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Sun 19th December, 2010

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Themadmonk commented on Wii U Striking Balance Between Performance and...:

Innovation, innovation, innovation. If nintendo was concern with just power they could have a power ho. But I think as always are trying I think to give gamers new experiences. Having said that, they realize at some point hardware would need more attention. Of course in the end its about the games.



Themadmonk commented on Talking Point: Nintendo has Nothing to Fear fr...:

If this means less crappy games all the better. Nintendo never had anything to worry about, they've been at this for awhile any phones and tablets aren't built for long term gaming. Yes, I love my dsi its addictive:-D



Themadmonk commented on EA: Nintendo Needs to Drop Wii Price, Help Thi...:

@ gabegreens agreed. We seem to 4get nintendo's business has always been gaming so 1st party are goin to be better. 360 & ps3 hav the advantage of coming frm multimedias that thought gaming would be good to get into. At the end of the day (ea) if you make good games (tiger wii) & not crap (madden wii) it'll sell. @slapshot82 until the wii isnt viewed as 'kiddie' by so many industry experts there will be alot of wii games passed over.