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Poll: Your Favourite Showing from Nintendo During E3 Day One

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

So many choices

Day one of E3 has drawn to a close, with the exhibitors and press heading off to an evening of writing — yes, including us — and 'after show events'. It's been an exciting day, as Nintendo kicked it off with its Digital Event, followed it with hours of live demonstrations from the Treehouse team and then, finally, the rather awesome Super Smash Bros. Invitational.

It's been a full-on day of brand new titles, release dates and a whole load of footage. As this is the end of the first day we want to know what, of everything that's happened, has excited you the most.

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Let us know in the poll and comments below; we haven't included absolutely everything, but have focused on what we consider to be the main attractions of the day.

We hope you've enjoyed the day's festivities, and it'll all start again on day two.

What's been your favourite showing from Nintendo during E3 day one? (751 votes)

The Legend of Zelda Wii U reveal


Super Smash Bros. reveals and Invitational


Hyrule Warriors




Bayonetta 1 & 2


Mario Maker


Devil's Third


Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker


Xenoblade Chronicles X


Amiibo figurines for multiple titles


Yoshi's Woolly World


Kirby And The Rainbow Curse


Mario Party 10


Star Fox announcement for Wii U


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User Comments (209)



Capt_N said:

Smash, & Mario Maker. Honorable mentions, for myself at least, go to Yoshi, & Kirby. Splatoon also looks like good local multi. Edit: Krysta from Nintendo Minute! earns a high spot for me.



ant said:

it was a fun day in general. definitely one of the more memorable E3's in recent years



mamp said:

The invitational all the way but for new I really liked Captain toad O_O



Henmii said:

I chose the Legend of Zelda. While it wasn't a proper trailer and very short, it was very impressive. A much better reveal then the Skyward sword reveal. Though nothing beats the first Twilight princess trailer!



ManateeBlubber said:

It just had to be Yoshi. It looks fantastic, probably plays fantastic, and looks like it has the best co-op ever.
@Capt_N What is it with all the comments on how hot Krysta is? She isn't!



Rezalack said:

Although I'm happy for the new Star Fox, they couldn't have done it in a worse possible way. Why not just show a trailer, anything? Anything but what they did.. good god. In a world where hype tends to be key, the do it in the most low-key fashion. Ugh.



Dark-Luigi said:

Can't vote all?

Mario Party 10, Hyrule Warriors, Smash, hell. All of them were!



Jayvir said:

I had more fun watching Smash, but I'm still stoked as all hell for Xenoblade Chronicles X. It looked phenomenal but it's sad that the live demo was really weird with all of their conversation.



Phantom_R said:

I'm really surprised at how people's interest in Splatoon is actually genuine. It's VERY different from anything Nintendo's ever made and seems like it would be really easy to hate on.

My vote goes to Smash Bros. for Palutena and going all-out in giving Mii characters 3 styles and 36 special moves!



Savino said:

I vote Zelda just because!
But Splatoon have my money day 1! The ahooter genre really needed some fresh air!



Capt_N said:

@FalconPunch: Personal taste, that's all. Also, why I liked Yoshi was b/c it really resembles, to me at least, Yoshi's Island(SNes). I'm hoping it is very similar.



shonenjump86 said:

I would have to say Smash Bros or Bayonetta. Great announcements from Nintendo. Another good news, I just got Mario Kart 8 in the mail today. Looks like I'm back on the Wii U.



SDDMN said:

After watching Smash Invitational, that became my favorite part of Nintendo's E3 event today. Everything else was awesome, but the tournament was so exciting to watch! Really looking forward to tomorrow!



Monsti said:

Splatoon looked fun, glad Yoshi looks much better than 18 months ago and the Kirby Artstyle is beautiful. Zelda was almost disappointing since they didn't really show anything "real". But the Star Fox announcement got me excited the most.



Hero-of-WiiU said:

I went with Zelda U, was a bit disappointed with how little was shown and the futuristicness in his bow. Smash was good but the invitational was awsome. Splatoon looks like an innovative, new IP from



Aqueous said:

So many good choices, Smash, Splatoon, Mario Maker, Captain Toad. I'm going with Smash Bros though, awesome tournament to finish the day.



yokokazuo said:

Starfox is something I've been waiting for for awhile, but I guess since it has pretty much only been announced it isn't my top pick. Loved Zelda the most, but Smash Bros.(plus the tournament) and Splatoon are close second/thirds.



Henmii said:


Yeah, but they didn't show anything yet. Besides a very blurry video behind Miyamoto. And if they show it the coming days, it may still be not much. Because from the sound of it, its still in the experimental phase.



Twilight_Crow said:

Hard decision. A new Zelda game is always great news and we had two, but I knew those games were coming. Same with Smash, though I loved the invitational. Splatoon may be the first multiplayer shooter I pick in a long time, but it depends if it is retain/digital only and the price, is not that great for me. Mario Maker I want badly (people making Mario levels for me for free, yes please) but is in a too early stage. Soooooo... I pick Captain Toad, yep love me a good 3D puzzle adventure game.

