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Wed 10th Apr 2013

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duality commented on Bravely Default: For the Sequel Confirmed for ...:

Really hoping that we get this and not just the original. Going to pretty annoyed if this ends up like Kingdom Hearts and that which does a Final Mix and only releases it in Japan and maaaybe NA without caring about Europe/Australia -_-



duality commented on The Wonderful 101 Struggles In Its First Week ...:

Two points I think which would have made this sell a lot better.
a) Better Marketing was needed for the game by far I'd say
b) While it may sound silly - a Bigger shipment, 30 000 sounds ridiculously small to me, most stores probably didn't even have a copy at all which means unless people were willing to travel to a place which did they probably just decided not to get it.

I bought the game here in Aus and I'm loving it but the EB (not my local) I went to had one copy when I bought it, no idea how many they got to start with but my local only got sent enough for preorders - not enough to even put out a display copy (not that they had any instore advertisement besides a single Wii U poster which had the release date for it and several other games) and the guy there said that the main EB in the City Myer Centre itself only got 2 copies.



duality commented on IGN Editor: If Wii U Doesn't Pick Up, Nintendo...:

fair enough; I was just going off what was in Keza's Article here where she says 5 billion cash and about the same in bonds.

Hell if they have more than that they're in an even better position. Nintendo's problems can be solved rather easily using one simple solution - expand.

This is an industry which has very little problems with diminishing returns when your willing to have all those people work primarily on small to medium style projects instead of throwing 600 people onto one title cough*UBISOFT*cough.



duality commented on IGN Editor: If Wii U Doesn't Pick Up, Nintendo...:

I really don't understand why so many people think that this is the death knell of Nintendo or that they need to drop the Wii U and either release something else in a couple years time or just release some sort of console/handheld hybrid (one awesome way to throw money into a hole fast)

As gamers we're still going to get awesome Nintendo games and we're going to tend to get a fair amount of them (X, Kart, Mario World, DKTF, SSB, SMTxFE, W101, Bayo2, YY, WWHD, Zelda HD, new entries in the Wii series etc etc) Hell we're going to get a lot more than just the ones I've mentioned - when the games get here everything - as a Nintendo gamer - will be fine. Maybe not the amount of 3rd party stuff we'd all like but I think it's time that Nintendo gave up chasing the AAA multiplatform devs, if they can support the system themselves with enough titles throughout the year (they can't atm but that's honestly what they should be looking to be able to do in the future as i say a bit more below).

As a Business: Nintendo is still fine - yes Wii U isn't selling like we want and it, sadly, most likely won't for several years if ever.

BUT IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE AN 80 MILLION CONSOLE SUCCESS - it can still be a 30 million success. All it has to do is be PROFITABLE, which by the end of the year it will. As Keza says Nintendo has 5 BILLION in CASH not to mention about the same amount in short term investment funds; As a business Nintendo is in no danger.

In my Opinion Nintendo has screwed up and wasted the last several years in not being ready for HD development and expanding to the degree that they should have - thus this generation for them as a company is going to have to be a write-off profit wise. By this I mean they need to buy Atlus and two or three other developers whilst expanding their existing internal studios (other option is also to open two or three more studios in the west and have them work on FPS, sports, racing - expand Nintendo's ability beyond what it is atm essentially). Essentially the Wii U and 3ds only have to be profitable enough for the business to achieve this or to off-set the majority of the costs until the next gen in 5 or 6 years time.

TL:DR Cool your jets people both the company and the system are perfectly fine.



duality commented on Investor Approval Rating For Satoru Iwata Drop...:

@xKing_Koopahx because it would be way to bloody expensive honestly. they'd need to use a loss-leader strategy and that's the reason why sony burned through all their ps2 and ps1 profit this generation as they slowly made the ps3 cheaper. While Nintendo MIGHT have the money to do something like this its extremely high risk especially since they would only have the 3ds to offset those losses



duality commented on Investor Approval Rating For Satoru Iwata Drop...:

I do believe that he can turn it around but i'm starting to think that it won't be this year. Personally I think Nintendo will be forced to do over the next couple of years what they should have been doing in the last couple and that's mainly expand rather intensively and perhaps look at buying some studios - It may shoot their profitability in the short term if they do BUT if they're smart about it and buy ATLUS for instance and perhaps a western developer or two for fps/tps and/or some of their old sports games (wave racer, 1080, FZERO etc) they'd be able to really beef out their portfolio with more genres that they aren't as good at making at the moment - it would also mean more games in general being made for their systems in general which i think many of us can agree on - can't be trusted to come from 3rd parties at the moment

I honestly believe that by the end of this generation they need to be able to honestly turn around and be able to carry their next console solely by themselves and i'm talking the next six months style of console releases on the wii u constantly.

This constant talk of going third party however needs to stop and i think that beefing up their internal development to the state of being able to rely solely on themselves is what they need to be aiming at.



duality commented on Pachter: Price Cut Unlikely To Help Wii U With...:

Wow. I can really see why this guy is a highly respected analysts (as far as other commentators believe) I mean its not like every Nintendo fan and the company itself have not been saying the exact same thing for the last several months.

Does he really think that Nintendo doesn't know this? That it might be a shock to them? we all know this, we all know the solution (GAMES!!! = O) and we all know they're coming. Can we move on from this now?

Oh and he also says that these consoles will be the cheapest ever released... Sure, If Sony and Microsoft both want to take $200 to $300 losses again on each console, should be really sustainable, I mean the ps3 was right? /sarcasm



duality commented on New 3DS Nintendo Direct to Broadcast on 17th A...:

As long as this is not an hour or so (or even longer of service, miiverse and general update stuff. We want release dates damn it; Aus release dates especially if I can get them.

Actually guys what are the chances of this being the long rumoured 3rd party Direct?



duality commented on Luigi's Mansion 2 Refuses to Get Scared Out of...:

2 Things.

1) Apparently Luigi's Mansion's already sold over a million copies world wide (Vgchartz so take it with a grain of salt if you wish)

2) NoE just announced a 3ds Nintendo Direct for the 17th, and confirmed by NoA apparently.