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Wed 19th December, 2012

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Nintendojuenger commented on 'Mr. Tetris', Henk Rogers, Discusses Game Boy ...:

There are 29 Tetris Versions released on Nintendo Systems so far. Nintendo and BPS/Tetris/Tetris Online must bring the 30th Tetris Game on a Nintendo System for the 30th Birthday!

1. Tetris, NES; Tetris, GB
(2. Tetris (Tengen), NES)
3. Tetris (BPS), NES
4. Hatris, NES; Hatris; GB
5. Super Tetris 2, NES; Super Tetris 2, SNES; Super Tetris 2 special, SNES; Super Tetris 2 gold cartridge, SNES
6. Tetris 2, NES; Tetris 2, SNES; Tetris 2, GB
7. Tetris Battle Gaiden, SNES
8. Tetris & Dr. Mario, SNES
9. Super Tetris 3, SNES
10. V-Tetris, VB
11. Tetris 3D, VB
12. Tetris Blast, GB; Super Bombliss, SNES
(13. Tetris Attack, SNES; Tetris Attack GB)
14. Tetris Plus, GB
15. Super Bombliss DX, GBC
16. Tetrisphere, N64
17. Tetris DX, GBC
18. Tetris 64, N64
19. The New Tetris, N64
20. Magical Tetris Challenge, GBC; Magical Tetris Challenge, N64
21. Tetris Advance, GBA
22. Tetris Worlds, GC; Tetris Worlds, GBA
23. Pokemon Tetris, Pokemon mini
24. Tetris DS, DS
25. Tetris Party, WiiWare
26. Tetris Party Deluxe, Wii; Tetris Party Deluxe, DS
27. Tetris Party Live, DSi
28. Tetris Axis, 3DS
29. PuyoPuyo Tetris, 3DS
30. …



Nintendojuenger commented on Renegade Kid Confirms a Console Game Kickstart...:

What I expect from Renegade Kid:
Target: $80’000 - Renegade Kid Game gets a digital release in the US
Stretch Goals:
$160’000 - Cartridge release in the US
$200’000 - Gold cartridge in the US (homage to super famicom)

$250’000 digital European release



Nintendojuenger commented on Video: These Are The Ten DS Games We Want To S...:

Always the same! DS offers much more. A little selection:
Bokura no Telebi Game Kentei (similar to NEX Remix)
Taisen!! Ka to Chan no Kororonpe! (similar to Tetris Attack/Panel de Pon)
Might & Magic Clash of Heroes
Maestro! Jump in Music
Geometry Wars Galaxies
Pic Pic
Henry Hatsworth in the puzzling Adventure



Nintendojuenger commented on Video: Allow Us To Serve Up The First Thirty M...:

I’m a little disappointed from the puzzle-complexity, only 30 bubbles in 4/5 different colours - the most combos are created by dropping blocks from outside. In comparison to Puzzle Quest 64/7 or my favourite Puzzle Quest Galactrix 55/6 the opponents don’t use the bubbles, so you don’t have to anticipate their turns.

@kimimi Does the puzzle-mechanic from Puzzle & Dragons Z will get more complex and tactic?



Nintendojuenger commented on Tappingo Gameplay Footage and Challenging Puzz...:

I like this disproportionate advertising „Game Boy had Tetris, Nintendo DS had Picross. Now 3DS players get their puzzle craze called Tappingo!“

… they forgot, Picross is a Game Boy Game too (Picross, Picross 2)
… DS has more than 500 Puzzle-Games and some of them with newer concepts similar to Tappingo, like Link-a-Pix (Pic Pic)
… there are already a ton of Puzzle Games on 3DS, like Bomb Monkey
… and my favourite – the line of ancestors: Tetris, Picross, Tappingo

Aside the promotion, I think Tappingo looks good and for me it is a day-one download.



Nintendojuenger commented on Review: Jewel Adventures (DSiWare):

"For example, we completed about five full areas with ease then happened upon a stage that took nearly twenty attempts to beat"

There are 9 different magical classes with different spells in the game (you could choose them by building the right structures). To notice this little “RPG-element” will help a lot – I played it (European Version) for more than 13h and nearly never died. I had about four glitches in the whole playtime. In my opinion Jewel Adventures is a “good” game – 7/10



Nintendojuenger commented on Hugo Smits Could Bring Super Beefjerks To 3DS ...:

In my opinion is the name of the group „BYTEKRIEGER“ much better than the game itself.

I am also not very impressed by the new GoodbyeGalaxyGames-game Tappingo – seems to be really familiar to the fantastic Drawing-Mode from Pic Pic – not that innovative it is promoted. I like logic puzzle games and the other games from Hugo, so I will give Tappingo a chance.



Nintendojuenger commented on Hardware Classics: Nintendo Virtual Boy:

@WesGrogan Speculator? I’dont have eBay…Is it real love to play games illegal (emulator)?
If I look at the actual Feature “The Biggest Wii U Games of 2013 - Summer Edition” a lot of people will picking up a lot of new games. If you want to be a “real” retro gamer in my opinion, safe this money and buy for example a SNES with a handful of epic [e.g. NBA Jam] or fantastic trashy [e.g. Turbo Toons] games.



Nintendojuenger commented on Talking Point: The Importance of the Virtual C...:

Nintendo should better bring more own innovative WiiU or 3DS eShop Games for a fair price than VC. Ergo not Games like the overpriced HarmoKnight or the less innovative Splash or Crash (I played already years ago on WiiWare: Minna de Tobikome! Penguin Diving FuPaRuPa)

@GazPlant Nintendo released already Super Famicom Wars on the Japanese WiiWare.



Nintendojuenger commented on Review: Goony (DSiWare):

@ph0x I got the update (EU Version). There are a lot of changes (the enemies looks different, oil, coins combo, …) and the QR-Codes works now. BUT! there’s no more a two player mode!



Nintendojuenger commented on Talking Point: Review Scores and Unwinnable Ar...:

Especially in the puzzle genre I don’t count on review scores. Much more important for me are the control scheme, the impression from gameplay videos, the publisher and the developer. Often it seems that a lot of reviewers aren’t really familiar with this genre.