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IGN Editor: If Wii U Doesn't Pick Up, Nintendo Should Look To New Hardware

Posted by Damien McFerran

A fresh start rather than "flogging a dead horse"?

Yesterday's first quarter financials revealed that the Wii U sold a paltry 160,000 units in three months, giving the new system a life-to-date total of just 3.61 million units — way below Nintendo's initial projections when it launched the system last year.

The console's struggle at retail has a lot to do with a lack of games, but Nintendo itself has also admitted that it failed to communicate the appeal of the system effectively.

According to IGN UK games editor Keza Macdonald, the run-up to Christmas is going to be critical in determining the console's future, and if things don't improve then Nintendo should look at launching a new piece of hardware.

Speaking to BBC World News, Macdonald said:

The next six months is going to be absolutely crucial for Nintendo. They're not going to release a new hardware product for at good 18 months, maybe longer...if the Wii U doesn't pick up, I think it would be sensible to think about launching a new console rather than flogging a dead horse. 160,000 units is dismal

As Macdonald points out, fresh entries in the Mario and Zelda franchises are incoming, and these could provide the momentum the ailing console needs to pull itself out of the hole it currently finds itself in. But if they don't work and sales continue at the same disappointing rate, how long do you think it will take Nintendo to come up with a new machine? Or do you think the company will stick with the Wii U for at least the next few years, and effectively "flog a dead horse"? Post a comment to share your feelings.


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MasterGraveheart said:

I gave up on IGN entirely when they said "If you only own a Wii U, then you're an @$$h*l3." Not all of us can afford multiple current-gen home consoles, dipsticks.



dumedum said:

Nintendo is listing 17 upcoming primary games (first party) in their financials. They're not going to launch a new console.... they are releasing a crazy amount of games that will flip things up.

Things have already flipped. Pikmin 3 and Wind Waker HD (pre-orders) are flying off Amazon in its best selling list.



ToniK said:

What gnaws me from inside is that Wii U is such a cool console. I already love it more than Wii. If only people gave it a chance, they would notice that and we would get more games.



mr_moobs said:

Totally agree ToniK... but most people dont have a mind of their own and rely on being told what something is like by sites like IGN, Eurogamer etc.



Beevdog said:

How quickly can Nintendo pull a miracle out of their hats? Nintendo have kept things tight all year.

Give me a UK release for the black Nintendo 3DS and show me a HD Zelda U and make people want this console!!!!



Peach64 said:

Of course it's going to improve. It's going from having no games that people care about, to having 3 or 4 by Christmas. I don't think any will be GOTY contenders, but 4 good games will at the very least elevate sales up out of the current sega Saturn levels they're at. It's not out of the question that Wii U could be the best selling console at Christmas as PS4 and Xbox one are going to sell out and that will limit their sales.

None of us can predict the future, but I think even if Wii U becomes Nintendo's worst selling home console, it should still reach 10-15 million just on hardcore fans, and that's enough to avoid it being abandoned for 3 or so years.



Quickman said:

Didn't Sega try that strategy? The problem isn't the hardware it's the games, "If you book them, they will come"..



DePapier said:

In the meantime, Platinum Games opens their The Wonderful 101 blog. A character video of Wonder-Red has also been released, revealing the character Wonder-White and thus possibility of yet unseen Unite capabilities. Monster Hunter Frontier G is being ported to the Wii U (& the PS3). But in here, we need to consider trash-talking as news.

Nintendo Life, if you can, please do us a favor and help Kamiya by finding this video.



Emblem said:

IGN's own Nintendo section dislike Nintendo (though they try to disguise it) so their views are all irrelevant to me. If the Wii U fails to pick up they will just focus on the 3DS which is only 2 years old. We won't see another Nintendo console or handheld for at least 3 years regardless of the Wii U's success or failure.

In any case by this time next year a whole host of amazing games will be on the system so regardless of hardware sales Wii U will still be an awesome system with awesome games just like every other Nintendo hardware i've owned.

@DePapier Thanks for the info



Smitherenez said:

I have never liked Keza's articles on IGN, because she thinks her opinions are facts. Nintendo just needs to release the games and needs to advertise! I have not seen a single advertisement for the WiiU this quarter. (I live in the Netherlands. I would not be surprised if there were not any advertisements in the EU to begin with)



Maustallica said:

I just want to head off what might become quite an anti-IGN discussion by vouching for Keza MacDonald as a good writer, and noting that she's actually a pretty big Nintendo fan, and not someone's who's just prone to kneejerk negativity. She wrote an informative, in-depth editorial just yesterday spelling out the specific details of Nintendo's current situation, coming to the conclusion that while Wii U might be in trouble, Nintendo themselves almost certainly aren't.

I can't really disagree with the overall viewpoint expressed in the BBC interview, even though the headline and selective quoting oversimplifies what she said. Fact is, if it looks like there's literally no chance of turning Wii U around, it would be better for them to ditch it than continuing to pour money into a black hole, no matter how big their warchest is. After all, the Virtual Boy showed that Nintendo are willing to abandon a platform if it's just not working. I hope that won't be necessary with Wii U - I personally doubt it will be - but Nintendo will certainly have that option in mind as a last resort, and I think that's all Keza is trying to say.



DreamyViridi said:

I can see what they're getting at but this isn't the Virtual Boy. The Wii U isn't that bad, it has undiscovered potential which just needs to be found. It also needs appealing games and that will happen over time.



Pichuka97 said:

He has a point. I would like to see Wii U sucseed but a few Nintendo exclusives are going to only bring over Nintendo fanboys like me. If 3rd parties skip or make shortcuts on Wii U, then it won't last very long, ie: Dreamcast.



AMR said:

For Nintendo to just dismiss the WiiU and start again with a new console would be suicide for the following reasons:

  • It would irriversably damage the Nintendo brand, look at the damage the 3DS price cut has had on the WiiU (a lot of people have held back on buying one because they expect Nintendo to drop the price as they did with the 3DS). Now imagine how burnt gamers who bought the WiiU would feel at the thought of buying a new console.
  • It wouldnt solve the main issue with the WiiU right now which is lack of games
  • What would the new console offer other than beefier specs similar to PS4/Xbone and as we know a spec battle is something Nintendo has no interest in
  • The WiiU in itself is not a bad console, it is powerful enough to produce titles like Pikmin 3, Mario Kart 8 and Bayonetta 2 which have wowed people with their visuals it also offers more control methods and other features no other console has e.g. Miiverse

All in all Nintendo's best course of action would be to do what they are already doing which is work on a line up of games 2013 - 14 and beyond which is irresistible to gamers and with the masterpiece that is Pikmin 3 I can see this happening already!



GuttaBunny said:

Regardless of what happens with Wii U Nintendo isnt releasing a new home console for at least 3 to 4 years. They have admitted they didnt realise developing in HD would take so long, so why would they release an even more powerful console that takes bigger teams even longer to develop on. They wont give up on the U.



rambosdad said:

I don't generally post, but blimey this is driving me nuts. It needs to be conceded that the Wii U hasn't set itself up to challenge the other two incoming consoles. If anything (as ever) a different, slightly more Zen like path is being forged. I'm hoping that path will include lots of indie developers, as would seem to be the case so far. The indies have a better understanding of Nintendo's Id than many of the mainstream software house. What we will hopefully end up with is the indie band of the console market. Slightly underground and all the better loved for it. It seems to me that Sony and Microsoft have created consoles geared almost entirely towards insanely epic, flagpole games. The question is how many developers are going to be able to keep churning out games of the scale and quality that the public are being given a appetite for. Especially when considering how many software houses seem to be on the ropes at the moments anyway. In my humble and seldom aired opinion Nintendo might have struck a balance that the others may have failed to foresee,



GTWarrior77 said:

Talk about flogging a dead horse. The WiiU will be around for a good few years. If they change hardware too quickly, it can damage consumer confidence in the brand. Especially following the huge 3DS price cut not too long ago.

I'm confident that the Wii U will be in a different position by the end of 2014. As long as they continue to push out quality software backed by a strong marketing campaign. Nintendo did a pretty good job turning the 3DS around so, everybody must just relax.



AMR said:

@rambosdad You've hit the nail on the head and restored my faith in gamers. Thanks for taking the time to comment bro.



Kirk said:

No, staring all over again is not the answer here at all.

You don't want to do a "Sega", where you just release new consoles repeatedly, trying to get that one hit but ultimately just making your once loyal fans extremely wary of anything you put out because they're not sure if you'll even be supporting it a couple of years into the future.

What Nintendo needs to do is get rid of the Basic Set entirely and lower the price of the Deluxe Set (to £199 in the UK), increase the internal memory to something like 200GB (so it's actually practical for downloading digital content without requiring clumsy external hard drives), if possible add an OPTIONAL ability to activate DVD/Blu-Ray playback (via a firmware update) just to give general entertainment consumers maybe one more reason to consider purchasing it (assuming it's actually using those types of discs), update the GamePad and Wiimote with the new extended life battery packs by default, reduce the price of all the VC games to encourage people to consider maybe even buying a Wii U for it's whole VC library which will now seem even more of an attractive value proposition, get the whole TVii thing implemented fully and expand what it's actually capable of, at some point in the near future get some new colors out there just because it can generate more interest in the console and is often quite cool (like the awesome semi-transparent N64 range they had many years ago) and just get some great first party games out on the system fast.

Get all of that stuff done by this Christmas and it would help the system turn around it's fortunes I have no doubt whatsoever.



DualWielding said:

The problem is one of credibility if they drop the Wii U people would lose confidence in the brand Nintendo, that's what ruined Sega when they dropped the 32X fairly quickly and people lose confidence that sega systems were worth it as long term investments.... Granted Nintendo survive dropping the Virtua boy fairly quick but that was much lower profile...... I think no matter how bad the Wii U Sucks Nintendo will need to continue supporting it for at least 5 years in order to retain costumer confidence, worst case scenario if developing games for Wii U is just not worth it, they can resort to developing only for 3DS and offer upscaled ports for Wii U



Yoshis_VGM said:

IGN is free to suck it. So is Pachter. So are all the other Wii U naysayers out there. This is getting extremely old. YES Wii U is struggling, WE GET IT. Just wait until 3D World and Mario Kart come around, this thing will be selling like hotcakes.

The Wii U is an awesome console. I love playing it so much. I love it SO much better than the original Wii, you won't even believe it. I'm just waiting on the games. Looking forward to everything Nintendo has in store. Have some faith, people.



banacheck said:

Now imagine how burnt gamers who bought the WiiU would feel at the thought of buying a new console.

I good point, i not that happy with the 3rd party situation as it is, and i wouldn't be happy with Nintendo if thay dropped the Wii U, which realistically isn't going to happen. A lot of people think Nintendo is going against the other two console's, which is not the case Nintendo doesn't care about console wars, it means nothing. And i'm sure sales will pick-up not over night, but this time next year Nintendo will be in a better place.



