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Sat 18th December, 2010

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zeldaman commented on Sony: Wii U is No Threat, Says "Welcome to 200...:

really this will be a good system and then sony will copy the idea and this is why i like nintendo and microsoft beacause they go their own way and sony just copies like motion control and touch screen on the vita and then they will just make all their money on nintendo's ideas and before they made fun of it he's the traditional sony bitch



zeldaman commented on Pokémon Black & White:

When i found out about this game i knew i had to get it plus i saw the screenshots and i like how much 3d it has



zeldaman commented on The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword:

i have played Zelda for a long time now and by what it looks like and what i have heard i think that this game will be pretty good. I can't wait till it comes out just like i was when twilight princess came out but one thing i am worried about is the graphics i liked the twilight princess graphics better.

Ps. and i give a comment to number 35 i think that is funny