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Nintendo Was Dead To Us Very Quickly, States EA Source

Posted by Damien McFerran

"We don't really make games for kids"

When Nintendo announced the Wii U, one of the first publishers to pledge its allegiance was EA, which promised "unprecedented" support for the new console. That quickly dissolved to nothing, with EA's only contributions coming in the first months of the Wii U's lifespan. It has — for the time being, at least — abandoned the system entirely.

Speaking to CVG, an EA source has revealed that the company's relationship with Nintendo was soured very early on:

Nintendo was dead to us very quickly. It became a kids IP platform and we don't really make games for kids. That was pretty true across the other labels too. Even the Mass Effect title on Wii U, which was a solid effort, could never do big business, and EA like Activision is only focused on games that can be big franchises.

So why was EA so vocal about the console prior to release? Was it just hedging its bets and expecting another Wii-style success, and therefore wanting to be on-board even though it doesn't make "kids games"? What do you think? Share your opinion with a comment below.


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Boyoshi said:

EA Liars. Meh who cares anyway, these were the geniuses who made the new sim city, they cant be that great.



johndevine said:

The feeling is mutual EA. I don't really think there are too many real Nintendo fans worried about your departure.

Mass Effect 3 was a slap in the face, when other consoles were all receiving Mass Effect Trilogy at the same time.

And it wasn't a solid effort. It didn't run as well as the PS3/Xbox versions.

No love lost.



naut said:

"It became a kids IP platform and we don't really make games for kids."




SilentHunter382 said:

Personally I think its best that EA says nothing at all about the Wii U.

They keep making excuses about not bring games to the Wii U but when the time comes when they see the install base rise they will only look like idiots when they do start bring games over.

If they say nothing at all or at most say: "The install base is not large enough for use to make a profit by bring games over to the system. If the install base increase then we will start bring games to the system."



Sean_Aaron said:

I'm sorry but that is the stupidest thing I've read from these guys yet. You release an optical disc-only product as a standalone part 3 of a franchise with no other entries on it at the same time as you have the full trilogy releasing on multiple platforms - OF COURSE that's going to fail. It's like Dead Space Extraction with zero marketing push all over again!

Implicit here is that you cannot make big money on "kids games" - well Mario Kart and the Mario franchise say hello! Just because you work for a creatively bankrupt company that cannot come up with a family-friendly title that realises big profits (not having a Hollywood movie budget helps - hint, hint) doesn't mean there's no market for it. Let's also remember this is the company that owns Popcap - did Peggle just get re-rated for language and violence overnight?



KevTastic84 said:

When that EA SPORTS, ITS IN THE GAME intro came onto my snes. I thought they were the coolest guys ever. Now they're just arrogant suckers who apart from FIFA, make below par sports sims and action games i care nothing for.



LordJumpMad said:

Aww, EA no one can stay mad at you, your so cute~
This is Nintendo's fault, you can't make good games on a bad console.



GraveLordXD said:

I just lost brain cells reading this and whomever at EA said this is beyond stupid. Its funny I didn't know the crap they put out every year (madden) is an adult thing I guess kids aren't suppose to play that? That's a new one. EA makes games for foolish people no offense to anyone but its how I see it



Neytz said:

LOL. Yeah Nintendo has games for everyone, games younger kids will surely love and those big franchises from EA wouldn't be that big if kids weren't playing them. Never am I giving money to a firm with employees that come up with this stuff.



edhe said:

Another anonymous source. Don't know whether to trust it or not, but I'd give them the benefit of the doubt. It sounds like the pathetic excuse EA would make.

Also, this quote was a two paragraph extract from a much larger article about how Nintendo should re-invent itself. If that should form the basis for an article in it's own right, well I'm flabbergasted.



bouncer0304 said:

Um, correct me if i'm wrong, but wasn't "my sims" going down that route? Have to admit i really enjoyed some of those games but that's EA for you. Problem is, once the Wii U shows a good recovery, it'll want to come back. Hopefully Nintendo will tell them where to go!
Truthfully, i'm not interested in hardly any EA games so that suits me just fine.



ocarinaoftime said:

Another site says supposed ea sourse... u all say it was ea..but i get it...its a wii u hate article so u post it..everyone knows here at nintendo hate u post only bad news about nintendo..u all are like eveyone eles bandwagon jurnalist..if it not popuar u dont give it a chance...i bet u all are the same way with sports teams..i know ill get the same email responce from u all...we just posting someone eles thought its not ours and blah blah about sayin yourin own about gettin off that bandwagon...



Fazermint said:

EA is such a lame company. Don't disrespect Nintendo because they make family-friendly games. EA sounds like a teenage boy trying to show everyone that he's manly. HURR DURR, WE DON'T MAKE GAMES WITHOUT OVEREMPHASIZED VIOLENCE, BECAUSE WE'RE COOL LIKE THAT. AM I RIGHT, SINGLE GUYS IN YOUR 20S AND 30S?
It's funny how, to me at least, "mature" games seem to be meant for this kind of immature gamer. At least that's how EA projects it.



Humphries90 said:

I can't remember the last time I bought an EA game.

Anyways, I doubt it has anything to do with Nintendo "being for kids". It's all about the money. If the WiiU was riding high in the sales, they'd sure as hell be developing for it.



tysonfury said:

I sincerely doubt the veracity of this source, in other words, this sounds like a stinking made-up lie. A massive company like EA would never make a sweeping statement like this.

I'm suspecting PS4/Xbone trolls for this one...



Goginho said:

@tysonfury Yeah, could be. Could be a made-up, hate-fueling comment, to spark some conflict and what not. In a business like this, you gotta stay diplomatic, and their comment is downright insulting, so it does make you question the validity.



FullbringIchigo said:

in other words Nintendo wouldn't get down on their knees and kiss their feet so they threw a hissy fit and are ignoring them like a spoilt little kid



Rafie said:

@tysonfury So once again it's a conspiracy against Nintendo plotted by Sony and Microsoft fans right?! -_- Please stop. It makes Nintendo fans look desperate. The evidence of EA's support is well documented since the birth of the Wii U. They haven't released anything else on the Wii U since Need for Speed, Madden, and Mass Effect. This isn't a plot from Sony and Microsoft!



Nintenjoe64 said:

Sounds to me like CVG were running really low on internet hits but EA not liking Nintendo is hardly news either!

EA would be idiotic if they let this many devs and execs trash a console and their own fanbase, although I doubt anyone important at EA would say this to any journalist. It is probably just a lackey from the HR department desperate for attention from a gaming mag so he shows his EA office ID and suddenly becomes 'an EA source'.

EA have one of the most child-friendly catalogs of games and they've just got a deal with Disney to make Disney games! Why would anyone except maybe a teenager who thinks he is too mature for Mario think that EA didn't make games for children?



TreonsRealm said:

Oh come on EA, just admit that you are royally butthurt that Nintendo turned down your garbage Origin system for the Wii U online service and you want to get back at them (I am soo thankful Nintendo didn't use Origin)! Every statement EA makes for not supporting Nintendo just comes off as a pitiful excuse. The Wii was one of Nintendo's most "kiddie" systems and EA supported it with a ton of games because they wanted a piece of one of the biggest selling consoles in history.
The only reason EA jumped on the Microsoft bandwagon is because they expected to control their software through Microsoft's horrible DRM. Anyone notice how they suddenly got all chummy with BOTH Sony and Microsoft when Microsoft backed off their DRM policy?
The only thing that made me sad about the lack of EA was the loss of Criterion but now that the founders jumped ship to start their own independent company, I don't see the loss of EA support as a real problem for Nintendo.



