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Fri 22nd Apr 2011

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SazMelthic commented on Sorry Lost Planet Fans, EX Troopers Isn't Comi...:

And yet you have done it again Capcom.. (make me a sandwich pleas)
Next time if they ever announce an interesting title, don't bother debating a released date for NA. the 3DS is becoming like the Gamecube's grim library of games or yet Wii had it worse. I know I heard a lot of bitching and whining how this new current generation of gaming is so unfair but that's the company, makes for the money and sales. I hate to sound like the other ignorant irrational cold minded but these companies want to focus on younger audience instead of over grown adults. I hate it too but if that's the way Nintendo wants then there is nothing can do about, it's life.



SazMelthic commented on Keiji Inafune Gives Rallying Call to Japanese ...:

I would say cut Keji Inafune some slack, I mean I do enjoy some of the Megaman titles but I don't bother being upset about him leaving capcom by causing the cancellation of Megaman Legends 3 to the dust. Would want to be in the same situation if you were a part of a game company and there is no way to make enough sales properly by trying to pleas the fans. Its caused by ether pirating or commonly the ignorant western media that over hypes the same crippled QTS or over used genre that involves with the same one dimensional game what your friends at school keep on bragging about to play online. But someday there should be the open minded variety..



SazMelthic commented on Review: Transformers: Dark of the Moon - Steal...:

The TF DOTM DS titles ended up as boring empty similar to Superman 64. Isn't hard for a company to at least focus more to make a decent Transformers game, I know for sure that the War For Cybertron was a complete disappointment, I mean really a concept from a toy line of Robots change into vehicles have it's own game could of been phenomenal, but no..



SazMelthic commented on Sony: Wii U is No Threat, Says "Welcome to 200...:

Ironic, I see under age kids playing M rated games on the PS3, while those morons from the Sony's staff, and they don't seem to get charged for immaturity or bashing In it's Illegal action laws towards an other game company.



SazMelthic commented on Kid Icarus: Uprising:

Well at least KId Icarus will never end up like he did back in the 80's.... [youtube:gBWrLhgiX74]
Always expect to have a sequel for it's time, but hay you got the gameboy title no complaint there.



SazMelthic commented on Mega Man Legends 3: Prototype Version to Hit 3...:

Having a new protagonist that dose look like Geo Stealer from Starforce (even I despise the series) turns out be a success, It's the same goes with In Megaman ZX Advent you play as a total different character with out any resemblance towards Zero or Megaman except for Axle... :/ even for a complete different protagonist as a extra playable character is a nice treat.



SazMelthic commented on Shift Your Continuum with BlazBlue 3DS on 31st...:

This is going to better then the last prequel from the PSP, I'm not really fussy with the UMD discs or nether the PSP's hardware. I rather handhelds having cartridges not mini discs for making sounds that should only belong in home consoles.



SazMelthic commented on ESRB Rating Outs Mega Man 5 for Virtual Console:

One of the most underrated Megaman title and yes I might buy it for a Wii port, rather much having a proper Wii controller then using ether the Gamecube controller's weird reverse controls that was on the adversity collection.



SazMelthic commented on 3DS Launch Sales Have Been Breaking Records Wo...:

I might buy one as long as Nintendo improves the black screen of death and other issues soon that I heard from. I don't really consider wasting my money on a 3DS that's going to last about 10 days. I'm sticking with my DS till they announce the new copies are improved.



SazMelthic commented on These Games Are Coming to You Before June is Over:

Looking forward to Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's World Championship 2011 unlike the other 2010, that one had bad lagging during in duel. For 2007 and 08 were far the best out of them in the World Championship series. there was no lag and lot faster AIs. enough said.



SazMelthic commented on Super Mario 3DS Combines Galaxy and Mario 64, ...:

Super Mario Galaxy formula is been stale since it had a sequel, It would be nice if they could bring back the punching and kicking mechanics instead of the spinning. I mean If there going to decide to milk more on Galaxy. Would be nice they brought back SM64 formula like jumping threw paintings to other worlds or cell shaded graphics for a 3D Mario tittle that would be interesting.