They didn't officially show StarFox, I am not counting it.



ultraraichu said:

Splatoon at the top of my list. I'm excited about all the others especially Smash Bros. (only saw the final match of the invitational due to playing catch up with the digital event), but that game got me off guard with a kiss from behind with the gameplay.



sinalefa said:

I voted Captain Toad. I was torn between that and Zelda U, but I knew the latter was coming.

Yet the Bayonetta combo, Splatoon, Yoshi, also interest me. My favorite E3 2014 show by a long, long shot.



SavoirFaire said:

Trying to catch up on the coverage now.

Was SMT vs Fire Emblem not mentioned at all today? Lots of good news, so only a slight bummer, but a bummer nonetheless.



2Sang said:

Personally I can't wait to hear Falco's snarky attitude when I save him. The others...not so much...



Capt_N said:

@2Sang: What if Peppy told Fox to barrel roll, only for Fox to retort that that move the Arwing does is not a barrel roll.



Darknyht said:

Splatoon hands down. It shows that Nintendo isn't content to ride on play glory and they are willing to put effort to support more genres than platform, action-adventure and puzzle. Although seeing a tease of the potential of Zelda U makes me giddy.



Jayvir said:

Was no one going to the Smash Roundtable? I don't see a single live-blog ANYWHERE



RFox182 said:

Wish I could vote for all of them! Aside from the obvious choices Zelda and Smash...looking forward to Mario Party 10, Kirby, Splatoon, and Star Fox! Its an exciting time to be an Nintendo fan



MasterWario said:

Would have been Smash Bros if there was King K Rool. lol perhaps I should stop saying that. Oh well I'll get over it soon. XD

I'm really excited for that Mario Maker, if only it came a little earlier in my younger years when I had more time for it (and by that I mean I had a TON of time).



Iggly said:

Hyrule Warriors was my favourite part of E3 since you guys didn't add those shorts and the Reggie/Iwata video as an option.



Obito_Sigma said:

Legend of Zelda. It was tied with SSB4 Invitational and Star Fox tease. After those three is Splatoon, because everyone has to have Splatoon as one of their top favorites!



V8_Ninja said:

While there were some things that I really liked, I'm going to go with the popular pick. Nintendo showed and hinted at a lot of new stuff for Super Smash Bros. 4, all of which looked really cool and extremely enticing. Not to mention that the Smash Bros. Invitational was pretty awesome.

And while I like the ideas being presented in Zelda U, maybe more so than the entirety of Super Smash Bros. 4, we didn't really get to see any of them in action. For all we know, that open plain could have been a cleverly-disguised 3D skybox. I'll get hyped when I can see hype-inducing features deliver on their promise.



Technosphile said:

I voted Splatoon, but the fact that I had to agonize over this vote shows that Nintendo finally brought their A+ game to E3. Finally.



B3ND3R said:

Definitely Xenoblade Chronicles X... But does anyone care to explain why Zelda Williams was carrying Majora's mask into the smash invitational?!



B3ND3R said:

Also... Zelda U blew my brain out, and I CANNOT WAIT to play it!!!! brain blows out again



Sir_JBizzle said:

@Capt_N don't worry, I thought Krysta was pretty cute too. Lol. Though it seems like she'd be snooty in real life. At least that's the vibe I got. Lol

On topic: count me in on being really impressed by Splatoon! I was this close to voting for it but in the end, Zelda got my vote because Zelda! How can you not vote for this? Lol


I was impressed by Nintendo's whole presentation today. If I could pick an "all of the above" option, I would! (though I supoose that's the easy way out lol) They were truly in top form!

On a side note, I'm loving the trend of Nintendo using real instruments in their flagship games now. The piano playing as Link was being chased by that monster sent chills down my spine for some reason...



B3ND3R said:

@Suicune they KIIIINDA did.. It was blurred, but it was clearly Star Fox... And Miyamoto flat out said that's what it was during the live treehouse event.



Gerbwmu said:

Really was impressed with the whole day. The detail the treehouse did with each game was awesome IMO. I like surprises so I was torn between Splatoon and Star Fox but voted for Fox in the end because I love SF64! Also X looks exactly like what I hoped it would be and the only thing that disappointed me was the lack of SMT v FE.....but maybe tomorrow will bring some news for it.

Edit: going into today I was convinced the treehouse stuff would be boring but I could not turn it off....had it on all day even if I was just listening to it while working on other things.



MoonKnight7 said:

As lovely as Zelda was, by far, what got me excited the most was Star Fox. Zelda was a close second, and Splatoon was a pleasant surprise in third. Great E3, but I have to wonder... Did SMT x FE fall into oblivion??



bboy2970 said:

I voted for Splatoon because it looked awesome and amazingly creative. just what the shooter genre was in desperate need of. One thing that upset me: during the omega ruby/alpha sapphire video with the kid in the cave think they were revealing a new Pokemon Snap? I was skeptical since i have been hoping for so long but when i saw the glimpse of a pokeball in his backpack, i freaked only to be extremely disappointed several seconds later. Seriously nintendo, the world NEEDS Pokemon Snap on Wii U!!!



Dr_Corndog said:

I'm not much of a Zelda man--at least not since the days of the SNES--but the announcement of an open-world Zelda with the same kind of freedom as in the first three games excited me more than anything else.



