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Sat 29th Jan 2011

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TikiTong commented on Activision's Bobby Kotick Is Disappointed With...:

Considering this guy is the boss of Call of Duty's publisher, he probably views anything that doesn't sell a quadrillion copies in a week a commercial flop. Sorry Kotick, but I'm once again disregarding your nonsense



TikiTong commented on Rumour: Retro Studios Preparing Star Fox Wii U...:

Im excited for this. I hope it's not another 64 remaker though, because as good as it is, the Star Fox franchise has to come out with something new, and I hope it doesnt try something like land combat or such, just give me arwing and landmaster levels.



TikiTong commented on Talking Point: Does Nintendo Finally 'Get' Dig...:

I personally like physical copies because their is that certain feeling about having a great game with its box art and card/disc. Besides, you can't special goodies such as AR Cards (for example) on a digital copy....



TikiTong commented on eShop Goes Cheap with Bird Mania 3D:

Hmm, if the review turn out good Ill get it. My 9 year old sister seemed to like the trailer. Glad games like this attract younglings to the eShop as well as teens like me. Viva la 2 dollar games on the eShop!!!!



TikiTong commented on Hi-Ya! It's Johnny Kung Fu Trailer Number Two:

After looking at the details, there is a Donkey Kong themed level and a girl named Paula????? Thats close to you know what.... Looks good, to be honest Im pretty happy wotht the eshops selection ( only including actual games, not 3D Classics and VC) so you never know how it will turn out.



TikiTong commented on Tiger Woods, Your Time on Wii is Over:

Is this dude saying Kinect's and Moves motion controls are better??? I do like all three motion gaming - thingys, but I personally think Wii is the best in that category. Nintendo better step up their online for the Wii U ,as well as frame -pixel whatever size if they dont wanna be neglected by third party publishers.



TikiTong commented on Aonuma: "Zelda Timeline is Less Important Than...:

To be honest, to make it easy on myslef, I just pretend that all the games take place one after the other, not caring about little details, only the Link and Zelda are descendants of the previous ones.. It makes the history a lot simpler, and doesn't make me wanna shoot my brains out due to confusion.



TikiTong commented on Zelda Symphony Tour Gets Four More Dates:

I swear I live in the most boring part of Canada,Ottawa........... Nothing happens here!!! Not Mario's Cross-Canada Tour, not Nintendo's Holiday Mall Tour, and one of our whopping four major shopping centres doesn't even have EB Games!!!!!!!! If only I lived in Toronto..............



TikiTong commented on Review: Wario World (GameCube):

I dont agree with the review too much, but respect the reviwer's opinion. This game was a big part of my gaming childhood....brings back so many memories. Pounding enemies, collecting money , OH, and the bosses, nightmarish ( I was 5! ) and massive bosses, man I love this game!!



TikiTong commented on Game of the Year: You Decide!:

Meh, there werent any WiiWare games that stuck me all sad. Anyway, pretty much every mainstream Nintendo title blew me away on each console. Such as Skyward sword, 3D Land, Mario Kart 7,Ocarina 3D, Star Fox 3D blah blah, but in the end my votes go to Skyward Sword and Super Mario 3D Land.



TikiTong commented on Review: 3D Classics: Kirby's Adventure (3DSWare):

I just got it today, and I LOVE IT!!! I never experienced the original, and I can now, and it's amazing. I actually like the 3D, it adds depth to the platforms to make them stand out and it makes the backgrounds colours stand out and expand. I'd recommend it to anyone who has never played the original