TreesenHauser said:

And yet they didn't say a word when they were pushing out worthless junk like Madden 09 All-Play (which was actually kinda fun), Nerf N-Strike, Littlest Pet Shop Friends, the GI Joe movie games, and the AWFUL SimCity Creator (among others) onto the Wii. Where were their cries of "kids IP platform" back then?

Oh yeah, they were nonexistent because the Wii was a money-maker to them. EA could make literally anything they'd want--even broken games like SimCity Creator--for Wii and it would make money. Wii U doesn't print money like Wii did, so it's dead to them--even though the Wii U is made with their core audience in mind.

EA never fails to amuse me with their idiocy.



matirishhh said:

EA look at they only do KIDS games for WiiU?
Not really, and this why I buy almost everything they release for the system!



XFsWorld said:

Ah this sucks. No Battlefield, Mass Effect, Need For Speed, Madden, NBA,........

Stop acting like this is ok guys, because it's not.



hiptanaka said:

As if being a "kid's console" has anything to do with it. They abandoned Wii U because it has a too small install base to be a real business opportunity for them, nothing else. EA would not shy away from selling games to kids if it made them money. In fact, looking at the crowds around FIFA at GameStop, I'd say they already do.



LavaTwilight said:

That sounds like EA. This is why they've been rated the WORST company of ALL TIME two years in a row. I wish the rest of the world can see how EA just rip the people off with sub-par annual releases with slight modifications off the previous installment. The people who buy these games like Fifa, every single year on their release are basically being sodomised by EA going "yes please can I have some more". EA are dead to me too. They've asked for my money long enough and I'm no longer interested in giving them anymore.



tysonfury said:

@Rafie It's pretty common knowledge that Sony and Microsoft have both signed big-money exclusivity contracts with a number of big franchises in the past, so I wouldn't put it past them



King_Johobo said:

"We don't make games for kids." "We make games for satanic, puppy killing satanists". True statement!



TreesenHauser said:

Also, it's not like EA isn't capable of making kid-friendly games that can appeal to everyone. Just look at Boom Blox. That was one of the most creative games I ever played on the Wii, and that was EA stepping outside their hardcore box to bring something colorful and mindlessly fun to the Wii.

What happened to them?



readyletsgo said:

Meh, I have no interest in NFS (real life racing games), Battlefield (dudebro shooters),Sports games (I dont like sports in real life why would I like them on a console), Mass Effect, I just dont get Mass Effect at all for some reason, I really tried to like it on the Xbox (a few times) but it just went over my head.

I would buy these games for my WiiU if I actually liked the genre, but I dont', oh well. But I do know they are big sellers, so if they just released the same games as they release for the PS360 I am sure they would sell ok to well on the Wii U, would they not? Cost them nothing just to port over PS3 versions? Profit?????



Nintenjoe64 said:

I don't think people should be getting mad at EA for something they probably haven't said but it would be such a silly statement if they did say this. 50% of their Nintendo output from the last gen was children's versions of their normal IP. They are the ones trying to make Nintendo games for kids.

I personally like their games (only EA and Nintendo ever got motion controls right imo) and will support them if they make Wii U games but I won't be getting FIFA, Madden, NFS or Brokenfield because one every 5 years is enough.



Razzle said:

It is a big shame to hear this, but EA have to shoulder some responsibility. When the WiiU launched, I was in the game shop and Mass Effect 3 was $70. I remember looking in the 360 section and you could get the whole trilogy for $60. This made no sense and was a poor decision from EA. I actually picked up ME3 eventually when it dropped to $25 and really enjoyed it, but it was an old game by then (and it was hard to avoid spoilers) and was only worth $25. They are also wrong about WiiU demographics. There is a huge older fan base on Nintendo systems, of actual adults, to say Nintendo is just for kids is ridiculous.



Mary_Yati said:

@Rafie maybe this is not a plot from sony and microsoft but there's clearly a conspiracy taking place against Nintendo in this video game industry and if you cannot see that then you are blind sir.



NewUser said:

What BS. I would buy ME3 on wii u but it had lower value than trilogy you released just after. DUH! EA is moneygrabbing crap



Kolzig said:

EA doesn't really make good games in general anymore. For example what kind of an idiot makes only Mass Effect 3 for Wii U and not the whole trilogy?

EA's contributions to Wii U were lame from the start, shoddy ports of old games and no effort to try to make anything worthwhile.

They even managed to completely miss the point with the 20th anniversary of NHL94 in NHL14. I didn't even think it could be possible to ruin it, but they did manage to do it.

Not even one of their games released on Wii U is worth 5€.

Where is the good old EA that actually made great games? They kind of lost it at the end of the 90's.



Mahe said:

Actually, EA does make games for kids, but they don't make games for me, nor many other adults.



SigourneyBeaver said:

@Mary_Yati I agree. And that's not because of some kind of blind fanboyism. But just an opinion that has formed after seeing things develop. See, PS4 and Xbone release close together and very similarly specced, making multiplatform games easier for third parties to do. So maybe third parties tried to push for Nintendo to do this and failed, so they've not supported the system. A bit spiteful.



SCAR said:

It doesn't matter. There was that one EA guy that lied about Wii U's capabilities(saying it was worse than Xbox 360), and then there was the media that span FFXV and KH3 being incompatible with Wii U, because of DX11.

There have been false stories or lies that have been covered by the media, so calling people desperate, because they question a negative and unprofessional article(on supposedly EA's part), isn't really desperate.

No one professional would say something like this, especially when many would consider Spore, Sims, and possibly sports games as games for kids.



defrb said:

EA makes games for children hwo think theyre big and cool, mainstream games. You really think adults play a lot EA games? They need to get their money from children hwo think theyre cool
Also all their games are also playable on a pc so in the worst case you can still play their games if you really need to.



TwilightV said:

"...the Mass Effect title on Wii U, which was a solid effort..."
Aww, it's cute how they think their craptacular port was actually worth something. /sarcasm



Zombie_Barioth said:

What in the world does that have to do with anything? Thats just big business, nothing more, nothing less. Unless your gonna tell me they do that just to keep them out of Nintendo's hands.

I do hope for EA's sake this so-called source is bogus, cause they're showing about as much grace and maturity as an internet troll right now. They might as well be marketing directly to your typical dudebros and maturity seeking children with this. Don't know if I'd put it past the same company that made a joke out of being voted worst company in America though.



CaviarMeths said:

It's baffling how EA is baffled as to why everybody hates them.

But they are completely honest about one thing. They only go after games that can be big franchises. They'll force great creative teams like BioWare to cut corners and release unfinished projects so that the money turns over more quickly, they'll rip off a few dozen college football players who they think won't fight back, and they'll toss out a broken project like Battlefield amidst their "We're not currently in on the Call of Duty money" temper tantrum. And the moment that "kid's games" stop being the current fad, they'll dissociate and tell their friends about how the Wii is for losers.

And lol @ Mass Effect 3 being a "solid effort." If that's what you call selling the final chapter of a game for the same price of the entire story on all other platforms, then sure. But it's a solid effort because they included a cinematic of what happened in the first two chapters, right? That's just as good as playing Mass Effect 1 and 2. For free.



