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Female, 36, United States

Wed 19th Mar 2014

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Snobunni426 commented on Download Sales On Nintendo Formats Have Treble...:

I'm still new to the digital download for my 3DS but I am liking it. I plan on downloading my sim games (tomodachi life, harvest moon) to my system so I can have them anywhere any time. other games like Kirby, fire emblem those I don't mind having the physical copy of and switch out



Snobunni426 commented on Nintendo Looking To "Harvest" 3DS Success To A...:

Considering I only own a 3DS and no home console, this news make me happy to know that the 3DS is getting more, but it does make me sad that the WiiU is not, as of right now, able to get the same support. Maybe if they regain some sales they can hopefully pump up the WiiU in the latter fiscal year or early next year. I was thinking about getting a WiiU but nothing has come out on the system to grab me yet.