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Wed 15th Jun 2011

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magos2k7 commented on Nikkei Leads with Nintendo Firmware Update Det...:

The camera is good enough and 10 minutes is good enough. The machine is not supposed to be a movie-making machine, it's a game system and this movie feature is an app. If you want to make a movie, make several 10 minute "scenes" or chapters. This app will likely be cheap or even free, so I'm not complaining. Who knows what kind of additional effects will come with it. I imagine there will be some simple basic effects, like the ability to employ the AR character cards while shooting, and even a few other simple effects. I would say this is the kind of thing Nintendo needs to "step it up" on. A video chat app, maybe Oovoo, would be nice as well.



magos2k7 commented on Talking Point: What If Nintendo Became a Third...:

I think it would be absolutely wise on Nintendo's part to get their fingers in other markets. Sony has electronics, Microsoft has Windows, both of these companies do some manner of smartphone gaming so Nintendo should step up and try to get a piece of that. Like the article hints at, it doesn't mean they release the same titles on the 3DS that they do on the "Nintendo phone(s)". Sony will have the Vita as well as Xperia ("Playstation phone") and the phone experience, rest assured, will NOT be the same as the Vita experience.
I think it would be a way for them to maintain their handheld dominance. I don't think Nintendo, existing ONLY as a third-party developer would be such a great idea. Being forced into someone else's schedule, the games would surely not be nearly as good.



magos2k7 commented on 3DS Price Cut Helps Machine to Huge Sales Hike...:

Nintendo is going to have to "work for the rest of their lives", so to speak. There were times when they could release a device and then relax for a bit. Those days are gone. They are going to have to think about every move they make and take smartphone gaming dead seriously. It appears that they are doing just that, but perhaps they could be doing more. I am sure they have some good things up their sleeve... they need music capabilities, an app that BOOSTS THE VOLUME TO A DECENT LEVEL (reading this, Nintendo?), and more for video than just Netflix and Nintendo video. Obviously they can't currently offer real phone service, but they need to at least have their fingers jammed seriously into other services and apps.



magos2k7 commented on Iwata Shoulders Blame for Low 3DS Sales, Cuts ...:

In Japanese culture, and in much Asian culture in general, there is the concept of "saving face". If you do something to dishonor someone else without provocation, you must save face. This means you must do something equally damaging to yourself, willingly, or you are a dishonorable person. When Sony execs bowed for the media, they were placing their heads closer to the ground than those they wished forgiveness from, a sign of humility.
When two Japanese businessmen meet to discuss a deal, they talk but they do not hold eye contact with each other. This is considered rude and a deal-breaker.
Iwata-san cut his salary in half. We're out $80 but he's out a million. He is an honorable man.



magos2k7 commented on Talking Point: Nintendo Makes Bold Move with t...:

REAL madness would have been Nintendo NOT dropping the price, and just assuming that their name and Dual-Screen format with one 3D screen would be enough to take on the Vita. THAT would have been pure rubber-room and straight-jacket INSANITY. Remember the speculation about the Vita's price? Upwards of $400 was the figure... but Sony found a way to do it at the same price as the 3DS. Nintendo had no idea, and no real choice, and the $170 price is their attempt to "seal the deal". What they did, folks, was the ONLY sane thing to do. Obviously, upon doing this, they had to make a robust package of free games available. It is not uncommon to have iterations of consoles come and go. Sony did it with the PS3. 20gb, 60 gb, now both gone. The 20gb model was gone almost right after it launched. With Nintendo, one package is $250 for a limited time with 20 free games, the new package will be $170 without the 20 free games. Memory, features (remember all the card readers on the PS3 that are now gone?), free games, whatever, these days it is common to offer multiple tiers of the same basic product.



magos2k7 commented on Crush 3D "Delayed Due to Success of 3DS":

I'm sure Nintendo is thinking this, but they really needed to pull out the big guns for the 3DS launch. They need to catch up now. There are so many handheld devices, mainly phones that have monstrous capability, even dual screens in 3D. (These get pricey, admittedly, but those prices will become more competitive as more come out). If they are going to do a non-phone device like this, and not end up just selling it to young kids, they can't screw around. They need to get the software out NOW. They need apps like facebook and youtube. When Sony brings the Vita to market, expect it to be already loaded with all that stuff, and for it to have games. Now is their window. (C'mon, Nintendo, don't screw this up..!)



magos2k7 commented on Talking Point: Wii U - Revolution or Evolution?:

Let's come at this from another angle. The Wii was a success not just because of price, it was because it was a different experience. The Wii was NOT an Xbox or a Playstation; it wasn't even really similar. To keep the ball rolling, what could they really do? Make even MORE sensitive motion controls? Make an even BETTER "Kinect"? (Which, by the way, has failed to really impress me, I'm still waiting for a decent game for it!) No, they had to "zig" while the herds "zagged". We all realize it, yet we are still making the same mistake that many of us made with the Wii and the DS. We are making guesses about what kinds of games MIGHT be played on it, and as to how a tablet controller device could be implemented into a fantastic gaming experience. EA's on board. Nintendo's in-house game development is no slouch, either. And you know by now many other developers are working secretly on that "killer app" that's going to be the best of the bunch. There's going to be competition, and we know damned well that developers are going to blow our minds with games for a machine this powerful and this different. All companies show off tech demos early on. Ever decide on a machine because of a tech demo you saw? No, usually either brand loyalty, or because of actual games. Why would a company implement a strategy for only one console? (Unless the strategy failed, which it did not!) The gaming revolution is something that will be ongoing, not a whole new revolution each time! The WiiU is an evolution OF the revolution, Once the games roll out, we're going to see some serious business.



magos2k7 commented on SEGA, Aksys and Konami All Use Permanent 3DS S...:

I remember the "good ol' days" when you bought something, it was actually yours. Any company selling hardware with apps is going to protect those apps from piracy. But punishing (and it IS a punishment) consumers as a whole because of the acts of a few is ridiculous. It happens over and over; read one of those "licensing agreements" some time... you'll find that you're actually LEASING someone else's property, and there are rules for usage! You don't actually OWN it. It's on software (both downloaded and discs from the store), and on firmware. The apps and downloads for the iPod are the same story, as is the iPod itself. It's corporations sliding their fat li'l fingers in there to control the consumer with a slew of legal excuses. Uh... I did ramble on...