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Sat 12th Feb 2011

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Tylr commented on Capcom Confirms 37.3% Drop in Profits in Secon...:

Yeah Capcom, good call for releasing those 25th statues and not making a new game. I'm sure that will help make a good profit! (Major sarcasm)

I hardly think that this will tell Capcom what we want, as they are deaf in both ears...



Tylr commented on Rumour: The Wind Waker HD May Have An Addition...:

Oh yes please...I would love this. I kind of get frustrated because I'm not spending enough time fighting moblins and such because they're such pushovers...would love to feel as if I'm a bit weak compared to the rest of enemies in the dungeon. Extra sea battles and ambushes by octos/seahats/etc would make the boat ride a little less boring as well.



Tylr commented on Feature: A Brief History of Pikmin:

Pikmin 2 will always be my choice over the first two, I absolutely loved the innovative dungeons (submerged castle especially), the many real items that made a cameo amazed me, and I sort of made a sentimental connection to them, everything about Pikmin 2's existing gameplay felt improved, the challenge was dramatically increased as it makes up for the challenge of the original's time limit. I really, really hope Pikmin 3 isn't dumbed down like Sticker Star and Dark Moon, as I have high hopes for 3.



Tylr commented on Masahiro Sakurai Rules Out Story Sequences For...:

By this logic, you should just take the story of out Legend of Zelda, Metroid, and Pikmin. I have a lot of respect for Sakurai but this just ticks me off. WHY punish everyone for what someone else does?



Tylr commented on Review: Pikmin 3 (Wii U):

Been waiting and speculating what Pikmin 3 would be like for the past 5 years to myself! Take my money already



Tylr commented on Strider Could Come To The Wii U eShop "If Ther...:

@Samurai_Goroh Capcom seems to have this strange idea lately that their consumer should kneel before them and beg for their product. Having canceled Megaman Legends 3 because of their claim of not enough support for it just puts them in a bad light, right beside the rest of the developers ignoring Wii U.
@Einherjar Couldn't agree more with you.



Tylr commented on Strider Could Come To The Wii U eShop "If Ther...:

There should not be any of this "If there is demand for it" excuse they give us. These developers (in my opinion, of course) need to bite their lip, and just release these games because (again, my opinion) they would 1) Help the Wii U 2) and there will not be a big difference between sales across the platforms (Yes, I could be wrong, but thats going on a slew of platforms, but Wii U. As if potential Wii U sales could hurt it.)



Tylr commented on Xenoblade Chronicles Bundle Pack is Beautiful:

NoA, you will pay...

That's it. We march straight to NoA's office with torches and pitchforks in hand and form a barricade around the building until they find their common senses and bring this game here.



Tylr commented on Kirby Gets His Own TV Channel in Europe Tomorrow:

Super Mario Bros. Super Show(or World?) deserves to get a channel too. I want to watch Mama Luigi tell Yoshi a story and Mario teaching cavemen how to play football.
(Please make available for US kthnxbai)



Tylr commented on Rumour: Nintendo Stream Coming Sooner Than We ...:

I'm probably the only one who thinks the name is decent, despite everything else. or IGN is just honking their horn again. Actually, i keep hearing WiiStream instead of Stream inside my head. Though i'm not fully believing these strange rumors til Nintendo confirms them.



Tylr commented on Ocarina of Time 3D Gets Boss Rush Mode and Hel...:

That is how you take a great game and make it even better. Nintendo is solely aiming to please with this game. I just hope there's a couple of new charactors and items. Or a whole new dungeon. Yeah...



Tylr commented on Sony CEO Refers to Nintendo Handhelds as "Baby...:

I really do wonder how the 3DS is for kids only though. C'mon, really, what does the 7+ on the top of the mean? I'm not saying Nintendo handhelds aren't for kids, but they're for everybody. The games are diverse rather than some bloody shooter on the PSP. Sony should quit being hypocrites and ask themselves is LittleBigPlanet a baby sitting tool as well? Implying Nintendo gaming is for kids is Sony's tagline.



Tylr commented on Nintendo Uncertain Whether 3DS Demos will be W...:

Demos are ultimately the factor to make you buy a game.
Fuildity on Wiiware looked good at first. Tried out the demo. The game wasn't exactly my cup of tea. Saved me from buying a game i would not like. Pokemon Rumble demo got me to buy the game. Good for the customer. It's debatable weither it'd be good or not for the publishers/developers.



Tylr commented on Mario Kart Without Items Isn't Mario Kart, Tha...:

Mario Kart Wii was heck to get 3 stars in every race. The blue shells would come at you outta nowhere and are often followed by more karts and red shells. I personally enjoyed Double Dash more than Wii. Your charactor had a special item only they can use. That evened everything out a lot. I also found getting hit by a blue shell less frustrating in MKDD. My choice of Mario Kart would be Double Dash. Unless, of course, 3DS could do better?



Tylr commented on Rumour: Using Piracy Devices May Disable Your 3DS:

Nintendo is pulling out all the stops to destroy pirating. Maybe they should take it a step even futher and use Streetpass to disable pirated systems even faster, like bboy2970 said. I'm all for it Nintendo doing this.



Tylr commented on Iwata Hits Out at Smartphone and Social Networ...:

Quality over Quantity, we've all heard that before right? I've always known Nintendo as a quality company. Never paid much attention to Apple back in the day. I thought Apple were the heroes of computers or something along the lines of that. Now its iPod, iPhone, or iPad or iWhatever. Heck, what, at this point, doesn't start with an "i"? My point is Apple took the "handheld" game industry by storm, like Sony took the game industry back in the day, if you could count an iPhone, iPad, or etc as a gaming device. No wait that's an overstatement. Most games on the iPhone are just cheap, quick little entertainment tools. Others are interesting to say the least. But you probably won't find as many games that have good depth and quality like on the DS. I'm not saying the DS has no bad games, its got its fair share, but it certainly would be a little easier to pick up a decent game randomly off the shelve. I'd prefer to buy my video games at a Gamestop in the flesh rather than download some from an online store, hey, might be more of a hassle, but that's just me, and you'd get more bang for your buck. Did i make any sense? Did i sound like too much of a fanboy? I feel like Cranky Kong...

I agree with Iwata.