! Look! Its got super innovative motion controls plus a goofy ball on top! We are truly market leaders!

2011: Wii U? That thing is no threat! Welcome to 2006 Nintendo!, 20??: Introducing our new controller! Its got a big touch screen on it! Look how new and amazingly innovative this thing is! Oh yeah, and here's the PS Vita 2! Its got.....a 3D screen...,WITHOUT GLASSES!! And just look at those shiny graphix!!! Take THAT Nintendo you un-innovative children!

Tsk tsk Sony. When will you learn. Oh, and those last couple lines in the article were great! They really say it all



edhe said:

I think the Wii (and the DS and it's family) has proven you don't need processing power to dominate the market.

Just more sabre rattling from Jack Tretton.



daznsaz said:

MOVE away from the veteran games and console makers please or we will have to set sega onto you lol



dustin_g said:

playstation customer service sucks that is why i will never buy sony again, nintendo always will fix their equipment free or reasonable. to get a psp repaired it is like 90 bucks.



TKOWL said:

My responce:
"Hey, Sony, remember motion-control gaming? That was ALSO so 2006."



belmont said:

I don't see how he is mistaken this time.
It doesn't seem that the Wii U will much more powerfull than PS3 and not many people will buy it to play HD games if they already have a PS3/xbox360.
Vita may be used as a PS3 controller but someone can control PS3 via network (home or internet) using PSP via remote play and you can even stream some games such as Blazblue and play without a TV.



ElFlorro said:

If Sony doesn't copy at least one tiny thing for their PS4 that Nintendo did first (and this time it must be the controller with a screen), that would be the first time in Video Game history. Bloody copycats!!



Rapadash6 said:

What's with the mud slinging Jack? It also baffles my mind how he can say these kinds of things about Nintendo when Sony is the most notorious for taking their ideas and making them their own. Nintendo introduced analog sticks and BOOM, Sony added them. Nintendo did rumble and BOOM, Sony added it. Nintendo introduced a very specific split type motion controller and Sony blatently released there own. The similarities on the latter, I might add, are so rediculous I don't think anyone could say Sony was being original in that regard. In addition to all that, Sony didn't even pioneer online and HD gaming either, so these comments are so wrong here Jack really comes off as pretty arrogant and ignorant at the same time.



DrDaisy said:

It does seem like he's been very cocky, but can we honestly say someone like Reggie or Iwata wouldn't say the same thing if it was Nintendo that had the powerhouse system and Sony or MicroSoft was just coming out with a new system that barely surpassed Nintendo's own?



lord_hades said:

2030: now our new console the nintendo i will be nothing like youve seen before, now you actually be in hyrule feild, you can now be inside the mushroom kingdom because our new console actually turns your surroundings into the game, you will be mario link luigi or even a pokemon trainer as you your self are the game character..... back stage jack: are you noting this down.

2031: erm nintendos new console sucks yeah
2040: the playstation U you can now be in the game the surrounds will be hy.. i mean COD MW45 this has never been done before

face it sony you cant do anything with out someone else doing it first



bboy2970 said:

@Acerocks: Alas, its true, I am not psychic and cannot predict the future. I can however look back in history and make an educated guess at what the future will hold.



Algorhythm said:

Nintendo couldn't hear Sony's comment because their money printing machine was too loud!!!!



Crystalking18 said:

@11 Hi Game Overthinker lol. But seriously, Tretton's comment doesn't even make sense. Playstation Move. Welcome to 2006. Touchscreen. Welcome to 2004. Plus I really don't think that Nintendo really is trying to upstage Sony. Sony has it's own problems now, and I think Nintendo could care less if Sony thinks that WiiU is outdated before it launched



SteveW said:

I'm tired of people saying that people won't buy the Wii U to play HD games if they already have an HD console, that's ridicilous, since when is gaming tied to the type of video output? did those guys only have one composite system? one S-Video system? that's just stupid



AltDotNerd said:

Confucious say: "Insults spawn from Jealousy". Plus, after the millions Sony lost from the Hacking Incident of '11, I'm suprised they even think they're still in the game...of making games.



WaveGhoul said:

I don't care if the PS4 can be produce graphics that will shake the bloody earth, they don't have Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Punch-Out!!, SSB, Wario Land, Kirby and the other great franchises that rock the world of NIntendo. Plus Sony always fails in the innovation department, they're so predictably boring...

Sony on the other hand has God of War, Jack & Dexter, Killzone, Uncharted, Ratchet & Clank, Little Big boring Planet ect ect, and none of those appeal or interest me in the slightest....So I'm basically left with 3rd party support to look forward to from developers like Capcom and Konami to look forward

I honestly wish Sega was in the game......Nintendo Vs Sega, those were the days!
but ya, i don't even know why i still have my PS3, i think I'm going to trade it in for a Genesis and a bunch of



default12345 said:

I could only watch about five minutes of the Sony E3 conference because of this man. It's his voice. It's so whiny. If I had watched another minute there would have been a fist shaped hole in my PC monitor. I'm not so sure he should have made jokes about the PSN issues. An arrogant individual.




"Last year Sony launched its PlayStation Move motion controller and this year sees the release of its touch screen-wielding portable console, PlayStation Vita." That is why I love you James



bboy2970 said:

@Acerocks: I think someone is being just a bit too serious. Obviously jtr235 was joking with that statement about that fact that Sony takes nearly all of Nintendo's ideas and makes them their own even after running their mouth about how stupid the ideas are in the first place. And the comment about MW45 was just a jab at how they are just constantly churning out COD after COD after COD and 45 was obviously just used as a humorously high number of where we will be in that franchise by 2030. Get it? Jokes! funny.



Gamer83 said:

I really wish Tretton would put a lid on it. I enjoy the PS brand and think it's good enough to stand on its own. Tretton can talk it up without having to constantly bash Nintendo. It's especially hilarious considering they basically ripped off the remote/nunchuk. At least MS did something different for its motion control device. Sony's people, they just copy then act like they invented everything.



WaveGhoul said:

I wonder how many people in this comment section have a PS3.
I do, and i honestly don't know why....I haven't played a PS3 game since Resident Evil 5. eek! That's my fault though.

I need to ask myself this....Is a console even worth keeping for Dead Space 2, Mortal Kombat and BlazeBlue?lol
I think the only reason I have it, is that it makes for a wonderful bluray player....but the thing is, i don't even an HDTV right now, so I don't even need a bloody bluray player. I'm upgrading in 2012, but for now...well ya. lol



hYdeks said:

well, it's kinda true, how sucky you look at it . Xbox 360 and ps3 has been around for 5 years now and they have had the games and the graphics, and with motion they just added on. With the Wii you got a "updated gamecube" with no hd (seriously bad) and motion controls (which at first weren't one to one) and up till a couple months ago, wii was $209 and 360 was only $199 for the 4gb, to some people the 360 would look better. Maybe Sony now feels more threaten than ever and is trying to play with your mind and get you to get a ps3?