Slapshot said:

Without the third party support, at the current retail price and continued market confusion that the Wii U faces, I see no way for it to become a viable platform that sustains another 3-5 years in the marketplace, aside from the handful of major first party titles that Nintendo puts on the console itself each year. The 3DS is cheap enough to not onl purchase, but to develop for, that it doesn't need the major support of the third parties, but the Wii U is proving to not be floating in the same boat.

@SCAR392 Yes, it's in fact, very serious. EA shifted development away from the Wii U awhile back and now someone has finally decided to break their NDA contractual agreement and speak out publicly about it. Of course, this has to be anonymous, because if they were to be caught, they would lose their job, risk fines and even imprisonment, if EA decided to push the issue.

This is big business, not just video games, like so many here choose to believe.



Rafie said:

@SCAR392 The "desperate" part comes from thinking this is Sony and Microsoft's doing. My post had nothing to do with the media falsifying anything about the Wii U. I'm just tired of hearing that Sony and Microsoft are the ones doing it. EA just came out and said how they truly feel about Nintendo....and it's sad, but this doesn't have nothing to do with the rivals. Just EA and Nintendo!



XFsWorld said:

Ahh! This just ducks! We will go another generation with Rockstar Games, , Ubisoft will soon quit supporting WiiU and just give us "kidde" games like those Fashion or some barbie games....and some Hasbro games, EA will probably be nice and give us some unwanted MySims game. Activision will just throw us some tv show games, we still may keep Call of Duty tho. Actually CoD will be the only rated M game we keep. Warner Bros will never bring Mortal Kombat or another Batman game to WiiU. They'll just let us have Lego games.

Those are smart decision anyways for developers not bring games to WiiU because we dont buy them! CoD Ghosts and Battlefield 4 are already at the million mark on XB1 and PS4!

Huh. I'll be keeping my 360 a while. Back in 2011 when the WiiU was announced I thought we were going to have proper 3rd party support. It would have been nice to play all the games I want to play on 1 system. I do not plan on getting a PS4/XB1 anytime soon.....but the Division is in there....

And why the heck is Kingdom Hearts 3 on XB1 and not on WiiU? !



Rafie said:

@Mary_Yati I'm not blind at all. In fact, I never said it wasn't a conspiracy against Nintendo (although everything is not and Nintendo needs to take SOME blame for this), but Sony and Microsoft, in this aspect, aren't the ones doing it.



element187 said:

"we don't really make games for kids."

Battlefield would like a word with you....EA makes 99% dudebro games! more kids play dudebro games than Mario or Zelda. Just listen to the voice chat of any console game, it's all children screaming obscenities. Not exactly what I would call mature



Slapshot said:

@Rafie If someone truly thinks that Sony and Microsoft had anything to do with this - insider business deals - then I'd just walk away from that conversation.

@element187 See, now you're barking up my kind of industry talk tree! But, I know you might be joking with your post, but regardless of how "dudebro" any game is, if it is clearly marked for "Mature" audiences and children are playing it, that is not to be held accountable to the platform holder, it is to be held accountable by the parents and/or legal guardians.



Rafie said:

@tysonfury Yes, but to cut Nintendo entirely out of it?! Doubt it. If they were that much worried...they should be doing that against each other (which they are), not just Nintendo. Sony really doesn't have that much financial standing to hold everything exclusive or timed exclusive like Microsoft does. Case in point, Peggle 2 and Plants Vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare. Both are coming to the Xbox One, 360, and later PC. Now it's rumored to be coming to the PS4 and such, but Microsoft's parity clause is strict when it comes to mentioning what's in the contract and what can be said about others. Basically this is to get people to buy on their console and to have the public think that it's not coming to any other console but their own.

I feel bad for Nintendo right now. They are the nice guys finishing last and it's not fair. However, it's not always the others doing this. Nintendo has made some poor decisions as well.



SCAR said:

Are you ignoring EA's games? They have Sims, Spore, and sports games, all of which could be considered kid games. That's why it's impossible to take this story seriously.

It would be like if Sega said they don't make kid games. Sonic is right over there, so it sounds like BS.



SetupDisk said:

They don't make games for kids but rehash sports titles each year. They also had no trouble making MySims games when they made a profit. If they are going to be "honest" don't lie about it. They aren't making profit so they moved on.

Yet if Nintendo has a new highly successful home console or if the Wii U eventually gets enough numbers they will be right back looking for some money.

Mass effect 3 was a crap effort as the trilogy game out for the same price without having to get a new system at about the same time. Anyone could tell it wasn't going to sell well. I guess intelligence might not be a critical part of key positions at the company.

I call BS on this "story". Profit was the bottom line and it wasn't there. Plus Origin wasn't embraced with open arms.



Rafie said:

@XFsWorld Right! I was more upset to hear that the Wii U wasn't getting Kingdom Hearts 3, but the Xbox One was. That's complete b.s. to me and Square really needs to rethink that. I hope this year we hear something good from Square about this.



SCAR said:

My mistake. All I read was Sony/Microsoft trolls, and assumed he meant fans, which would actually be more believable. Anyway, the rest of my post still stands.



Rafie said:

@SCAR392 Oh I agree with everything else you said. I'm still baffled as to why Kingdom Hearts 3 isn't coming to the Wii U. I was extremely disappointment to hear that it wasn't...and that the Xbox One (which NEVER had a KH installment) was getting it. Why not Nintendo? Both Sony and Nintendo had this series. Sad indeed. Where has the respect for Nintendo gone?!



SetupDisk said:

@DAMO I didn't mean to put "story" in quotes as a mock to your article. This is something that is making the rounds so the site must report on it. I'm just sick of anonymous sources in any kind of news. If they don't have the guts to not be anonymous then I just can't take them seriously.



Nintendo_fan32 said:

I feel sorry for EA to make such a statement! Nintendo has defined a generetion! I cant imagine myself now without a Snes as a kid! Nway i do think its Nintendo fault for your existence! If only the golden duo of the 90's could come alive today in a strong manner , we all will assist at ps4 , EA , xbox1 funeral! By golden duo i mean Nintendo + Capcom! If only those epic classic games could be done and remastered for today's technology ur f#*in studio will cease to exist! Pls Nintendo you should open that Pandora Box! Teach these KiDS what it means "Gameplay" coz none of this games is playable anymore! Make some retro golden titles! R.I.P EA!



SCAR said:

I don't really think it has anything to with respect. If anything, those 3rd parties will release games on Wii U, once they make some cash on Xbox One and PS4. There are reasons for games not being on Wii U, but I don't think it's what any of these "doom" articles and such are saying.
EA makes kid games, so this is BS, and that's besides that kids games are still fun, anyway.



ajcismo said:

Meh, since they don't do Tiger Woods anymore, something that would've been perfect for Wii U, I don't really give a frogs butt about what they have to say about anything.
Being the most hated company in America 2 years running and losing several of their top people since December (6?), I think they have their own problems.



Rafie said:

@SCAR392 That's all b.s. to me. You wanna make cash on the other 2 first before you make a game for the Wii U?! Certain games...I get that. They may not do as well on the Wii U. Still, games like KH SHOULD be on Nintendo. I would have bought the Wii U version instead of the PS4 version of it. I know that Sqare could do it. Do they also have some unforeseen beef with Nintendo, or is this just "business" as usual? Oh and yes EA does make "kiddie" games, so that excuse is out!



