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Wed 15th May 2013

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Whack-a-noob commented on Ubisoft Forecasts "Conservative" Sales Targets...:

Anxious to give Watchdogs a shot. So far I've been pleased with the quality of Ubisoft's offerings. They did a relatively decent job with their first implementation of the GamePad on ZombiU so I'm curious to see if they take that any further with Watchdogs.



Whack-a-noob commented on Wii U GamePad Teardown Reveals Upgradeable Fir...:

Of course this also leads to the potential for alternative GamePads. Third party devs occasionally lead to technologically superior products.

Or better still, consider for example an app that gives you the ability to use your iPad or Galaxy Note as a Wii U controller.

Interesting development. I'm not sure how to anticipate the impact this will have in the future, but I assure you it WILL have an impact.



Whack-a-noob commented on Hands On: Running Scared in Resident Evil Reve...:

Played the demo tonight. Meh. Graphics reminded me of RE on my PS2. Poor rendering. The screen shots above must have been taken from the cut scenes 'cause the gameplay graphics aren't nearly as elegant. Particularly inhibiting when viewing the map. Implement a 3-dimensional map, then make it so low-res that it's nearly useless?

Controls are just a bit worse than horrid. No Wiimote control... "because the Gamepad is Nintendo's NOW controller; Wiimote is so 10 minutes ago". Ok, I can accept that logic, so USE THE FREAKIN' CAPABILITIES OF THE GAMEPAD THEN! Don't force me to use the thing then basically implement it as a two pound DA controller. It's got motion control capability, we know the game has had support for motion control on the 3DS platform, so take advantage of the advanced capabilities of the Gamepad! No, this one is a "pass" for me.

One day developers will realize the full potential of the U's power and Gamepad's unique set of features. Hopefully it won't be too late...