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Fri 26th Jun 2009

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Graph commented on Mega Man Creator Keiji Inafune Working On Spir...:

I think a lot of you have no idea how much it costs to actually make a game, especially with a small studio like Keji's.

Obviously he started his company with people who have experience and skills. So let's say you have one game you are working on, you have at least 3 programmers paid $60.000 a year (Bare minimun when you start in this business, at least, around here), that's $180,000. Then you have, let's say 2 artists for $50,000 a year which means another $100,000. Consultants, let's add another 2 at $70,000 (Because we have consultants here that are paid way more here) and thats another $140,000 ... we're already at $420,000 in yearly paid salary and I haven't even begun to list the other people that might be on this project. This don't include any company benefits that they might pay either.

Add operating costs : city taxes, building rental/purchase costs, electricity, licenses fees, trademark fees, lawyer fees.

My point is, you people think things are free in life when they really aren't. A small studio like the one Keji has can't afford to make 3 million games a year. If they are have one project or 2 going, they propbably have to hire outside sources as well. And quite frankly, $900000 seems rather low especially knowning the living cost in Japan.



Graph commented on Mercury Steam Talks Up 3DS for Castlevania: Mi...:

Long time Castlevania fan who buys all the consoles and all the handheld in existance for any castlevania games that could come out and Lords of Shadow was the perfect reboot for the mess the series was getting into story wise. The timeline was so screwed up it's unbelievable and Lords of Shadow was a very good game to do just that : Complete rebooot.

Mirror of fate looks promising and I hope it can be as good if not better than Lords of Shadow.



Graph commented on La-Mulana Canned for North America, Europe:

So ... the only WiiWare game I've been eager to play since it was announced ... will no longer come? wow ... seriously? Well, screw that re-release of Cave Story then. I'll speak with my money ... no La-Mulana ... no more Cave Story.



Graph commented on Review: Spirit Camera: The Cursed Memoir (3DS):

Totally have to disagree with this review. I give this game a 7.5 out of 10 easy. I bought the game on day one and It's the 3DS game I had the most fun with so far. I truly enjoy having to look through the book and moving around to attack the spirits with the camera.

Its like FATAL FRAME, but you're the character instead of moving someone with a camera. I truly recommend this title.



Graph commented on Europe's Virtual Console Loses 6 Games This Month:

This is why I am against Digital ONLY releases. When the licenses expires, you can't download them again, They're gone! If you lose your game from a hard drive crash, console crash and the game was removed because of licensing issues ... and you paid for it ... you can't get it again.



Graph commented on Talking Point: The Inevitability of Digital Re...:

What happens when companies decide to stop offering your paid for games for download? You paid for nothing. Especially if you can only play them if connected to the internet. We need both.

Not to mention, they are thousands of games on steam that are the same price digitally than the retail version. Which is a total ripoff.



Graph commented on Nintendo Faces More Calls to Embrace Mobile:

No way I'm playing games on a smartphone. I have one, tried playing on it, it sucks. I hate smartphone games. I regret ever buying a smartphone in the first place. What a stupid idea that was.



Graph commented on More Titles Announced at 3DS Conference:

Frankly, most of the self claimed hardcore gamers I've met, only play FPS and car driving games ... to me that fits the title of casual gamer. To me, Hardcore gamer means someone who plays all styles of games, from Tetris to mario, from Call of Duty to Dragon Quest.

Honestly, now that there so many RPGs announced, it changed my mind on the 3DS and I'm definatly getting one.



Graph commented on Dragon Quest X Requires Online Connection:

@justinr I'm not trying to force my opinion on anyone. If I were, I would get a gun and shoot people who disagreed with me. Don't put intentions on me where there is none. Stop insulting my intelligence with this kind of argument. Saying to someone that he's forcing his opinion on everyone is a sign you are no longer able to think of counter arguments and need to resort to insults and douchebagry.

I hate people who do that. You have your opinion, I have mine. No need to resort to stupid arguments like that.



Graph commented on Dragon Quest X Requires Online Connection:

@justinr Yes, it's paying for nothing. When I buy a game disc, cart or whatever, I want to own it and be able to play indefinitely. You obviously don't know the value behind playing old games 20-25 years later.

When you start seeing play sessions in increments of money, you devalue de game. When I play my Super Mario Bros 3 cart that I paid for $100 back in the old days, I still see it as a $100 game today because it is that awesome. And I own it.