Slapshot said:

@SCAR392 It's just this simple - EA doesn't feel like the Wii U is a viable platform for it to spend its resources on going forward.

But, there's more to it than just saying that though. There are a lot of factors at play here, but one that I've stumbled across a few times, I'll explain for you as best I can.

Here at NL, there is very understandably a lot of focus on the Wii U as the "powerhouse" console, but the gaming industry is looking to the release of the upcoming numerous variations of the SteamBox and with both the Xbox One and the PS4 both being built on standard PC architecture, we're looking at the potential of another major upswing in PC gaming over the course of the next few years.

While the SteamBox has a lot to prove, it also comes at zero risk to Valve, which was a brilliant move from it. Regardless of how these SteamBox's sell, they are simply very powerful and standard PC architecture - merely running on a Debian variant of the Linux kernel. Third party games can be easily ported across all of these platforms with relative ease - Valve is making the transition to Linux an easy process with its own custom software, as well.

EA, just like all of the other major publishers, are only a major flop away from having to make drastic internal changes. Don't forget that EA has thousands of employees that have to be paid, insured and in need of the best electronics available. Also, EA, like the other major publishers, pushes the industry forward with new game engines and design techniques. It isn't as simple as making a game in this industry any longer - it's about making a game that can reach the maximum amount of people with as little effort as possible, for max profits so the business can push forward.

How many big developers have failed in the past decade? How many great franchises have you seen run into the dirt over the course of the last console generation? There is a reason for this, and that exact same reason is why EA isn't supporting the struggling Wii U.

Also: "EA doesn't make kids games" was probably copied from the mouth of a developer within EA, not an official spokesperson.



SCAR said:

EA definitely has problems. No one apparently cares about how much of a mess Battlefield 4 is. That game is clearly unfinished. No marketing for a few of their past Wii games...

I'm not entirely sure. Some are starting to blame Nintendo's online for games like The Division, The Crew, etc. games missing. All of it's not entirely true, but even I know that Nintendo needs some improvements. Nintendo won't allow games to be missed on their console, if they don't have to be. KH will be out in 1.5-2.5 years. Tons of stuff could happen between then and now.

Also, I'm thinking that Watch_Dogs was delayed to improve the Wii U version, but who knows.



SCAR said:

EA has it's own problems, so why would they direct attention towards the Wii U? You don't hear Iwata saying that Battlefield 4 is a pile a garbage, and that's worse than making kids games, which are still fun most of the time, anyway.



element187 said:

@Slapshot its tongue in cheek but has a huge element of truth... These games are made for casuals and children... They need health regeneration, unlimited continues where you died, QTE press A to Awesome, auto aiming assistance. They aren't the most talented of gamers, but they are the largest demographic of video game purchasers.

Put a JRPG in front of them and watch them give up in the first 5 minutes, not enough gore or action to hold their short attention spans. Put any game with "Donkey Kong" in the title and watch them give up as it doesn't have enough hand holding.... The super player will mock their terrible gaming skills after they die 5 times.

Would you rather me refer to dudebro gamers as casual gamers? Definition fits both ways.



Slapshot said:

@Rafie To be fair, the core Kingdom Hearts franchise has always been found on the PlayStation home console. The spin-off titles have been found elsewhere.

Why isn't KH3 coming to the Wii U. I'd say that comes down to specs. While going back to the first KH today looks archaic, at release, it pushed the console, just as the sequel did past expectations. I doubt Square Enix would want to take anything from the game to release it on the Wii U.



PinkSpider said:

Curious that during there time with the Super Nintendo there were untold amounts of E.A games. A console that in its time was housed to millions of kids around the world including me
What a bunch of a$$.....



Saga said:

Well... I don't really know what to think about all this. I know that Nintendo was not and still isn't "third-party friendly" and they really need to make up for it. On the other side, EA might have made some efforts to port Mass Effect 3 to the Wii U but they obviously did not put a lot of thoughts into it... I never played Mass Effect (shame on me) so why would I buy the last entry in the series, knowing that the decisions you make in one game might affect the next one ? Porting the trilogy might have been much wiser and more attractive to "Nintendo-only" gamers.



SCAR said:

In otherwords, making kid games is better than making a pile of garbage. Battlefield 4 was almost literally trash.



BakaKnight said:

This source sound very silly and unprofessional, then again we had a Sega source saying Bayonetta 2 is only a remake of the original Bayonetta with a hairstyle change. If Sega can have an employer that "silly", then why not EA too >.>;

In any case a thing is sure, we all hope the third party support the WiiU is actually receiving from EA will keep stay unprecedent and even unique compared to other third parties support ^_^;



SCAR said:

Also, specs aren't the reason KH3 isn't coming to Wii U. I've made a big deal about this in the boards. Wii U can run equivalents of DX11, which is what KH3 and FFXV are running on. That throws the specs BS out of the window.

That CANDLE game, Giana Sisters, etc. are already using DX11 features. There's literal proof that SE's games would run on Wii U.

EDIT: We've known this since 2011, BTW, but people like to not psy attention or ignore stuff. Wii U can run KH3 and FFXV, so there's other reasons out there that we don't know.



SuperDan64 said:

I know many of us are bias about Nintendo (As am I) and saying EA games are crap, but some of them are generally really good. There is just something about EA that makes them really disrespectful towards Nintendo. If Nintendo said that a company was dead to them, I would be stocked, but Nintendo have the respect not to say that. EA should know better. It's not like Nintendo have the biggest franchises in gaming



element187 said:

@Slapshot no, the Wii U has the same feature set (both systems use OpenGL 4.3 it is a DX11 equivalent) as the PS4. The power difference will be fleshed out in the resolution disparity. The Wii U was designed to be a full 720p console, it will handle anything devs can throw at it in 720p.

The PS4 was designed to be a full 1080p console (I would argue it is struggling to hold that title, my guess is the crappy CPU steals too many cycles from the GPU so it is failing to reach the 1.8tf performance that Sony claimed in Feb. 2013)



AJWolfTill said:

Ugh, I was really unjustifiably hopeful that the next Mass Effect game would be on Wii U. Othen than that the only title I would miss would be Dead Space going back to its routes.



SCAR said:

People ignore that these consoles aren't hitting the high mark, too. CoD Ghosts should have bern 1080p on Xbox One and Wii U, too. It was just easier to do so on PS4. Same thing with AC4, Killzone, and Dead Rising 3. Everyone's dishing out the criticism, but they're still figuring this stiff out and no one can sit the hell down and be patient.



withoutdk said:

well.. if they would make good ports.... and deliver them at the same time as on the other platforms all would be great... who wants to buy a game twice?



Ralizah said:

Don't worry, EA. You've been dead to me for years. And by the looks of it, that isn't set to change any time soon.



Slapshot said:

element187 My friend, I see what you're diggin' at, but I can't agree with you at all on this one, as some who studies video games as a concept, design and an artistic medium.