HandheldGuru97 said:

They say it isn't a threat, but the problem is they have no idea what to do for there next console. So they must copy Nintendo again.



WaveGhoul said:

@hydeks when the XBOX 360 was released HD was basically new and at the time the technology boasting Plasma and especially LCD just wasn't there yet. At the time, i couldn't even bear playing any HD title on an LCD HDTV....the motion was crap, the black levels were washed out along with the piss poor color along with the terrible lag.... Nintendo even mentioned that the technology just wasn't there yet, and that most people didn't have an HDTV in their homes...

flash forward to now and things have changed, and i feel that the timing is great considering Plasma's are rocking gorgeous PQ. I'm just worried about the lag, which sadly is still roking the hdtv world.



Punny said:

Better late than never, Jack. Besides, when the Wii U's sales begin to rise, Sony will copy the idea like always.

Anyways, this is a bit more innovative than what we were seeing in 2006. Was any developer releasing a controller with a screen in it? I don't think so! I think Jack is just jealous...



Hokori said:

2006 had a screen on the controller that reads from the TV? I must be living under a rock



bboy2970 said:

@Acerocks: Ah, I see. Well, egg on your face I suppose. It does tend to be very difficult to win an argument when you are in fact on the losing side of said argument. Oh, and also, your last comment had an error in it. You see, I am actually 18 so you must have missed the "1" key as you typed. Its ok bud, fair mistake

EDIT: awe changed your comment. That isn't fair! Now I have this whole great response up there and now people will be confused as to what exactly I'm responding to. Well for anyone following along, Acerocks original comment was something like: "My joke was thinking I could win an argument against an 8 year old (you)." That was what I was responding to above. Now that he's gone and changed it my response is now this: said "stupid jokes from stupid people" so I had obviously assumed that you were referring to yourself. My mistake. Sorry bud



Pogocoop said:

THIS right here is why I can't take sony seriously as a company. They Are just awful. This and how they havn't had any original ideas since, well.... Never.



NintyMan said:

Oh, it's you again.

I love how Nintendo doesn't hit on their competitors. In fact, all they do is simply ignore jabs like this, because all Tretton's trying to do is get attention. Nintendo has much more important things to do than pay attention to someone picking a fight.



bboy2970 said:

@Acerocks: I feel like we have reached a misunderstanding of sorts...You see, its not a score its just that you're here trying to defend this turd named Jack Tretton so I feel that puts you on the losing side of this argument. But that's just my opinion so I guess just keep going with your bad self!



Ecto-1 said:

It is amazing how this one guy can make a comment that may or may not be accurate, and all of the users on here start devouring each other like a pack of ravaging wolves. Kind of sad, really...



WaveGhoul said:

If Cathy Dunway heard what he said, all hell would break loose. She would transform into the ultimate Soccer Mom rooster faced mecha-stryzan and beat the living sony gonads out of Jack Tretton.



bboy2970 said:

@Acerocks: Ah! Clever. I see what you did there Well let me assure you, if Nintendolife ever writes up an article about Reggie spewing utter nonsense and mud-slinging at Sony, I will be sure to comment on that thread so that you can come in and shoot that comment right back in my face. And when you quoted my comment you forgot the "" at the end. The open-mouth smiley is a very important part of that comment and you probably should have included it. In don't seem to have any smileys in any of your comments....what's wrong? Not in a very smiley mood? here, do it with me:



Ryno said:

Why are people so sensitive to their favorite brand? These mega companies dont give 2 sheets to the wind about you. I am glad Sony is competing with Nintendo, because of this I benefit with access to better technology and video games.



bboy2970 said:

@Acerocks: I spy a smiley at the end of that comment! See? That wasn't so hard! I'm glad I could help you become a bit happier today. No thanks are needed, just knowing that I helped is enough Now if only we could do something about that Sony fanboy problem....



TheGreenSpiny said:

@65: PS3 does not give you the option of motion controls. Only a handful of games actually support it, which is of course the problem of releasing perephrials, as oppossed to having a "standard" conroller. Nintendo made the Wii Remote and Nunchuk the "standard" controller to make sure it was universialy supported. The Classic Controller has always been then since the begining, but was very rarely supported. In stead of designers coming up with interesting, well thought out, or intutive control schemes, they instead went with horrid poorly programmed controls and blamed it on the Wii Remote. Some where just plain bad design choices. Waggle to jump? Who in their right mind ever thought this was a good idea? Game designers always had the option to support the classic controller, and given that dual analog has been around forever probably could have been very easy to program for as opposed to the Wii Remote/Move.



CanisWolfred said:


Same reason why people are sensitive to their favorite Band or their favorite sports team. They treat it as a part of themselves, and defend it as they would defend their selves.

That's my hypothesis, anyways.



bboy2970 said:

@Acerocks:'re not a Sony fanboy? Well it was an honest mistake after reading you comments in this article. I apologize, I must have misunderstood. But please answer me this: Why is someone so seemingly opposed to Nintendo a user on a site called: Nintendo Life? You know, Movemodo and Kinectaku are right across the street. Perhaps you should try there?...



CanisWolfred said:


"Why is someone so seemingly opposed to Nintendo a user on a site called: Nintendo Life?"

What better reason to knock some sense into people than because it's in an area where sense is severely lacking?



wanderlustwarrior said:

Just going off what he said, he's actually absolutely right. As odd as it is to agree with Jack Tretton, the Wii U doesn't really pose a threat to the Playstation.

Of course, as per the usual, Sony is the biggest threat to the playstation.

Well, that's enough out of me. You may return to flogging/fellating your companies of choice.



SwerdMurd said:

Douchey, but spot-on. If the Wii U had been the Wii, maybe people would like/buy it..... As it stands, they're releasing the Nintendobox 360 w/ screentroller 5 years too late.



bboy2970 said:

1) True
2) Well...duh. It is called NINTENDO life after all. Surely you had to know the general consensus of the users here would be: Nintendo=good, Sony=bad. I admit Sony has a couple innovations, the back touch pad being the most significant in my mind but they DO rip off A LOT of Nintendo's stuff and comments like this from Jack just make them look so bad when we've all been through this song and dance TWICE!

@MickeyMac: I don't really understand what your that comment for or against me? Please clarify...



emirblade said:

I think this transition from wii to wiiU is going to be more refreshing than the transition the ps3 will get to ps4, graphics wise.

It's gonna be like this:
Nintendo:WOW look at mario in HD, so pretty
PS: Oh, look at kratos, he looks slightly better.



bboy2970 said:

@MickeyMac: I honestly don't know! Your comment has kind of a negative vibe to it so I'll go with it being against me but the the way it is worded I literally cannot ascertain what it is your trying to say...