Snobunni426 said:

out of everything mentioned today, Splatoon is making me consider getting a Wii U, I only have a 3DS. . . . really considering it.....eyes credit card but I will have until 2015 to decide.....



SuperMikey said:

R.I.P. My Wallet. After 2 and a half long years of fighting N.G.O (Nintendo Gaming Overload), it has unfortunately passed away right after the Treehouse Event... X'D



Mega719 said:

I would have obviously pick Zelda by a landslide but today's reveals made me so happy that all my support for them were worth it. We also just minutes ago finally got possibly the biggest reveal yet....Miiverse's punching bag



MadAdam81 said:

Splatoon for me, although I think I may have to buy all of them. Yoshi looks does Hyrule Warriors and it's dual screen multiplayer.
However, the Robot.Chicken opening was my favourite moment of all.



rjejr said:

Too hard to choose, its late, I'm tired, and it's been a long day. The whole NDE was pretty good. Zelda looked great but I fear it's 2 years away. Splatoon was most unique adn ambitious but I need to see how it works offline. Miis in SSB are a nice touch. B1 on the B2 disc is a huge bonus for those who havnet played it. If you are all interested its a great game. Claymation Kirby is better than Yarn Yoshi.

Can I come back and vote tomorrow after I've had some sleep?



Yosher said:

Definitely Yoshi's Woolly World. I'm mostly excited about the Smash Bros coverage, but I'm just REALLY happy that Yoshi's game wasn't cancelled and that it's looking to become gorgious!



TheClockworkB said:

I choose Splatoon. I was going to go for Zelda but honestly Splatoon just felt like the choice to go for. This new I.P in shooter genre just feels so refreshing and it looks great. But Zelda comes extremely close and Super Smash also.

I loled at Star Fox when Miyamoto was playing. What a troll.



SMW said:

Splatoon!! Seriously, everything else was awesome, but I can tell that I'll be spending many MANY hours with Splatoon.



ManateeBlubber said:

@Capt_N Yoshi is my 2nd most hyped game (first is Smash, of course). I don't want to say anything about Splatoon 'till I find out if it's local multiplayer or not.



aaronsullivan said:

Voted for Zelda because the potential there is immense and it blew me away quite handily, but Splatoon is really exciting. A young looking development team at Nintendo bringing something fresh and elegantly designed.

What surprised me was the great progress on games we already knew about: The Yoshi game surprised me with how ridiculously lovable it was (just wanted to squish that little green stuffed dinosaur). Hyrule Warriors looks SO much better now and the character selection is irresistible. The amiibo stuff is sounding great. Bayonetta isn't my thing, but the inclusion of BOTH games was a great listen-to-the-fans moment and they even managed to increase my interest in Smash Bros. with the Mii fighters.

Captain Toad as a new IP (of sorts) is brilliant as well. Solid, solid E3 for Nintendo so far.

I really dug the giant robots early game concept, too... and the Guard is a good foundation. Star Fox is weird right now. I'd like a piece of art or something revealed to show the design direction it's going to take.



NintyMan said:

I voted for the Super Smash Bros. reveals, and Captain Toad would be next. All of these new games look incredible. Nintendo has easily won this year's E3.



JaxonH said:

Too hard to choose. Even friggin Mario Part 10 looked like a day one purchase, and I HATE party games lol...

Splatoon was possibly the best looking game at E3 this year. The kind of Goldeneye experience we've been craving since the N64, ammirite?

But also Captain Toad, Bayonetta 1/2, Xenoblade X, Smash, Hyrule Warriors, Star Fox, Zelda U, Mario Maker, Project Giant Robot, Project Guard, Devil's Third, Yoshi's Wooly World, Kirby Rainbow Curse, Mario vs DK, the amiibo reveal, Sonic Boom, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, Wii Sports Club, Shovel Knight, Pushmo World, Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby...

I swear Nintendo just cost me a month's salary in less than 24 hours. I'm buying ALL those games. Every last one of them. And day one, you better believe it. THIS IS WHAT I GAME FOR!!!

It's official. This was hands down THE best E3 presentation I've ever seen. They blew the breaks off the hype train!



RantingThespian said:

To be honest, Bayonetta wowed me more than I thought! Then the inclusion of Bayonetta 1 along with Nintendo costumes, I was left speechless!



eaglebob345 said:

The Legend of Zelda Wii U reveal

Super Smash Bros. reveals and Invitational

Hyrule Warriors


Bayonetta 1 & 2

Devil's Third

Xenoblade Chronicles X

Star Fox announcement for Wii U

Eight-way tie. I honestly think their E3 was great, the only things missing were S.T.E.A.M., SMT X FE, and whatever Pokken Fighters is. If they showed those, it would be an eleven-way tie.



SleepyCrossing said:

Between Bayonetta 1&2/Splatoon/Captain Toad/Yoshi's Woolly World/Devil's Third/Mario Maker... and just about every other option, its impossible to pick. I voted for Captain Toad because he's so darn cute but I can't wait to splatter some blood and/or ink with Bayonetta/Devil's Third/Splatoon.



eaglebob345 said:

@JaxonH Glad to see someone else's wallet will be empty like mine, it is good to see Nintendo being Nintendo again. They are also slapping that "kiddie" image in the face with Bayonetta and Devil's Third.



crzysortagamer said:

I got goose bumps when Zelda came on, but all around I was a little disappointed with today. I was hoping for more huge announcements for new games that have not already been mentioned.

