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United Kingdom

Fri 4th Feb 2011

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default12345 commented on Rumour: Nintendo Preparing Dual Analogue 3DS R...:

I've just performed a factory reset on my Cosmos Black Nintendo 3DS and have wiped all of my games.

I just can't take this anymore. This has been my first and last foray into the world of Nintendo handhelds.

This has nothing to do with the rumours and has everything to do with the facts. Early adopters have been abused.

I'm going to go back to playing on my Wii. Xenoblade Chronicles, Metroid Prime Trilogy, Super Paper Mario, Metroid: Other M, Super Mario All Stars and a whole load of virtual console games that I haven't played .. this does not include all of the great games coming out this year and next year.

What a waste of money and time. This will make be think twice about buying a WiiU at launch.

Rant over.



default12345 commented on Xenoblade Chronicles Assaults UK Top 10:

I purchase this from GAME on Friday afternoon. I played it for five minutes, LOVED IT, but decided to get a refund as I paid £50.00 for the controller bundle and decided that £50 is just TOO MUCH plus I can probably pick up the controller from eBay in a few months. Needless to say as soon as I got the refund I ordered it from for £29.99 and have this Friday off work .. It's gonna be epic!



default12345 commented on Review: Xenoblade Chronicles (Wii):

Excellent review. Excellent game. I purchased the game this afternoon and have only played the first five minutes of it. I've decided to wait until I finish Ocarina of Time 3D. I'm at Ganon's Castle though so it will not be long.

The first five minutes though. Epic.



default12345 commented on Xenoblade Chronicles Bundle Pack is Beautiful:

Ooooooh. Xenoblade Chronicles AND a red classic controller. Yes please. I'm glad Nintendo are making all Wii pheripherals compatible with the Wii U. It means I have absolutely no hesitation buying stuff like this.