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I'm a teen who likes to play games

Male, 16, United States

I'm a high school student who likes to play video games & listen to music. I play games on the Xbox 360, 3DS, & PC. My favorite games are Minecraft, Halo 3, FE Awakening, & Xenoblade. With music, I primarily listen to Alt Rock, Electronica, & Underground Hip-Hop.

Fri 6th January, 2012

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Vincent294 commented on 3DS System Update 9.0.0-20 Is Now Live with Ho...:

Here's hoping they can let you link your NNID to your friend code soon. They add themes but still haven't gotten the basic friend & messaging capabilities to host a round of online multiplayer without other means of communication. Still, I love that new UI. Looks far more contemporary.



Vincent294 commented on Weirdness: Earthbound Designer Shigesato Itoi ...:

The internet...while I'm still a bit skeptical of the radiation levels in Fukushima (Time had an article about the power plant and the stigma and fear about the area that remains), the backlash he received for innocently trying to help people make a living there is pathetic.



Vincent294 commented on Resident Evil Revelations 2 Assets Spotted:

I would love for this to be on the 3DS. Skipping the Wii U is understandable, despite its ideal controller the sales would make it financially unviable. Regardless, give me some actual horror, I've been waiting for a good RE on my Xbox besides what I have on my 3DS.



Vincent294 commented on Nintendo Open To Minecraft on Wii U and 3DS, a...:

@Kifa Exactly, though Wii U actually has 4 times the RAM of the Xbox 360 for games. 3DS has a bit less than half the RAM of the PS3 available to games, so I could imagine it running with 256 X 256 worlds. It also supposedly has a co-processor as well as the dual core CPU, not that that counts for much. No matter what though, one thing is certain and that's that only high-end tablets & the Vita can power a fully-fledged Minecraft experience on the go. I have hopes that a port can be done, and if it was decent and cheap I'd buy it.



Vincent294 commented on Philips Secures Wii Patent Victory Over Ninten...:

@Yorumi So much intelligence in that statement. I bet Philips is on its last legs and willing to do anything to survive at this point.
EDIT: So they are doing okay. Well, still doesn't change the fact that their patents came second and the tech is notably different. I find it ironic how big patent trolling has become. Suing for something vaguely similar for a quick buck and attempt at a monopoly. Pathetic.



Vincent294 commented on Activision Enlists Kevin Spacey To Sell Call O...:

@Caryslan I know. CoD is overrated, but it's so annoying when you're hated just for not hating it. I guess there's always hipsters who deviate from the mainstream just to be counter-culture as opposed to having a reason. There's not liking CoD, which is perfectly fine, and then there's hating those that don't hate it. It's the latter that annoys me.



Vincent294 commented on Cult County Kickstarter Ends Without Success, ...:

They could skip PS3 and rely on Playstation Now, but I assume at this point they've already crafted the engine for the game. Believe me, if it was just episode 1 & they asked for less on the Kickstarter goal I would've donated. Here's hoping it's resurrected as episode 1. Then I'd donate.



Vincent294 commented on North American Wii U Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Set B...:

While tempting, you have to go at least $100 below PS4. At least considering that they don't even have universal accounts set up yet. Nintendo is really losing touch with gamers. At least MK8, X, and a few other games are good. Miiverse is also cool, but the fact they can't nail the basics is just sad. Nice that you get 2 games and an old Wii remote if you lacked it already though.



Vincent294 commented on GameStop Plans to Close Around 120 Stores in t...:

@fortius54 Yup. I had a bad experience a long time ago, but they're a lot better now in my area at least. For those unfamiliar, not everyone of them is run by a manager that bends over to corporate greed. There's a couple small game stores by me that specialize in used games, but if I'm going for a big new game, then I'll get it at GameStop. I hate cynics that clamor for extreme abrupt actions, like closing down all GameStop stores. Do you put much thought into it from all sides, like what of the employees or if all locations are evil? Heck, even Zynga closing would be bad, with all the inevitable job losses in this day and age of execs laying off their workforce for a cash bonus.



Vincent294 commented on Interview: Renegade Kid Discusses Its Cult Cou...:

I wish it came to the 3DS, 60 FPS means little to me, and I wouldn't mind it rough around the edges, but I can get it on my PC. I do suppose there's Ironfall. Hopefully that turns out good. Shovel Knight'll keep me busy as well. That's for sure.



Vincent294 commented on Nintendo Has "Lost Its Way" But Should Never B...:

@marnelljm You have a good grasp on this. Better than fanoyish praise. The Wii U isn't bad, but slow dev time for games & a non-integrated network service are big flaws in Nintendo's strategy. Better to tell Nintendo how they can improve and what they need to continue doing right than saying everything is awesome.



Vincent294 commented on Wii U Lifetime Sales in Japan Overtake the Xbo...:

Good to hear, but I feel this was a attempt to garner fanboyism. Can you guys please be less biased. Let's face it, Nintendo is in a rut, what does it take for them to get out and have Gamecube-like success? I'd say unified network accounts on Wii U & 3DS (full implementation) & more games (3rd party support as well).



Vincent294 commented on Review: AeternoBlade (3DS eShop):

Shame. Demo was decent, but glitchy. And while graphics aren't everything, they seemed to indicate they weren't too interested in getting much out of the 3DS. The gameplay concepts were good, and the protagonist had good lines, but the game predictably was a bit botched. Maybe these guys can get things right next time.



Vincent294 commented on Talking Point: The Watch_Dogs Wii U Delay Demo...:

@hylianhalcyon Exactly. Nintendo needs to get it together, which they are now just starting to do. I'm sick of how fanboyish some sites can be, and this site is starting to take that direction. Wii U is a good niche system from what I've heard, but even Ubisoft can only afford to be so kind. Watchdogs probably won't be that last 3rd party game to grace Wii U, but it will certainly be the beginning of even less support. I wish NLife made an article about how Nintendo can make a comeback instead of sensationalist or we'll be okay articles. Niche stuff is nice and all, but can we get a better network experience on 3DS? Can Nintendo pay Rockstar Games to port GTA V with Yoshi, mushroom hallucinations, and a bunch of funny exclusive stuff? A few things like this could persuade people to buy a Wii U. 2014, X still isn't here, network accounts aren't finished, slow download speeds, no advertisement, etc. Better late than never, so hopefully Nintendo gets back on it. Iwata's a capable guy, after all.