Is there going to be more tomorrow?



Giygas_95 said:

Actually, none of it really interested me...the things that WOULD interest me didn't get enough exposure time (such as Zelda and Starfox), plus we already knew about Smash Bros. I haven't seen Splatoon yet, and everybody seems interested in it so I'll take a look at some point. I'm hoping for something about F-zero or Metroid...I hope there's still a chance that those could appear.

I guess the reason that none of the reveals really excited me is that I just don't get excited for games that are several months or a year or two off. There's just no point. I get excited when the game gets veeeerrrry close to releasing.



ricklongo said:

Tipping my hat to Splatoon and Xenoblade... but the Zelda reveal was simply too much for me. Now someone tell me how I'm supposed to wait until (presumably holiday season of) 2015, please.



eaglebob345 said:

I went with Devil's Third because: I love third-person shooters (and the swords and the butt make it better), Nintendo did a great job surprising people (even though it was not in the digital event), and the butt-hurt that I saw on Polygon and Kotaku was priceless. XD



StarDust4Ever said:

For me, it was a toss-up between Mario Maker, Yoshi's Wholly World, and Captain Toad's Treasure Tracker. I didn't want to cast my vote for a big hitter like Super Smash Bros or Zelda, although I must admit the HD Zelda universe is every bit as breathtaking now in 2014/15 that OOT was in 1998. And besides, we already knew both (Smash and Zelda) were coming...

Honestly I've been waiting for an officially sanctioned Mario Level Editor from Nintendo for years. And Yoshi's woolly world looks breathtakingly gorgeous to me. It's like a spiritual sequel to Kirby's Epic Yarn. Hopefully they add a tiny bit of challenge this time so that a person can't play it in their sleep like Epic Yarn.



Mr_Video said:

It was a tough call, but I voted for Smash, the Palutena reveal and what I saw in the invitational was really awesome. Zelda would've won for me hands down if the trailer were over a minute long. But I'm seriously looking forward to exploring an open-world Zelda...Just the thought fills me with joy...
I guess I was one of the few people who didn't really think much of Splatoon though. But still, It's nice that they're treading new grounds, I'll keep an eye on it.
Also, Bayonetta coming with Bayonetta 2 sold me on the game, didn't see that coming.



0utburst said:

I went for Zelda because it's the first on the list but I wanted to vote Yoshi and Splatoon as well equally.



PrincessChaser said:

Voted for Devil's Third just because it was a weird, but pleasant, surprise. I am sort of disappointed it's main character has been changed but it still looks fun. Of course Nintendo really delivered today. Hope the rest of E3 brings out some more cool info.



Bolt_Strike said:

Splatoon. Most of everything else was too casual/samey (Captain Toad's Treasure Tracker, Yoshi's Woolly World, Kirby and the Rainbow Curse), didn't show enough to get me excited (ORAS, Zelda U), or simply didn't interest me. Not to say that any of that was bad, but what can top a brand new IP with fresh, creative gameplay?



Shambo said:

I cannot, WILL not pick one. Zelda blew my mind, but showed so little. Midna and Impa in Hyrule Warriors. Xenoblade being Xenoblade. Splatoon from zero to captain of the hype train. Captain Toad! Star Fox! Bayonetta 1+ 2!! Devil's Third!!! Smash Bros starting with that fight between Mr. Iwata and Reggie! And Yoshi being so adorable That's how you bomb-run E3, and kick all resistance that remains in the teeth. With self-reflecting humour, randomness, and awesomeness. Reminded me of 8 mile, when Eminem wins the battle by being honest about himself, putting 'the haters' in their place, and an impact that lasts.



Nomad said:

Starfox was the best news at E3 for me. Cant wait to see more of it. Zelda of course looked Brilliant. Paletina in Smash Bros. and Midna in Hyrule Warriors is awesome. Great show for Nintendo.



nil said:

Hayeeeeeaa!! Legend of Zelda! It is EXACTLY what I want in the next Zelda game. I love the art style. It is definitely something that will stand the test of time. BUT, I have to vote for the fight between Reggie and Iwata as the best part of the video. It was soooooooo much fun to watch. I also loved the claymation. Notice how these guys don't take themselves too seriously. Compare Nintendo's fun, light hearted, wacky video to the other console's serious-gritty-bloody-death-angst-apocoliyptic-guns-blazing-bro AAA games! This is why I love Nintendo. They are more about pure fun than anyone else out there.