If I couldn't play it anymore, it would mean that my investment in this game is gone and that I now have a useless cart.

And yes, you have paid for nothing if you pay for a $60 game and it gets shut down years down the road. It's a loss in your investment. And like I said above, if you view your play sessions in money increments, then you devalue the game each time.

I still play games from the Atari, Nintendo era and still view each game for the price I paid them for back in the day. Online only games that you pay for and get shut down are a waste of money. Something I realized when I finally stopped playing World of Warcraft after 6 years. The money wasted on it for the sub and the item shop. I feel ashamed to have been caught up in it.

I don't like your way of thinking. You are basicly saying game companies should only do online games that will eventually die and can't be played ... well ... this is when I'll stop being a gamer.

And I don't like your quote here - "if you're still playing that game 5 years later - which also is very highly unlikely" -, it is in fact very likely. I have a wall of NES, SNES, N64, PS2, Gamecube games that I still play after all those years. It's more likely than you think. Your either naive or very young to be saying that.



Graph commented on Dragon Quest X Requires Online Connection:

I'm not in support of online only games, and I never really cried about Nintendo not having online. I don't care for it personally. I'm a huge Dragon Quest fan though, and now, for the first time, this is the first DQ game I won't be buying just because it will be online only.

My problem with online games ... like those where you need to log in online to play (I'm looking at you Blizzard and StarCraft II single player) ... when those companies go down the drain, or close the servers, you won't be able to play the game anymore and you will have paid for nothing. To me, that's unacceptable. Online is a niche in my opinion. Sure, Nintendo should have it, but not if it means losing offline capabilities.

As for you @justinr, I think you are missing the point. You are putting everyone in the same boat. Not everyone cried about Nintendo's online. Just that those who are, are more vocal then those who don't care about it.



Graph commented on Dragon Quest X Goes Online for Wii and Wii U:

Ugh, so this is a full MMO and no option to single play like a real Dragon Quest game? Disapointing. I'm so sick of Multiplayer being a main feature. I stopped playing WoW and some other MMOs because of the fees, time and stupid people.

Guess I won't be getting DQX now



Graph commented on Walmart Already Selling 3DS for $169.99, But B...:

If Walmart wants to do it, it's their choice. All those complaining are poor shoppers to begin with. Also, here in Canada stores have to update their prices before a certain period during the week which happens to be before August 12th, which gives them no choice to put the mark at 169.99 before that time. It's the law.

So all the complainers need to learn to be smarter shoppers.

EDIT : To be clear, stores put out new panflets and adverts on Wednesdays, it needs to be printed before that. Which means that once it's out on Wednesdays, the prices listed are what they should be and it's the law that the store must honor that price. So since August 12 is friday, it's after the adverts will be out, therefore, they have no choice to sell it at the price advertised as the law requires them to do it.



Graph commented on Feature: The State of WiiWare:

I'm personally both happy and disapointed with the Wiishop. Poor interface, no account downloads, console lock. I regret buying a lot of WiiWare titles that had 8-10 in reviews here on nintendolife that were absolutly horrible and now I'm stuck with them. Hence why I don't check reviews anymore, lesson learned. The screenshots for the games on the Wiishop are too small .. no videos ... lack of demos .. barely if any publicity for the titles.

Size limit for games was just ridiculous. Not to mention the lack of onboard storage on the Wii.



Graph commented on Reggie Discusses Wii U Branding, "Not a Diffic...:

The real hardcore gamer doesn't give a damm about system specs. He cares about games, and to me, Nintendo produces some of the best hardcore games out there.

Seems to me people who play FPS and Call of Duty games call themselves hardcore ... they are not. In my book, you are not a hardcore gamer unless you like Nintendo's franchises and all games in general. If you like only a certain part of gaming, like the so-called hardcore class, you are not hardcore. You are a wannabe. But not a hardcore.

The Wii provided me with everything I needed ... Nintendo brand games. Nobody buys a Nintendo system for 3rd party games to begin with. It's just a bonus.



Graph commented on Kawata: "I'd Love to Make a Resident Evil for ...:

Why do you people want yet another remake or a port of an old game? Seriously. I'd rahter have a sequel. It seems today we are flooded with remakes, re-imaginings from the video game and movie industry. It's getting ridiculous.

I want RE6.