CaPPa said:

I'll never feel the same about Sony as I do other videogame makers because they just come across as arrogant and always seem to go the route of putting down their competitors rather than promoting their own product. I like some of their games but cannot stand their men in suits.

Sony 2006 - hahaha that 'Wii' thing is no threat to us, it's just a novelty.

Nintendo goes on to outsell the PS3 like crazy with the 'no threat' Wii. Sony hastily releases a Wii remote, I mean Move remote.

Sony 2011 - hahaha that 'WiiU' thing is no threat to us, it's just a novelty...



Hokori said:

I agree with sony copying Nintendo on A LOT of stuff.
PSone controller= SNES controller with grips
Vita=DS with HD
Move= Wii Motion Plus
the only thing Sony hasnt copied and Nintendo didnt do (for good reasons) is DVD/Blue-Ray.



wanderlustwarrior said:

It's not "nintendo = good, sony = bad" here. It's "nintendo = main thing to talk about, sony = occasionally relevant". There's been plenty of negative comments about nintendo, such as the barebones online and download service, and there's been positive reception to some of sony's things, such as the Vita's price (and I for one am jealous of the Little Big Planet franchise).

Sure, we're (me, other posters, the writers) not always completely objective, but hopefully we're also not Animal Farm type sheep.

(Say it with me now, "Four letters BAAAAAAAAD, two screens goooood")



SilverBaretta said:

If you took every comment with a lack of maturity and sense on these controversy articles and laid them out next to each other, they'd be twice as long as the Great Wall of China.

..........just saying.



J-Forest-Esq said:

@acerocks @bboy2970
Let's all just try to get along, right? You're not even arguing about the topic at hand any more. And I'm not sure the general consensus here is "Sony=bad" but "Nintendo=more loved". Or something...



WaveGhoul said:

meanwhile, DVD and Bluray have nothing to do with Ah well, at least Sony invented the 2nd(Dual) analog stick, which imo is completely archiac control wise by todays standards all thanks to Wii Pointer controls.

Dual analog in my eyes is clunky, dated and boring, and the Vista is rocking it in full force. It would of been much better to use a bottom touch screen and a stylus to aim your weapon in a first person title for example, like in dementium. BUT we all have our personal preferences, and I know many people are glad for the additional analog stick.



bboy2970 said:

@wanderlustwarrior: Fair enough. But my point still stands that the consensus around here would obviously be more in Nintendo's favor and it would be foolish to think otherwise.



lord_hades said:

the only thing sony cant copy is nintendo's classic world famous characters sony will never become an original game company like nintendo theyve been around for like 200 years



WaveGhoul said:

"I made an attamept to clarify it, but at this point i no longer care"

MickeyMac you're
I don't know what you're trying to say either, but it's coming off as some sort of mild bitterness towards Bboy and for no apperant reason. It's like you have your chin up in the air thinking that Bboy isn't worthy enough to grasp what you're trying to say. lol



CaPPa said:

The PS3/PSV using cloud based game saves to continue a game on another device is very different to what the WiiU controller does. The WiiU can have the same game on both screens at the same time, with one screen even offering a different viewpoint. It can overlay images to the controller screen, so that the controller almost looks like a window inside the main screen. It can instantly communicate and link the actions from the controller screen and TV together (as seen by the throwing star and photo demos). The PS3/PSV combo cannot do any of that yet and I doubt that it ever will be able to.

Not that continuing a game from a console to a handheld isn't a great idea, because it is and would be a great feature if it became widespread; just that it is a totally different concept to the WiiU.



daznsaz said:

wii shall not wii shall not be moved handbags at dawn and things but nintendo still rule lol★



wanderlustwarrior said:

As I've mentioned before, the Gamecube/GBA and the PS3/PSP had console to handheld connectivity similar but lesser to what the Wii U has. Remember Sony's terrible 2006 E3 press conference that's already been mentioned on this page? That same conference used the PSP as a controller for Ridge Racer with a different viewpoint.



wanderlustwarrior said:

Wow, and here I was thinking that my last post would seem slightly out of place due to ninjaing.

Also, I wonder why you could've possibly been banned? Whatever were they thinking?



Corbs said:

Just Jack being Jack. Just like Reggie's "those glasses" comment while Sony was across town showing off their 3D PS3 games. Gotta love a good jab, no matter how silly it is. LOL



WolfRamHeart said:

I personally don't see anything wrong with his comment. I think that the Wii U is the system that the original Wii should have been. It is five years too late and so far it doesn't seem to offer anything that the PS3 or the Xbox 360 offer besides a tablet controller. It is still early and I am sure that Nintendo has other things up their sleeves for the Wii U. However, if I was just going on what I saw of the Wii U at E3, I have to say that I wasn't very impressed by it either. I think Sony and Microsoft are taking a wait and see approach with the Wii U. Most people are still confused by the Wii U and not sure what to make of it. I'm not surprised that Sony would say that they don't see it as a threat. Well, not yet at least.



geek-master said:

i am not a sony fan-boy. in fact the only sony consoles i ever owned were the ps1 and ps2. seeing that both those systems are broken gives me a reason to hate on sony for a while. both my ps1 and ps2 died of things that i did not do to the system. the chipset on ps1 got fried but it was a used one so there could always be other stuff that caused it to break. and disks wont read on my ps2 because the latch that tells the ps2 that the disk lid is shut broke off and that maybe happened from slamming the lid of my ps2. my point is i started wondering if all sony game consoles are cheaply made.

but now im starting to see the exact opposite this generation. now i do not own a PS3 or a PSP just do to shear cost of owning multiple consoles so i try to keep it simple. but there is something about the free market that i really like. its called competition. other company's trying to compete to survive aka(social Darwinisim) i have tried out the playstation move it it seems far more accurate then the wii remote plus. in other words that glowing ball on the top of the controller makes the controller itself far more acurate by way of the playstation eye tracking light and including a built in compass,gyroscope, and accelerometer. so in that case sony took what nintendo did and made it better. but the games for playstation move do not say the same for how innovative the controller is sadly. i would say the same thing goes for the psvita. took what made an already great 3DS excluding the duel screen and made it better but the games will determine the sales



GEOFF said:

As if this bozo decides when sony release a new console. He runs nothing.




Jack Tretton knows what he's talking about. I'm so glad someone who knows what they're doing is in the industry. He deserves to be President of Sony.



RadioShadow said:

Hey Sony, remember when the PS1 only had 2MB of RAM while the N64 had 4MB of RAM (even had an expansion device to double it to 8MB of RAM). You sure where behind then!



