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Sat 11th May 2013

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Mattstewto commented on Leaked Ubisoft Games Confirmed, but Skipping N...:

I don't see the big deal with this report. I do hate people claiming that GTA V would save the wiiu because let's face it GTA V would not noticably boost console sales. Why would someone pay $360 to play a gimped port when they could pay $60 and play it on a system they already have. Plus it would run better and have more features.



Mattstewto commented on Satoru Iwata Refutes Claim That Nintendo Is "S...:

Is Nintendo even selling the wii u at a loss any more? There was an article stating that the wii u was profitable with one game sold per console. Right now vgchartz (yes I know there data is slow) has the wii u at 3.21mil consoles sold with 7.79 games sold so that's 2.4 games per console plus that doesn't include digital sells.



Mattstewto commented on Nintendo to Bring "Brand-New Types of Games" t...:

@Pierceton I've been saying star fox needs to be matured and not in the m rated way. After all he is a mercenary. Could you imagine picking a side to fight for and then dealing with the consequences for choosing that side. I think it could make for a really good game if they went that route.



Mattstewto commented on EA Outlines Its Reasons for Lack of Wii U Support:

@Tasuki I agree their marketing is nonexistent but they don't really have any first party/exclusives to advertise and when they had lego city and monster hunter they still did nothing to really advertise those games. The way Nintendo has handled the wii u launch has been mind boggling.



Mattstewto commented on Iwata: We Are To Blame For Poor Wii U Sales:

Yes advertising is the number one problem but it's hard to when they don't have many first party titles out for it. At least they admit they are at fault unlike the third party developers who blame everybody else but them selfs.



Mattstewto commented on Consumers Go Crazy For Wii U Following Xbox On...:

@G3ry actually Microsofts first party games out sell Sonys. In the top 100 Xbox games 21 were first party and they sold over 100 mil copy's. the ps3 had 21 first party games out of the top 100 best selling ps3 games. They sold less than 66 mil that's not even 1 per a consol.