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Sun 17th Apr 2011

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deftheman commented on Review: Xenoblade Chronicles (Wii):

1 and the same release date for the whole world.
I can imagine why people modify their wii to play other regions.
BTW people that bought Xenoblade got a lot of read errors on their official disc, in many systems (pal) the disc wont even recognize and gives errors..
Even more reason to have just 1 solid release for the whole world.



deftheman commented on Reggie Discusses Wii U Branding, "Not a Diffic...:

It does not matter what kind of console nintendo will release, i still want to have all the nintendo releases. I will buy it anyway...
But i'm affraid that before the end of 2012 there will not be many third party releases on the wiiu sinds the ps4 and the xbox720 will be much more powerfull then the wiiu.



deftheman commented on Nintendo has no Desire to be Number One in Onl...:

I was almost sure that nintendo announced it would work real hard on their online gaming experience and now they are taking that back?

We are not living in the 90ish where people played mostly solo_player games.
Nintendo should have at least the goal to improve the online experience, without that the wiiu will be doomed..
The weakest console + bad internet = FAILURE



deftheman commented on Wii Play: Motion:

Played it for one evening. We did every event a few times and we both did not like the game at all. It's very simple and there's no depth in the gameplay in any sense.
Most un'inovative game from nintendo ever....




deftheman commented on The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D:

I would rather see a new zelda, its like a bad joke to see another re_release of an old game. Spot the diffrences .

Just play the 64 game and put on your creativity glasses?
Im glad nintendo does not make movies, the same movie over and over again but now with some more love in the subtitles yay.

All about lack of creativity, re_releases are not innovative or creative at all. Its only to get the maximum coins out of a production.
The competition should punish nintendo for their lazy way of producing



deftheman commented on Ubisoft Expects 3DS to Take Off this Christmas:

Well when i look at the lineup for the 3ds theres nothing to smile at.
Never release a handheld without games, thats something we have learned from the past.
The 3ds games aint good enough.
So no we have to wait for some old games that will be re_released on the 3ds? Lack of creativity?
I dont care about new play control games at all. Give me some creative/innovative stuff please?



deftheman commented on Rumour: Wii Successor Won't Have a Traditional...:

Nintendo will try to make a console that everybody wants to have, so the price should be low. I wont be suprised if it will be 8gb to be honest,.

I would love to pay up to 500 euro for my nintendo (700 dollar +/-)
but i think it will be max 299 euro (425 dollar +/-)

They were very succesfull with the strategy last time and will do that again no doubt. Being first with the next gen console + low price is >> win win win!



deftheman commented on Nintendo Reinforcing Western Development for W...:

It sounds like they are creating an overpowered console so they can compete with the realistic visuals of the ps3? Well thats what i hear when i read this article maybe its just wishfull thinking again, but the idea is great ;p

350 euro minimum for the new console though if not 400+ ^^

Go! Iwata Go! Iwata Go! Iwata Go! Iwata Goooooowowowowow



deftheman commented on Review: Conduit 2 (Wii):

Underrated, this games deserves minimum a 7 or up, simply the best controls on a wii, its clear they took some serious time to get the controls superb.
But when people care more about a "good storyline!" rather then awesome controls and good graphics,. i think it does deserve a 5.
BTW for a good storyline i never get a game,. i just get a book anbd when im in the mood for gaming i just take a good game with a bad storyline.

Gamers that like fps on a wii should get this game.

Best fps on the wii together with 007 and cod series.

8.7 out of 10