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I'm 20 year old gamer :D

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Thu 30th Sep 2010

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Epic commented on Don't Starve: Giant Edition to Come With Extra...:

@Donutman Its a really good game but also really intimidating at first, losing all your progress do to stupid mistakes and starting all over again is just harsh for some but is really rewarding at the sametime.
At some point it you learned from all your past mistakes, you know to deal with certain situations you have faced and failed before, you learn to prepare for the future and face the dangers and you learn something different everytime after all the world just keeps changing and changing due to it being randomly generated.

Just to give you an idea, I have 80+ hours on the PC version and still learning and finding new uses to items, places and biomes around the world.



Epic commented on ​Don't Starve: Giant Edition Arrives on the ...:

I have this game for PC and its completly worth every cent if you are willing to invest time learning the ropes around Don't Starve and bundling it with Reign of Giants and the 2nd free copy for a friend just make this a no brainer for anyone.

Just hope they implement someday Don't Starve Together to consoles, even if its only limited to 2-4 people.



Epic commented on Nintendo's Implementation of Cross-Buy is Surp...:

NNID accounts are console bounded to the Wii U, in other words if one of this persons owns a Wii U or plan to buy one they would have to mess with Nintendo Customer Support to have their account transfered to the other Wii U system.
Yeah, this is totaly posible but wouldn't bother with it for now, unless the other NNID users absolutely don't have any intention of getting a Wii U.



Epic commented on Reaction: Our Thoughts on Nintendo Direct - 17...:

For me it was just good.
This Nintendo Direct was just to give info and release dates in some games so they don't need to waste time with all that in Nintendo's Direct E3.
I really hope that 3rd Sonic game is Sonic Adventure 3 I have been waiting almost all my life.