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Wed 3rd Jun 2009

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Noire commented on Talking Point: Why Skyward Sword Sales Failed ...:

Because Zelda is a core game and core gamers have fled to places where they're treated (relatively) decently?

Can we please skip to the part where Nintendo starts making games third-party. This stuff is getting old.



Noire commented on Rumour: Wii U Release Date Unveiled in Mystery...:

At the rate these rumours are appearing, they'll be telling us it has a new name, plays PS3 games and can make toast.

Well, if rumors are true, that makes one next-gen system that can play PS3 games.



Noire commented on Get a Free Farming Simulator 3DS Demo, Europe:

I would post the advertisement for this game, but I don't think it is family-friendly, work-friendly, or indeed human-mind-friendly in any way.

So in some small way they won a marketing battle because I could equate that ad with this game.



Noire commented on Transformers Prime Announced For Nintendo Cons...:

It MUST be nice to WRITE press releases. Where ELSE do you get to capitalize RANDOM words in the middle of SENTENCES for the sole purpose of making SURE people see those TRADEMARKS. I guess those little trademark symbols aren't good enough these days.



Noire commented on Feature: Nintendo’s Biggest Blunders:

It may sound like I'm making up overly specific excuses

You are, and this discussion isn't going anywhere, so I think I'd just like to drop it if it's all the same to you.

I did miscount the number of Metroid games, so I'll give you that.



Noire commented on Feature: Nintendo’s Biggest Blunders:

@TrueWiiMaster: There have been 5 brand-new main-series Mario games, 4 brand-new Legend of Zelda games, 4 brand-new Metroid games, 5 brand-new Pokemon games, and 4 brand-new Kirby games between the years of 2006-2011. That's cutting close to a game a year right there. If you're just counting Wii by itself then you're cutting Nintendo's output in half, and I don't believe that's fair. This isn't even counting all the remakes of games Nintendo has made.



Noire commented on Feature: Nintendo’s Biggest Blunders:

It takes Nintendo longer to do it, but how is that a good thing? When you boil it down, it's the same thing. Sony and Microsoft see what sells the most and they make more of it. Nintendo sees what sells the most and they make more of it.



Noire commented on Feature: Nintendo’s Biggest Blunders:

Whether it be the 7, soon to be 8, Call of Duty's, the 3 Gears of Wars, or 4 Halo's, they tend to put out more and more of the same. The only major 1st party game to do anything like that on Wii was Mario Galaxy, and it only had one sequel.

Metroid Prime 3?
New Super Mario Bros. Wii?
The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess?
The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword?
Mario Kart Wii?

... do you want me to go on?



Noire commented on New SNES Title On the Way in 2013:

It makes me wonder if Wii games will still be made by enthusiastic old-school developers in the year 2027. I mean, somebody will be nostalgic about waggling their arm like crazy, right?



Noire commented on This is How Game Gear Games Will Look on 3DS:

I love it. Those borders just make the game for me (I have no idea why, I'm just weird). I just don't know what Game Gear games are any good D:

so it's good you guys are reviewing them all



Noire commented on Mario Tennis Opens Up with New Gameplay Video:

I love the way it looks. It's deliciously frantic but doesn't rely on power shots to make it that way (at least that's what it looks like). Power shots got so old because of the animations every single damn time. x___x

I really wish they could get a special item mode in there too, along with an RPG mode ... and ... Camelot I love you please make it happen <3



Noire commented on SEGA, Capcom and Namco Bandai Tease 3DS Project:

Tales of Rock the Hedgehog

An ailing robotics expert named Dr. Wright builds himself a robot hedgehog to be his pet in his last few years on Earth. But after his old friend Dr. Robotnik turns rogue and captures all the robot pets in the world to power his organic creations, Dr. Wright objects and turns his robot hedgehog into the greatest blue warrior the world has ever known: Mega Sonic, the Blue Bomblur! Traverse a sprawling world with 80+ hours of gameplay and defeat enemies with the enticing fighting system known as the Mega Sonic Linear Motion Battle System or MSLMBS for short. Team up with seven of the most annoying and tacked-on characters ever to race your way through a story filled with plot twists you see a mile away. Just don't go too fast, or you might speed off the screen and find yourself glitching the f**k out caught in one of Robotnik's dangerous traps!

Releasing in 2013.



Noire commented on Mario Tennis Open for North America on 20th May:

RPG mode would make it even more of a must-buy ... I can only imagine what it would be like to get the full Mario Tennis experience without having to buy both the console and handheld version. Either way I still want it day one. I freaking love Mario Tennis. o___o



Noire commented on Review: Metal Gear Solid (Game Boy Color):


I think I would like the top-down view. I always get killed because I can't see around corners in MGS. Scratch that ... I just always get killed. But this might be less bad and more good!

but does one of the characters look like Sean Connery ... this is the biggest issue




Noire commented on Reggie Also Presenting Nintendo Direct Tomorrow:


After his press conference declaring his superiority over all people, Reggie will sweep across North America with his army of vicious, battle-hardened soldiers created from the very essence of our love and devotion to Nintendo turned sour. His troops will then move to every continent, engulfing the world in war and destroying all vestiges of the hope and wonder that is Nintendo. For he is the Antimoto, the dark antithesis to our Lord Shigeru Miyamoto, and the end times draw near...

that also works if they just rename the Wii U the "Revolution" which is what they should have named the Wii in the first place aksdhaslkahsuf



Noire commented on Review: iSpot Japan (DSiWare):

I don't see any pictures of giant mechs, tentacle monsters, or schoolgirls in sailor outfits. Are you sure this is iSpot Japan?



Noire commented on Sami Cetin Sets New Super Mario Kart World Record:

It's called a road
It's called a Rainbow Road
It is a road that you go
It's a road that you go when you diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiie

yeah i got the caption and got the song stuck in my head, thanks James



Noire commented on In Fire Emblem 3DS, Death Isn't Always Permanent:

I played Fire Emblem before there was a casual option. is shot

If it makes it easier for people on the fence to pick it up and gets more people to play it, thereby increasing the likelihood of the games being localized, then I'm all for it. Then again we never did get New Mystery of the Emblem, so I'm kind of skeptical... just bring the damn game over, NoA.



Noire commented on Feature: Nintendo Characters Looking for Love:

Oh no, an article on NL that doesn't specifically cater to the ravenous needs of boys~

Those who whine are deepest in the closet. ^__^

besides in the end, it doesn't matter if they're all men or women, Mr. Brutus wrote them all so it's really him you're crushing on



Noire commented on Review: Maru's Mission (3DS Virtual Console / ...:

For example, jumping: Maru will continue to rise in the air as long as you hold down the A button, meaning he essentially flies. He can even leave the screen.


Platforming games - now with 100% less platforming involved!