FullbringIchigo said:

i don't think Nintendo will just drop the WiiU but i can see them moving to the next system sooner than they would like too

although i think part of the problem is the name because many people just think it's a HD Wii and not a new console also all the bull that EA was spreading around about it just because Nintendo wouldn't use Origin as it's online platform didn't help much (and no matter how much you might dislike EA they are a big company in gaming and carry a lot of weight and influence)

still as soon as the big Nintendo games come like Mario ad Zelda the system will start doing a lot better



NintendoFlow said:

I was debating on Wii U and i really do want one. I am amazingly happy with my Wii and Xbox at the moment. I guess i'll have to wait and see what happens during the year of 2014



Chris720 said:

How would creating a new console help? The only problem with the Wii U is its severe lack of games. The Wii U is currently on life support, but once those games start pouring in then it'll be doing circles around Sony and Microsoft.

Another problem, which is more of a lazy developers problem, is the architecture of the console being so different from the consoles currently on the market. The Wii U just shows that most developers care about getting their game out as quickly as possible and not fine-tuning it to be the best it possibly can on each platform.



bizcuthammer said:

If ninty quits on WiiU that early and makes a new console, WiiU adopters had better get it for half off or something. But i do think the WiiU era may end up being shorter than Wii simply because it wont sell much better than GCN or N64.



Vincent294 said:

I actually agree w/ this. All the interesting Wii U games aren't out yet or are on my Xbox 360 or 3DS. You buy a system for games. The Wii U's tech specs aren't everything, but what the other next-gen systems can do would be hard or impossible to do on the Wii U. In that respect, power matters since it can make big, beautiful impressive worlds. But small differences in power don't matter much to me. In the end, the games are what influences my console purchases. If the Wii U can bring more games like X, I'm fine. 3rd party devs matter too, & I think Nintendo should've made something a bit better in regards to tech specs: look at the Wii. I liked it, but it could've & should've been better. Its games made it fun to play. If Nintendo can't get good games out in time to make the Wii U succeed, a more powerful, more thought-out fresh start would make a good last resort. 3rd parry devs could make bigger games, & so could Nintendo. But this should only be a final effort to remain relevant in the console market; Wii U owners would understandably be upset by doing so.



Sanqet said:

@CrimsonMoonMist i agree the lack of games for next year if anything is looking even worse than this year if no third parties release some games any sale boost they get this year will soon disappear nintendo are good but not that good they cant keep the wii u going by themselves



NightmareXIV said:

Nintendo is still ahead because they're not kept afloat by paranoid third party developers that will pull out all support at the first sign of trouble. However PS4 is more like a secondary console that one would buy to play games they can't on their primary console, and xBox One is standing on third party support, and only has 3 game series they can be proud of.



Dyltheman said:

the wii u is starting to pick up with the likes of pikmin and luigi, and more is right around the corner.



Ducutzu said:

That site is the videogames equivalent of a tabloid. It lives for "controversy", be it real or not.



Trikeboy said:

That was the strategy Atari and SEGA tried and failed. Nintendo will be fine as long as they get the games out.



Mystemo said:

Remember the first few months after the 3DS came out and all major gaming news sites reported that Nintendo was doomed, and remember how the 3DS is now a big success.

I don't know if reports like this are just meant to draw attention to get more page views or if the reporters are biased against Nintendo, or maybe both.



dumedum said:

@Sanqet What are you talking about? For 2014 we already have Monolith's new game, Mario Kart 8, SSB, Yarn Yoshi, New Zelda, Bayonetta 2, SMTXFire Emblem. Lots. Yeah, it's all first party but Nintendo doesn't care.



Trikeboy said:

This slow start will effect the PS4 and Xbox One as well. Most of the games coming out on them can be found on current gen hardware. There will be a few that will be early adopters, as usual of course. Given the time of year, the machines may prove too expensive for some though since people will be buying other things. Expensive machines with few games won't take off. Machines take at least 6 months to gain speed. Nintendo have games coming out every month before the end of the year. Next year they have a great line up to.



Mahe said:

Nintendo still has plenty they can do. If dropping the price doesn't work, they can drop the whole Gamepad and make it a separately sold accessory. They could then rebrand the Gamepad-less console as "Wii 2", together with a firmware update that makes Gamepad use optional, not forced (settings, eShop, Netflix, etc.)



Goginho said:

@MasterGraveheart lol did they really? Wow ..they must be mad haha

..and the person saying, "if the Wii U doesn't pick up..." like the Wii U not picking up is even and option. The things these people come up with and consider..
As if they don't know the line up of (crucial) software Wii U is coming out with. Quite unprofessional imo.



readyletsgo said:

My god Ninty, just drop the gamepad and go with a standard controller like the Pro, update the WiiU system to be as strong or stronger than the PS4 and Xbone and called it something else without the word Wii in it.

18 months can't come fast enough but I know they wont succumb and say its a failure and move on. Yes I know there is games coming in the next 6 months, but people come on, its HD, they had 7 years to learn it, and 4 years from development of the actual system to make games for it. 'Please understand' may hole!

FYI - I have a WiiU since Dec 2012, it hasnt been turned on since Jan2013 since there is nothing I want to play on it and nothing until Dec2013 with 3D World. No interest in Pikmin or WW, maybe the W101 but maybe next year.

So glad I invested in a PS3 Super Slim 2 months ago, keeping me busy with their back cat.

I seriously cant be the only Ninty Fan who wants them to move on fast and bring their next system up up date with the other two guys or better and drop the gimmicks?

Watch the language -Lz



GamerZack87 said:

There's only one thing stopping me from getting a Wii U (aside from a lack of funds), and that is the absence of a white Premium Pack. Once that's out, nothing's gonna stop me from pooling together enough donuts to buy one!



SuperCharlie78 said:

You're right, there are no advertisements in EU, not just Netherlands.
But apparently Nintendo is going to keep on this "no marketing" strategy, since it seems the budget hasn't changed, they think sales will increase only thanks to their late 2013 line up, and I think they've never been so wrong.
Still, those 160.000 units are not sales, but shipped units, which is not the same Nintendo Life, they overshipped in the launch period and this is why retailers are giving away discounted consoles, having a lot of systems in store means a cost to them, and ASDA gave up.
Nintendo should do something just now, like a price cut for example



AlexSora89 said:

At first I was disappointed, then I remembered: "it's IGN". They've never been fans of Nintendo to begin with.



F4LLEND4RK said:

These sales figures are based from something like may to THE END of June. The come back has only just started a few weeks ago in July with Pikmin 3. No ome should really be worried looking at this news.



idork99 said:

"The time when horsepower alone made an important difference is over."
Satoru Iwata, E3 2004

In 2013, it still seems to be a difference for people looking for the system with the latest in cutting edge technology. For those of us who simply care about the games, it doesn't make a difference. And that's my reason for not owning a Wii U (thus far).

I am completely happy with my 3DS: the experience, the controls, the visuals...everything! I feel like I have everything I've ever wanted in a dedicative gaming system weather it be portable or home console. And I have Nintendo to thank and letting me know that I don't need the newest system to have fun. The experience is all that matters.

And to be honest, I feel like I will love the Wii U when I get one. I say this because I love my 3DS. And if you really think about it, how much different is the UI from 3DS and Wii U game pad? Not much. The Wii U is an HD 3DS that utilizes your television as the second screen.



Nintenjoe64 said:

I don't see how this article is getting shared. One slightly controversial suggestion from Keza and everyone has re-posted the story as a "Keza McDonald says the Wii U is the most dead a console can be"
Why are there not more articles like this for the Vita and for MS Surface?



duality said:

I really don't understand why so many people think that this is the death knell of Nintendo or that they need to drop the Wii U and either release something else in a couple years time or just release some sort of console/handheld hybrid (one awesome way to throw money into a hole fast)

As gamers we're still going to get awesome Nintendo games and we're going to tend to get a fair amount of them (X, Kart, Mario World, DKTF, SSB, SMTxFE, W101, Bayo2, YY, WWHD, Zelda HD, new entries in the Wii series etc etc) Hell we're going to get a lot more than just the ones I've mentioned - when the games get here everything - as a Nintendo gamer - will be fine. Maybe not the amount of 3rd party stuff we'd all like but I think it's time that Nintendo gave up chasing the AAA multiplatform devs, if they can support the system themselves with enough titles throughout the year (they can't atm but that's honestly what they should be looking to be able to do in the future as i say a bit more below).

As a Business: Nintendo is still fine - yes Wii U isn't selling like we want and it, sadly, most likely won't for several years if ever.

BUT IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE AN 80 MILLION CONSOLE SUCCESS - it can still be a 30 million success. All it has to do is be PROFITABLE, which by the end of the year it will. As Keza says Nintendo has 5 BILLION in CASH not to mention about the same amount in short term investment funds; As a business Nintendo is in no danger.

In my Opinion Nintendo has screwed up and wasted the last several years in not being ready for HD development and expanding to the degree that they should have - thus this generation for them as a company is going to have to be a write-off profit wise. By this I mean they need to buy Atlus and two or three other developers whilst expanding their existing internal studios (other option is also to open two or three more studios in the west and have them work on FPS, sports, racing - expand Nintendo's ability beyond what it is atm essentially). Essentially the Wii U and 3ds only have to be profitable enough for the business to achieve this or to off-set the majority of the costs until the next gen in 5 or 6 years time.

TL:DR Cool your jets people both the company and the system are perfectly fine.



datamonkey said:

I knew things were bad but 160k units worldwide for 3 months is terrible. That's about 53,000 a month. Oh dear.

I do like my Wii U but I also fear for it's future. Hindsight is a wonderful thing but I regret spending £350 on the damn thing while prices keep dropping.

C'est la vie!



TreonsRealm said:

Out of curiosity, did the industry have this same level of hatred for the PlayStation 3 when it sold like absolute garbage for nearly 3 years? How about the VITA which continues to flounder yet people keep saying things like "its got really nice hardware". It seems like Nintendo is the verbal punching bag for the industry simply because they won't fall in line with the "standards" set by companies that came after them. Ironically this has gotten worse with a machine that is their most mainstream since the SNES. The Big N should just go back to making really unique hardware that bucks the mainstream since that is when they do best (like the DS and Wii).



DESS-M-8 said:

Adopting sega's hardware strategy doesn't sound a good plan. Probably why this stupid woman is writing for an appalling website rather than running an international video game software and hardware developer,



Peach64 said:

@TreonsRealm The Wii U is selling considerably worse than the PS3 or the Vita. PS3 got a TON of bad press for poor sales in 2007. At it's low point it was selling 20,000 a week in Europe and people said that meant it was doomed. Well over the last 3 months the Wii U has been selling 769 units a week in Europe and Australia combined.



Senario said:

IGN? Better ignore them then, they are IGNorant. The Wii U isn't selling so badly that Nintendo needs to consider a new console, think of the R&D costs as well as the alienated fans who already have one in anticipation for games that are planned between now and the end of next year.



Warbeard said:

IGN really does suck.

On a happy note, I am excited to see how much the sales will improve the next year or so Also excited about Nintendo's secret projects, woo!



element187 said:

Nintendo hasn't changed their projection of 10 million systems sold by the end of the fiscal year.... Either they are delusional or have an ace up their sleeve.