Sabrewing said:

Is Sony even in a position to talk about anything at all, since they're still playing clean-up from the various hacking successes on their services? Nintendo hasn't exactly dropped a ball to match THAT little debacle.



MeloMan said:

How petty... I expected more from such a world class corp. All I can say is Mastergraveheart's post nailed it on the head... you've got comp now, so put up or shut up, that's that name of the business. No more eeeeasing your way to the #1 spot from now on Sony, EARN it.

P.S. His caption makes a nice Dart board... then again, I think I'll scan his face in FaceRaiders and destroy it, lol



Ecto-1 said:

His statement is true. Right now the PS3 is established. It has a solid game library that upon the Wii U's launch will have nearly 6 years worth of releases under its belt. Wii U will be practically starting over from scratch. You really can't expect that all 86.1 million Wii owners are going to immediately upgrade to Wii U's. Also worth noting is the fact that all that has been revealed for the new console are ports of games that will already be available for the PS3 and some basic tech demos. After some new games are revealed at next year's E3, then he can start to worry. Why should he be concerned about the Wii U at this point? I'm a huge Nintendo fan and I really don't see too much reason for him to be concerned at the moment.



MasterGraveheart said:

Yeah, I quoted Game OverThinker a couple times, but only because it's shared sentiment. =P

But I didn't have to watch that episode to have that opinion beforehand, y'know?



Chris720 said:

Here we go again... can't Sony keep their arses away and NOT start a fight? Afterall, all Sony have done is copy the Wii Remote and the DS with the touchscreen capability... nice way to innovate Sony!

I wouldn't be surprised if we see a PS4 with its very own WiiU controller copy in two years time, that's how every thing goes. Ninty innovates, Sony copies.



Crystalking18 said:

@MasterGraveheart Yeah I know what you mean. Sony is honestly just not doing all that well now now that there is compeition in the gaming world (I would actually argue they're doing better than the 360, but I digress). My opinion is that Sony will continue to bad mouth Nintendo, and behind closed doors they'll be constucting a WiiU mock up or trying to make one thats more "hardcore".



Ryno said:

Yes, Tretton you are right but you will have to excuse us Wii owners for being so sensitive to being duped by Nintendo to purchase a Wii which is a little more than a GameCube with motion controls.



Ryno said:

It makes it stand out like your smiley Also there are a lot of Nintendo fanboys on here and I want them to see some people actually like both Sony and Nintendo. Plus, I think Jack has a good point.



CerealKiller062 said:

So many fanboys. What ever happened to the times where I would go over to my friends house to play his playstation and him to my house so we could play my nintendo. Times when people cared about the games and not about the label on the console?



komicturtle said:

Jack needs to Jack off because he's a Jack @$$ who doesn't know jack about anything

Jack got hacked



JimmyWhale said:

Even Sony fans have to admit that Jack Tretton is the biggest slime ball ever. When did Nintendo ever say "Hey Sony, suck on this one! You're dead!"? Nintendo acknowledges Sony as a company that produces a competing console, and respects them for that, and those idiots at Sony don't show any respect! They ALWAYS try to one up Nintendo (no pun intended). They never do, but they'll say things that try to convince people they are.Well jokes on you Sony, because when you act like a whiny little kid, no on will take you seriously! Go back to making TVs. Jack Tretton, "People like you, are the reason God doesn't talk to us anymore!"



DJ_Triforce said:

I hate to admit it, but Jack is right. I've always loved Nintendo, and still do... no matter what they release, I will always be the first to buy it. That being said, we should have had HD when Wii was first released... there was no excuse. SD is for poor people.



Raptor78 said:

Yeah there have always been fanboys... infact I was a SEGA fanboy up until the Dreamcast (best console ever), but at least in those days they did respect each other and I think that is what makes the Mario & Sonic games special because of the MASSIVE rivalry but the upmost respect for each other. I think on the whole Microsoft and Nintendo have a lot of respect for each other as they seem to target different parts of the market. But Sony, well its representatives at least, just tries to prove its better than everyone else and doesnt accept the facts that its competitors may be better at some things than they are.



komicturtle said:

Well, obvious Sony- or at least, Jack Tretton, would speak non-sense.

Remember: Sony makes other products besides Playstations. Sony is trying to take over everything pretty much besides... well, Cars.

I have more respect for Kaz Harai than.. This Tretton troll.

Don't know why people are taking this troll seriously lol

Never feed the troll. I bet he lurks around to see reactions and that makes him feel better.

That's a theory, though

Jack is 52, looks 70 and acts 13.
Oi vey.



Ryno said:

Checking in again and I see that the Nintendo fan boys are still taking way to much offense to Jack's correct statement.


I like my SD for my retro games, does that mean I am poor?



tanookisuit said:

Typical Tretton ignorant comment. Same bat time, same bat channel. Yawn. I wish he'd say something relevant for once other than just tearing down the competition with ignorant, cheap and petty comments.



the_shpydar said:

I think it's pretty clear at this point that Tretton says these sort of things purely to rile up us internet nerds and spark message board debates/flame-wars. Honestly there's no other reasonable assumption for the uneccesarily baiting comments time and time again from one of the leading companies in home electronics.



JimmyWhale said:

@Ryno You can stop bolding every third word in your sentence. It isn't helping getting any point across.

Anyway, as for this HD SD thing that came up, Wii was released when HD wasn't necessarily big deal. It was still commonplace to see SD TVs in homes (hell, it still is). HD doesn't automatically make a game look good. A game looks good when the people creating it put tons of work into the way the game looks. HD might add polish, but it sure isn't necessary.



RedYoshi999 said:

I really wish NL would stop posting these articles. All they do is make people angry. I mean, who wants to hear about Tretton whining when all Sony will do is copy Nintendo down the track?



The_Fox said:

Alright, everyone who has become worked up over this statement line up for wedgies. You know you've been asking for it.



Wolfenstein83 said:

Jack Tretton must be impressed, they jumped on the Wii bandwagon with the Playstation Move, so actually, he can welcome himself to 2006, when the Wii launched.
Nintendo just wants to innovate and find new ways for gamers to have fun, and this jackwagon wants to sling mud like a little kid in the schoolyard.
I don't think it's the intention of Nintendo to force Sony or even Microsoft, to roll out a new console, they are just moving ahead on their own and I guess Jack can't handle that.
Also, I don't think this guy realizes that the Wii U being an HD console isn't the biggest thing, it's the new controllers and how we interact with the games.
I can't be mad about any of this, it's too silly.



XCWarrior said:

I just got a HD TV this past December, so where was my "welcome to 2006" BS from Trenton. It's more than just graphics moron. It's the fact they innovated technology again and you're going to be stuck copying.

And last time I checked, even the current Wii stays online every day.



pixelman said:

Oh please, you've got to be kidding me NintendoLife. Why is this BS "Featured News"? All it does is get the fanboys riled up and pounding idiocy on their keyboards. This is IGN worthy stuff right here.



