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Colors commented on Nintendo Denies Permission For a Live Stream o...:

@theblackdragon Because there's very little reason for Nintendo to prevent streaming of Smash Bros. And EVO didn't make the promise that it would be streamed if Smash Bros. raised the most money for charity, just that it would be played at the tournament. The banning of streaming on Nintendo's part is just a kick in the throat of fans who can't attend EVO.



Colors commented on Nintendo Denies Permission For a Live Stream o...:

@LordGeovanni No, there's no laws regarding fighting games and charity or whatever. The obvious reason Nintendo did this was because they just don't want Smash Bros. to ever be viewed in a competitive light. That's why they removed and added anything they could to Brawl to keep it from being tournament-worthy (tripping, no combos, etc.). Not to mention that by keeping streams of the tournament happening, Nintendo is missing out on a lot of publicity with a new Smash Bros. game coming soon. They're not doing this to help anyone at all, it's just because they don't want it to happen. Despite the fans raising $90k+ for charity so that it could be enjoyed.

People need to understand that not everything Nintendo does is to save the lives of puppies and put orphan babies in good homes. This really shows Nintendo isn't any better at interacting with fans than any other big company, like EA and Ubisoft. This was more or less the final straw for me, they had no reason to ban streaming other than selfishness.



Colors commented on Nordic Games Picks Up The Darksiders Franchise:

@ACK What makes you think Gearbox will ruin Homeworld? And you're acting like Gearbox ruined Duke Nukem Forever over the course over many years. The reason DNF was awful was not due to Gearbox's part in the development, it was due to the fact that the game bounced through many developers (including 3D Realms, Triptych and Piranha Games) and hit many, many roadblocks throughout 15 goddamn years. Gearbox revived the development in the last two years before release. I'm sorry but Gearbox is a fantastic developer and I hate to see people consider them awful just because of the mess of Duke Nukem Forever that likely no developer could have salvaged without an immense amount of funding.



Colors commented on The Binding of Isaac Creator Still Thinks the ...:

I'm not really paying attention to anything else, just that you say this should get an AO or at least a fairly extreme M rating. Honestly, I don't see the logic behind this. Ignoring the cartoonish style, sure there's gore and blood and body parts that you shoot and kill and all that stuff. And I agree that it should get an M-rating. I'm just curious as to why you think this deserves more of an M-rating than other M-rated games. There are plenty of M-rated games that have much more gore and blood than BoI.

Also, I'm interested in this idea for a "kiddy" version. Hell, even if it was separate from BoI I'd probably buy it to try it out.



Colors commented on Nintendo Leaves BAFTA Empty-Handed:

I do agree that Peggle on iPad shouldn't have won best handheld (It is a port after all) and maybe even SM3DL should've won, even though I found it very repetitive. But what I am getting a bit ticked off about is all the people saying Skyward Sword should've won the most innovative category. Honestly, what was innovative about Skyward Sword? The fact that the sword moved like your hand in real life? The fact that there were 2 ways to throw bombs? Or maybe it was because you could fly on the back of a bird? For Zelda games it was innovative and brought a lot of change, but when compared to other games of this day and age, it's not innovative at all.



Colors commented on Nintendo Rejects The Binding of Isaac:

@Gamesake Alright, now I'm convinced that you've never played the game and are merely assuming what it is based on a couple tidbits of information. And I'll go ahead and assume you simply stated that it was a sloppy Zelda clone because of this part of the article "The actual structure is clearly inspired by RPG elements of 2D entries in The Legend of Zelda series, so it's a mix of a reasonably conventional game design and controversial content."
And religious controversy aside, this is certainly not shovelware IMO and I'm sure if you asked anyone who has actually played it, the vast majority would agree.



Colors commented on Capcom Will Replace Evil Typo:

I'm tempted to get a copy day one just to sell the typoed version on eBay for twice the price, but there's always the chance that I would get a non-typoed version. And I don't want to actually play the game. The demo scared the Hell outta me.



Colors commented on Majora's Mask and Dr. Mario Join Club Nintendo...:

I love how everybody is complaining that they already have these great games when CN specifically stated that they would release the downloadable games that have had good customer reviews. You can't get the exact games you want each month, so just wait for the new selection of free games in February



Colors commented on Rumour: Wii U Heading for E3 Face-Off with PS4...:

I can't freaking wait for all the new technological reveals!!!
Oh, and I guess I should think about the Wii U. It gets HD. Pretty. And revolutionary. Of course the 360 and PS3 already have that. Nice controller though. Looks expensive. Sure there will be lots of crying over rage-throwing that expensive thing. Anyways, back to FFXIII. You know, the game that has HD. Which was released several years ago. But hey, HD on a nintendo console, /thumbs up



Colors commented on Turn Your Retro Cartridges Into ROMS, Legally:

Yeah, I'm also dissapointed about not being able to use N64 games too. But being able to play SNES and Mega Drive games with the actual cartridge on a PC legally is enough for me to start saving for this.



Colors commented on The Binding of Isaac Seeking Approval from Nin...:

@Stromboli Well Resident Evil and Call of Duty aren't porn but are still M-rated. Binding of Isaac may not look realistic like many M-rated games out there, but it's the fact that you're a crying baby who just blew up a monster and those red pixels are blood and gore which would make it fall under the mature category.



Colors commented on Talking Point: Why Is It So Hard to Make a Goo...:

New game idea: You are a little boy who must take revenge on Santa for not giving you the green bicycle last Christmas. He gave you a red one. Unacceptable. Now you have to defeat him with only your peak physical condition, razor-sharp wits, and a machete. You will also travel to lush locations inspired by real places around the world, such as the GameStop on 67th Street or that junkyard out back.



Colors commented on Review: MotoHeroz (WiiWare):

I wanna download that, so effing bad,
I'll race all kinds of machines I never have.
doo doo do, doo doo do
I wanna be on the cover of, Moto Magazine,
standing next to a Buggy and a Jeep.~

I need monies NAO D:



Colors commented on Our Nintendo Life Begins...:

Greetings peasents! I bring new from the future!
Nintendolife was once thought to be a mere stand-alone site. Never being able to become competition of those other gaming sites. But I bring joyous news! Joyous news indeed! Nintendolife will one day partner with, Europe's top gaming website. In a few years, the rest of the Bit. Trip series shall be released, and they will be put in compilations for the upcoming revolution and a certain portable! And the portable version shall bear a quote from Nintendolife. And last but not least, Nintendolife shall gain its own shelf in the eShop! What is this eShop you may ask? All in due time sir, all in due time. I am most pleased with this website. Now, back to he future I go!



Colors commented on Nintendo Download: 8th September 2011 (Europe):

@my_point_is What do you mean no top quality titles?

The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX 10/10
Donkey Kong 9/10
Gargoyles 9/10
Mario's Picross 8/10
Game & Watch Gallery 8/10
Avenging Spirit 8/10
Kirby's Dream Land 7/10
Super Mario Land 7/10
Fortified Zone 7/10
Qix 7/10
Double Dragon 7/10

I would say those titles are plenty for only being released for 3 months.