The common FPS shooter is in its simplest terms, a competitive online shooter. It's all about having the fast reflexes and understanding how a battlefield "flows" to gain an advantage. Titles like Battlefied take it a step further and effectively incorporate teamwork (and numerous other things) into the equation for an additional layer of depth: respawn, aim assistance, etc., these things are all standard fare for this genre of video game, because the idea today is that a video game has to be accessible for all skill levels, not ages. Also remember, the typical skill level of an adult non-gamer is typically low, so these things help these gamers too.

It's typically the social iterations that attract so many people to these online competitive games. Friends and family like to have a good time with their friends and family - these are good things for most.

QTEs becoming commonplace in this industry in AAA titles, only shows us that these games are geared towards the gamers who only care to be entertained by the video game they play - the "Hollywood blockbusters" of the gaming industry. It allows the developers to do things outside of its normal working capacity to create a certain "Wow" factor.

Having a sharp degree of difficulty has nothing to do with the "maturity" of a video game, though. When a developer starts utilizing a game's narrative to cohesively weave it together with the game's gameplay mechanics seamlessly, that's a sign of maturity in this industry. When a game's visual aesthetics perfectly reflect visual impact of the game's environment against its narrative, that's a sign of mature in this industry.

The film industry has its art and it's blockbusters. The gaming industry is growing in just this way as well.



kyuubikid213 said:

EA doesn't make games for kids. Because no kid plays FIFA or Madden.

And EA used to make a lot of games. My favorite being the Harry Potter games, but I suppose those aren't for kids either.

EA... The worst company ever.

I suppose that means ZombiU, Call of Duty, Assassin's Creed, Darksiders, and Bayonetta are kids' games.



MixMasterMudkip said:

EA has a point here.... as in they they don't make games for any demographic..... they just make crap. Which are games for neither kids or adults.



Jllanos22 said:

EA was really dead to us since the begining. They got a lawsuit from investors from a game that is full of glitches(battlefield),NBA Live is garbage, FIFA and mass effect is the only good thing they done. That's why we took it out of the list. Children are our future and by them, nintendo will became a tradition for the family. Nintendo 4 life!!!



alLabouTandroiD said:

Total surprise that Mass Effect 3 didn't sell well on the Wii U when there's Trilogy announced for the other platforms and the one that'd need it the most due to the first two games not being on a Ninty console doesn't get it.



SquirrelNuts said:

Everyone pretty much summed up how I feel. They won't be cluttering the catalog with all of their crap.



sadsack777 said:

EA was up nintendos donkey a thew years ago but now there up sony and xboxs donkey now ripping ppl off for what they can get out of them
Please watch the profanity — TBD



sadsack777 said:

let me think what comes to mind when u think of EA ( greed ) but like they say it will come around to them soon



Slapshot said:

@SCAR392 The only so-called "kids games" that I see EA producing at current are on either mobile platforms or PC. Both very cheap to develop and publish for. I'll also have you know that EA has produced some of the highest quality games this past year that it has in a long time - feel free to drop the tone, or I have nothing else to say back to you; I truly dislike it when people choose to discredit the hard-work and passion of thousands of people because of bias.

@element187 I can't say much here, but the Wii U most definitely cannot handle anything the devs are throwing it. Also, from what I've heard personally, the PS4 is outperforming expectations left and right time and again, with the Xbox One having little difficulty keeping pace with it. For a third party developer though, the end product will always be as close to an exact product for both systems as possible. We didn't see this on the PS3 and Xbox, and that was because of the challenges of developing for the Cell Processor in the early years.



RupeeClock said:

Totally explains how Mario and friends guest starred in both NBA Street V3 and SSX On Tour.



DarkNinja9 said:

lol why would they even comment now? they always going back and forth it just makes them look bad ._. but i guess i could see their point nintendo could try to be a bit more Teen+ friendly even just on miiverse you cant say certain things or post your username from another website cuz it so against the rules



Captain_Toad said:

Unless there large amounts of money flowing to that "kiddy" console of ours then EA just has the freedom to make excuse after excuse. They'll be fools later on.



BinaryFragger said:

Funny how the Need for Speed: Most Wanted U review is full of positive comments ( but now that EA is no longer supporting the Wi U, everyone is now saying their games suck.



SonataAndante said:

"It became a kids IP platform and we don't really make games for kids."
Valid source or not, comments like this always confuse me. The console itself doesn't determine entirely what games are made for it, it's the people that make games for it that determine that. I mean look at Activision, they put Call of Duty out on the Wii U and that's not what I would call a "kids IP." Ubisoft seems quite content to release a lot of their IPs on the Wii U, ranging from Splinter Cell to Assassin's Creed, and I doubt I'm the only one waiting patiently for Watch Dogs. Just because Mario's around doesn't make it a kid's only platform, and every other dev and publisher can understand that.

I'm guessing this is either a very opinionated EA employee or a false source, because it's a rather silly reason.



luisesteban said:

They never say something about their crappy ports like Fifa 2013, I'd really regret to have bought this game.



64supermario said:

@BinaryFragger I haven't seen any comments bashing that game, mostly: ME3, all EA sports games or complaining that they have made kiddy type titles before like MySims and Spore.



Morph said:

What kids games does wii u have? I cant think of any exclusively kid games at all, there might be games like lego city which cover a broad audience but thats about it. If it ea wanted to make a go of things on wii u then they would have kept releasing games on it. Truth is all their efforts were half baked, fifa was based on the previous years engine, mass effect was pointless without the previous 2, need for speed was good but it was still a port of a previously released game, what did they really expect



KFlow325 said:

EA has been dead to me since Fight Night Round 2 and Medal of Honor Days of PS1 and PS2 ... Other than that, they can kick rocks...



Wolfgabe said:

@Slapshot Its really stupid of EA to compare themselves to Activision. They say Activision only does franchises that are big business and don't make kids games yet Skylanders is a kids franchise that usually does best on Nintendo systems. Another thing is Activison has been pretty decent supporting Wii U while EA has not even tried. Best games of this past year huh. I am guessing you have never heard of NBA Live or the Sim City debacle



rmeyer said:

Winning worst company in America 2 years in a row, why would Nintendo want to work with you? Releasing an old Mass Effect game was more harm than good for Nintendo, consider it a privelege they allowed that crap.



Zach said:

I just don't understand the business strategy of tweeting purposeless comments like this that will likely hurt potential future customer bases.



Slapshot said:

@Wolfgabe Actually, yes, I was following the developments of Sim City as they happened. There was a major problem with the online infrastructure at launch, something we've seen before. It is a problem that is now fixed.

Do you remember the launch of one of the most anticipated games of all-time: Blizzard's Diablo III? Blizzard is used to having hundreds of thousands of people on its servers, yet even it had major problems at the launch of Diablo III.

I also didn't state that EA some of the best games of the year, but that it released some of the highest quality software that "it" (EA) has in several years. This doesn't mean that everything it released was superior, but for me, FIFA 14, NHL 14 and Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 were all top notch titles that both added new game engines and mechanics, while finely polishing what previous titles before them had already achieved. This is a sign of development teams that care about what they are producing.

@Zach This isn't a business strategy, it's very likely a developer breaking NDA to speak to a journalist anonymously. EA will probably be cutting staff with the loss of the NCAA franchise, so I'd expect to see more of this as we go forward.



Darknyht said:

It was obvious that those in charge at EA were only paying lip service to Nintendo since the Wii years. They made titles for Wii and DS/3DS because the market is there, but they never seem to bring their AAA game to Nintendo.