Graph commented on Wii U Hopes to Rectify Problems that Wii is Ex...:

I personally don't understand all this multiplayer craze ... it's probably why I stick with Nintendo. It seems to me that most games on XBOX, PC and PS3 are all about online and frankly, this annoys me. Because it takes away so much from the single player part of the games in favor of online and when I go home, I want to enjoy my game without having to deal with a bunch of little kids screaming and insulting everyone.

And not being HD wasn't an issue, and I know why Nintendo did it. Back then, HD tvs weren't really as widespread as they are today. As for third party support, I agree somewhat, but lets face it .... Nintendo brand games is where it's at.

I don't consider people who don't like Nintendo games, hardcore. To me, they are missing the key part of the console industry. But I'm glad Nintendo will go get those people with the WiiU and keep what I like about Nintendo.

My Wii never collected dust.



Graph commented on Are We Nearing the End of Consoles? Nintendo T...:

Everywhere I see analysts saying that Desktop PC will die next year, consoles will die off in the coming years .... I think not. Obviously, these so called "Analysts" have no clue about the gaming market, the real gaming market.

And I don't believe retail games will die off, the PSN network incident is proof that games only accessible online becomes a problem when the network is down for a long period of time. You can't play your games you purchased, and that to me made the case in favor of retail sold games.

I was never in favor of only downloadable games because I'm a collector, but also because you give info like credit cards to the supplier of your games which can then be stolen by hackers ... again, the PSN network proved the system is not safe.

I do believe that games on a media and games downloadable should co-exist however, but I do not believe and do not support the theory that retail games will disapear. In my mind, it makes no sense at all with all the issues involved with PSN and STEAM for example.

And for those analysts who think consoles will die off because of devices such as the iPhone .... no way. Small screen, poor sound quality, poor controls.

I don't see any gamers, casual and hardcore, wanting to spend 6+ hours in front of a tiny screen.



Graph commented on A Dragon Quest Collection for Wii Draws Near!:

Gah! This is a must for me! I've been playing Dragon Warrior/Dragon Quest ever since I got my free Dragon Warrior game by subscribing to Nintendo Power back in the those day.

First day buy for me! Hope it comes here.



Graph commented on Over 2 Million Players Bought Mario's 25th Ann...:


Speak for yourself. Getting All Stars + Soundtrack and history manual in a nice little collector's box is awesome. I personally don't feel ripped off at all and I'm sure most of us who own it don't feel that way either.

I got mine for $19.99, well worth the price.



Graph commented on Rumour: Wii 2 has Blu-ray Drive, Controller Co...:

Ok, for all those who think SONY owns Blu-ray, you are wrong. The Blu-ray was developped by the Blu-ray association, which SONY is a member of. SONY does not own the exclusive rights to it AT ALL. Just because SONY has been pushing the Blu-ray a lot more than the others, doesn't mean they own it.



Graph commented on Iwata: We Need To Raise Our Game at E3:

Video games are art, if you think otherwise, then you need to end your life. Because movies are considered art, video games are art too. All those doing designs and doing graphics for games consider it art. By saying that video games are not art, you just made the entire industry a big fat joke.

And yes, they need to get rid of Cammie. She is just uncharismatic and bores people out of their minds. When Reggie appeared for the first time, he had it right. Does "Taking names" ring a bell?

If it doesn't, where the hell have you been sleeping under? If it does, it just goes to prove that Nintendo's E3 show needs to have a lot more energy. Cammie is just not good at it. She's probably awesome at every day job ... but at E3, she's just plain awful.

And argument we're kids because we don't like her, it just dumb. Probably the most kiddish comment someone could ever make. The age defense. Please go to ethics school.



Graph commented on Rock N' Roll Climber:

@JTCPingas09 Not every game needs to be a FPS or Final Fantasy game you know. Stop using shovelware as an excuse to not try something new. Just because you don't like a game it doesn't make it shovelware. If it were the case, then all FPS games and all RPGs are shovelware to me, which wouldn't make any sense.



Graph commented on DSi Firmware 1.4 Defeated Already?:

Everything that is software can be changed and hacked no matter how much security you put into it. It will never stop. Some hackers actually find a challenge in breaking the code.

Hackers will stop doing this when companies get the big picture.



Graph commented on NyxQuest: Kindred Spirits Available in North A...:

Why do people measure a game by "time"? It just doesn't make sense to me, at all. People whine about the most ridiculous stuff theses days and are cheap. A game is meant to be played several times, not just once, just like movies. I'll never get these people. I think they need chill pills.