Ichiban said:

Such a great showing from Nintendo.
Zelda looked incredible, words cant describe how excited I am for it! Bayonetta 2 looks amazing, Hyrule Warriors looks like alot of fun, Splatoon looks just like the kind of wacky shooter I like (been playing alot of PvZ Garden Warfare lately, and this looks even more insane!) Yoshi's Wooly World looks adorable, a nice chill out kinda game. I'm glad to see Toad get his own game too, love that lil bugger (especially his voice, such awww)
Devils Third looks bat poopoodoocacapoopledoople crazy, in the best possible way! I'll be picking it up day one. The Starfox tease left me wanting more....more....MORE!! I'm so glad its finally happening!!
The amiibo thing looks pretty dull to me, yet I'm sure I'll pick up a Link figure day one lol (where's the Bayonetta figure?!)
As for Smash........well I was sick to death of hearing about it before the yeah........
But I will say that I hate the Nintendo have seemingly spoiled EVERY secret character the game has to offer. Gotta let us discover a few things on our own!
All in all, a great day for Nintendo fans everywhere. Oh I forgot Xenoblade! see? this how much there has been to process!



XCWarrior said:

Star Fox. i have waited many years for this... (and I'll be waiting 1 more year at least to play it apparently.



Smooty said:

Splatoon caught me off-guard, TOTALLY excited for it!!!
But i'm more happy about a new starfox... so i vote Starfox!
And... can anyone help me out? since this is day "one" of N's E3, does that mean there could be new announcements tomorrow?



Lobster said:


In all seriousness, there were a lot of really great things today like Zelda and even Mario Maker but the hype of the Smash Invitational was beyond compare.



WanderingPB said:

I voted for Bayonetta 1 & 2 but honestly if the option for all of the above were there that's what i wouldve picked!!!



jariw said:

The Treehouse Live was the best part, IMO. So nice to get details and gameplay of the games. Looking forward to seeing the Zelda game coverage in the Treehouse Live.



Ralek85 said:

Amazing show, but I still gotta do some nitpicking, two things really ...
1st where is SMT X FE ? I'm convinced now to get a WiiU but that doesn't mean I'm ok with going more than a year without any information for this at all. Is it alive ?
2nd I shudder to say this, but is Ninty pulling a Vita (this is no Vita bashing mind you, just played Luftrausers on it and utterly loved it) on the 3DS ? The only game I got this year was Bravely Default and that only due to the fact that it was released "late" in the states. That's quite the contrast to last year, where I was shopping at least once a month in the e-shop (not quite fair since I had a lot to get from the previous years but still). No new games at all ?



maceng said:

For unannounced titles, Mario Maker for me. Second choice: Splatoon.

For previously hinted or announced games: Yoshi Wolly World.



jariw said:

@HaThready @Ralek85 Reggie said (to IGN) that they see E3 as a marathon and more things will be announced on the later days. I think they focused on Wii U on day one, since that's where they want the main boost.



maceng said:

Same here, bro, same here.
More and more, the 3DS is looking like the homework for third party. And why not? Its selling like hotcakes so developers should be coming on droves with their games.
I really wanted Mario maker for the 3DS.

Also, Nintendo life didn't include Mario vs Donkey Kong...



Einherjar said:

It would be much easier to pick what i didnt like, because i could just pick nothing for the right answer
The Bayonetta bundle was a nice surprise and especially heartwarming, since Kamiya wanted to have both games on the WiiU so badly, but had his hands tied and yet, got through with it
Splatoon, despite all the mockery it got on here, actually suprised me a lot. It looks like a lot of fun and is a definite buy for me.
I dont think that i have to say anything about Zelda and the likes, just that i was a little baffled that the new cel shaded link wore his wind waker outfit before he got his green tunic.
Also, whats all the talk about "neglecting the 3DS" ? First, everyone is whining about the fact that the WiiU isnt in focus and that the 3DS is almost overwhelmed with games, and as soon as the WiiU takes the spotlight, its the other way around ?
Yes, im aware that one can get used to games being released every 5 minutes by devs like EA and Ubisoft with their "big franchises" but good, quality titles take their time.
I heard people talk about how "rushed" Mario Kart 8 was and yet, they complained that we didnt saw more Zelda or Star Fox. Make up your mind people. Do you want a quality product that is developed thoroughly or do you want the first semi working build asap, so basicly an EA job ?
The worst thing about yesterdays presentations was the chat on here actually. What could have been one heck of an experience was blemished by constant trolling and whining. Kinda destroyed the mood.



maceng said:

If you were referring to my post, then I don't think that Nintendo has neglected the 3DS whatsoever. What I mean is that there a lot of missing opportunities regarding software not coming to the3DS and that are coming to the WiiU, like KIrby's new game. This and a couple of other titles were referred as to be used solely on the GamePad (they need touch controls all the time, by the way). These games are better suited for the 3DS as well as many recent VC titles, like the Minish Cap,Metro Fusion and so on.



Farmboy74 said:

TBH day one of this years E3 for Nintendo has been exceptionally better than last years. I voted for Bayonetta 1 & 2 but liked the look of nearly everything if I had a top 5 it would be:
Yoshi Wooly World
Xenoblade Chronicles
Captain Toad

Hopefully now the Wii U sales will pick up



maceng said:

And please, don't dump EA and Ubisoft on the same boat. Ubisoft gave Nintendo a lot of 3DS games at the start as well as Rayman Legends. EA just gave us ZombiU, and a couple of sports games, that I can remember.



