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cutie who kicks booty

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jasmine, 18 from Auuuuuuuustraliaaaaaaa way too involved with games, easily distracted. looks cute, plays hard.

Fri 13th December, 2013

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momoiiru commented on Poll: Your Favourite Showing from Nintendo Dur...:

Bayonetta hands down - my favourite game, and when it was announced that despite denying the first game's port Platinum actually ARE porting the game with a bunch of Nintendo goodies makes it so much greater than getting a release month imo :) gotta love me some Platinum Games!



momoiiru commented on Animal Crossing Creator Discusses How Mobile A...:

There are actually apps like that (built by fans of course) that tell you about special events in all regions, give complete descriptions of every villager as well as what Public Works projects they trigger. The one I used to use even let you add what villagers were in your town so you could see when their birthdays were and what projects they trigger.

A Nintendo-built one would probably be far cooler and more interactive though :D



momoiiru commented on Soapbox: Ignoring The Objectification Of Women...:

My own personal take on this - I feel like Senran Kagura Burst is being condemned sans context. Does this excuse the marketing material produced for the game? Certainly not. But when you're presented with a niche title meant initially for a Japanese market I feel like that is where it has to be looked at from that perspective when deciding whether it is worth a boycott or is simply a product of it's environment.

I bought it, I'm enjoying it. Do I feel offended? No, not really. Will some women feel uncomfortable? Probably. Will some men? Probably. I think in this kind of situation it's more a "buy or don't buy" kind of game. Boycotting it in the West won't affect it's creation in the East, it will only hinder these games being released. (And some may argue that's appropriate or not)