WesCash said:

And so the WiiU continues its downward spiral into obscurity. EA makes some damn fine games and it's nauseating to read many of the ridiculous comments here. This is not good news. The ignorance of some Nintendo fans is astounding.



UnseatingKDawg said:

These EA morons make me laugh. Especially WesCash above me here. If Nintendo's "kiddy games" like Mario and Pokemon are so bad, why are they completely out-performing EA? Oh, that's right. Because EA likes to nickel and dime everyone when they can, and they also release the same game under a different title trying to make another quick buck. EA's pathetic. Period. They WISH they could be doing as well as Nintendo.



SetupDisk said:

Need for speed is a great port and it's a shame it didn't sell better. I bought it and love it. But I might have been one of a few thousand at most maybe(I just know it didn't sell well at all)



Nico07 said:

I believe EA is in bed with Microsoft and Microsoft couldnt have a better version of games on the competition's hardware. Case in point, Crysis 3 that was ready to release on Wii U but EA stopped it and would not publish it. EA, not Nintendo is the childish company here.



Platypus101 said:

@SetupDisk I agree, but the Nintendo eShop never dropped in price... Also, quite a few of the previous (anything where you get out of your car and do non-driver related actions) titles, were terrible. I assuming here, that most people were expecting yet another "GTA style" racer, which at best was boring. this new NFS is awesome!



BF-Medic said:

Of course this isn't good news, as games sells consoles and some of EA's franchises is quite popular.
But I'm getting too old to bother anymore, haven't even got time to play all the games from other publishers, so BF4 will be my last EA game ever. (That release alone was enough to push me away from them...)



WesCash said:

Regardless of your personal opinion of EA, they are a major power player in the industry. Losing their support entirely is not a good thing for Nintendo.



Anguspuss said:

EA, which promised "unprecedented" support for the new console. That quickly dissolved to nothing, with EA's only contributions coming in the first months of the Wii U's lifespan

Nico07 said:
I believe EA is in bed with Microsoft and Microsoft couldnt have a better version of games on the competition's hardware. Case in point, Crysis 3 that was ready to release on Wii U but EA stopped it and would not publish it. EA, not Nintendo is the cildish company here.

Strange Nico07 I was thinking the same. Suddenly on the stage with xbox 1 & xbox exclusives. (PS users should stick two fingers too them as well).
With all the bugs in Battlefield etc isnt a shame.

The sales where rubbish. mmmm We got FIIFA 12 with number changed. Oh mass effect 3 special edition without the dlc. And a need for speed game.
Wow the great support. The gits still have cheek to have fifa on eshop.

Strange ubisoft released new AC & Activision the latest COD on this kids system.
Konami should bring pes to wii u



mike_intv said:

Something tells me that this is the same "unnamed developer" who complained about the early WiiU SDK last week.

This would fit the description — critical acclaim (the series), things left out, etc.

EA appears to be trolling.



bizcuthammer said:

EA sucks. Their games suck, and so do the guys in charge. They are by far the worst game company out there. I've never played a game published by them that i would consider anything better than average. Even Mass Effect 3 was the worst one in the series, probably because EA touched it. I used to love Bioware, but everything they've made since they joined EA has been much worse than what they made before.



Gaminguy010 said:

I've always thought Nintendo's family friendly image was their greatest strength and their greatest weakness.

Also EA is a dying company that stays afloat simply because of all the non-gamers that play The Sims.



Mario-Man-Child said:

Yeah EA suck! Who cares? The article on CVG says exactly what happened to Nintendo. If Nintendo don't target core gamers with their next console after Wii U I'm finished with them.

I blame M$ if they hadn't entered the console industry Nintendo would be still serving the core gamer. Like the article said it all started with the Gamecube. Nintendo did everything right with the gamecube and it didn't equal sales. The Gamecube was easily the best console of it's generation but it came last in the race, all Nintendo's problems today can be traced back to then.



Platypus101 said:

@ocarinaoftime learn to spell or let auto correct do its job... Trying to read your post was frustrating. The days of alpha numerical texting are over! Join the rest of the world! embrace auto correct (or learn to use the online dictionary; with Babelfish if necessary)... This type of spelling is why journalists (see how that's spelled?) look at us video gamers as immature followers. Someone on this forum may one day do something stupid (I really hope not) and they WILL use your post to identify our group... Then we will all look bad.



Doctor_Pancakes said:

EA is an awful company with a sense of self importance. .. who do they think has the time to play their games? KIDS! Consoles are toys and kids play them when their parents are off doing adult things. The last battlefield game I played (bad company 2) there were more kids on the Multiplayer than adults or even older teenagers... they clearly need to be boycotted for a year. That'll teach'em lol



GN004Nadleeh said:

not only kids play games and not all adults want to play kid games, and why only children in the commercials? just show gameplay, the system and more gameplay then price



pamplemousse_mk said:

Hey, Nintendo fans, don't blame EA like that. This kind of behaviour is so childish.

I admit that the sentences coming from EA in this article are not pleasant, but this is not a reason for us to say that EA games are bad. Dead Space 1 and 2 are one the my preferred games in my gamer history.

So rather than being furious against EA, I am sad that they don't want to develop for Wii U.



michaelshellman said:

when a game gets released on all platforms it becomes noticed and gets all players excited. there is always something about games that get released on all platforms that stand out from the rest and in the end it ends up with more respect. i loved mass effect 3 to think some one could make a game like that then act like this is just confusing. seems childish to say no to being one of the greats recognize by all players because you dont fancy the wii u. a tun of people love call of duty because it gave itself a chance to be recognize by everyone and i for one greatly appreciate being allowed to buy and play there games and i look forward to buying there next title and so on and so on. but if i had to buy another console to recognize there game well i never would have. they may think its not worth spending money to sell there games on wii u but i think its not worth spending 500 dollars to take a chance on a game......this will be there mistake



gamr4life said:

It really sucks that ea doesn't respect nintendo like it should. I hope someday, EA will partner up with nintendo and bring some good games to the Wii U like all the Star Wars games ea will be publishing. However, its not likely.



AugustusOxy said:

Lol, we don't make games for kids.

Even though all their sport games sales are primarily people ages 9-15.



SavoirFaire said:

I am shocked that any EA games pass Nintendo QA. That alone probably makes it not worth their time. I quit EA probably close to a decade ago, and have never looked back. Good riddance.



AceSpadeS said:

Market wasn't there, so EA stopped trying to put money into it.

I see no problem with this.



Captain_Toad said:

@pamplemousse_mk Heh, EA being voted worst company of all time 2 years running, lying to the faces of the WiiU fans that there would be unprecedented partnership and that some of their games being buggy and unfinished with micro-transactions nowadays, it can be pretty easy for EA to be slammed like that. Ya, I do hope EA and other 3rd parties as well realise that there is good in this little console that is the WiiU like the Wii did, but it's going to take Call of duty like sales to ring over towards the WiiU for that to happen.



TheAdrock said:

1. EA is a joke. I couldn't give a rats a** about them. BUT, other gamers do.
2. Nintendo REALLY ought to kick their branding of being "just for kids". The U was "supposed" to do that, and cross over into the mature gamers. But Nintendo did it wrong.



taffy said:

Do you guys REALLY believe this to be legit? The phrase "clickbait" comes to mind reading this. Move along folks...



ivanmata said:

Nintendo is obviously targeting kids, just look at their ads on tv, shame on them for not growing up with the people that supported them in the past, this is what they get, or better said, what they don't get, which is third party support....
I'm still a Zelda fan, but that's about it, I hope they don't make it childish like they did with ALBW.....