Could they have their own version of an Occulus Rift gearing up for release? Or something else revolutionary on the horizon.... They did say they are currently working on things like 'new ways to play games' behind the scenes that they can't reveal for fear of others copying?

Ok maybe not as shocking as an OR but they must have something amazing up their sleeve. No way they can continue being this cocky in the face of their Q2 report... I would expect them to change that projection after only 160k systems sold.



AtomicToaster said:

It's bad but relaunching with new hardware isn't the answer and could hurt consumer perception as in "Will they stay the course with this console or duck out?" No, they need to make the Wiiu sell and stay the course.



JimLad said:

They should totally make a new system.
A low cost, HD system designed to play Nintendo games with a ordinary dual stick controller.
It doesn't need to match the PS4/Xbone on power, the games barely look any better than what you can get on current HD consoles. And they wouldn't have to worry about third party support either because it's clear now they can survive without it, and their customers mostly buy first party games anyway.

They have the opportunity to totally undercut the next gen with a system anyone can afford. If it launched next year with those upcoming WiiU games ported to it I guarantee it would sell. People will always buy Nintendo games if they have the system to play them on. It just so happens not many people want this system.



element187 said:

@ToniK I agree. It's one of those things you have to experience yourself to understand.... I'm also a PC gamer, but this console(when a new game is released) has completely dragged me away from my PC. When we get to December of this year I'm probably going to live and breathe Wii U.. I was planning to upgrade my PC to 3x the power of PS4 but I think I will spend that $300 on Wii U games/controllers.

@mr_moobs and that's the crux of it... All this negativity surrounding this system is what is hurting it right now.... I think as we get past the holidays that negative PR will flip... Mostly because parents will be buying it for their children and most of these parents probably don't follow news, they just see its a Mario machine and its the cheapest gen 8 system.... And it's those holiday sales from consumers who aren't affected by the negativity is what the Wii U will have to rely on to change its fortunes. If the system can sell over 3 million systems or more this xmas it would give the impression that the system is coming out of its hole.



Senario said:

@JimLad I...wha...but that is what they have...Just buy a Pro controller and boom. You got what you wanted.

The Wii U is already cheaper than the competition although I don't believe it is fair to compare the Delux Wii U to the standard Playstation. Not only that the PS4 is just the base cost with no game. You add in the game+the PS plus+tax and you get somewhere around $500 cost. Whereas if you bought the Wii U Basic for 299 all you would need is one game at 350 total. That is a lot cheaper, I don't expect the Wii U to do a price drop but I can see offering the 32 gb model without Nintendoland at $299. bleh I should look up conversion rates for currency, oh well. This is one of my favorite Nintendo sites although I wish IGN articles didn't show up here, they aren't known to be friendly to Nintendo.



element187 said:

@Emblem I don't think Nintendo will ever abandon the system as faras content is concerned... They saw what happened with SEGA. If they were to stop making games for the system prematurely because of bad sales that would hurt their chances of selling a new console because consumer trust levels in their consoles would collapse.. Heck even I would question whether I would buy another system from Nintendo until they can prove they will support it.

Nintendo has to ride this pony to the end of the road if they want to stay in the console business.

@AMR thank you for that thoughtful analysis... It's kind of maddening to read these articles that only see the 160k systems sold in 3 months and assume its going to sell at that rate for the next 5 years. Once we get past the holiday season and gauge how its selling come Febuary, March, April and May we can get a better idea how this system will fair (Nintendo will probably drop MK8 in April to help sustain holiday momentum)

@Kirk Their current plan is the best option for consumers. Let your customers provide their own space... No way Nintendo can cut the price of their system by that much AND offer a new component. You saw the Q2 report, Nintendo is already taking a loss on every console, and they only pulled a profit because of the 3DS, if they did what you are suggesting it would dig them into a hole. They don't have another business to fall back on like Sony/Microsoft. The only way they can add a larger HD or more flash memory is to leave the price as is, or leave the storage place as is and drop the cost by $50, but not both.... Just dropping the price of the system to coincide the release of the PS4 would be the way to go to entice parents into picking up the system as a gift this Xmas would be the best strategy.



GiftedGimp said:

Ps4/Xbone arn't even out yet, andthe next MS/Sony systems after them won't be out till around 2020. WiiU came out last year and given its relative specs compared to Ps4/Xbone it safe to assume that Nintendo will be already thinking of releasing a new system 2016/17 with specs simular or hopefully higher than what the Ps4/Xbone have, coupled with innovation Nintendo systems offer and taking onboard everything they have learned with WiiU in terms of Nintendo Network, Miiverse etc and from what they have seen on Xbone/Ps4. If things don't pick up I think its unlikely they will break the 2016/17 plan but if push came to shove and investors put enough pressure on etc,etc, then maybe a new Nintendo system could be pushed out on the market 2015.



readyletsgo said:

@datamonkey I totally agree with you, I have buyers remorse too, €450 for the delux (32gb give me a break should be min 500gb internal at that price) with Nintendo Land and MarioU which if we take off our rose tinted glassed is not a great 2D mario. its not selling systems people.

I know this is a Nintendo site and you are all Nintendo fans just like me! But my god people, look at this in reality, yes its a great system, but people (general Wii customers) are not interested at all.

As datamonkey has said, '160k units worldwide for 3 months' is a shocking amount of systems to sell for a new Nintendo system, like, really bad, and in that number, 10,000 were sold in Europe, that includes New Zealand and Australia. Thats worse than the Gamecube, which again, was an excellent system too, but didnt bite, even with all their franchises.

Pikmin 3, is not a well known franchise so it wont sell systems to the general public.

WWHD is a port so it will only sell to the people who already have the system and who have already played WW on the Gamecube, Zelda is a core game not a casual game.

W101 is a new franchise, its not going to sell amazing numbers, lets be honest.

Bayonetta 2, it didnt sell well the first time on the Xbox and PS3, its not going to shift big numbers on the WiiU, i guarantee it.

Yes Mario 3D World might sell well, it looks great to me, but a lot of people seem to be disapointed with it.

Super Smash is also a core game, not a casual & core.

X will sell well, I have no doubt about that, people want an RPG.

Mario Kart 8, seriously, its more the same, MK7 was good, but got boring very quick, MK8 just looks like Mario Kart Wii, more of the same.

Sonic Lost World, it will sell well on the 3DS, from what I have heard the WiiU version is not great, guys on Nintendoworldreport saying it controls a bit weird, were as the 3DS version is the superior version. I will be getting the 3DS version, first at least.

IDK, they have enough money to last 100 years of failed systems, if it doesnt pick up (without a price cut, thats what people are waiting for) by this time next year, I can see them cutting their losses and moving onto the next system that I am pretty sure they are developing right now, sooner rather than later.

It wouldnt be the death of Ninty to move on quickly to the next system, its really only the core fans that have the system now and we will move on if they do. They did the same with the Gamecube. Just build in B/Compatibility with WiiU, just like the Wii with the GC.

Ugh, sometimes Ninty Fans annoy me and dont see that this a buisness and its all about making money money money.

I have so much more to say but I imagaine I am p*ssing some people off on here with the truth but, this is all just an opinion, my opinion which I am perfectly entitled to put forward, same as anyone else on here,

TL;DR? P*ssed off with my Wii U and want Ninty to move on with a new system with no gimmicks.



XCWarrior said:

Nintendo Life - SHAME ON YOU. How can you even consider posting something from IGN - who stopped covering Nintendo seriously back in 2006 when the Wii was launched?

IGN trolls Nintendo fans, and they get paid by MS and Sony to do it. You are better off getting Nintendo opinions form a Martha Steward cooking website than IGN.

My respect-o-meter just went down on you guys for posting this. Shame on you.



FineLerv said:

We might see a 5 year cycle from Nintendo and a 7 year cycle from the competitors.



Metaknight_3Raw said:

I'm worried about what will happen afterwards though. You've listed key titles such as SSB, Mario Kart, Zelda, X which might drive sales for a while. What will we play after that? That why third party is so important, it fills the gap while Nintendo make new titles. While I wait for the next Nintendo big hit on my 3DS I can play Etrian Odyssey, Pokemon and Bravely Default. That can't really be said about the Wii U unless they get compelling third party support and by that I don't mean games coming to the previous gen but multiplatform games coming to PS4/Xbox One or third party exclusives built from ground up for Wii U.



Burning_Spear said:

First off, Nintendo can't just create new hardware on a whim. It takes years of development. Next, shifting gears now would mean abandoning millions of dollars in consoles and software that have already been produced. And then there are the millions that have been invested in games now in development. Plus they'd lose a ton of goodwill by turning their back on the people who already bought Wii U — the core supporters. This is just a silly idea. At worst, this console will sell on the level of the GameCube and Nintendo will see modest profits when all is done. Blowing up everything would only make things worse.



TreonsRealm said:

@Peach64 May want to double check your numbers. The VITA has been out for over a year and a half and hasn't even broken 5.5 Million systems and yet oddly gets more third party support that the Wii U!? As for the PS3, it took the system nearly 3 years to shake bad press (for pricing) and poor hardware sales and still had very robust third party support despite games selling considerably worse on the console than the 360. While the press blasted Sony for hardware pricing, they didn't hound Sony about dropping out of the hardware business or creating a new console and third parties consistently threw support behind the machine even during their absolute worst period. The Wii U sales are crap right now but that is because every company has used every excuse possible to bail on the machine (of course the thing will sell poorly if there are no games released). Nintendo is also expected to have every game in their library available just after launch while the first party software for the 360/PS3 was largely awful for their first year or two. It is a double standard that has always dogged Nintendo while a company like Sony can do just as bad if not worse and both the industry and press will champion them where possible and turn a blind eye to other things.



element187 said:

@readyletsgo only someone who has a shallow grasp of business and economics would suggest a company drop a major console after 18 months..... Seems to be the mind set of someone too immature to think about long term strategy and will sacrafice the long term for a gamble on a short term solution(by the way dropping this console and moving on to a new one any earlier than 4 years would doom them in the console business forever).

The systems only problem is the lack of first party content that Nintendo core consumer purchase their hardware for. Releasing a new system so so won't solve the lack of games, if anything it will have even less games, there for in even bigger trouble.

@SuperCharlie78 where did you read they won't market the system? I didn't read that anywhere.... They have commercials starting to show up in America and Japan... Not sure about the EU, probably the 10k in 3 months is keeping them shy about investing in marketing at this time, but here in America I have seen Pikmin 3 commercials on some Cable channels.



MrGawain said:

Seeing Nintendo has had this much trouble with bringing HD games to the Wii U, I can't see how bringing out a more powerful console will help matters of the slow pace Nintendo releases games. I expect a 4 year cycle for the Wii U, by then Ninty may have learnt what they need to make HD games quicker.
Plus making a carbon copy of the XB1/PS4 seems even more stupid- we don't need a third one of those. Nintendo needs to be different to stand out. The Wii U is that but at the moment it has all sorts of problems that need to be sorted. I do think now an advertised price cut may be the only solution, or at least a bundle with 2 or 3 games for the same price. The only other thing they could do is figure out a way to go the route of the 3DS XL- is it possible to have a game pad twice the size of the current one? Maybe not that but perhaps there's a way of adding a new slant on the Wii U.

