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Tue 3rd May 2011

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Davidmoreaux commented on Sakurai Yet to Start Work on Smash Bros. for W...:

@ DrDaisy I didn't think of characters being cut until after brawl came out and I saw Mewtwo was gone but I am worried about this next game because I don't want to lose Diddy Kong or Sonic and neither character is a sure thing in the next game.



Davidmoreaux commented on Wii U Striking Balance Between Performance and...:

I like Nintnedo games and seeing them in HD would be cool I remember playing Super Mario 64 when it first came out and liked how cool and superior it was to the SNES Mario World and same now days with Mario Galaxy compared to Mario 64.



Davidmoreaux commented on Japanese Gamers Put Off by High Price of 3DS:

I didn't buy it because of cost and lack of games I want coming out so far. When I first heard of the system I heard about Star Fox 3D, Zelda, and Mario but I don't see any of these yet so I will wait until at least one comes out.



Davidmoreaux commented on Review: Super Mario Bros. 2 (Virtual Console /...:

I liked this game and this was the first Mario game I beat when I was a kid. I think it is not as hard as 1 but still fun to play and I like being able to pick diffrent characters. I think it is way better than Lost Levels because that game is really hard.