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Sat 30th Oct 2010

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Algorhythm commented on Talking Point: Why No Plans for GBA on 3DS Vir...:

If Nintendo said GBA games will be available it would cannibalize sales of the regular GB games. So they will double-dip all the GB games until that well dries up...then they will announce GBA games are available.

They will not leave money on the table, but they will not give us what we want until they've exhausted every possible money-making rehash option. Sound familiar?



Algorhythm commented on Remember, the Nintendo Download is On Thursday...:

Okay, sorry...I didn't mean to just say that the VC stuff was crap, it's good old stuff, but it's OLD stuff. If you're launching a NEW service, give us NEW titles. Excitebike 3DS is a rehash, and Pokedex isn't even a game. Where is a substantial 3DS downloadable GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Algorhythm commented on Fils-Aime: "3DS Didn't Launch Prematurely":

They still haven't justified the software price point of $39.99 for every game. Certainly there will be many games that will justify that price, but there will be so much shovel-ware for this platform, it is begging for a tiered price-plan for software. Nintendo should have made tiered pricing a featured of this launch, much like their "Touch Generations" brand of DS software.



Algorhythm commented on Rumour: 3DS Developer Conference Next Tuesday:

It's ridiculous that Nintendo has been practically silent regarding their online plans at the end of May. I will bet anything that the Netflix compatibility will not launch with the launch of the eShop but will be Fall 2011....



Algorhythm commented on Steel Diver Depth Charges Towards Europe on 6t...:

It's a great $10 game. It's a good $20 game. And it's a bad $40 game...unfortunately this is the price in the U.S.
I actually enjoy my time with it and would have loved playing this on the regular DS (since that was what it was supposed to come out on). It's the only 3DS launch game that you can "chill" with...I play it before bed when relaxing and watching TV. All the other launch titles are more focus-driven.



Algorhythm commented on Angry Birds Dev Calls Nintendo Games "$49 Piec...:

Rovio has had only 1 successful game after several dozen failed games and they think they can change the rules of the game. Nintendo has been a company for over 100 years and in gaming for over 30. Rovio is just looking to "ruffle some feathers"...pun intended. Angry birds is a shallow fad that will be long gone when people are still playing Mario years from now.



Algorhythm commented on Talking Point: 3DS Launch Line-Up Lacks Fresh ...:

Is article is so off, Nintendo is trying to showcase the technology so it isn't lost or overshadowed by a big launch game. They are letting the technology be the selling point. (MS did the same with Kinect)

Not to mention there are plenty of "fresh ideas" with the built-in software. From AR Games to 3D camera and so on. The separate cartridge games are supplemental to the experience at this point.

If they just pushed a killer app, then it would become about that (certainly with ad dollars). They're getting everyone comfortable with the tech, then once there is market penetration they will release the big name games.

Also, there is a finite amount shipped to each country due to production, so to release a big Mario game when they most likely won't meet demand for months is stupid from a business standpoint.