LordChimpington said:

i am not trying to be mean nintendolife but why did you even post this technically this is not news. Plus who cares what anyone from sony says. This is "NintendoLife" not "WhatSonySaysAboutNintendoLife". Plus modt of the time they take ideas anyway.



kevohki said:

He's right, sorry to say. Plus it never dawned on many people that Nintendo just ripped a page out of Sony's book with the Wii U controller. Sony did rip off the motion controller but Nintendo essentially just ripped off the PSP's (and soon to be Vita's) remote play feature. Except you need the Wii U in the general area for it to work so they kind of ripped it off just to make it work worse, lol.



y2josh said:

If you're wanting page hits and flame wars you should post a Featured News item titled "Nintendo Sucks" with a subheader "Sony is better"



Skotski said:

That's not exactly ripping it off. It'd be a complete rip-off if they worked the same way (even with slight alterations), but they don't. PSP and Vita may stream, but they wouldn't interact with the PS3 the way the Wii U's controller would. I doubt you could play a streamed game seeing entirely different angles (much like running a different module of the same program) on the PSP/PSV while other play what's on the screen. To do that, the PSP and PSV would need to download something (making it play an entirely different game that's interacting with the game on the screen. So that's not one program, that's two separate ones).


Oh and for this topic in general: Isn't it great how much attention these topics get?? I mean, from a blogger standpoint: This kind of news is perfect to get hits for their site!



Pj1 said:

The only thing PS3 is good for are FPS!!! Wii-U is a threat to Sony and their console's, they all ready do feel threatned by it. I bet one day they join forces....



DrCruse said:

The industry is made of people ripping each other off. The Wii was a rip off of the Xavixport, but no one seems to care about that.



LordChimpington said:

@210 - well if you go by that logic than you can say sony took nintendos touch screen idea. They technically announced at the same time. You can't just say nintendo copied vita because of a slight time difference.



Knux said:

Judging by these comments, Tretton is one of the most successful flame baiters and trolls in internet history.



Skotski said:

I thought that was Nintendo - because even if they say something nice and agreeable, Sony and Xbox fanboys explode with rage and spamming.

Nintendo fanboys tend to stay within their designated areas - Sony and Xbox fanboys don't...



CerealKiller062 said:

What I don't like about the fanboy thing today is that it leads to this entire mind set that all first party games from so, and so, are worthless. Well... Not as much games so much as hardware. The Wii and Playstation 3 have their own ups and downs as do the handhelds!



Energy686 said:

Nintendo= Good Games
Microsoft = games that aren't all really my type but are ok and Computers
Sony= TV's,Alarm clocks, Computers, laptops, cameras, gaming phones, oranges that double as a time machine, ballistic knife, and a toaster and everything else



tylers_username said:

goddammit microsoft! just buy out sony and nintendo and even apple with the billions that you guys make every day!



Skotski said:


...though my PS3 is really just for the exclusives. inFamous, Demon Souls, and LBP are delicious exclusives. ....... but I like how Achievements look better than Trophies. Trophies look bland to me. ...funny that I take that into consideration, considering I don't really aim for Achievements except for the games I love.

Honestly though, if it weren't for the exclusives, 360s and PS3s would just be underpowered PCs. At least Nintendo tried to do something different from PCs... seriously, the local support for the 360 and PS3 is poor and sad. I had to buy TWO PS3s just to play my favorite games with my gf (and yes, I have two tvs in my room because of it)! ...and if it weren't for RROD, I'd still have a 2nd 360 to play with my gf on link-play.

Mind you, most of the titles I want to play with my gf on the 360 and PS3 aren't really considered party games - but it's still ridiculous how much I have to invest just to basically pay for a fun experience with her. Underpowered PCs that are VERY costly.



Skotski said:

They wouldn't be able to. Last time Microsoft was a Monopoly, they got torn and split into pieces... which is why Microsoft Office isn't pre-installed into most computers these days. Makes them less appealing = more competition.



JeanLuc_Vaycard said:

The article is pretty spot on. Nintendo needs to step it up and get with the times. Stop giving us outdated software and give us the graphics we want!



Supremeist said:

Sony, grow up and be original.
It seems they are always ragging on Nintendo.

Lol, now watch the Playstation 4 have a big screen on the controller.




By the time the WiiU is out my PS4 will have 4 times better graphics. Hell, I'll walk outside and say real life looks like legend of zelda windwaker. March on, Sony!!!



Supremeist said:

@ColorsOfSonic: The Wii U looks pretty interesting. I can't wait to try it out somewhere, like a demo at retail. And using your 3DS as a controller is a +. I want to try that out also, haha.

And doesn't it have motion control?



Nintenzo said:

Welcome to 2004 with the flipping touchscreen, Sony. FEH TO YOU!!! Also, what's with all the hate going around here (Acerocks)?



Retro_Gamer said:

This is just one of the reasons I don't like Sony as a company, they just always come off as ignorant pricks and really don't seem to understand video games at all.



Malkeor said:

I'm still going to buy both Nintendo and Sony consoles/games.

Nothing like good old smack talk though.



TLink9 said:

All I have to say is someone should have used their brain before their mouth.



CanisWolfred said:

@Otaku (assuming you're talking to me)

I'm saying the gaint controller which is essentially an iPad with analogue sticks isn't a good idea.



Henmii said:

Jack Tretton, be on your guard! You may laugh at the moment, but what if Nintendo scoops away all good third-party support (and the hardcore crowd)? What you're gonna do then?

Who knows, it could happen!



TLink9 said:

Also @ anyone who keeps arguing with each other, well you won't change their mind. So just stop ok. This guy messed up with a pot kettle black situation.



Colors said:

Come my little NL users O.O rant, rant like you've never ranted before! Mwuhahahahahaah!!!!!!!!



Meta-Rift said:

LOL, Sony PR is the only news that gets this many comments. I have a hard time believing he actually thinks all the stuff he says is true. If he did, then he would be Sony's biggest problem. The Wii U definitely has its work cut out for it, but his pretentious, condescending attitude makes him sound like a little kid saying "Sony > Nintendo" who doesn't really know what he's talking about. I mean, I'd have a little more respect for him if he actually presented an argument instead of dismissing their competition without a second thought.



Bassman_Q said:

Well, I'm not gonna badmouth Sony, both because I enjoy the PSN store on PSP and, to an extent, they are kind of right. Ninty is a bit late when it comes to HD gaming. However, it IS 50% more powerful as well as cheaper than the PS3, so Sony may need to watch their backs.

