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Mon 10th Aug 2009

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Macaronius commented on Sony: Wii U is No Threat, Says "Welcome to 200...:

Sony fails again and again to understand why Nintendo doesn't make all of their consoles state of the art. You see, Sony lost so much money this generation alone, due to the exorbitant cost it takes to make a PS3 to the much lesser cost of buying a PS3 ratio. Nintendo is intelligent when making their consoles. They use affordable parts to construct them, so that they can make them available for a reasonable price, and still have a satisfactory profit margin.



Macaronius commented on Talking Point: To 3D or Not to 3D?:

Whether 'tis nobler in the game to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous 3D, or to take arms against a sea of two dimensions, and by opposing end them? To play: to read; no more; and by reading we end the heart-ache and the thousand game-overs.



Macaronius commented on Dragon Quest IX Gets a Little Help from Seth G...:

Technically, Seth Green could plausibly be Mario's long lost brother, because Luigi is just an alternative of the German name Ludwig, which means famous warrior, and clearly Luigi is not.

It could have been a mix-up at Mushroom Kingdom General's maternity ward.



Macaronius commented on Crazy Golf:

Is it "so monumentally insane that it belongs in a mental institution golf", or is it simply, "crazy golf"? I will only settle for "so monumentally insane that it belongs in a mental institution golf".



Macaronius commented on Sudoku 4Pockets:

I also second your opinion rayvin. I would enjoy a crossword puzzle app, new puzzle submitted from nintendo's servers to your dsi daily, and an ability to submit your best time on finishing the puzzle. aaaaah, the possibilities!



Macaronius commented on Faceez:

Remove the "a" and put an "e" in it's place
Take out one of the "e" 's
There you have it, feces with a z instead of an s.
I am soooo immature.