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Thu 3rd Dec 2009

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Deviant_Mugen commented on There's Another New Weapon Coming To Splatoon ...:

I don't know much Japanese, but the first words after the date and time are "atarashi buki", or "new weapon." It's called the Sharp Marker, obviously, though who knows if that'll be the name in other territories.

Apparently "Cuban Bomb" is the Japanese name for the Suction Bombs, so there you go. And the special is the Bomb Rush.



Deviant_Mugen commented on This Master Arts Metroid Prime 2 Light Suit Fr...:

Great looking figure, but too rich for my blood. Also, the Dark Suit rocks so much harder than the Light Suit.

Honestly, I'm much more enticed by the Samus figma, which looks fantastic, is way more affordable and is fully poseable.



Deviant_Mugen commented on Official Hyrule Warriors Screens Show Ocarina ...:

Other than the fact that Mikau should've represented the Zoras instead of Ruto (and maybe Darmani as the Goron rep), I'm loving these new screenshots. The moon can't be the only thing representing Majora's Mask, Tecmo Koei!

If this game truly doesn't give us any MM representatives, hopefully the eventual sequel (assuming it sells well) will...



Deviant_Mugen commented on Play: It's The Second Nintendo Life Community ...:

Well, my 32 races are over and I managed to accumulate 377 points total, which left me tied for sixth place. Definitely a better showing for me than the last tourney, where I barely missed nabbing the twentieth spot.

By the way, to those of you saying blue shells are rare in MK8, I say: Bull. Of the first five or so races that I ran, I got hit by a blue shell in all except one of them. In fact, I'd say I was hit by a blue shell in about half of my races, maybe more, some of which cost me first place. No offense, but if you think blue shells are rare in MK8, what's really rare is you being in first place. Also, I love how the CPU racers cheat by recovering instantly when they hit obstacles. You save those five seconds that we regular schmoes have to take to recover, CPU racers, you deserve them.

Well, that was a bit more of a rant than I originally intended. Anyway, this was pretty fun, blue shells and CPU cheating aside, and I look forward to the next tourney. Hopefully that one will do away with the CPUs entirely, or at least lower their difficulty, because I'm sure most of the blue shells I ran into today came from them.



Deviant_Mugen commented on Review: One Piece Unlimited World Red (Wii U):

I'm not as big a One Piece fan as I used to be (though I still follow the series), but judging from the Game Informer preview and this review, this seems like a game that I'd have fun playing. Too bad it's Wii U download-only and the DL itself is 15 gigs in size...



Deviant_Mugen commented on Guide: Sharing The Love With The Tomodachi Lif...:

I've been wanting to try this game out to see how it plays before taking the plunge, so I'd love to have an NA code, if anyone still has one to spare.

Since I keep missing them when they come up here, I'll leave my e-mail here so that those with a spare code can send it to me if they're so inclined:



Deviant_Mugen commented on Talking Point: The Legend of Zelda on Wii U Ca...:

I'd love to see Nintendo remake Majora's Mask, because my Collector's disc is scratched and has the tendency to freeze while I'm playing it, which has resulted in plenty of lost progress, thanks to the way saves work in MM.

A sequel would also be fantastic, but--just like a sequel to Super Mario Sunshine--I doubt it'll happen...



Deviant_Mugen commented on Play: Mario Kart 8 in the NLife Community GP -...:

I wound up with a total of 348 points, which would've been almost 500, if certain people (Fill and Michael) hadn't gotten ridiculously lucky on item draws when I was about to finish first on at least three different tracks. We'll see how the next tournament goes, I guess.

Anyway, forget patching "fire hopping", what needs to be patched is drawing coins from item blocks, especially when you're already maxed out. It's a hard slap in the face to be in first place for all three laps, only to have it taken from you on the finish line approach because the item blocks keep giving offensive/defensive items to every racer except you.



Deviant_Mugen commented on Video: A Real Life Honedge Exists, Sadly Doesn...:

I would think this site would be quite familiar with Man at Arms, since he's already crafted the Master Sword in the past (which I'm pretty sure was covered here). Oh, and Chrom's Falchion, too, like Fishie mentioned. I knew I was forgetting something...

Also, for those of you wondering, he clarified in a recap video that he can't sell any of the pieces he makes on the show due to copyright reasons, so they remain on display at his shop.



Deviant_Mugen commented on Feature: In Defence of Super Mario Sunshine:

I played this again to 100% about a year ago, and it's just as fun as I remembered it. The camera took some getting used to again, but once you have it down, you're all set. The FLUDD-less levels are the best levels in the game and the atmosphere of Isle Delfino is amazing. This is easily my favorite Mario game of all time, 2D or 3D.

Though finding all the blue coins was a bit tedious, every time I did find one, I felt a sense of satisfaction, especially since most of the final ones are hidden in very obscure places that you have to think outside the box to find.

Damn, after reading this article, I'm feeling like starting up a new file...



Deviant_Mugen commented on Talking Point: The Long Suffering Luigi:

Green is better than red; tall is better than short; Luigi is better than Mario.

I wouldn't classify Luigi as "suffering," though. Sure, he might not be as famous as his shorter brother, but he still has his own game series. If you really want suffering, then Waluigi fits the description to a tee. Give us a Waluigi platforming series, Nintendo!



Deviant_Mugen commented on Preview: Wii U Hands-On:

Wait, I though the Pro controller got redesigned to not look like a re-skinned 360 controller. Like so...

Other than that, great write-up, Corbie...

And to answer the question: Wii U is most definitely for Mii...



Deviant_Mugen commented on E3 2012: Nintendo Direct Live:

That was awesome. It gets me even more pumped for Tuesday. The only thing I disliked was the Pro controller looking like the 360's controller. Not that I don't like the controller, but I would've preferred something a bit more unique. It's a minor gripe, though...

A Samus icon among the other game icons? Hint hint? Please let it be true! More Metroid, please, Nintendo!

Also, Iwata's English was damn good...



Deviant_Mugen commented on Kirby Gets 20th Anniversary Compilation for Wii:

So even Kirby takes precedence over Metroid? Well, ****, thanks a lot, Nintendo...

Then again, after the negative—and undeserved—reception Other M got, I'm not expecting to see any new games in the series for a while (except for Samus' token appearance in the new Smash Bros. game, of course)... =|