Plus I don't believe companies go around paying the media to come up with ways to slag the competition off- it's more a fact some writers are deep fan boys who support their console like the support of a football team or the fanatically religious- much like a lot of the people who read their articles. At the end of the day it's only an opinion and should be taken with a grain of salt. Much like my or anyone else's opinion!



TheAdrock said:

She is right! Frankly they should ALREADY be designing their next console right now with plans to release at Christmas 2015. How about an amped up horsepower monster with an emulator that can run Xbox and PS games? Too edge? (And don't call it another variant of "Wii", that just confused stupid people.)



DiSTANToblivion said:

Why on earth am I getting links to IGN garbage here on Nintendo Life? I don't need to see this ignorant trash, nor do I need to see IGN's redundant biased views and opinions. I came to Nintendo Life for the sole purpose of escaping that moronic website. This isn't even news, sorry but it's not.



FineLerv said:

@idork99 "And to be honest, I feel like I will love the Wii U when I get one."

From the rest of your post, I feel like you won't be disappointed. To me, Nintendo has made a system for hardcore gamers. Not the "nü casual" who call themselves hardcore, but are only interested in superficial experiences with B-grade stories dressed up by pretty lighting and gratuitous violence. The hardcore - who will play a game through multiple times because they enjoyed the experience; not because an achievement told them to do so, but in the same way one might listen to their favourite CD multiple times.

I haven't stopped playing my Wii U since I bought it. I have the Last of Us to play, but it has to wait until I'm ready to put down my Wii U for a while. I don't see that happening anytime soon.



duality said:

fair enough; I was just going off what was in Keza's Article here where she says 5 billion cash and about the same in bonds.

Hell if they have more than that they're in an even better position. Nintendo's problems can be solved rather easily using one simple solution - expand.

This is an industry which has very little problems with diminishing returns when your willing to have all those people work primarily on small to medium style projects instead of throwing 600 people onto one title cough*UBISOFT*cough.



ajcismo said:

Yay another article about some guy telling the world what he thinks Nintendo should do. All I know is that in Japanese history and culture, they don't exactly give up easy. And despite what the Instant Gratification Nation says (IGN?) I, a consumer who spends A LOT his money on Nintendo products, love my Wii U and will gladly be buying games for it for the next half-decade.
The fact Big N doesn't follow what the PS/Boxes do makes me want to support them even more.



belmont said:

Better third party support for Vita than Wii U doesn't come as a surprise. Sony said themselves that while Vita has not sold great it has a loyal base that buys a lot of games. I too like it and has become my favorite game system.

As for Wii U I bought one some weeks ago because I found it "cheap" (200 euros new). Of course due to this I am low on cash now (I also try to save for PS4) and I have not bought a game this far. However now there is no game I want very much and the only future releases I will surely get are Bayonetta 2 and X.

Wii U need more games from first and second parties since lots of third parties abandoned it. It also needs ADVERTISING. No E3 presentation did not help, only loyal gaming fans watch Nintendo Directs. Almost no one knows what a Wii U is. I have seen signs in local shops that write "Wii U games don't work on Wii" with big letters... Seems that some custorems bought Wii U games when they only had a Wii.



NintyMan said:

Nintendo doesn't need a new hardware product right now. The Wii U needs more games, and those games will be gradually coming from early August until the big hitters in November and December. IGN doesn't like Nintendo much, anyway.



taffy said:

Can people stop having a go at Nintendo life just cause they report some bad news. Whenever there's some bad news about the Wii U all you get is people putting their fingers in their ears and going "LA LA LA LA LA!!".

They cover news, good or bad. And let's be realistic here, things for the Wii U(not 3DS) have been less then ideal with gimped ports, poor sales and certain third party publishers having less then diplomatic opinions about the hardware, all the while Nintendo does zero damage control.



ricklongo said:

IGN is trash. Their articles are expertly crafted to incite the 12-year-olds that post there into endless, meaningless flame wars. I hardly ever go there anymore, especially since it's pretty aggravating to go to a video game website and get bombarded with articles on TV series, movies, comic books and (get this) cars. Plus, Nintendo coverage has been going downhill there since Audrey Drake left.

With that disclaimer: yes, I disagree entirely with this notion. Nintendo is all about brand perception, and dropping the Wii U early would be pretty much suicide in that regard.

Either way, I gotta say: I had a lot of qualms with the Wii, especially since I'm not big on motion controls, but the Wii U is the real deal. I love mine, and all it needs is great games. I'm still positive it can turn its luck around in a big way, if games come and keep coming. It's just been a very rough dry spell, and that's obviously entirely Nintendo's fault. I can't even remember what was the last big retail to hit before Pikmin 3.



mii-gamer said:

nope, can't agree with kezza (even though she is not that bad). Worst comes to worst the wii u will be an another n64 like situation it may not perform as well as the competition but it will establish itself a nice ecosystem (yet comparatively smaller) providing fantastic games and making Nintendo dough. The 3DS performance shows that many people still enjoy nintendo games and nothing will change that in the foreseeable future



Peach64 said:

@TreonsRealm Which numbers do you want me to double check again? You finish your post by again claiming Sony did as bad or even worse, when I've just given figures that PS3's worst weekly sales are over a staggering 26 times higher than the Wii U's recent sales.

And why is the Vita getting support? Well most if its games are ports, and it's easy to port PS3 games to it. Because they don't spend much on the port, there's little risk. Wii U is very different to all other consoles, ports take more time and more money, and most publishers have made losses on them. It's beyond doubt that Need for Speed Vita was cheaper to make than Need for Speed on Wii U, but they sold nearly 400,000 copies on Vita and 30,000 on Wii U.

I think Wii U will be fine due to 1st party games but any 3rd party pulling out is justified when every Wii U game they develop ends up losing them money. People talk about the Vita sales being bad but the weekly sakes are ahead of Wii U in every market. Wii U's numbers are inflated by its amazing launch, but publishers can see it selling 50k a month worldwide, where Vita didn't have that big boom period, it's doing more like 400-500k a month so publishers see a steady growth of new customers.



JimLad said:

This industry is all about momentum, and the WiiU has lost way too much of it.
You only get to launch a system once, and they launched too early. That's why we have this huge game drought while they figure out how to program in HD.
Meanwhile the market is about to be flooded with more choice as the new systems come out, and the old systems will likely still be supported (more than WiiU) for another year at least.

You have to try and think about this from an outsiders perspective. The big games aren't coming until christmas or next year, and there is virtually no third party support. By the time those games arrive, even less retailers will be stocking the hardware. The shelf space will be given to Microsoft and Sony.
The only thing they can do to get the ball rolling sooner is slash the price, but then they'll be selling at a loss for the rest of the console's life.



russellohh said:

@MasterGraveheart I can afford them, I just don't care anymore. Call of Warfighter: DutyKiller 3,000 has Nazi Zombies, sure, but I'm done with the story after 1-2 days. Mario Kart, Fire Emblem, Mario and Luigi Dream Team, and the Luigi's Mansion game on NintendoLand never get old. Ooo and Project X Zone. I still have 200 games from the PS3 and Xbox left to beat. Depending on Fallout 4, this might be the first console generation I've skipped in 20 years.



bezerker99 said:

The games are coming for the Wii U and Nintendo will be fine. Macdonald is a mouth breather along with the rest of the haters over at IGN.



kenzo said:

Here is an idea.

Bring a software update for the Wii U gamepad so that PC games can be streamed from a PC to the gamepad - like the Nvidia Project Shield.

It can be done now and there would be no shortage of available blockbuster games in the library then.



billychaos said:

I often wonder how writers of IGN continue to keep their jobs. Their options are so hyperbolical me and most of my friends write them off immediately. Lets say Wii u hardware failed to pick up after 2 years.

A smarter choice may be to break the hardware up (not throw it away). In other words, Rebrand the Wii U as the Wii HD (which does not include the gamepad) and sell the gamepad separately. They could continue sell the Wii U as long as Nintendo makes it clear that both systems are the same except one does not include the gamepad. The reality is the Wii was an amazing success. Nintendo could lay low on the gamepad for a while if it didn't pick up and continue to produce games that made the Wii a success (but in HD this time). Similar, to how Nintendo layed low on 3D marketing for the 3DS (it's still there just not the focus).

This is just conceptual and I'm not suggesting that Nintendo should do this. I'm just pointing out there are "1001 things" Nintendo can do before simply giving up.



UnseatingKDawg said:

Sounds like another "expert" in the industry who thinks he knows everything and anything. Games are coming. They take time to make, especially if you want them mostly bug-free (I say this because every game has to have some bug somewhere, whether it's good or bad). Some people are just impatient, I guess.



Metaknight_3Raw said:

The Wii U had so much potential to me. Classic Nintendo games but also powerful enough to have games like Bayonetta 2 and games with deeper experiences like X. WHY WHY WHY won't western third parties see what they are missing especially in the context of RPGs, FPSs, Racing games or strategy games.

Remember all those neat ideas developers came up with when we found out about the tablet Gamepad? What the hell happened to those ideas? It's like they completely disappeared when they found out the XBox One and PS4 were going to be more powerful.



kereke12 said:

Oh here we go, might as well wait to see what happens in 2014. And for the fact that IGN says that they can go up themselves...



FiveDigitLP said:

@Emblem Perhaps it's just the UK IGN, because the US IGN is pretty good about positive Nintendo articles. I mean, they still do their fair share of "doom and gloom" ones just because they get more clicks, but the editor of the Nintendo section, Rich, seems like a pretty strong Nintendo fan.



AlexSays said:

Hahaha so many defensive people here

If Nintendo does quickly launch a new console, the backtracking by the members of this site will be epic.



kyuubikid213 said:

@Kirk If this solution happens, I better get some Ambassador games on the Basic Wii U I have. I don't want a price drop, and I don't want Ambassador games (not if they can be avoided). Doing all of that makes my short battery, Basic, non-Bluray playing, 8GB Wii U way too expensive to do way less.

No thanks, Kirk.

I think Nintendo should just keep churning out games like they're doing for the 3DS and like they're planning to do for the Wii U starting this fall. It's a great system, but many people see it as a system with no games and there are still a few people out there who think it's a peripheral to the Wii (which I think is ridiculous by the way. it's been 8 months just about. and the internet isn't that far away to find out what it truly is).

More Advertisements (that actually say "It's a new console!," more games, and some way to get all of the journalists to stop excluding it. "Will you get the PS4 of Xbox One this generation?" The Wii U is out there, too.



kyuubikid213 said:

@billychaos Bad idea. The Wii U is the Wii U. A rebranding this far in would only serve to confuse more people. Also, the "Wii HD?" Adding the U was confusing enough for people and the Wii HD sounds like it's the same old Wii with HD graphics. No one would really pay for that if they thought, "Well I already have a Wii, soo..." It'd be the same issue as the start of the 3DS when a lot of people thought it was just a DS with 3D.