Einherjar said:

@maceng Nah, i wasnt refering to anyone in particular, and youre perfectly right. But stuff like that happens because people kept on whining and whining that the WiiU has no games. This probably lead to the production shift from the 3DS to WIiU.
To be honest, im perfectly fine with it. The WiiU got its much needed boost and spotlight, if people are still not happy they probably never will be
And for the 3DS titles still on hold, well, E3 isnt over, so theres still hope for them.



ScorpionMG said:

Had to choose Zelda, Even though that, X & Splatoon had me surprised a lot! Great job ninty



PJR0cks said:

Zelda looked great, Splatoon surprised me, the rest was pretty normal, I had a lot of hopes for a big new IP, oh well. I have to be honest ubisoft had the best games this year for my taste, Rainbow 6 and the Division both looked incredible, Advanced Warfare looked great as well any new of it possibly hitting Wii U?



Alucard83 said:

@Spuratis They didn't show E3 trailer of Star Fox cos they don't have anything finished or done. I guess it's just an early information to keep fans excited. Don't expect a 2014 release!



Dsevan said:

Gotta go with Smash reveals. Pac-Man, 3 Mii types , Paulenta and the Amiibo figures. Other ones I thought was good were Captain Toad and Splatoon.



DopeSamurai said:

Can't decide on just one Zelda Xenoblade Star Fox Devil's Third Yoshi Wooly World Captain Toad Smash Bros Mario Maker these games sold me now i want a WiiU!



Tender_Cutlet said:

Re StarFox: can we be assured it wasn't just a joke of hoax to whip up a bit of on the day fever pitch among the Ninty diehards? They even joked about it during their presentation when morph Reggie pawned the fanboy!

Besides Nintendo seem to have missed that most Fox fans got their latest fix only a couple of years ago with's us F-Zero fans that are due some attention!

Re the showings: I voted Captain Toad as I didn't see it coming at all - I loved the little CT parts in SM3DW and am so chuffed they'd make a full game from this concept. To think how well a CT franchise would have sat on the N64 or Gamecube! I hope that it will be large enough to warrant a full disc release and not just be an eshop download?

Zelda sandbox was a great reveal but as others have mentioned, we already knew it was coming and actually I felt they didn't reveal enough new data.



citizenerased said:

I'm happy to see so many people excited about Splatoon! While that was my second choice, I just have to go with what really blew me away even though I had super high expectations: Zelda.



EverythingAmiibo said:

Zelda, Splatoon and of course YOUR OWN FREAKING PET NPC!!! If it wasn't pseudo announced allready, I'd've chosen AMIIBO, but that one moving screenshot of Zelda... E3 = won.



Dreamz said:

Definitely the Zelda U feature, but Splatoon was a huge surprise, and definitely nailed second place.

Finding out that we would get Bayonetta 1 for free alongside the sequel was also pretty amazing.



Taceus said:

Splatoon just beat Zelda. Devil's Third and Bayo 1 get an honourable mention.



Morph said:

I think im geniunely interesting in everything bar pokemon (its just not for me), my favourites were bayonetta ( getting 1 is fantastic for me), zelda, splatoon, captain toad, yoshi, hyrule warriors, X, and more excited for brawl now. Devils third looks right up my street too



Mahe said:

Terrible showing from Nintendo. All the interesting games were 2013 reveals (Smash, Xenoblade X and Hyrule Warriors). The new games... Nope Nope Nope.



SanderEvers said:

They were all awesome. And there is no doubt for me that I will buy every single game that was shown.

That said, I liked the Zelda reveal the most.



Grumblevolcano said:

Captain Toad wins it for me, really liked the levels in SM3DW and actually put more Captain Toad as part of "what could be improved".in the CN survey.
If I wasn't being serious, I'd vote Splatoon just for how hilarious the comments section became with Projects "Big Robot" and "Guard" a close second due to Stair Fax.



Tsurii said:

I can't really decide..Guess I'll go with Zelda for now
my top 3 were that, Splatoon and Xenoblade.

and I'm actually a bit...well disappointed that they "wasted" a character slot with Pacman...I just never liked the games and the guy's design is just outright ugly. I'll admit. I'm a bit butthurt :-0



ThreadShadow said:

My favorite showing? How 'bout when Nintendo said, and I quote, "Dear Microsoft, Sony, EA, and Ubisoft. Your asses have been thoroughly kicked. Nintendo has won E3 2014. Please understand."

Zelda 2015, Hyrule Warriors, Mario Maker, Capt. Toad, various indies, Yoshi's Wooly World, and Star Fox announcement were all the stars of the show for me. It just needed two more announcements to really hit it out of the ball park for me. Something Metroid and something Retro Studios and/or another new IP would have been extra sweet.
Does anyone know if the multi-player pacmans are included in the new Pac Man Collection announced?



Goginho said:

Zelda, Yoshi, and Captian Toad. Definitely Star Fox, Mario Maker and Mario Party as well.



Peach64 said:

Zelda and Xenoblade both looked fantastic, but Splatoon was the most exciting thing for me. I was so happy it's an actual new IP, instead of them just making it Mario Paintball which they could have. I think I'll probably be getting a Wii U just before that comes out. I was also incredibly happy they announced Star Fox. I don't care that it was so early on in development and hardly shown, just knowing it's coming is enough for me.



