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Sat 18th Dec 2010

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AcidFox commented on Fist of the North Star: Ken's Rage 2 Is Downlo...:

Bought the first one for barely nothing, and even though I've never read the manga (I've known about it for decades, just never read/saw it) I enjoyed it a lot more than what I probably should have. It's just dumb, violent fun, definetly not for everyone, but worth giving a try.



AcidFox commented on Review: Frogger: Hyper Arcade Edition (WiiWare):

I was looking forward to this, but 10 bucks is a little more than what I was looking forward to pay, I'll probably get it for PS3 as soon as the price drops.
@Koos "Oh, I was unstoppable. Perfect combination of Mountain Dew and mozzarella. Just a right amount of grease on the joystick"



AcidFox commented on Feature: Nostalgia vs. Eternal Darkness:

Eternal Darkness is still one of my favourite games. I've always been a huge fan of H.P. Lovecraft's literature, and this game lifts heavily from his stories, so that along with the incredibly awesome insanity effects (Finally a game that REALLY understands how to inflict fear on the player), great narration (Maximiliam's autopsies are great, it's amazing just listening how he progressively loses his mind), great characters and amazing music made me love this game.
I was a little dissapointed by the "God Mode" that you unlock after finishing the game three times, because part of what really makes the game fun are the insanity effects. I always felt that Silicon Knights should've gone instead with a mode that caused you to constantly feel the effects, but without lowering your energy. Unfortunately once you've seem them all they kind of lose their punch, but that is obviously to be expected.
My favourite tortures? When the game FORCES you to delete all your saved files, Window's Blue Screen of Death (that was hilarious), and the "Eternal Darkness 2 - Sanity's Redemption" message.
Fun Fact: Back in 2003 this game caused my Gamecube to actually break down twice, forcing me to get it repaired. After that I never felt really comfortable replaying the game, but I still did.
After his game I always thought that Silicon Knights should've handled a remake of Silent Hill 1 (Probably my favourite horror game). When they remade Metal Gear Solid 1 I thought the moment was close, unfortunately it never came.



AcidFox commented on Mercury Steam Talks Up 3DS for Castlevania: Mi...:

God please no. I tried to love LoS, I really did, but the more I tried the more I hated it. As a different game it would've been alright, but as a Castlevania I felt it was a disgrace to the saga, and to be honest (I know I'm probably alone in this) Castlevania 64 was, IMO, a much better 3d Castlevania. LoS had good art, good music, but lacked soul, it was just a bunch of games (Shadow of the Colossus, God of War, Uncharted, and a few others) thrown together in a blender, and what came out was LoS (plus, it had a Portal reference. In 2010. The Day of the Tentacle reference was ok, but it's as if the developers had been writing a list of games that they wanted to mention when they made their first big title since they were kids. Castlevania doesn't reference other games, OTHER GAMES make Castlevania references).
Sorry about the rant. Anyway, just let WayForward make another Contra, 4 was probably the best contra ever, and I'm sure they'd do a much better job with Castlevania than Mercury Steam. Mirror of Fate doesn't look all that promising, and the fact that it's set in the LoS universe makes me want to avoid buying it.



AcidFox commented on Dragon Quest X Wii Lands in Japan on 2nd August:

Really? It's the dawn of the freemium gaming era and they decide to charge ¥1000 a month to play? That's a little backwards, but definetly not surprising coming from Square.
Just hope that if they bring it to the rest of the world they do what Capcom did with Monster Hunter Tri and NOT charge us.



AcidFox commented on Review: Duracell Wii Charging Stand:

@Joco84: I bought the Energizer dual induction charger a little over a year ago when it was on sale (about 10 or 15 dollars), overall it's a great product, it's neat, it's cool (it's magic, MAGIC I TELL YOU) and it works perfectly, on the downside it uses cheap AAA 500 mAh batteries (or 600, I can't remember) so don't expect a lot of life out of them (probably around 4 hours, tops), and after about 10 months one of the battery packs started sulfating (and from what I read that's not an unusual problem with those), so I opened it, cleaned it up, and replaced the batteries (I used 900 mAh batteries while I was at it, so now they last a little longer), and now it works like a charm again.