Samurairu said:

Social media makes everyone an "expert" these days. This article is simply a high end troll. Anyone with half an idea on R&D and product lifecycling knows Nintendo wouldn't consider this even "IF" the Wii U fails. For me, I don't care what anyone else thinks. I enjoy my Wii U and have no feelings of regret or remorse. Instead of publishing all these negativity morons and their "expert" opinions, why not publish completely made up positive stories?



Dambuster said:

I'm a new wii u owner, brought mine last week. I love it, I really think its a great console. If Nintendo want to see the machine flying out of the shops what they need to do is simple. Mario , Zelda and the other nintendo regular Ip's are great and will sell, but Nintendo need to develop a couple of new games a year. Games like Zombi u, games which are aimed at the mature audience, games which use the game pad to the full, games which can not be played on any other machine. Imagine knowing there will be a couple of brand new nintendo Ip's coming every year.



Neophoenix said:

I feel Nintendo should have the games that are on 3DS on the Wii U as well, they look amazing and the ones I played on my friends 3DS are great. I would love to have Fire Emblem, Animal Crossing New Leaf and the new Zelda game on my Wii U as that is the machine I spent my money on not a 3DS.



Sean_Aaron said:

Well I'm happy with what I've got here. If Nintendo does dump this machine I expect it will end up being my last console purchase full-stop.



H_Hunter said:

I love mario games but enough is enough.. I want to play 3rd party games as well. I want a handful of decent RPG games not just one two..I want to see many intersting games that 3rd party have to offer..

If I don't see that by end of this year. I'll just have to get PS4.



Metaknight_3Raw said:

It's kinda sad that indie third parties have better ideas for the Gamepad than apparently AAA game studios:

Nintendo should try and forge good relationships with the upcoming indie developers that actually come up with unique ideas for the Gamepad like this one. Start a fresh seeing as traditional third parties are not interested.



Kirk said:


I have no idea what you are on about.

How does anything I've suggested have a negative impact on you and your Wii U Basic in the slightest?

These are ideas for going forward with the Wii U but if you currently have a Wii U basic it has no negative impact on you or your Wii U at all. It simply makes things better for everyone in the future. Especially those people who are maybe on the fence about buying a Wii U.

Your'e making no sense.




I wouldn't buy it. I invested my money for a Wii U to play Wii U games. If Nintendo just dropped the console, and created a new one I'll be pissed off and so would all the others who bought a Wii U.

Not only would it send a message of defeat to consumers, but the media would simply annihilate Nintendo and herald it as proof that they company is irrelevant. They'll never do that because they are not irrelevant. They'll continue to pump games into Wii U and will make it profitable. Need I remind that GCN undersold but it still made Nintendo money,



hYdeks said:

I got my Wii U a month ago, my initial thoughts where "what an amazing console!" but after one month and hearing how disappointing some of the things coming out are, I think I will actually have to buy a PS4 or Xbox One anyways.

There is some great games on the Wii U, but people don't see the graphical difference between Wii U and current systems like 360 and PS3 which are on there way out, and you can get ALOT of games on those systems. Also, PS4 and Xbox One have a HUUGE roster of third party devs, and Nintendo barely has UbiSoft lately, which has been their big supporter lately.

I'm starting to feel as though Nintendo, after the Wii U, shouldn't bother with home consoles anymore, they just don't do enough to get the big name games to there system. In the future, stick with just portable gaming, they make a killing off portables and get all the games people want on those systems.

I don't exactly agree with IGN (and I haven't really lately cause their morons...) with the bring out a new system, I say see how Wii U fairs out, than just don't do home consoles anymore, I'm perfectly happy if Nintendo was only the portables, plus with the technology the way it's going, portable gaming will look like PS3 games in no time.



Buduski said:

I really hate how IGN always trash talks Nintendo, yes the Wii U isn't in the best shape sales wise but if it where Microsoft or Sony in this situation I bet they would all be singing songs of hope instead of constantly trying to kick them down.



Metaknight_3Raw said:

I'm a big RPG fan too. My favourite two game series of all time are Kirby and The Witcher series lol

I think there is a chance for a handful of JRPGs making it to the Wii U but whether many will be released here is another question entirely. As for Western RPGs I've given up entirely on games like Dragon Age, Skyrim, Fallout, Witcher etc type of games making it to the Wii U. As an RPG fan it's impossible to own a Wii U on it's own. It's a shame because the DS and 3DS are such a good RPG fix, I can easily just own those and not get another handheld console.



DStroke said:

It would be nice if they make an ExpansionPak that boosts Wii U Power for NextGen, but you can work with the console to bring good looking games especially Nintendo or Nintendo only. That is the biggest problem, cause we Nintendo fans will buy the console and their games anyway.
Lack of 3rd party and dooming the console all the time, makes bad publicity.
At least bring all the xbox 360 and ps3 games coming now and later, cause this is definitely possible. With real NextGen it's tough.



Shambo said:

@Grubdog Exactly. Consider the source. IGN has lost all credibility by badly disguising bribed reviews and following AND leading the trend of trash-talking everything Nintendo, unless it's TOO obviously a great game like Pikmin 3. Then they just distract 0,5 or 1 from the final score for being... bright. Or cute. Or just not being on ps3/4 xbox 360/1. In other words: for being bribery-sensitive Micro$ony fanboys.



Hardy83 said:

Eh. I may agree but R&D for new hardware takes time and costs money.
Nintendo painted themselves in a corner. They won't be able to whip out a new hardware anytime soon (though I'm sure they have rushed development for a successor a little).
They have no choice but to keep pushing the Wii U.

All I can say is. $250 for the Deluxe edition. Do it.



AcesHigh said:

Again, IGN shows the immaturity of their editors and their lack of any kind of business sense when it comes to offering analysis of the industry. Set aside all the great arguments here about how games will sell the system and that a slew of AAA games are coming - but the mere suggestion that Nintendo abandon 3.61 million users and introduce a new console in anything less than 5 years is laughable and simply preposterous. Id be embarrassed. Nintendo wont be #1 this generation but they are a bunch of AAA games and some new-release pack-ins away this holiday season from being a respectable 3rd.

If Nintendo released a new console in anything less than 4 years, it would be PR suicide. They would destroy all the trust and good will they have built with their consumers over the years. Not gonna happen.



Einherjar said:

Yep, thats the way to profit: Make a console, wait a week, if it sells = good, if not, make another one.
Thats kinda what SEGA did with the Genesis (MegaDrive) and onward, and look how successful they are in the console busi....oh wait....
The Dreamcast killed SEGA as a console producer ALTHOUGH that thing was incredibly popular. They sold it on a loss though and they already had a pretty sore budged overall.
Nintendo on the other hand has the backup to finance a "console sold on a loss"
Again, Pikmin 3 already gave a good backwind, when the other titles arrive, this backwind will become much much more powerful.



rmeyer said:

IGN is all shock articles, to get attention. The games coming up for Wii will be uncontested. The ps4 and xbox 1 don't have any games just a few 3rd party titles all of which the good ones are coming out on Wii u also.



Monkeyofthefunk said:

You can say what you want about reports like this but if the Wii U has a bad Xmas period, and with the launches of the new Xbox and Playstation in November, Nintendo may be forced to stop production for a short period. The reason? They have a massive overstock of hardware. It's not selling and the fact that the PS4 day one pre-order for the UK and Europe is higher than the total European sales of the Wii U for it's first year so far, it doesn't look good.



Monkeyofthefunk said:

rmeyer, have you read the list of exclusives at launch for the PS4 and Xbox One? Each have at least 5. How many full price retail exclusives does the Wii U have after a year?
It's easy to keep defending Nintendo and the Wii U but there is no software support, just eshop full of mobile remakes.



TrueWiiMaster said:

Before taking losses by making a new system, they could take losses on the system they have and make a price cut. Of course, that's only if they're desperate. With the games coming in the next 6-12 months, I don't think Nintendo will be desperate.



DStroke said:

There is a point in what Monkeyofthefunk says.
Nintendo has massive problems with Wii U and I don't know even with 1st party support of the nex year, the console will be successfull like 3DS is now.

I'm mourning over the Matt Casamassina times at IGN, when they didn't talk that much bad about Nintendo!



GreatPlayer said:

If Nintendo made a new hardware soon to replace Wii U, I will get extremely mad - I will not buy any hardware from Nintendo anymore.



TrueWiiMaster said:

By the time the PS4 and X1 come out, the Wii U will have NSMBU, ZombiU, Nintendo Land, Pikmin 3, Wonderful 101, Sonic Lost World, Wind Waker HD, and perhaps DKCR, not to mention Scribblenauts Unlimited and Unmasked, LEGO City, Monster Hunter Ultimate, and Game & Wario, and Mario 3D World will be coming soon after. That's a lot more than 5.

"the fact that the PS4 day one pre-order for the UK and Europe is higher than the total European sales of the Wii U for it's first year so far"



Monkeyofthefunk said:


I love Nintendo and I grabbed a Wii U as soon as the Mrs said we had enough money . But now I have traded it in because it was sat under our tele turning dust coloured. I'm not that interested in Pikmin 3, I've played it before, all be it not it HD and without a gamepad.
The problem Nintendo have with the Wii U is the lack of imagination. They have The Wonderful 101 but where are the other new IP's?
How long can the Wii U survive with another Mario 2d, a remake of a Zelda game that most Nintendo fans have already finished, another SSB and another Mario Kart?
I love those games but I need something new in my life, for gods sake I've played 7 Mario Karts!
If they developed some new games with that Nintendo Magic, they would grab a few deserters, until then, I'm afraid it's going to be a bleak winter for Wii Users.



Sanqet said:

@hydeks i agree i would be happy to see nintendo sticking to handhelds in the future i just want to play the games and i don't care if its handheld only



Rafie said:

@Kirk I love your idea. You must be a marketing manager or majoring in it. I agree with everything you said here. That's a rarity on this site with the comments I normally see.



ouroborous said:

well trying to release a new system in a year or so would be ridiculous and would be nintendo admitting defeat. not to mention, why would anyone want it more than the wii U anyway since its sales are currently crap.
the wii U will do fine in the end, nintendo just takes FOREVER to get moving with software for new hardware, so seriously, they should have been expecting no sales until games come along. that's exactly what happened with the 3DS, it was in the toilet forever but now its a superstar and has loads of great games finally.



Monkeyofthefunk said:

Sony announced unlimited pre-orders but due to demand are stopping pre-orders this weekend. Also you'll find that scribblenauts is not a Wii U exclusive any more,
it's on the PC.



Monkeyofthefunk said:

There's no need for Nintendo to develope a new machine, they just need to launch new IP's, make the gamepad an accessory and launch a console only pack for about £129.