Dizzard said:

Splatoon won it easily for me.

Xenoblade, Pokemon and Smash Bros were great too though.



SilentHunter382 said:

Had to me Xenoblade Chronicles X (I still think they could have picked a better name). I am a huge JRPG fan and love Xenoblade Chronicles. Zelda Wii u was a close second.



cfgk24 said:

Splattoon beats COD easy! Sensible and fair multiplayer tactical, strategy, action.



daniruy said:

I am still recovering from that open world Zelda... It was brutal. And I am still scratching my head thinking of a unexpected Mother 3 cameo... Why?



xerneas said:

Splatoon, really? I liked it too but it was still a rather simple game which I wouldn't pay more than 30 euros for.
Zelda U on the other hand was just like I hoped, open Skyrim-style world yesssss! Xenoblade was a very pleasant surprise too and I'm looking forward to it.



BertoFlyingFox said:

Their whole showing was brilliant, I liked pretty much everything Nintendo announced. Devil's Third would have to be the biggest surprise though, I did not expect that to be WiiU exclusive.



Kirk said:

I voted Zelda without a second thought. That game looks frikin beautiful.

Splatoon has got lots of votes but personally I didn't really like the particular look and style they went for here and especially with the character designs that just look so generic and forgettable imo. It looks like some kind of Nickelodeon show to me in terms of style and that's just not my cup of tea at all. They instantly lost a potential player because of a decision like that.

I do not in any way, shape or form see Splatoon becoming one of Nintendo's new lasting IPs/franchises and ultimately if the company is going create/introduce an all new home console IP then I really think that's what it should be aiming for here, otherwise this is just one one forgettable game that's not going to really matter in the slightest to anyone but casuals and those hardcore Nintendo FANS once again.

Splatoon is a new IP but it was a letdown imo and it all comes down to the particular look, style and character designs they choose that for whatever reason they think people are going to like when I personally know for a fact, a fact in my own head, that they'll be forgotten about a few months after the game releases.

This kind of stuff actually matters.



mookysam said:

Zelda looks absolutely gorgeous. Only a small trailer but it's impressed me the most out of anything I've seen thus far. Hopefully we'll see a little more over the next few days.

Xenoblade X looks like it is shaping up very, very nicely. The trailer didn't particularly wow me but the live demo really showed the game off well.



unrandomsam said:

What is there that is actually releasing in the next week / month / 3 months. (Anything after that will probably be totally different by the time it is actually released).



turnmebackwards said:

These eshop titles - Splatoon, Mario Maker, Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker & Kirby And The Rainbow Curse ????



jariw said:

@Emblem I interpreted what Miyamoto said that the development will be ready in a year. After that it's localization and all the testing before release. So no earlier than Holiday 2015.



BestBuck15 said:

Starfox all the way. We knew there was a Zelda in the works. Splatoon could be good, a new IP from Nintendo is always welcome. I like the look of Mario maker.

I think this is the best E3 Nintendo have had in years and shows they're committed to Wiiu. Pity there was no F Zero announcement but apart from that very good.



Demmi-Alpha said:

I'm absolutely ecstatic! Nintendo's E3 conference was great! Entertaining and straight to the point. I'm so incredibly happy with everything they've announced and it's difficult to choose just one game that I'm most excited about! A beautiful new, open world Zelda game! A colourful urban Nintendo-style shooter which was a great surprise! And looks like an incredible new IP! Xenoblade Chronicles X, Monster Hunter 4, Yoshi's Wooly World, Star Fox for the Wii U! It all looks amazing! It's hard to describe with words just how great these games are looking! I'm so proud of Nintendo! They're making all the right decisions and really seem to be listening to their fans. They're dedicated to making new and intuitive games and making people happy and from my point of view, they're doing just that... And I'm so glad and excited!!



GearsOfWarU said:

I'm Sorry I can't pick just 1 .... Very excited for the Future of The Big N & Wii U ... Loved Super Smash Bros Wii U , Bayonetta 2 w/ bonus first game, Splatoon looked really fun, My Wife is super Stoked for New Yoshi , I'm excited for a true Mature title hitting Wii U , Devils Third Looks cool ... And I'm blown away that Miaymoto is making a new Star Fox!!!!!!! O yeah and I shall be collecting some Nintendo Amebo figures this Fall ; )



GearsOfWarU said:

O yeah New Zelda looks Stunning & actually getting excited for Hyrule Warriors although I've never played a Dynasty Warriors game



PlywoodStick said:

@Ralek85 If you're interested in RPG esque titles for 3DS, Fantasy Life was confirmed for a Western translation to be brought outside Japan. That was one of the titles I was not sure would ever be localized...



MajinSoul said:

It's not fair. The Zelda reveal was way too amazing to not pick it. In fact, everything was amazing. Xenoblade Chronicles X seems to live up to expectations, Yarn Yoshi looks very promising, Splatoon looks so innovative and fun and it came out of nowhere, Hyrule Warriors seems to amazing, ....

So my vote went on Bayonetta 2+1. I hadn't seen this one coming. It's a smart move and it shows that Platinum Games cares about the consumer by offering them the full experience. Day one for me.

