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Fri 29th August, 2008

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RadioShadow commented on Video: Gain Some Insight Into How Retro Game M...:

@NauticalCrimes I will check out the video later, but you are right. The NES & Master System both produce PSG ( The Master System was capable of producing FM (, although you had to mod the system (buy adapter for Japanese system) and only certain games support it.



RadioShadow commented on NOA Announces Coming Restock of Old amiibo:

They seem to be getting their act together in the UK. Game UK in Peterborough, Cambs had Mr. Game Watch, Duck Hunt, the Miis, Rosalina, Little Mac, Palutena ad Caprain Falcon!

Wii Fit Trainer and Villager I have not seen anywhere.



RadioShadow commented on Shiny Founder Dave Perry Wasn't Keen On The N6...:

Poor cartridges get all the abuse. Like everything, there are cons and pros to them:

  • Faster loading times
  • Don't get scratched like CDs
  • Cost more to produce
  • Only hold 4 - 64MB compared to 700MB on CD

Sure cartridges put some developers off and would rather make their game for the PlayStation, but the PlayStation has a lot more terrible games than the Nintendo 64, because of this reason (and is the case today). The PlayStation can keep all those crappy Barbie games.



RadioShadow commented on Shantae: Half-Genie Hero Is Still Targeting a ...:

I honestly can't see it getting released this year, but if it does, then that's excellent!

The game is going to be awesome when it gets released! I just hope they consider a physical release option, like what happened with "Might No. 9".



RadioShadow commented on The Retro VGS Wants To Revive The Glory Days O...:

Errr... Does someone want to tell Matt Bozon he could easily release "Shantea and the Pirates Curse" as a 3DS Cartridge or Wii U Disc? Basically, there is the option for a physical copy, and the fun option of collecting can still exist. Shame downloads are the way of the future.

I would be curious of the specifications for this machine. Very od they are not mention in the kickstarter. Also, bring back the N-Labels. Not use the Atria Jaguar's pointless cartridge handle.



RadioShadow commented on Movie Review: Pixels Proves Once Again That Vi...:

If I end up liking the movie, then I'm going to personally send a nuke to Nintendo Life's HQ.

Without spoiling myself, it sounds like people are not taking it for what it is. Talking about negatives is fine, but I'm sure the highlights are going to see Pac-Man, DK, a fricking Smurf etc. I seriously doubt this is going to be the worse film ever.

Plus I'm bored with these Adam Sandler jokes.



RadioShadow commented on Animal Crossing New 3DS Cover Plates Coming To...:

@Aromaiden I imported the Isabelle one from Japan. A cute cover plate it is. My brother keeps saying I can't use it, because I'm not a big fan of Animal Crossing, and not played the 3DS version she appears in.

At least Europe are finally getting them. That one with the animal faces on is cool.



RadioShadow commented on Nintendo Still Hasn't Decided Which Zelda Time...:

No ones cares about a time line in the Mario series, so why care about the Zelda time line series? Plus if you don't include the Phillip CDi games in the time line, then it doesn't really matter.

They are awesome games, just enjoy them.



RadioShadow commented on Ryu, Roy, New Stages and More Now Available in...:

Isabelle is getting everywhere! SHE IS TAKING OVER! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!

@HipsterDashie: Do keep in mind that is the cost for the 3DS & Wii U version, but i agree that is quite steep for DLC. Also, our tax gets added in with the price, while (unless I'm mistaken and correct me if I'm wrong), they pay tax after the transaction. So it may seem cheaper, but they are most likely paying similar amounts.