Ernest_The_Crab said:

@TreesenHauser Steven Spielberg was involved in both Boom Blox games. He wanted his children to be able to play non-violent and creative games. It shows especially since he was the designer for both games.



Yorumi said:

@element187 well the funny thing is you don't have to even go with the more kids play battlefield thing. They make plants vs zombies, sim city, the sims, swtor, and you can't tell me kids don't like sports games. EA really is just a bunch of morons at this point.

@ivanmata “Critics who treat 'adult' as a term of approval, instead of as a merely descriptive term, cannot be adult themselves. To be concerned about being grown up, to admire the grown up because it is grown up, to blush at the suspicion of being childish; these things are the marks of childhood and adolescence. And in childhood and adolescence they are, in moderation, healthy symptoms. Young things ought to want to grow. But to carry on into middle life or even into early manhood this concern about being adult is a mark of really arrested development. When I was ten, I read fairy tales in secret and would have been ashamed if I had been found doing so. Now that I am fifty I read them openly. When I became a man I put away childish things, including the fear of childishness and the desire to be very grown up.” -C.S. Lewis



Anguspuss said:

vanmata said:
Nintendo is obviously targeting kids, just look at their ads on tv, shame on them for not growing up with the people that supported them in the past, this is what they get, or better said, what they don't get, which is third party support....
I'm still a Zelda fan, but that's about it, I hope they don't make it childish like they did with ALBW.....

Well I grew up with all computer games from the zx specturm vs c64 days.
Some of us gamers are now evil people with families & children. Yes I do like to have games I can play with my family. Plus the remote play is great selling point too. Now im off to play unepic. Which is a damn site better than fifa 14



ompgsag said:

and nothing of value was lost

ea published a grand total of 3 games last gen as far as i'm concerned. and none of them are likely to get worthy sequels



WaveBoy said:

EA, what you just said was absolutely childish. you DO make kids for games, in fact most of the people that play your games ARE kids.

If i were offered a job at EA as a game developer, i'd turn it down in a heart beat. Working at a toilet paper factory would be far more appealing.



khululy said:

@XFsWorld: No crappy games from EA such horrible fate!!!
I haven't seen or played a worthy EA game in ages( since dragon age actually) even their efforts to make ths sci-fi snorefest of mass effect an adult title by taking the HBO approach and slap some pron in it failed
they are just scared their games look incredibly bland and mediocre compared to nintendo's efforts and even they can tend to stick to their guns a bit too follhardy when it comes to design but still they seem to try harder to make gaming enjoyable instead of another way to leech cash form wallets.



TingLz said:

I'm actually not bothered by them not supporting Wii U but their reasoning is beyond stupid. They said "unprecedented support" at E3...and then NOTHING. Their stupid decision was releasing Mass Effect 3 on Wii U while every other system got the trilogy, then made some BS excuse as to why they didn't make trilogy for the Wii U. And THEN they blame Nintendo and its consumers for their lack of sales.



Einherjar said:

Oh what a world, A world where the third part of a connected trilogy costs MORE than the whole trilogy in a box and is STILL expected to bring in phenomenal sales. These EA guys must have seriously hit their head...but who didnt knew that by now...
And "we dont make games for kids"...really ? look at your core demographic when it comes to your dudebro shooters. Show me a single title with a where the majority of the users are in the age range of your so called "target audience".
EAs success with its games shows, that they dont make games for kids.

This was not called for nor necessary for the discussion here. Please be more considerate next time -Lz

No offence to anyone who bought their products, but to anyone who regularly supported them...
Enough of this, these are already way more words than they deserve.



Yorumi said:

@Einherjar it really is true with the buggy messes they make now. I like the sims, in concept, and simcity in concept, I'm sure you know where this is going already.

The sims 3 I think just got it's final expansion, point is up to now they've still been adding on that game. Each expansion has been buggier than the last. I'm certainly not buying every expansion, considering everything you can mod into the game. However, it's amazing to watch it. It got to the point that with island of paradise expansion I have to frame limit the game, kill processes on my pc(it's a hell of a powerful pc), and run background scripts to babysit the AI and handle garbage collection. Despite all that it's still buggy and freezes for 30+ seconds at a time regularly.

Simcity, um yeah. Lets release a game that has FAR less content than the previous version, on servers that don't work, with no room to build, and an AI that is worse than what a college student could make. Believe it or not people still defend the game, they're probably being paid by EA but you have to have some sort of mental deficiency to defend that.



Rafie said:

@Slapshot " the PS4 is outperforming expectations left and right time and again, with the Xbox One having little difficulty keeping pace with it"

Exactly my friend. It's the 60 fps that's difficult to hit on a consistent basis. Then again, that depends on the content and how much design is in the actual game. Sure if the PS and Xbox had Mario 3D World, they would be able to hit 1080p at 60fps easily. For games like Battlefield 4 and such sees a much more difficult challenge. Look at everything that's in the game. I'm sure in about 2 years we'll see more devs get accustomed to the new systems and their capabilities. The Wii U and PS4 are not similar in specs at all.



sdcazares1980 said:

Nintendo brought the whole "kid image" thing to itself, but even I have to admit that EA didn't have to be a d**k about it. Makes you wonder why it was voted "The Worst Company in America" two years in a row.



TheRealThanos said:

Have to agree with the sane people on here about the ridiculousness of Mass Effect 3 being a solid effort, but also that EA absolutely did have some good games, but other than that: wow, just wow. What a show of respect for the only real remaining video game giant. EA was not even in diapers when Nintendo was already making a name for itself. To me it is truly disgusting to see how people could stoop so low...
The worst of all this is that I'll bet that if Nintendo somehow still manage to make something of the Wii U and the installed base grows, they will probably be coming back again, smiling like nothing ever happened and start publishing their games for it because there will then once again be a possibility to make money off of it...
Assuming this is legit (and if it is not why doesn't EA put a stop to it since it hurts their image too?) it is strange that Nintendo would let this disgrace go on for so long, but I think that if they would seriously respond to it that the result/backlash of that would not benefit Nintendo at all, so they are wise not to respond.
But it is VERY insulting and a revered company such as Nintendo deserves MUCH better.
In ancient Japan, the heads of the management of EA would now actually have rolled for real as they are ultimately responsible for this continuing stream of insults coming from their anonymous (former?) employers...
Yep, sometimes the present isn't really all that much better...



Yorumi said:

@Rafie Far too many people don't understand what's going on inside the systems. Simply saying 1080p 60fps shows a complete lack of understanding of what's going on. Shockingly many of the people so obsessed with the performance of consoles don't actually even know what 1080p really is.

There's also the big problem of diminishing returns. As graphics increase it becomes less and less noticeable. You have essentially exponentially diminishing returns on visual quality.

There are many factors involved int he performance of a program, not the least of which is proper optimization. Resolution is also one of the poor measures of a game. You can find screenshots online of wii(not wiiU) and gamecube games running through dolphin upscaled to 1080. You won't believe the results. They made no modifications to the models just injected some post processing and upscaling.