Now, if this were Microsoft badmouthing Nintendo, then I'd have no choice but to flame them to death. I quite simply DESPISE Microsoft.



warioswoods said:

wow, that's a ton of comments

Anyhow, I hope it's like 2006. If so, Nintendo is about to unleash a new vision of the home console that will change the face of gaming while leaving its competitors far behind.



wanderlustwarrior said:

I'm surprised by a couple things. Not the content of the article itself, because this is nothing new for Jack, and I've already said, he has a point this time, instead of his usual crazy smack talk.

No, I'm surprised by the, the amount of anti-fanboyism, persistence of fanboyism, the number of people who've called out NLife for making this a featured article, and the fact that Nintendo Life actually made this 3 sentence statement from a known PR machine, who has less relevance to the site than Cammy Dunaway did, a featured article.

Maybe it's just a slow day and this is what we've got to talk about, since the WiiU is still a year away, the Wii is practically a zombie, and the 3DS has had most of its upcoming games covered already.



kkslider5552000 said:

I'm not sure what's more SHOCKING, a site wanting views or Nintendo fanboys on a Nintendo site. My shock is different from a regular shock. It's like my shock is in the top percentage of shock!



wanderlustwarrior said:

Yeah, I was going to edit my last post to say I realize I could come across as 'holier than thou'. I don't intend to, but I also don't care if I do. I made my opinion in an earlier post, so they can delete that last one if they want, and I should probably stop coming to this article, because I don't really have anything to add.



Odnetnin said:

Video games are fun and relatively harmless in and of themselves.

Why do companies always have to rag on each other and consumers always have to take sides and argue among themselves, sucking out that fun?
tl;dr: can't we all just get along?



crazyj2312 said:

He's got serious balls to talk like that after they launched Move. Also lol @ comments above.



Gamesake said:

@Qwikman_Bass I hate Windows as much as the next guy, but it's hard not to like the Xbox since it so obviously picked up where the Dreamcast left off.



AlexSays said:

What? I thought his job was to praise the next Nintendo console and consider it a viable threat. Since when do companies try to make the competition seem silly?

Not sure what I shake my head at more, some people commenting or the site for publishing this article.



Chrono_Cross said:

Can't Nintendo say the same thing to Sony about their motion controller?

"Motion based controller eh? Lulz!1! Welcome to 2006 Sony!"



Kid_A said:

I'm going to start titling all my reviews "Sony: Nintendo is for children's birthday parties" so I can get 260 comments



C7_ said:

Sony Representatives really just need to learn when to shut, especially when they have a tendency to copy an idea a few years later themselves. "Welcome to 2006"? Really? How bout in ten years when you finally come up with something bold and original that isn't just a rip-off of something that's previously done, Nintendo say's "Welcome to 1985, when ROB, one of our greatest examples of Innovations that sparked the gaming market, was created. Congratulations on finally adding innovations to the market."

They wouldn't do that. Why? Because Nintendo actually respects their competition rather then bagging it mindlessly and then doing the same years later and calling it brand new.

I prolly sound like a huge fanboy don't I? =p



SKTTR said:

Sony always needs a whole generation to catch-up with Nintendo's consoles. Why???
Please Sony, release a tablet controller soon and rip off all of Nintendo's cool features.. will ya?!

Now that Sony launches a touchscreen handheld - seven years after Nintendo DS was released - why did it have to take so long? AND WHY DOES IT HAVE NO 3D?? Sony, I hope you're kidding us all - There's a 3D handheld out there and you release a touchscreen handheld - with only one screen? In 2D??? You can't be serious!!!!

Also, why did they need four years to rip off the Wiimote? They have to steal the big ideas faster, before the novelty runs out, dammit!!

Poor old Sony, you only live on your graphics and at the mercy of brandloving third parties.
What has become of you? The glorious days are over...
And we still have no PS3 Balance Board...

What will you do when the Wii U is out?
Maybe it's best for you to drop out of the videogame hardware business and develop titles for Nintendo or Microsoft, because your ideas alone don't add much to the competition unfortunately.
When you start developing for Nintendo again, can you port Ico to Wii U and release your old SNES games on VC? I want to try Equinox.



ooofooo said:

ok 1st of all sony does copy alot from nintendo. 2nd sony will probally go bankrupt in a few more years and only microsoft and nintendo will be left. 3rd yes the wii u isnt a huge step up but its a start just imagine in a few more years. 4th nintendo always sells more than both microsoft and sony. 5th of all for all those idiots posting up hate comments about nintendo you shouldnt even be on this website. and finnaly we all know the world will probally end in 2012 before ps4 or xbox 720 are released also dont try to argue with me on any of this u nintendo haters



raedjhn said:

huh??? what ?? how?? 2006??
sony pls stop i dying from laughing XD
this guy is an idiot lol wohooo



TanookiSteven said:

Sony, seriously get your act together and say welcome to yourselves. You are the ones who copied the Wii, no? Say what you want, it has a controller where you move things with your arms all motiony and stuff. When I heard of Playstation move, I laughed and said: Welcome to 2006, Sony. But they're still stuck as if they're the age of 4. Seriously Sony, get over yourselves, you're not funny, it isn't mature, and you're not getting a reaction from Nintendo... All you really do is make the company look like a bunch of jerks...



lex0plex said:

Wow... Sony hates Nintendo, Nintendo hates Apple, Apple hates Microsoft, and Microsoft hates Sony. Sounds like some sorta "Hate Square".



katseye said:

Every time Jack Tretton or Michael Patcher open their mouths all I can hear is the "wua wua wua" voices of the adults from the Charlie Brown cartoons.



retro_player_22 said:

Welcome to 2006? Last I remember, 2006 doesn't had a console that introduced a controller with a touch screen.



Sh00kst3r said:

It's awfully funny, because I've been a fan of Sony and Nintendo ever since they started. They were both so good back then. Now (As everybody's ranting about) Sony is just starting to rip-off Nintendo. Lately, it's been "Heh, look. PSMove. That looks so familiar... " Now PSVita? Psh. Screw it, Sony. Why risk getting your identity taken by your cruddy networks when I can be worry-free and by a shiny new NINTENDO WiiU? If you think about it, buy one companies' console for all the attachments and the other's just for their games. Now, Microsoft on the other hand...



Capt_N said:

Ahh, an article about a statement from Sony's version of Reggie ~ This article is very familiar to me. lol

@ 219 GuardianAcorn: Now that you mention it, that would be awesome. Esp. if they knocked each other out.

Seriously, there's no need to argue. Co. bigwigs, & suits always mudsling. Always have, always will. Reggie does it, & Tretton does it. Bill Gates does it, too.

As for his statement, if the Wii U is only gonna be approx. 50% better than a current gen console that was introduced many years ago(XB360), & technology has had years to advance since then, what will the horsepower, & feature set of Nintendo's competitors' systems be like in comparison to the Wii U, esp. considering that generally system successors are twice as powerful as the system that came before them in their hardware line?

