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Tue 11th Dec 2012

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rambosdad commented on Talking Point: The Wii U May Be Playing Catch-...:

Here's the plan.
Sit with the system for a couple of years. Get your head round HD development. Produce a system with superior grunt. Keep the game pad relevant because A:-It rocks and B:-It will provide an option to keep the price down during the hard times.
Nintendo need to continue because diversity is the spice of life (long term).
Nintendo need to fight on now because because adversity is the mother of invention.
This may prove to be a lean time as regards profits, but it my be a golden age as regard innovation and invention. 'Shine on you crazy diamond.'



rambosdad commented on IGN Editor: If Wii U Doesn't Pick Up, Nintendo...:

I don't generally post, but blimey this is driving me nuts. It needs to be conceded that the Wii U hasn't set itself up to challenge the other two incoming consoles. If anything (as ever) a different, slightly more Zen like path is being forged. I'm hoping that path will include lots of indie developers, as would seem to be the case so far. The indies have a better understanding of Nintendo's Id than many of the mainstream software house. What we will hopefully end up with is the indie band of the console market. Slightly underground and all the better loved for it. It seems to me that Sony and Microsoft have created consoles geared almost entirely towards insanely epic, flagpole games. The question is how many developers are going to be able to keep churning out games of the scale and quality that the public are being given a appetite for. Especially when considering how many software houses seem to be on the ropes at the moments anyway. In my humble and seldom aired opinion Nintendo might have struck a balance that the others may have failed to foresee,



rambosdad commented on Nintendo Reveals When Wii Party U And Wii Fit ...:

Ya know what, back in the day you had to pay actual money for each and every go on all the decent games. It was called the arcade and it involved leaving the house, social interaction and generally having a source of income to finance the pass time (generally either a job or mugging). The elitism that has infected the lions share of the gaming community as regards their chosen weapons has become ridiculous. First and foremost might I suggest a little more worldly experience before we all start judging the lifestyles and motivations of our peers. I'm not understanding this casual gamer tag that's banded about so regularly. Spending £300 on a console, £100 on a balancer board and whatever else on leg warmers and spandex don't seem like particularly casual decisions to me. The nepotism inherent within the gaming communities might not quite be racism, but I tell you what, it's motivations are not so far away. Just because you don't refuse to play anything but imported JRPG's doesn't make you a lock in who doesn't know their RAM from their ROM.



rambosdad commented on Guys, This Is How You Make A Live-Action Zelda...:

This is the realisation of somebody else's vision. You ain't ever gonna please everyone. But the production values were exceptional and they should be applauded for their efforts. Keep pushing peeps there be talent there.



rambosdad commented on Runner 2 Patch Now Available To Download:

Please release this in Europe, my smallest one has been waiting for nearly a year. I'm stuck in a eternal Christmas eve. I have to pretend to be runner on the phone sometimes to appease him that I will be coming one day soon (runner has a comedy Scottish accent.)



rambosdad commented on Aliens: Colonial Marines Seems To Have Been Ab...:

Here's the thing. We all might want a Porsche, but you know what, lots of us settle for a people carrier.And generally we're pretty happy with them. We may glance enviously at the occasional super car but in general not only can we not afford them, but they are in no way suited to everyday life. The Wii U is a people carrier, it may not growl and flex it pixilated muscles all day, but it will accommodate a complex multipurpose living space. No other console or handheld is currently capable of delivering such quality entertainment in this way. The sooner Nintendo realize this and start articulating it to the consumer the sooner we can all stop being slaves to specs and texture pacs. I for one don't want to be holed up a darkend room on my own to much, but I do have a fair plethora of soap operas to escape.



rambosdad commented on Talking Point: Wii U's Graphical Grunt is Laid...:

Mclaren F1 or Mustang? If I were a kid I know what I'd have, but back then I lacked class and couldn't afford either. These days I have to share the living space with others, but with that responsibility comes disposable income. Oh look a WII U. Powerfull, practical and cool. And I can afford a few high end games when they come out, sit tight people, we may not blow you away but softly, softly catchie monkey me thinks.



rambosdad commented on Balloon Fight On Wii U Reportedly Running At 5...:

Dear mother of God, it ain't high art people, it's a bit of nostalgia. And good fun to boot. Hows about just enjoying something for what it is for once. It aint like everyones killing it at 50hz is it, or is that just me?



rambosdad commented on Wii U Review Score Average Is Modest, At Best:

Had to be at work for 5am. Sat up till 1 am last night playing co-op on metroid blast. Lots of negativity around, but for me it's the most I've felt like a twelve year old since I was a twelve year old.