This E3 was full of awesomeness for Nintendo fans. Though, like many others, I had hoped for some new info on ST x FE. Oh well, you can't have it all, I guess.



Fabaroo said:

I literally started screaming at my TV and bouncing like a worm when they announced Bayo 1 and Nintendo costumes for it.

Mainly because I was impatient and got Bayo 1 about a week ago and it's actually really good.

Bayonetta 1 & 2 has my money for sure.



Melkac said:

Poor never gets enough love in these polls :S
I really hope these polls don't reflect sales results...



kyuubikid213 said:

As psyched as I am for Zelda, Bayonetta, Xenoblade Chronicles X, Hyrule Warriors, Smash Bros., and Devil's Third; Splatoon really got to me.

It looks different and new and I am really excited to play it. I'll probably get it after the others I've listed above (excluding Hyrule Warriors and Devil's Third), but that's a game I really want to play.



kyuubikid213 said:

Awww, man, why do you have to be a letdown with Splatoon?

It's still in development and I personally think it looks great. Stacked up against Battlefield Hardline and Call of Duty Advanced Warfare (I know they won't come out at the same time), Splatoon looks relatively interesting and the farthest thing from a disappointment.

I'll admit it caught me off guard, but the longer they talked about it, the more intrigued I was.



Kirk said:


To me it just looks like your average indie PC game but it's being released by Nintendo as a first party title and being pushed like it's a big deal.

I think it looks basically like some kind of Ubisoft or other third party casual game or whatever with it's whole Nickelodean look and stuff and that's just not my cup of tea in the slightest. In my opinion it's really nothing special, a simple and most likely fun but still ultimately throwaway game experience, that will be forgotten about by the majority of gamers out there a few weeks/months after it's released*.

That's not really what I was hoping for from the final game reveal of Nintendo's big "Digital Event" video.

*Who knows though...I could be wrong...but that's what I got based on the footage and details I've seen and read so far.



kyuubikid213 said:

I dunno. I suppose, but to me it feels like it's going to be more than that.

It looks fun and memorable. Perhaps it'd be a throwaway experience if it were on the PC, but as it's (currently) exclusive to the Wii U, that makes it stand out enough to be considered unique in it's own right.



momoiiru said:

Bayonetta hands down - my favourite game, and when it was announced that despite denying the first game's port Platinum actually ARE porting the game with a bunch of Nintendo goodies makes it so much greater than getting a release month imo gotta love me some Platinum Games!



triforcepower73 said:

Ugh I've been at music camp all week so I'm late to the party. Anyway my vote goes for Xenoblade Chronicles X just because I've been dying for some new footage. Although the Zelda announcement was incredible as well!



FabioSMASH said:

Mario Maker is AMAZING!! Spent most of my time there yesterday creating and then playing levels. So easy and fun! It's not a big noisy title that demands your attention but in a home setting it's going to be king, especially if Nintendo adds additional Mario Bros art styles and elements to the package.



Dreamz said:

@Kirk (#182)
Given that in the poll Splatoon was second only to Zelda, and beat out even Smash Bros by a landslide, methinks your opinion is in the minority.



Kirk said:


Sometimes I find it a real drain having to constantly explain why certain things happen to people like you.

The game is the second highest on the poll so to you that must equate to second best game in terms of quality, second best game in terms of sales, second best game in terms critical review, possible second best game of this generation across all formats or what...?

All that says is that the fans on this site found it the second most interesting thing Nintendo revealed at this years E3 for whatever reasons. It has no reflection on how important this game is going to be in the grand scheme of things.

We're on a Nintendo site where Nintendo fans are desperate for some new exciting news and Nintendo reveals and hypes up one of their only new IPs to the max, a game that FANS can also finally use to say to haters "Look. Nintendo DOES make new original IPs" and you don't think that's maybe why it's second on the poll, over a game that while people might be excited for it they've already seen a bunch of information on it over the last however many years now, so it's no longer as fresh and exciting to them?

Do you ACTUALLY imagine for one second that if both Smash and Splatoon had been revealed for the very first time at this E3 that Smash wouldn't have completely obliterated it in this poll?

Also; lets imagine for a second that this game was in a poll with all the other games shown at this years E3 across all the other system that is open for all gamers on whatever platforms to vote in...

The chances are it probably wouldn't even come in the top ten.

It's a cool little game but I don't see it being the next big long running Nintendo franchise in the slightest or the game that's going to sell more Wii Us.



Dreamz said:

Do I think that Splatoon will be anywhere near as popular as Smash in the long run, or even that it will even be a franchise? Possibly, possibly not. But I'm simply trying to ponder what the poll results mean. Everything you've said in the previous two posts is merely your own projected personal conjecture.

However, even for an informal poll like this, the fact that a previously unknown title beat, by a significant margin, the main title of the show (a massive amount of Nintendo's E3 coverage revolved entirely around Smash - the amiibos, the character reveals, the Smash invitational, etc) is a really telling thing to me.



LawRulesALL said:

@2Sang IKR ?? It can't be helped, the ppl will groan and keep askin' for a new Star Fox but when it's finnaly announced it's overshadowed by zelda. I personally prefer zelda, so I never kept asking for a new star fox but glad it's still coming.

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