Next item ~ It is possible to be a fan w/o blindly supporting your favorite whatever, while simultaneously blindly bashing another whatever. I'm a Nintendo fan, but I call them out on whatever I feel they need to be called out on, & when I feel they need to be. Likewise, Sony, & MS deserve have not only done their own cool stuff, but b/c of the nature of their existence, in relation to Nintendo, there is competition in the video game industry(my favorite hybrid pasttime/hobby), & thusly, there is more for me to possibly enjoy @ my discretion of purchasing, or not.



Nintenzo said:

Not sure where I heard this, but I'm reminded of it here: "If you want something innovative, fun, and new, go with Nintendo. If you want the boring same-old, go with Sony or Microsoft." Face it Sony. You're no good when it comes to innovation. It's so bad to the point where you must steal another company's ideas, and resell them as your own!



DrCruse said:

The Wii U is an epic fail in my opinion. A horrible name and horrifying controllers. And since that's really all we know about it, I'm not very impressed.



PSICOffee said:

Nearly 300 comments for all of you to basically say the same things? Rarely have I seen so much activity (there should be more on other posts). Sony ripped off the SNES controller, Micro$oft ripped off Sony only to revert back to letters (seriously, invert and turn the placement of the four face buttons and it's the same position) and added a bunch of stupid useless extra buttons. That's all that needs to be reminded. Now, because I know no one will read this.... WOO NINTENDO FANBOIS UNITE WE ARE A BEST PERFECK!!!



MrDanger88 said:

Typical Sony response. Big talk for people who can't even outsell the 360 despite buying exclusive content for their multiplatform games. How has 3rd place been treating you, Sony? You've been there nearly 5 years.



JeanLuc_Vaycard said:

Sony may copy Nintendo, but Sony perfects Nintendo's original flawed version. It's like if I just wait a little while I know I will be playing the polished and superior version that Sony offers. I am glad that Sony takes the time and care to make their products beautiful and mind blowing.



Hokori said:

@Kai isnt the move as powerful as WM+ and not anymore powerful like they said i was going to be?
also waiting for a better version.... yep thats me, cant wait to play MGS 3D



Pod said:

To be fair, his response isn't all that insulting, and is what you should expect from asking Tretton about Nintendo.

I think he better NOT remind people of Sony's position back in 2006, however, when their system cost $599, a development kit cost $20.000(!), and the only Blu-Ray film they felt appealed to young people was Talladega Nights.



Gameday said:

More like welcome to the party with that move device that Nintendo introduced in 2006. Sly remarks as always.



SunnySnivy said:

Touch screen portable gaming console? Welcome to 2004 Sony!

This is why I hate Sony, they're so full of themselves. Immaturity is just... annoying.

They can keep their "hardcore" graphics loving, FPS obsessed fan boys, but please just shut up about Nintendo and quit trying to compete.

Sorry to rant... I'm usually not like that but I'm not in a good mood today.



Gamesake said:

@PSICOffee Microsoft didn't rip off Sony. It's clear where they've been pulling their controller ideas, triggers and all.

@Kainard I haven't seen Sony improve on anything that's been done before them.



jerryo said:

it's ok guys.. they are trying to motivate themselves on the steep uphill road to catch up with nintendo sales! ;D it's ok, let's be the better people wii are and let them do that.. in fact we should help too! they desperately need a hand.. let's all do the facepalm thing..




1. Touch screen gaming - welcome to 2004/05
2. Motion sensing remote gaming - welcome to 2006/07
3. PS1/2/3 controller = SNES controller with analogue sticks and useless buttons

All pointed out by previous posters on several occassions because its these are GLARING points that pop into everyone's mind when Sony Man said this. Like I said, no wonder its doing so poorly relatively speaking. Hypocrisy added to soulless, isoaltionist gaming philosphies....a joke...

Oh and LordJM - your man outta know



OldBoy said:

293 comments.WTF?! Why do you people even listen to what these guys have to say? I really don't understand this banter between video games coporate departments.You never hear other companies slagging each others products off. Its weird.Just ignore them and they will go away



turtlelink said:

In b4... 300 comments of rage? Holy crap, I'm on a roll.

I love how some people getting mad at Sony when its just Jack Tretton making the comment.
And besides, Nintendo copied SEGA with the screen in the controller!



Tylr said:

I am laughing so hard. So hard. Sony just is not in the right timespace to critize Nintendo these days. Good old Sony just using Nintendo as a punching bag in the their dark times.



Mike1 said:

Sony still lets this joker talk. How could he have so much confidence when the Wii clobbered the PS3 (and I own both systems so no fanboy here).



paulcmnt said:

@JakobG 1080p didn't, but the Wii with its incredible control scheme changed things for ever. Just look at all the games that came out with support for MotionPlus, for example. There's so... many... of... them.

I kinda agree with Sony on this one. Their might be douchy, but the message is the right one. Technically, there nothing interesting about the Wii U. Let's hope we'll get more than 10 good third-party games that make use of this new controller, though... Hahah, yeah right!



Infernapeking said:

Ok this guy is a total troll!! If the ps4 comes out between 2015-2017
You know Nintendo will be hitting the next HD Console in 2017-2018 a 5 or 6 years apart. Which makes Sony like nothing. We are head of them in Handheld Market and Console. We may be in 2006 Graphic but what about Gameplay, Controls, and 5 Player Multiplay Gamse like Chase Me. Super Smash Bros 4 will possibly have 5 or 6 characters in one battle. Sony only Focus on the same games and graphic. Watch Wii U comes out an beat their sales downs. They gonna try to make their own they did with Motion they gonna do it with this. Plus Wii U will have more games cause we got Nintendo Franchises, First Parties, Third Parties, and the other such as movie games, and kid and family games. PS3 or Vita won't have that Nintendo Wii U has everything except Sony and Microsoft games.



Infernapeking said:

Another thing he damn ugly and has people of Sony ever been impressed no he don't like the people of Nintendo who saved Video Game Industry from being Dead.



Themadmonk said:

Didn't they (sony) think the same thing about the wii and ds? Didn't they get pwned by nintendo then?



Highwinter said:

I really dislike how smug and overconfident Sony always are. They always takes unwarranted jabs like this at their competition and this is exactly why so many turned against them when they first announced the PS3. At least Microsoft have some class.

That said, they do have a point. As much as I love Nintendo, I've never been able to get behind the Wii, at no point did I feel like it was a console that was designed or aimed for me.. So finally releasing something that brings them on par with the PS3 and 360 is nothing to cheer for, it's what we should have gotten six years ago.

