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Sun 3rd Oct 2010

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bahooney commented on Crazy EarthBound Fans Open EarthBound-themed M...:

Hey, Tim Latshaw. Just so you know, calling these fans crazy and insane is super offensive. EarthBound/MOTHER is known to be quirky in it's own right, and has went off to become the very definition of a cult classic. It's worked it's way into the mannerisms of many a fan, simply because of how charming and truly one-of-a-kind this gem is.

These fans are passionate, and continue to do more for the franchise and it's beloved following than Nintendo ever has. To write them off as "crazy" or "insane" really comes off as a downer to something that is actually quite touching.

I for one am looking forward to this release; it may become the first kickstarter I ever back.

That said, I'm sure you meant well but for other, less-impressionable minds (or even for the sake of those who created this project!) you might want to re-think the name-calling.



bahooney commented on Heracross and Pinsir Distribution for Pokémon...:

@Caryslan Gee, maybe because it's really cool to have exclusivity for this type of thing? They're already distributing the mons via wi-fi. This method is a really cool throwback to the Game Boy days where only kids that went to events could get elusive rarities.



bahooney commented on Ultra Rare Ocarina of Time Prototype Reportedl...:

You guys really don't get it. Like, I understand that 100 g's is a huuuge asking price for this, but if it's legit and there's seriously only one in the world, you can totally bet that there is going to be a hardcore prototype collector that would have a field day with this item.

It's not about being able to get the debug ROM off the internet. It's not about how many NES games you could buy instead of buying this. It's not about the actual game itself. It's the fact that it's a prototype that, allegedly, is the only one in existence.

I mean, your guys' logic is like, "Oh, why would I want the only copy of the handwritten lyrics to 'I Want to Hold Your Hand' by the Beatles when I could just print it off"

Sigh... hope this goes to a worthy home.



bahooney commented on Australian Classification Board Rates Xtreme S...:

Wow, day one purchase for me. Had this cart back in the early 2000's but somebody stole my copy. For anyone who hasn't played it, it's a truly wonderful game! It's an RPG-like experience with sports minigames ranging from roller blading, skateboarding, surfboarding, and more! All over a huge island acting as the hub world. Superb sound, lovely graphics... look up some gameplay footage! If you like Mario Tennis on GBC you'll probably go for this too!



bahooney commented on Nintendo Direct: Nintendo Shows Off The Peculi...:

WHAT?! I had no idea it would be localized so quickly! I just got goosebumps all over my body. Nintendo's taking a huge leap of faith by bringing this title over, I'm so appreciative that they are! Having played the original, we're all in for a spectacular treat.



bahooney commented on Adventure Thru 8-Bit Land is Another Wii U eSh...:

One of my biggest pet peeves is when devs/fans/whatevs call something "8-bit" solely based on it being pixelated. There's a clear cut definition for 8-bit, and I can tell from this header that it doesn't quite cut the mustard.



bahooney commented on Feature: 10 Nintendo DS Games We Want To See O...:

Personally the updated, enhanced port Super Mario 64 DS would be a day-one purchase for me. Loved the heck out of that game. Soooo much was added to it.

Ahh... the days of Nintendo old when they added so much girth to their re-releases...



bahooney commented on SNES Inspired 'Super World Karts GP' Adds Wii ...:

@flamepanther I'd agree with you if it weren't for Nintendo supporting Unity; y'know, the method where all developers have to do is plop their game on the Wii U with a few tweaks? Obviously it's not as simple as that, but it sure as heck makes it a lot easier to port indie games to the Wii U, which is why it's so attractive to indies as of late.



bahooney commented on SNES Inspired 'Super World Karts GP' Adds Wii ...:

Can I just say that it's incredibly frustrating to see all these games add /stretch-goals/ for the Wii U when it was probably Nintendo who started their spark to get into video game design? "Oh, maybe we should /probably/ add the Wii U... but we don't really want to develop for it... Ah! Let's make it a /stretch-goal!/"

Especially games like this, that are so clearly derivative of Nintendo's work. It's like, show a little respect, guys...



bahooney commented on Nintendo Download: 12th December (Europe):

The only thing I'm wondering is why in the heck would Nintendo make a huge deal about someday releasing Super Mario Bros. 3 on the VC and announce it prematurely (a la Urfbound), yet one of the most illustrious adventures of our time is uploaded (the week after it's sequel is released) nonchalantly. I will never understand Nintendo.

But I will be thankful that ALttP is on the VC. :333333



bahooney commented on Review: Jett Rocket II - The Wrath of Taikai (...:

Totally disagree on your review. I found the 2D portions to be an annoying disturbance in my need for more 3D levels! The 3D levels, while open and fairly easy, were incredibly fun to explore and gave me a Super Mario 3D Land vibe.

I think a 7/10 is about right.



bahooney commented on Rating For NES Remix Issued By Australian Clas...:

I am so freaking tired of NES games. Seriously, Nintendo. We get it. They're 8 bit games. They used to be really freaking good. You have so much more history to put on the VC and offer "remixes" for. This is not what we want.



bahooney commented on Review: Clu Clu Land (Wii U eShop / NES):

Never understood the hate for this game. The controls aren't actually difficult once you can wrap your head around the fact that you're moving the character's arms to change your trajectory, not it's body.

It's really fun! Don't listen to this guy! And I don't even have nostalgia for this game since this is my first time playing!



bahooney commented on Nintendo Download: 26th September (Europe):

I'm so, so so, sooo, so tired of NES games getting the red carpet treatment. It's just overkill at this point. Where's our update for N64 games? Where's more SNES games? Where's all the games that Japan has gotten on the VC that came out in English as well? Criminey...



bahooney commented on Out Today: The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker...:

Ever since moving out of my parents house, money's been super super tight... I had to save up all summer for GTA V. I'm beyond appreciative that my dad pre-ordered this for me- without even asking! I'm super lucky... was so worried I couldn't play my favorite Zelda game on my Wii U. I'm so excited!!



bahooney commented on Bethesda: The Time For Convincing Publishers A...:

It takes a lot for me to like a third-party franchise. The reason I like Nintendo is because they don't go for realism in any way. There's no grit. It's all fantasy, and I love it. I've played all the way through to the end of Fallout 3, and it gave me some great memories, but at the end of the day, nothing a third-party franchise has given me has ever come close to the joy and pure wonder that any Nintendo franchise has.

I look at my top list of games, and they're all first-party Nintendo titles or second-party titles (a la Banjo-Kazooie, other Rareware games). I couldn't care less if another shooting game falls into my gaming collection, because I know I'll only play through it once and I'll either resell it or never come back to it again. What's the point?



bahooney commented on Hardware Review: N64 Hori Mini Pad:

I've been ogling these bad boys for some three years now. For the price, there will always be something I'll want instead... I really hope that I'll receive one as a gift, I love the design.