Soul singer

Soul Saga: Episode I developer Mike Gale has been dropping some more details on the forthcoming J-RPG-style Wii U eShop title, and it sounds like he's got some cool ideas for the console's unique controller.

Speaking to Cubed3, Gale discussed how the GamePad would be used:

I am planning to put the player's cell phone on it. The player will have a smart phone in a steam punk-esque design. You'll get e-mails and messages from your Guild Members and friends around the world, and all that will be right there. So as your'e exploring your GamePad might start ringing and you can answer it. I also want to put the radar and altimeter of the airship on there as well.

With so many developers choosing to ignore the potential of the GamePad controller, it's refreshing to hear Gale's plans for Soul Saga. We've clearly not seen all the GamePad is capable of.

In the same interview Gale also reveals that a 3DS version could be on the cards — but only once he's finished all of the other editions currently in development.