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Tue 16th Feb 2010

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Crystalking18 commented on Game of the Year: Nintendo Life's Community Aw...:

Kid Icarus was a pretty good game, though I honestly would put Virtue's Last Reward as my favorite 3DS game of 2012. I just enjoyed it a bit more than Uprising is all. Still, good year overall, and hopefully next year we'll see more great games come out for the 3DS and WiiU.



Crystalking18 commented on Talking Point: What Games Are You Playing This...:

Well I'm hoprfully going to finish Persona 4 this weekend (just beat Heaven), then after that I might finish Pokemon Red before I go away for a week, or start and maybe finish Final Fantasy on the PSP. Regardless, Last Story in 4 days!



Crystalking18 commented on Club Nintendo's Gold and Platinum Prizes Have ...:

Well I made gold this year and I'm personally fine with getting the calender. I aready have a deck of cards from Nintendo that I like, plus all of the poster sets, so the calender seems up my alley. Besides there is no way in the world I'd spend my points on getting a download for a game thats $10 max. Just no way.



Crystalking18 commented on Kingdom Hearts 3D Trailer Goes With The Flow:

To me, flowmotion seems like a great idea for world exploration and platforming. I've never really enjoyed or was particularly wowed by the platforming in previous games, but the flowmotion looks to make that much more enjoyable. In combat however, it makes it way too chaotic and crazy, so I forsee the camera going all over the place and being very hard to properly control when fighting enemies.

Overall, I think the game is going to be pretty good, but I'm just not sold on it being one of the best Kingdom Hearts of all time or even being a fantastic 3DS game. I'm sure it'll be good, but most likely not the best.



Crystalking18 commented on Talking Point: A Big Year for Nintendo:

Im a bit hesitant about getting a Wii U. As of now, I don't really have a job, except for a summer job that should provide for y gaming enpenses for the year, so I only buy the things that I truly want to play. From Nintendo's last financial year, I've only bought Super Mario 3D land, Skyward Sword, Kirby Mass Attack, Professor Layton and the Last Spector, Devil Summoner 2, and Kid Icarus Uprising (also Xenoblade, but it doesn't count in the financial year). So I had a ncie supply of games that I wanted to play.

While Im not concenered about the 3DS picking up steam and possibly "printing money" because of games like Kingdom Hearts (which might sell the system because the Kingdom Hearts fans I know will buy the system just for the game), Animal Crossing, Paper Mario, NSMB2, and Luigi's Mansion 2, and that's not even including the games that they'll inevitably announce at E3. The Wii U though.... Well Pikmin 3 and Super Smash Bros 4, but that's all we really know at the moment. There are going to be ports of games, but they're from other systems.

Nintendo really needs to hve a strong launch lineup if they want to survive. Price is not that big of a deal for me because it's probably going to be released somewhere around Black Friday, it'll sell a lot of consoles regardless because it's the hot new Nintendo console that Mom and Dad play, but the biggest concern is will those people stay? Will there be good games for the first few months or even first few years to make the system justifiable, or not profitable. There needs to be strong software to keep the console alive, or else this could legitimatly be Nintendo's undoing.



Crystalking18 commented on Talking Point: What New Super Mario Bros. 2 Me...:

I'm indifferent towards this. I've never liked the New Super Mario Bros series, but I don't seen that much harm in a new game being released. However, I am worried about Mario going a bit stale, since in recent years he has been a bit exploited by Nintendo. Plus with Mario almost certainly going to be around the Wii U launch this year (and hopefully Pikmin 3 for that matter), I'm wondering if Nintendo is essentially going to release the same basic game in one year with New Super Mario Bros Mii. I'm hoping it was just a tech demo that was done at E3 last year, but no one can say for sure. E3 is going to be an interesting time for Nintendo. Are they going to show off other franchises and games, or dedicate a large amount of game time towards Mario?



Crystalking18 commented on There's Zero Escape from Aksys Games' New 3DS ...:

@22 There were multiple endings, but there was also one true ending. That ending gave a reason for the multiple endings in a pretty interesting way. I don't think they'll be able to pull off that same trick in this game though (finding the 2 correct endings out of 24 seems pretty difficult), but I'm still looking forward to this game.



Crystalking18 commented on Review: Sonic Adventure 2: Battle (GameCube):

Yeah Twin Snakes did get a 6 out of 10 when it was first up. And as for the game, it has to be at least an 8 out of 10. The story in a Sonic game doesn't really matter, but the gameplay was where this game shined (except for the master emerald levels)



Crystalking18 commented on Review: The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Anniv...:

It's a very good game for what it's worth. The single player is a very nice touch and it just goes to show that Nintendo will sometimes go the extra miles for its fans (sometimes....). And yes, the Hero's Trail made me rage quit quite a few times, and that's something I NEVER do. I want to see the person that was able to beat all of it, because he is clearly a massochist



Crystalking18 commented on Feature: Staff Memories of the Game Boy Advance:

I remember when I got my GBA for the first time. It was when it first came out, but I was too young to remember what I had for it. I do remember one day thought when I got home from school and I saw the GBA SP on my kitchen table, or actually 2 of them, one for my brother and one for myself. There was a blue and a red one and fittingly, we has ruby and saphire with the games as well. That's one of my favorite gaming moments.



Crystalking18 commented on Take a Look at Square Enix's Upcoming 3DS JRPG:

I'm sorry, but WORST NAME EVER. Even if it's in context of the game, it makes no sense to call a game Bravely Default. Bile aside, it could be good. But was anyone else thinking it was going to be Final Fantasy related in the beginning?



Crystalking18 commented on Rumour: Nintendo Readying Big Announcement Nex...:

Is it weird that almost an eighth of the 147 comments below are all relating to apple or apple hate? Can this apple debate just end and we can start speculating what will actually happen instead of having a flame war that will most likely piss people off?