GN004Nadleeh said:

just add new super Mario bros u pre installed with each console, a price cut wouldn't hurt and release a lot more virtual console games



MrWalkieTalkie said:

It's way too late to start over with a new console. We are already in too deep! Pikmin 3 is about to come out! Smash Bros, Mario Kart, & Bayonetta 2 are being developed for Wii U, what are they supposed to do now? New Zelda is being developed! Miyamoto is finally working on a new adventurous IP! There's too much going for it to give up now!



ouroborous said:

a price cut on the system would definitely help sales. if they just cut it from $350 to $300 it would make a huge difference.
ive held off on getting one so far since it needs more software and the price is very high for my budget. that and all the funds i do have currently have been poured into keeping up with 3DS releases. for now its one or the other and i currently am supporting the 3DS until the wii u catches up. pikmin 3 is quite inticing however, so when i can save up the money ill get a wii u just for the sake of that.



Rafie said:

@TreonsRealm Are you really that upset about this?! Of course there have been articles upon articles about how the PS3 and Vita were failing in the beginning. Not so much the PS3 now as it's been selling more than any console except the 3DS as of recent. No need getting upset about Ninty news. The Wii U is here to stay.



bahooney said:

I'm kind of bummed that I got a Wii U so early. Then EarthBound came out on the VC. And then I stopped complaining.



DStroke said:

I could have waited till Lego City and than buy the Wii U cause till then, it collected dust most of the time. so I spent so much money for a brick of stone
I want a Wii U Embassador Program Nintendo >



JimLad said:

Actually I agree with Monkeyofthefunk's idea. Make the pad an optional extra, then they can shave £100 off the price at least.



burninmylight said:


Crap like that is why I'm glad I left IGN and rarely return. That site is a breeding ground for fanboyism, yet the staff tries to roll it off like it's not promoting it in the first place.



theblackdragon said:

There's a reason I hang out here and not at IGN... what a ridiculous idea. What the hell is a new console going to do for Nintendo at this point? for heaven's sake, wait until X is out at least :/



Torterra275 said:

The Wii U is not a failure despite beliefs. Its 1st year sales are on track with the PS3 and 360's first year. The only thing I can think of that Nintendo should try is dropping the basic model and making the deluxe standard for $300, but either way the Wii U is fine.

Example: Look at what people said about the 3DS, and look at it now. Roughly 2 and a half years from its launch, we have 32.48 million sales.



Arcamenel said:

Audrey Drake was the only good thing about IGN. Now that she's gone they can go suck a big one.



bofis said:

Pfft, I love my WiiU and will keep recommending it to people...once there are more AAA first party releases and other indie content, it's really going to pick up I hope. I am not at all excited by PS4 or XBox One, and the 3DS has only improved with age, so will WiiU!



Prof_Elvin_Gadd said:

That is totally unreasonable. Nintendo just needs good games on the Wii U, and bada bing bada boom, their fortunes will change. I wouldn't mind if they released a new home console in 4 years or so, but anything before then is too soon.

IGN is garbage. At one time it was a good site, but is now filled with terrible editors that have barely any talent and comment trolls. I left that hole a while ago, never to return. They have been known, and this is fact, to take money from developers to give good reviews as well. There's absolutely no journalistic integrity to be found anywhere on that website, so anything they or anyone affiliated with them say should go through one ear and out the other.



NorthLightSuplx said:

Why must everyone expect 25+ games to be released every month? Do people do anything but play games all the time? I think the Wii U has plenty of games to keep anybody occupied. There is no need to have a backlog of 50+ games.



Prof_Elvin_Gadd said:

@theblackdragon Exactly! A super powered console with amazing specs means nothing with no games to play on it. If Mario Kart 8 arrives and they tease the next true Zelda game for Wii U and people still aren't buying the console, then and only then will I be worried for Nintendo.



Tony_342 said:

If Nintendo gave up on Wii U, think of how many people would give up on Nintendo. To release a new home console, and then completely drop support for it in favor of a new system would be a very, very bad move.

The simple fact of the matter is Nintendo isn't pushing Wii U right now, because they have nothing to push. They never felt comfortable advertising a system that doesn't have any games. That is only just now beginning to change. With more games will come more advertising, and with both of those will come more sales.

The bottom line is this: if you want to play new Nintendo home console games for the next five or six years, you're going to have to buy a Wii U. That alone assures that this system will see (at the very least, moderate) success.



AVahne said:

In other words, this lady wants Nintendo to go down the exact same path to failure that Sega took.



Captain_Toad said:

@AMR this.

Yawn. Wake me back up round Christmas time and see if this and any more WiiU doom and gloom articles still holds up.

All I can say is that the little console that could has too much going for it and too much going forward to lose.



aaronsullivan said:

There is no such thing as a quick switch to a new console. It ignores almost all realities.

Still, a year or more before the other guys release another successor is still a potentially good idea if they can pull it off with some big games.

I actually have high hopes for the next cycle as Nintendo has combined the handheld and console divisions now and programming for each won't be completely different anymore. Much more shared development should allow for faster releases and even shared assets and similar games or companion games.

I can't shake the feeling that the end of this year is going to be brutal for the Wii U, though. I'm thinking it's very possible either the XBox One or PS4 could tank hard, too, though, while the other surges. If that sequence of events that destroyed the XBox One and elevated the PS4 had happened closer to release it certainly would have happened.



TenEighty said:

Here's the problem, Nintendo isn't listening to it customers.

A lot of Nintendo fans don't want a motion controller and have to move around when playing games. Also, the classic controller is not very well designed. My son has to stretch his thumb just to reach the analog stick. Bring back the Gamecube controller, it's perfect.

Also, I personally don't care for newer games that have high detailed textures and large number of polygons. It looks like your playing a cartoon. I prefer the looks of the N64 or Gamecube games. I also like pixel style games. Just look at all the people who download emulators in order to play the old style games.

Lastly, the best Mario and Zelda were created on the N64, among other awesome games created in that period. I think Nintendo needs to quit focusing on new technology and go back to what it did well, creating awesome adventure and platform games.

Oh, and I'm not too hip on the new second screen controller either.



th3r3ds0x said:

The folks at IGN are idiots apparently as releasing new hardware at this point would definitely sink Nintendo home console business. The Wii U is a great system. I'm not a big fan of motion controls but I do love Nintendo games and I'm glad to finally play them in HD. I don't think the old games looked bad but they don't really shine on an HD TV. I sincerely hope this holiday season sees a turnaround for Wii U or there may not be a next holiday for the console.



TenEighty said:

One more thing. Don't tie the virtual console games to a machine. Link them to your Nintendo Club account. I'm sure there are a lot of people disappointed they lost their games when their Wii died.



strongest_link said:

If Nintendo cuts the price of the Wii U before the holiday and sales don't markedly and permanently improve, there is no silver lining and there is no fix. The next six months are beyond critical. They will determine if the Wii U can be viable.



yvanjean said:

Nintendo DS can't compete against the PSP. NDS is doomed.
Nintendo Wii will be a failure compared to Xbox360 and PS3. Wii is Doomed.
3DS was over priced, only 3.5 million sold after 6 months. PS Vita will get release and 3DS will be doomed.

Now we have the Nintendo Wii U. Xbox One and PS4 is coming out the system is doomed. 3.2 million sold worldwide after 7 months.

What you need to know is that Nintendo is a business that as to report to the share holders. The Wii U is currently being sold at $350 which is barelly making a profit or a small lost. In order for the WiiU to receive a price cut, the company must make up the money lost in software. Currently there isn't enought software to make up the difference.

Nintendo knew that there would be a shortfall in software, they were hoping that the hardcore audience would pick up 5million system at the $350 price point. There first price cut would only be needed when WiiU Fit and Mario Party WiiU is ready for the casual market.

Is the company struggling ... NO...... Is the WiiU Doom .... Hell No.... Is the WiiU overprice .... Yes and Nintendo knows it! They just wanted the sucker harcore gamers to pick up a system and help their financials until they're ready to target the casual market.

The system hans't even been on the market for a year and the software is not quite ready for it.



Kirk said:



I basically just think about what I would want and what I believe would make the majority of people happy.



Melkaticox said:

Nintendo should give the Wii U three years, if it's still selling like crap by then, release a new console AT LEAST on par with the PS4 or else...they'll be left behind.
And announce it A FEW MONTHS before its release date, not a whole year.



AceTrainerBean said:

IGN will be all over the Wii U when it starts selling well. They wanted nothing to do with the 3DS and now that it is on top they love it.



Araknie said:


We've been very lenient with you, but enough is enough. Further use of profanity at Nintendo Life may result in your account being temporarily banned from posting. You have been warned — TBD



Ultra_Mario1001 said:

What PS4 and maybe Xbox One are doing is alienating the casual market. Nintendo has a perfect strategy to stage a comeback this holiday. And no, Nintendo Wii U does not need a price cut. The Wii U itself sells at a loss and Nintendo only profits when at least one game is purchased with it.



ecco6t9 said:

As long as the Wii U makes a profit for Nintendo at the end of it's life is it really a bad thing if it only sells 20,000,000 systems?



yvanjean said:

WiiU unlike Xbox one and PS4 don't need 3rd Party Support as much as the other system. 2nd Party game (Retro, Sega Exclusives, Platinum Games partnership) combine with Nintendo first party games will produce much more quality products then the limited amount of 3rd party developpers that would be willing to bring their game to the WiiU. 3rd Party aren't interested about going up against Nintendo games on a nintendo system. Ubisoft will enventually come around and fully support the WiiU once the install based hit 5-10 million system. What Nintendo need to do is target Indie developpers that produce quality game for the Eshop that way they can cut out the retaillers.



GearsOfWarU said:

Duh....??? But let's see what happens over the next 6 months... Nintendo's awful Game Drought is Over!!!!!!!!!!! Pikmin 3, Disney Infinity, Rayman Legends, The Wonderful 101, Sonic Lost World, Legend of Zelda Wind Waker HD, Batman Arkham Origins, Assassins Creed 4 Black Flag, Wii Party U, Shovel Knight, Watchdogs, Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze, Call of Duty Ghosts, Super Mario Bros 3D World, Mario Kart 8, Bayonetta 2 & Super Smash Bros Wii U !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thats alot of top quality games with quite a few EXCLUSIVES!!!!!!! Something the Wii U has not had for the first 8 months with only 3 New Super Mario Bros U, Nintendo Land & Lego City Undercover. I've said all along if you create them they will come... games & gamers .... I predict By the End of the Year Wii U will Double its Sales... from 4 Million to 8 Million Consoles World Wide... then hopefully all the Negative Press will end... and People on the fence will give the Wii U a chance. I love My Wii U its an Awsome, Amazing, Wonderful Console and I hope Many more will get the chance to enjoy it this Holiday.
O By the Way!!! To all the Wii Owners out there who still have not upgraded ... It's time ... get off the fence and Start to Support Nintendo and The Wii U and Everyone from 1st to 3rd Party's will follow suit if the install base reaches 8-10 million by E3 next Year!!!!! No more excuses that there are no games on Wii U because they are coming... lots of them ... Upgrade you slack donkey's : ) Let's Go Nintendo & Wii U !!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wouldn't be surprised if Xbox One & PS4 suffer the same Stagnant period following Christmas .... They don't have tons of exclusive games you cant play already with a 360 or PS3 and $400-$500 is alot of money to drop in this economy
Please watch the profanity — TBD



Weavius said:

'...fresh entries in the Mario and Zelda franchises are incoming...' Fresh entries? Its a Zelda game I played ten years ago!



jayclayx said:

why all of you insult and get mad at this article in IGN? I like Nintendo but I'm not a fanboy, gamecube was a failure and Nintendo kept supporting the console till the end, Macdonald means that if the wii U does not pick up by the end of this year they should think on the next hardware if they want to become massive like the wii, agree or not agree with this guy it's just an opinion and make me wonder why all of you are such a fanatic of the brand.