Looking forward to seeing what they do with it though. They're certainly going to be playing catch up, especially when it comes to online content.. I was expecting the 3DS e-shop to provide a much more modern service, but so far it's been as bad as ever.



taffy said:

Derpa derpa derpa... nintendo should support sony with 3d.. derpa derpa derpa



zeldaman said:

really this will be a good system and then sony will copy the idea and this is why i like nintendo and microsoft beacause they go their own way and sony just copies like motion control and touch screen on the vita and then they will just make all their money on nintendo's ideas and before they made fun of it he's the traditional sony bitch



zeldaman said:

really you have to admit that nintendo hates apple but they dont call their stuff like sony does to nintendo



Skogur said:

He should really stop talking, it's fun how sony also tries to steal apples success by adding 3G on vita.



Morpheel said:

What you fools don't know is that James gets one dollar for each comment posted on his threads!



Infernapeking said:

Read this everybody.
We all know Super Mario Bros for the NES save the gaming world right!
What has Sony saved?......... Nothing had they made any surprises on the console or handheld........ No. Here thing about the names of the console and handheld do they mean anything about the future of gaming or the current gaming?............No. Playstation 1, Playstation 2 wow increase number my lil sister know who to do that, Playstation Portable wow can't think anything that define handheld beside the overused word portable a shame. Playstation 3 what with the number call it Playstation Advance or Hardcore something that not number for once. Playstation Go...really...really aren't we already going with psp that doesn't have better games than DS yeah.PSP Go is a dang slide up PHONE no wonder they called NGP the Playstation Vita trying to make sound more like a laptop phone. Now the games Sony only have good FPS, Shooters, Action/Adventure, and Fighting games. No good rpgs beside Final Fantasy XIII, ModNation is just Mario Kart with customization which we got now for 3DS. LittleBig Planet is just Mario and Kirby combine and possible Scribblenaults DS don't how it spelled sorry about that. Overall
Sony welcome to 2004 Touch Screen
Sony welcome to 2006 Motion Controls
Nintendo Wii U is maybe in 2006 Graphic but Sony has a lot of games reach FULL 1080p on PS3 name one someone.
Nintendo is in 2006 or possibly 2007 or 2008 Graphic but Graphic doesn't matter.
Welcome to the new world of 2012 Gameplay, Controls, and Hardware Nintendo may the Third Party support you and not Sony cause they will find that their Developing for Wii U is more fun and better than they did foor PS3 and it's crappy PSN. Hope you learn your lession Sony.



PSICOffee said:

@Infernapeking it was ROB with Gyromite and Duck Hunt with the zapper that saved the gaming world, because it was considered a toy and people didn't trust video games back then after the crash. Only when kids played the system was the console in demand, and SMB became popular.

Also the "gaming world" didn't need any saving in Japan. It was already quite a strong presence there. Other than that, everyone has clearly stated everything else you said repeatedly, and I'm sure in another 100 comments people will unknowingly repeat what you said.



Infernapeking said:

No have heard of Kirby Tilt N Tumble for Gameboy color. Nintendo planned it all along Kirby Tilt N Tumble was created to move the gameboy color not d-pad. Go see the commercial on YouTube.



DrCruse said:

The "gaming world" didn't need saving at all!The crash was a minor blip in video game history and videogames would've been fine regardless of whether Nintendo existed or not.

I find it ironic that you say it doesn't matter if Nintendo has stupid names for their consoles, and then complain about how Sony is unoriginal with their names.



Hokori said:

@322 I think its because of all the 2's and so on in PS systems
Nintendos names arnt that stupid and I like Wii U, 1st time in 20 years nintendos done this with a console. and from what ive read, Videogames were going extinct before nintendo popped in.... sadly it seems like they might almost go again the way the industry is now days.



Mandoble said:

"We all know Super Mario Bros for the NES save the gaming world right!" <- Nintendo's cheap propaganda and history manipulation. That might saved Nintendo, if any. Europe, at least, was quite safe with MSX, C64 and Spectrum, and later with Amstrad, Amiga, Atari ST and Mac, all of them with many more titles available than NES/SNES, as well as better quality. And Konami being the most inovative gaming development company followed by Pygnosis few years later. Might be the story was different in USA.



EliPro said:

We all know Nintendo dominate Sony, so what is all the commotion about? Let this air-head say whatever he has to say to let him sleep a night. If we know Nintendo will continue to beat Sony, let's just end this flame war. Let's just go play some 3DS instead of all this fighting.



EliPro said:

Video games will never go extinct as long as Nintendo is around. Nintendo adds much needed variety and innovation into an industry that needs it. Without Nintendo, the gaming world would be a boring, repetitive place.



komicturtle said:

And then there are some coming here to shut fanboys down. Almost like farming. Because some- if not a handful of comments are targeted towards those reacting to Jack Tretton's comments but not what Jack Tretton says.



magos2k7 said:

Yeah, welcome to 2006... when NOBODY wanted a PS3. Shut up, Jack, and get to work making sure I don't have to go another 2 months without PSN service. If it happens again, I'm going to have Reggie kick your ass.



Hokori said:

@327 ok true I just see people going after COD all the time saying its the best game ever and a month later say it sucks



Infernapeking said:

Well the Wii meant something to gaming and Wii U meant something to gaming. A dude on YouTube end calling the Wii U- Wii Ultra which kinda sounds great cause many words begins with U are great. By me saying don't care if Nintendo console have stupid names I was referring to the people who said it has stupid names on other sites.



Macaronius said:

Sony fails again and again to understand why Nintendo doesn't make all of their consoles state of the art. You see, Sony lost so much money this generation alone, due to the exorbitant cost it takes to make a PS3 to the much lesser cost of buying a PS3 ratio. Nintendo is intelligent when making their consoles. They use affordable parts to construct them, so that they can make them available for a reasonable price, and still have a satisfactory profit margin.



hYdeks said:

Sony might have released there PS3 pre-maturely and such, but in all honesty, the PS3 is now the system with the upper hand, even with Wii U on the horizon. Basicly Nintendo is doing AGAIN what they did with the Wii, releasing an underpowered system with a gimicy new controller. It really all depends on your money situation and what games your into I guess..



SigourneyBeaver said:

But look at it this way: Nintendo shakes things up with the Wii and both Microsoft and Sony can't get similar devices out fast enough. Now not long after both devices have been out, Nintendo yet again do something different which the compititors might have to copy. Sony could get away with using Vita as a similar controller to Wii U's, but what could Microsoft do?



techwiz97 said:

I think that Sony is stupid. Nintendo starts the trend all the time. They started touch screen controls, they started motion gaming, so why does Sony and Microsoft think their so good. If you ask me, Nintendo is what starts trends.



SazMelthic said:

Ironic, I see under age kids playing M rated games on the PS3, while those morons from the Sony's staff, and they don't seem to get charged for immaturity or bashing In it's Illegal action laws towards an other game company.

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