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Sun 4th Apr 2010

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Retro_Gamer commented on Capcom Apologises for Poorly Worded Tweet:

Well they obviously messed up on their simple tweet yesterday and admitted it, I'm still disappointed about Legends 3 being cancelled but at least that last part in the new tweet made me feel better.



Retro_Gamer commented on Capcom Blames the Fans for Mega Man Legends 3 ...:

Huh, well that's a very odd statement, I mean Mega Man is what originally MADE Capcom, how can there not be an audience? Perhaps they meant not enough fans on the 3DS? Blaming the fans/customers was the worst way to handle this.



Retro_Gamer commented on Super Mario 3DS Has More Thrills, Less Explora...:

I always felt Mario suited the more linear "get to the end" game play more than exploration, that's what I play Zelda for. Back when Sunshine was released most people enjoyed the bonus stages way more than the bigger exploring levels. This is also why I enjoy the Galaxy games more than any other 3D Mario, it's closest to the original Super Mario Brothers formula, especially the sequel.



Retro_Gamer commented on Review: Donkey Kong (Game Boy):

I agree with this review saying it's one of the best Mario games ever made, it's defiantly a masterpiece in my eyes. I easily prefer it over the more lemmings-like Mario vs Donkey Kong.



Retro_Gamer commented on There Will Be No Zelda 25th Anniversary Collec...:

I can't complain, what they are doing for Zelda's anniversary is much better than what they did with Mario's. Link's awakening at VC launch, four swords for FREE, ocarina of time 3D, skyward sword, zelda wiimote and concerts, that's pretty freaking awesome.



Retro_Gamer commented on Sony President Thinks 3DS is Just an Updated DS:

I think it's still a little too early to be saying anything about the 3DS, the original DS also had a pretty slow start and look what eventually happened there. In fact, this is the same battle all over again, the 3DS actually brings something new to the table while the NGP once again has better graphics and more media crap (don't get me wrong, PSP does have a few good titles).



Retro_Gamer commented on Japanese Gamers Put Off by High Price of 3DS:

It's a little pricey considering most people can get similar graphics and more games on the cheaper PSP. Personally my problem with it is the current game selection and certain features of the system not being available at launch.



Retro_Gamer commented on Hideo Kojima Busy Getting Snake Eater 3D Ready...:

The crouch walk is really going to improve the game greatly, I'm interested to see what other new features might be added, maybe bring back the online mode from Subsistence? Co-op would be neat, but since the game was never built around that it might make things too easy.



Retro_Gamer commented on Sonic Generations 3DS Rumours Gain Speed:

I really think it's going to be released on 3DS, it should be interesting to see how it holds up. I really hope the 2D parts control better than the floaty controls in Sonic Colors, you never really felt in control and the jumping was horrible.



Retro_Gamer commented on Kirby's New DS Game Has a July Date with Japan:

Sounds like a different game with a Kirby theme slapped on to help sell it. All I really want is Kirby's Dreamland on VC, then I'd be happy, although that new Wii game looks pretty decent so far, hopefully it doesn't change the classic game play too much.



Retro_Gamer commented on Nintendo Download: 16th May 2011 (North America):

With Chrono Trigger in the list, it makes every other game look like garbage. Some people who own the DS version will probably pass this up, but I think it's worth a measly 8 bucks to play the game on your TV instead. I wonder how well the original translation holds up, I find Final Fantasy 3's to be pretty awful.



Retro_Gamer commented on Features: Re-Examining Zelda: Twilight Princess:

This was a really good read and I agree that Twilight Princess seems to get better every time you play it (although I enjoyed from my first play through). I found the darker theme takes getting used to, especially after playing the bright and appealing Windwaker. I think the sword fighting is the best in the series so far, in fact the whole game felt more based around combat, sort of like....Zelda 2?



Retro_Gamer commented on Got an Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3?:

I say the same as Atomic_3DS_Man. I'd check out the other site if you were concentrating on 360 games instead of just Kinect, I don't play the HD systems for motion games, that's what the Wii is for.