AcidFox commented on Rumour: 3DS Video Update Lands on 30th November:

I'm looking forward to this update, but 10 seconds seems like... well, not really a lot. Why set the limit so low? Can't the 3DS handle any more? The PSP didn't have that kind of limitation with the Go!Cam. I'm not saying they should let us record for hours and hours (which they probably should), but even 30 seconds would've been nice...



AcidFox commented on A Whole World of Super Mario 3D Land Artwork:

@chronicler: Don't forget that the koopa kids also appeared in Superstar Saga. But yeah, how can 4 games in 20 years be overuse? If anything, we need MORE games with the Koopa Kids, heck, give them their own game! Anyway, as far as I know they've (sadly) not been announced for this game, is there something I'm missing?



AcidFox commented on Review: Turok: Rage Wars (Nintendo 64):

Even though I always wanted to, I never bought Rage Wars, but Frag Tag was included in Turok 2, and boy did we have fun with that mode. Me, my brother and a couple of friends played it for hours, and we could barely stop laughing. And thank you for reminding me of the Raptor in Turok 2, it was my favourite character!



AcidFox commented on Rumour: Monster Hunter Tri G To Be Revealed Ne...:

Those are some awesome news, I really enjoyed Tri, being able to play it on the go would make it even better, and being able to transfer our characters from Tri would be just perfect. I must say, however, that the title Tri G feels a missed opportunity, they should totally go for Tri D.



AcidFox commented on Review: Diddy Kong Racing (Nintendo 64):

Bought this game back in the day thinking it'd be a Mario Kart killer, and even though it kinda was (it had more vehicles, more tracks, more modes, bosses, etc), I just couldn't like it as much as MK64. I don't know if it was the irritating characters, the brutal difficulty (at least for the Wizpig races... the first one took me hours to beat), the tracks or what, but I played it from the beginning to the end and I just never really got into it. I still have it, though.



AcidFox commented on Review: MDK2 (WiiWare):

I bought this one just out of curiosity, though I've been a fan of MDK since the first one was released, I was expecting this to be an absolute mess due to Wiiware size limitations, but I have to admit I was really surprised! Besides, aiming with the wiimote makes the game much easier. Not so much during Hawkin's levels though, but those are a convoluted mess of platforms and deadly pitfalls, so there's no way to make them any easier.

To those fearing the difficulty, the game has quicksave and quickload mapped to the 1 & 2 buttons, so there's really nothing to worry about as long as you remember to save frequently.



AcidFox commented on MDK 2 Shoots for 1000 of Your Nintendo Points ...:

I still have the Armaggedon edition for PS2 and the original PC edition, but I'm going to download this one just to see how did they manage to compress a GD/DVD game down to 40MB. Also, I haven't downloaded anything since Cave Story for DSiWare came out.

@ JesusSaves: Yes, the sequel was first produced for PC and DC, and later on ported to the PS2 under the name "MDK 2 Armaggedon"



AcidFox commented on Talking Point: What You Want in a New Nintendo...:

You can keep your HD, your Bluray and your million teras hard drives, all I want is new Star Fox developed by Nintendo EAD.
An affordable price would be nice too, I love my 3DS but the price was a little steep.



AcidFox commented on Review: Goemon's Great Adventure (Nintendo 64):

I've always loved this game, and just recently started playing it again with a friend. It could get incredibly frustrating due to the extensive amount of cheap instant deaths, but it was always fun enough to make you want to play more, and it was indeed sad to find out that they had removed the amazing intro and Impact's song...
BTW, the game had a 3 and even 4 player mode, but you had to get all 44 passes first. It was worth the trouble, but things could get pretty hectic with 4 players running and jumping around.