WWammy said:

Forget everything just bring the games please the Wii U is going to be remembered for the Nintendo games eventually.
If I recall 3DS was off to a very shaky start due to the very same thing happening with software but now it's doing extremely well even when up against the smart phones. The reason will simply be because you can get these experiences anywhere else.
I don't really what the big deal is the SNES only launched with 4 games available on day one =P



CanisWolfred said:

Wow, been a while since I agreed with anyone from IGN. And yeah, still hoping someone else, preferable someone at Nintendo, is thinking of that whole "handheld that is also a home console" idea.



Neram said:

At this point it looks like a 50/50 chance of Nintendo pulling through this holiday season seeing success. Yes, Donkey Kong, Mario, and a Zelda remake are going to make the Wii U more appealing, but let's not forget there's going to be two brand new systems being released during that time as well. By default, people will be wanting the newest hardware for Christmas, simply because it's new hardware, so those systems don't even need quality games to sell them at first. My reason for thinking it's about 50/50 is because this holiday seems like both the only chance for Wii U to become relevant, but also the chance that if they miss the mark, consumer appeal for that system will probably never happen. I mean, if Mario can't save the day, nothing can.



JaxonH said:

@MasterGraveheart Right. But even if you could afford all the consoles, who are they to say that you shouldn't pick the Wii U? I personally think Wii U is by far Nintendo's best console. I feel the same way about it as my 3DS- it's just an amazing system and will showcase an amazing library, all of which will utilize dual screen mechanics to some degree. That's something you don't get with other consoles. I don't understand why some analysts try so hard to make it seem as if the console has nothing to offer, simply because it's had a rough half year after launch. If Wii U were selling like the 3DS right now, people would be praising how great of a system it is, but because it's not, they're kicking Nintendo while they're down, saying the system has no merit and nothing to offer gamers. Wow, how people's attitudes blow around like the wind...



Ren said:

Hey I wanted to want a WiiU, like every other fanboy but I'm not going to hand over my money for what is just not a value proposition. I got an xbox and I'm playing most of the same good games and way more other things that I missed.
This isn't a horrible idea. after holiday if it's still dead let it die and tweek it like a big upgrade, actually include storage, at least play dvds, and dump all the old Wii shop games on the store. Good chance to give the processor a small upgrade and then make it compatible with the WiiU games. That screen is neat but not what anyone wanted. The waggle is what people wanted and with the nunchuk it's still fantastic. I would buy a truly 'next gen' Nintendo system but the WiiU just is not that. or how about put it all into that game pad and use a wireless disc drive for games that you can't fit onto an internal 200gb ssd (like the doomed sony disc drive of snes vintage)then call the whole thing portable with the option to stream from the pad to a tv. (like a 3DS hd).
Sure the brand loyalists would be pissed but they'd also buy the next machine anyway, and Nintendo needs to cut their losses eventually. I say call it a lesson learned and focus on 3DS until you can come up with a truly portable game system that can also play on a tv in HD, if they don't do it someone else will.



JaxonH said:

@TreonsRealm Well said friend. Yes, it's a double standard of hypocrisy that irks me to the tenth degree. Vita's been out twice as long as Wii U, and has comparable monthly sales numbers- sometimes less, yet the Vita gets a pass with remarks such as "Vita's finally got an amazing, full library now". Yeah, right. I own a Vita, and while a few of the games are definitely great, I can list all the must-have games on a single hand. I can list the mediocre to good games on the other. And everything else is a waste of time to be honest. People are actually justifying Vita through indie games now! Right, cause I bought my $300 Vita for indie games...? The announced Vita lineup for the rest of this year consists of Final Fantasy and God of War ports, Tearaway (might be good but not for me), and Killzone Mercenaries (it's unfortunate that THIS game is the highlight of Vita's fall lineup). Come the end of 2013, Wii U will have a better lineup of must-have top-notch games than Vita has attained in 2 years. And will most likely have much better sales than Vita as well (I'd be AMAZED if Wii U didn't pick up momentum after the fall lineup drops). Yet, according to almost every gaming analyst, Vita's a fantastic piece of kit with a great library, and Wii U is a lost cause without any games. I hope Wii U sells 100 million consoles this gen just so all the biased fanboys will crawl under a rock.



JaxonH said:

@Neram Advertising can, along with a decent price cut (of course the fall lineup games will be there to substantiate the system, otherwise it's all for not). I see your point about the new consoles' appeal, but keep in mind that the PS and MS fanbase will be scooping up stock just like the Nintendo fanbase did at the Wii U launch. Which means, if the intial fanbase that's buying those consoles no matter what take up the majority of the 1st wave of stock, there won't be much left for the average consumer. With Wii U, the dedicated fanbase mostly all have Wii Us now, so the store's stock is there for the taking for the average consumer. With a large display for Pikmin 3, Wonderful 101, Zelda Windwaker HD, DKC Tropical Freeze, Mario 3D World and Sonic Lost World, so that consumers see that there are amazing games being sold for the console, on top of a new bundle with a price drop (even a small one, like $30), and a ton of advertising this holiday season (and it needs to be substantial for Nintendo to create a presence for Wii U), I think the console will actually sell quite well come this November and December.



JustinH said:

Give up on the millions of people who bought the console less than a year after launch. Right.

And people wonder why games journalism has such a poor reputation...



jayclayx said:

@JaxonH c'mon you REALLY can't compare vita with the wii U, since vita is just a handheld and sony is now focus on his home console ps4. Nothing can justify the painful support Nintendo is giving to the wii U.



GraveLordXD said:

Some of the dumbest cacapoopiedoodledoo I've herd all day for obvious reasons. I'm sure Nintendo is so talented it can just poop out a new system just like that also even if they could that will just hurt them in the long run I for one would give up on them if they were to do something so utterly ridiculous the thing has only been out for around 8 months!! and for people saying they need to drop the tablet controller, I want to thank you for the laugh because that is the second dumbest thing I've herd all day! Let these damn people do what they've been doing for decades make great games, we all know the system was released a year to early let them catch up in the meantime go play outside I hear its nice out



Cyberbotv2 said:

@AMR: Nintendo will in no way dismiss the Wii U. Personally, I'm waiting for that one game to arrive to get me to purchase it. And once the system starts to boogie I expect a 5-7 year run with this thing. Very unique system just from my hands on at GameStop.



Cyberbotv2 said:

@JaxonH hmmm.. A small 20 to 30 dollar price drop would actually be substantial. A deluxe set bundled with whatever at 319.99? That would rope in a cheapskate like me, most parents with kids, and anyone without an unlimited amount of disposable income: ie 99 percent of people.



QuickSilver88 said:

@Peach64 Umm this is incorrect as the Vita has sold less than 3mil units world wide has been out twice as long as the WiiU. Last month in Japan WiiU was second in sales only to the 3DS steamroller. I own a Vita and it is a great piece of hardware, but it has struggled with no real killer app other than the Drake game that came at launc. There are so nice titles and the digital backlog of psp and ps1 games is nice. I thonk the real problem with the Vita is it can support near console quality games but with prices capped at $40 companies other than Sny won't develop that depth or quality of games. Some of the PSN stuff has helped. Still no one has savaged the Vita like the WiiU and the problem for the Vita is even with a decent library it still has very little momentum. Still $ony hasn't and isn't walking away from it just like Nintendo would be foolish to walk away from WiiU so early in its life. Thankfully this dumbo girl isn't. Gaming giant CEO.



takyon98 said:

i sadly agree, if your banks full and your new console goes down hill FAST (not saying the wiiU is its just having a bumby start) you need to post something new.. this goes for all 3 companies..
ways to help

nintendo NEEDS 3rd party
and NEEDS 1st party drop the 3DS and get your donkey to the wiiU

improve the online, its great but it needs to be more user friendly, maybe add voice party chat

(for me)LET ME USE THE HOME MENU WITHOUT IT FREEZING THE GAME i want the game still running like ps3 and 360 do just freeze when i go onto the apps besides the friend app
and last...

drop the price 50 bucks

that is all uwu



takyon98 said:

also get blizzard to make starcraft2 for wiiU like starcraft 64 that would do great things for the gamepads touch features!



GiftedGimp said:

I stopped taking any notice of IGN when they partnered with Microsft, They would get shows put up on xbl and in return they would praise more or less every xbox game ever released, while more or less always putting down the ps3 games.
Admittedly past couple of years they have been a bit more Ps3 freindly.. maybe to coincide with the rise in popularity of Ps3, and the dislike of Microsofts direction taken with the 360 to the point where IGN's e3 coverage saw a bunch of presenters practically ejaculating over Sony's corporate face with regards to the ps4 mean while practically Kicking Microsoft in the proverbial man-bits in regards to Xbone.
The only consistancy with IGN throughout the years is thier total dislike of all things Nintendo.
Having said that no doubt should Nintendo ever be all-the-rage again no doubt thier attitude would change. It what group of fanboys are making the most posts at IGN that dictate IGN's allegiance.



QuickSilver88 said:

I am not tryong to be a hater but the writer of the article is a fool who obviously knows nothing of the history of the industry. The first improper assumption is that the WiiU hardware is so bad or defunct it must be trashed. This before we have even really gotten any honest efforts from Nintendo and their close japanese dev friends like Platnum, Monolith, Sega, Namco, Altus, or Capcom. Lets see two generations of software developed for the U (end of 2014) before we say the hardware is defunct. The next bad assumption is that all Nintendo's problems are related to the hardware. Nintendo needs better and more visible mareting for the U and I think they are working on that with yhinks like the Best Buy demos and Comicon and other convention attendance. Its not all about Tv adverts but they need that as well. Outreach to gamers with exciting ga,es works. Even with new hardware Western 3rd parties will not just jump on Nintnedo. The problem has been systemic. Nintendo gamers usually put their money twoard Nintendo games, 3rd parties give Nintendo platforms weak or limited ports and the cycle continues. If Nintendo just throws out aother x86 game box like the others it would still be looked on as less desirable. Lastly why would you piss on and piss off the 4mil WiiU early supporters and crap on all the devs currently working on U titles hoping for a growing base. Moves like that is why Sega lost all credibilty as a hardware manufacturer themselves. I own all systems and have since the dawn of console gaming. I really like the WiiU. The gamepad is awesome, doing what Nintendo has always done which is innovative controllers. Remember this is the company that gave us the gamepad, the first analogue (n64) the first wireless (wavebird), dual screens, touch on a handheld, motion controls with Wii and now the do everything controller with the WiiU.....It is a dual analogue, touch screen, advanced gyro, dual cameras, mic, speakers and nfc......devs haven't even touched the thing yet. The console hardware is not earth shattering but it is not impotent. Nintendo has admitted it has taken them time internally to get acmlimated which means the dev kits for 3rd parties were likely lacking as well and will improve. Miiverse is very innovative and will soon give us better drawing tools, true inner game integration in Wind Waker and Video clip posting with Mario Kart. Once these faetures get tested in Nintendo titles they will be in the dev kits for others to epmloy. So this article was more bunk by a rank amatuer IMO......Nintendo needs to stay the course and in several years when all their great games have manifested on WiiU we will all look bavk on this bleek year and laugh!



Vincent294 said:

@taffy Exactly. The Wii U is doing bad. You buy consoles for the games. The Wii U can't power the same scale games the PS4 & Xbox One can (it doesn't have to be as good or better than those, but it should compare better than it does). 3rd party devs whose games are too intensive for it can't port them to it even if they want to, & others whose games can run on it usually don't port them to it due to poor sales. The root of the sales issue is the Wii U's sales' dependance on anticipated 1st party games, which aren't out yet or are on my 3DS. As said, anticipated 3rd party games also haven't come out yet, are on another console as well, or won't be coming. That's why I'm not getting a Wii U at the moment: the Wii U-exclusive games I want aren't out yet. For those who criticize me for saying power also matters, it does. It can enable devs to make bigger, better games. Small differences from the competition don't matter, but the Wii U isn't that close. The Wii U can power great games, but 3rd party devs are limited to what they can port, & Nintendo is taking too long to make their games. This leads to a lack of games.
Edit: The gamepad & stuff are also cool, & have lots of potential, but those don't matter as long as there's a lack of games on the system & for that matter, ones that utilize them properly. By the way, I'm not trying to be a hater. I actually like Nintendo & use my 3DS a lot.



NeoZuko said:

No matter how bad the Wii U does, if Mario, Zelda, Metroid, DKC, Pikmin, Mario Kart, Smash Bros. all knock it out of the park, it will be hard for me to ignore the Wii U. I mean it has Back to the Future hover Kart racing in Mario Kart 8!! Great Scott!! Roads?? Where we're going we don't need roads!!



DarkNinja9 said:

i noticed IGN likes to just cause drama and diss on a certain console if its doing bad like the Wii U or xbox one so they cant always be trusted on stuff



darkgamer001 said:

There are multiple holes when you present an argument implying that a new console would be the best strategy, to the point that said argument starts looking like a kitchen sieve.
1. The Wii U is actually a good console as it is, lack of software and marketing is what is hurting it right now, both of which can be tackled.
2. It also implies that lack of third parties are what is hurting the system. They are, but from the N64 onwards Nintendo has relied mostly on first party.
3. What exactly would a more powerful system achieve? More third party support? If power was an issue, why aren't they putting their 360/PS3 games on the Wii U?
4. Brand reliability would take a hit, as many people have already pointed out
5. The 'weakest' hardware often triumphs in hardware sales, and the most expensive ones usually don't. If any system is in trouble right now, I'd say it's the Xbox One.
6. Game development costs are already sky high as they are. When several other companies go bankrupt in pursuit of 'ultra HD' or whatever the so-called 'next gen' visuals are going to be called, maybe people will realize that Nintendo did make the right call. That maybe, you know, getting a game out knowing that it'll need to sell 10 million copies just to break even might not be such a viable strategy after all.

And that's just off the top of my head. I could probably think of more reasons, but I'm pretty sure that will suffice.



AJWolfTill said:

They really don't! Rich George may be a little disheartened with them over the current situation but that's only because he cares. You only have to look to Audrey Drake to see how passionate the team is about Nintendo. Even Greg Miller and some of the more fanboyish members love Nintendo they just don't always give them as much attention as they do Sony and Microsoft.



Fillytase said:

Sourcing IGN... -_- They're worse than Kotaku. They rely on trendy, sensationalist articles to get hits and often run those same stories over and over again, demonstrate blatant bias toward Sony products despite touting themselves as a "multiplatform site," and write horrible reviews. Whenever I'd see a post by them I'd feel like the site thinks their readership is about 5 years old. Oh, and the community is disgustingly bad.



Henmii said:

Maybe It sounds crazy, but I guess we should drink empty the poison chalice!!

Nintendo should never have come with this console, but now that it is there they should stick with it! I bought Darksiders 2 and New Luigi u recently (since they may go out of stock pretty soon) and I will do the same with The Wonderfull 101 and Rayman legends (for the same reason)! But I'll buy the Wii u presumably this winter, when the price goes down (it's imminent) and when sales pick up! But if the new Mario or DK don't sell, then it could be game-over for the Wii u, and thus there won't be a reason anymore to buy a Wii u when that happens. And I would have bought 4 games for nothing!

And what next?! Quickly releasing a very strong console with a proper controller (or a upgraded Wiimote) isn't enough! Their whole mindset has to change! More variety (Metroid, Starfox, F-Zero), very strong graphics, and great Retail third-party support! I don't see it happening on the small term!

Besides it's crisis! Abandoning Wii u and Quickly opting for a stronger device, it won't be good for Nintendo!

Thus I say: Let's empty the cup and in 5 years deliver a STRONG console, please!!!



JaxonH said:

@jayclayx Actually I really can. Handhelds sell more than home consoles now, as evidenced by the DS, the highest selling gaming device of any kind in history, selling well over 150,000,000 units since its launch. And it's not just a fluke. 3DS has become the fastest selling gaming device to reach 30 million units, and is the number one selling gaming device in the world right now. So yes, Vita is more than fair game. And you said Nintendo is giving the Wii U painful support? No, SONY is giving VITA painful support. 2 years and a virtually non-existant lineup indefinitely. Only 2 or 3 games even remotely worth buying all year, and the 1st party support is a joke. That's what I would call painful support. Sony has actually said they're not going to put any resources behind Vita until install base grows (which won't grow until Sony supports Vita, a nice little catch 22). It sucks because I own a Vita, and have nothing to look forward to, this year OR next. Nintendo is actually throwing 100% of it's weight behind Wii U to support it. Nintendo's fall lineup will provide more AAA-worthy games for Wii U in a single season than Vita has accrued in the span of nearly 2 full years. I bought a Wii U day one. So I have personally felt the sting of a half-year drought on the system. But the drought wasn't because "Nintendo is giving painful support", the drought was because the excellent support Nintendo has for the system was still being developed. They weren't NEGLECTING the system, it's just that all the big releases weren't ready for store shelves yet. Yeah it sucks, but it's not the end of the world. All launches are slow, and take a while for the decent games to come. It's been particularly long with Wii U, but people act like other consoles have full lineups just months after release. How short memories are. Once the fall lineup hits, the year one drought will fade into distant memory for Wii U owners. Nintendo has a whole slew of amazing games coming- this fall lineup is THE BIGGEST AND BEST 1st party lineup for one season I've ever witnessed, and I've been gaming since the 8 bit era. But instead of being happy that in addition to NSMBU, Nintendoland, Lego City Undercover and Zombie U exclusives, we'll have Game & Wario, Pikmin 3, New Super Luigi U, Wonderful 101, Zelda Windwaker HD, Sonic Lost World, Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze, and Mario 3D World (along with Wii Fit U and Wii Party U)- instead of rejoicing for these excellent games that will keep us occupied for many many months to come, people want to complain and complain. It seems that's all gaming fans are good at nowadays- never happy, no matter how many awesome games are released. My goodness, if you add up all the 1st party games that will have released for Wii U in just its first year, the span of games is actually really impressive. ESPECIALLY considering it will be achieved despite a 6 month drought. Idk, I couldn't be more impressed by Nintendo's lineup right now, and when you consider that all these games are just year 1 games, and there's still another 5 or 6 years worth of games coming, years where there WON'T be any droughts, it boggles the mind. I'm gonna be playing my Wii U so much they might as well strap the gamepad to me permanently!



Whack-a-noob said:

@dumedum It surely doesn't help anything when Amazon lists Wii U at a price ABOVE Nintendo's MSRP! Can you say "manipulate market and discourage sales"?



Relias said:

Now let me tell you why these people are not very bright.. first off.. if after 1 year.. Nintendo releases a new console this will displease everyone.. Nintendo needs to make it's case with this console.. because none of these 3.6 million is going to go out after 1 year and buy another Nintendo system for 300 dollars or more..

2. Even if they did Nintendo will never actually compete on the power front.. Nintendo tried.. and for the most part got ignored with it's Gamecube.. Nintendo has learned their lesson.. they are not going to go out and make the most powerful system.. they will only make a powerful enough system.. this means that Nintendo has to depend on new game play experiences for their consoles.. (Such as Motion Control and Gamepad)...

3. Even if they did.. they would be in no better a position then they currently are.. third parties will continue giving them poor ports.. or incomplete games.. and fans will use this as a reason not to buy said games.. third parties will use this as a excuse to not support them.. and they will just wind up right back where they are.. at least with the Wii U they have games coming that can improve the systems being sold.. on a new system they would also have to go back into development.. for new games.. and it will take them some time to work on them.. and you may get another poor launch because of it..

4. And this is the kicker.. (at least in my area) Nintendo does not get treated on equal grounds with their competitors by retailers... The XBOX and PS2 had places you could actually get on and play them in the store.. (Displays) Gamecube did not... GBA did not... DS never did.. nor did the 3DS.. but PSP did.. PSVita does.. 360 does, PS3 does, Wii U and Wii does not... but they already have a display ready for PS4 and XBOX One just waiting for the system to be hooked up.. retailers go out of their way to sell you a Sony or Microsoft product.. they seem to just stock and hope the Nintendo products will magically move themselves..

So in the end.. this would ultimately just be a failure for Nintendo on two fronts.. and damage their already fragile faith that the consumer has with the company



Henmii said:


About point 4: Here in my local store you can play on a 3DS! And I remember the Warioware touched demo's you could play in a store!

But you never could try the Wii, because Nintendo was afraid people would steal the Wiimote! And that's probably also the reason why there aren't that many Wii u stands. Well I heard there are some stands around, but they are only for watching!

Nintendo should be far more aggresive! Bring playable stands to every shop!



GreatPlayer said:

There are lots of potential for the gamepad. How about the remastered version of Fatal Frame 4 (which was popular in Japan but was never released in the US)? It will be fun to play Fatal Frame (now partially owned by Nintendo) with the gamepad. I hope that the big N people think the same way.

Nintendo should garner Sega's support for more games - re-release of Shinmu, Skies of Acadia, Phantasy Star? I really miss Sonic Advance games, but they never come to the Virtual Console. Where is Shining Force 3 - Episode II and III, which were never released in the West? Shining Force 3 was also highly acclaimed in Japan.

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