There's also the issue of what the game is doing, there's a lot of background things going on in a game, some have more some have less. That's going to affect performance. If a game has extremely complex AI, physics, or particles it needs to tone down the polygon count.

Interestingly with modern gpu shaders(which the wiiU has) you can get far higher quality models with far lower polygon counts. When people say there's not a huge difference in power between the wiiU and ps4 they are saying this because they understand what a gpgpu is, they understand the shaders the gpu possesses, and many of them have probably been pc gaming for a while and understand the general capabilities of the gpu's in these systems.

I know this comes as a shock to a lot of people but consoles are just doing what pc's were doing a few years ago.



Yorumi said:

@navonod18 yep, no children play sony/ms systems. You should hear their voice chat, they're all filled with high level intelligent discussions where everyone is extremely respectful. They are just the the paragons of maturity, decency, and respect. The whole world could learn lessons from them.



Anguspuss said:

Yorumi said:
@navonod18 yep, no children play sony/ms systems. You should hear their voice chat, they're all filled with high level intelligent discussions where everyone is extremely respectful. They are just the the paragons of maturity, decency, and respect. The whole world could learn lessons from them.

hahahahaha. Good to see sarcasim is alive & well.



Dave24 said:

Sooo Sims is for mature audiences only? And you're telling me that there are no kids playing BF4 and FIFA, that's just dudes with drinking problems with their shrinking voices calling you, because they suck.

When you release only 3rd entry of the game for a price of a trilogy for other platforms nearly year later and you still didn't fix it, because there are framerate drops, then there is something very wrong with your thinking. It's all about marketing and, you know, effort. It doesn't matter how "old" the game is



eaglebob345 said:

Why disrespect the people who could have been potential consumers? That in itself seems childish to me...



MoonKnight7 said:

EA just follows the money, this has nothing to do with "kiddie platforms." All they released were ports of older games, or games that had a bare bones structure. How can you expect those to become cash cows? From a business perspective I can understand why they are looking away, but they don't have to be so mean spirited about it. It's unprofessional.



Anguspuss said:

eaglebob345 said:
Why disrespect the people who could have been potential consumers? That in itself seems childish to me...

Have you tried origin consumers are way down on the list. Crazily I bought game on origin & ended up getting sent to steam. Still havent played my copy of sim city



Yorumi said:

@MoonKnight7 like others have said there's a reason they were voted worst company in america twice in a row. Won't surprise me if they go for a hat trick, maybe sims 4 can release to the same disaster simcity did to secure the victory.



Shanksta said:

No games for kids, good thing I forgot about that game they made directly aimed at kids, "Dead Space 2". In no way was "your mother will hate this game" aimed at 20-40 year old men. EA should change their name to DOA.



DarkKirby said:

EA was obviously taking a shot at Nintendo, and I don't for a second support EA as a company or their own anti consumer business practices, but it's true that Nintendo makes a point of advertising themselves as a family/kid friendly company while Sony and Microsoft don't. Despite Nintendo saying they were going to be an "all audience" company at the Wii U's launch all their efforts since than have been specifically casual audience focused. It's not that Sony and Microsoft specifically advertising themselves as "adult" oriented companies, but they don't make a point of advertising themselves as family/kid friendly companies like Nintendo does.

It's not just the advertising, Sony and Microsoft also don't have built in intentional prevention of communication between players in their systems and other ridiculous things like censorship on localized games (at least nowhere as bad as on Nintendo consoles). There are parental controls, but it's not as if the communication options plain don't exist intentionally like they do on Nintendo systems.



Shambo said:

Maybe, just maybe, someone at EA should 've said something like:
"Wait a moment, are we releasing the third game of a trilogy, full priced, on a new system of a brand we didn't offer the earlier two instalments for, while we release the full trilogy for other systems, at the same price for all three combined? Does that seem to make no sense at all to anyone else here?"
Maybe someone did, but got shot for speaking such common sense in the midst of money-grabbing businessmen... RIP, last person with common sense at EA.



Matts14 said:

If a game is fun to play as a kid it's if anything more fun to play as an adult. However Teens think they are very grown up and kids games are below them



Zobocop said:

Fair enough, EA's been dead to me for years. I still get choked up thinking about them purchasing Bioware.



TheRealThanos said:

@DarkKirby I'm sorry to say that I don't agree with you there. First off, continuation of people using the 'kiddy' term is what got Nintendo the label for the larger part. In the 16 bit era they were every bit as hardcore as the next party, but that has declined. Saying they are family friendly is way more correct and family also covers any children within that family, so that will suffice. But for some, family friendly apparently automatically translates to kiddy... As for censorship: there may not be a lot of censorship in live communication, especially voice chat, but that is nearly the same on all platforms. Written obscenities or whatever are censored on ALL platforms. Just try to put something obviously obscene in the text balloon of your avatar on Xbox Live or in a description of yourself...
And advertising on Microsoft and Sony's platforms IS more geared towards older teens and adults as can be plainly seen in their current campaigns with a lot of "tough" and "manly" scenes, hardly any in-game footage, but just a lot of people running around avoiding explosions and what not. Very similar to the COD commercials. And the slogans reflect it, with the likes of "this is for the players". Players obviously not only simply pointing to gameplayers, but also to winners aka players(playaz), people that are (highly arguably) tough and mature...



WiiWillRockU said:

" It became a kids IP platform and we don't really make games for kids"
That's a shame. Boom Blox and Nerf-N-Strike are some of our favorite kids game on Wii. Would have enjoyed some follow-ups. "Thank you" to EA for making Activision and Ubisoft look more supportive of Wii U.



Kyloctopus said:

This is probably fake.
Yeah, EA doesn't like Nintendo, but not even an EA executive would say this.



DarkKirby said:


I said kid/family friendly because I knew that kid and family friendly could be interpreted differently, but they amount to the same thing if you're talking about a product that if specifically not targeting hardcore gamers.

Where are the advertisements from Nintendo that they are a company that has hardcore or mature gamers in mind as well as families and kids? Because I don't see them. And if they're around somewhere, they are in the minority to the family/kid/casual focused ones. And not just in their advertising, it's in their products. If the "kid friendly" reputation is the fault of gamers, Nintendo certainly isn't doing anything to change it, they are in fact enforcing it.

When I was talking about censorship I was specifically talking about censorship on content in the game (like Fire Emblem Awakening having Tharja in a 2 piece swimsuit covered up or a conversation and mention about her breasts removed and changed), not players, but I believe that's an issue as well. There is voice chat sometimes, but rarely ever text chat without barriers like friend codes, which is ridiculous considering the touch screens are the optimal way to text on a console other than having a keyboard. I'm not asking for more than the other consoles offer in their multiplayer and communication features, all I'm asking for is the SAME things they offer, like being able to freely communicate with other players and add friends and play with others without codes, etc. Parental controls exist so parents can limit access to certain things at their choosing, having communication limited, difficult, or non existent as a default and no way to change it or turn it off is stupid. After all the blockades Nintendo has to arguably "protect the children" even without parental controls, Nintendo's consoles have a built in internet browser so all of Nintendo's efforts to "protect the children" even without parental controls is a huge farce.

Sony and Microsoft do have more product advertisements geared toward mature gamers then family/kid friendly ones, but that's because they have lots of popular and successful mature games and game franchises that are on their systems. They do have casual targeted advertisements, less than the mature ones, but they are there. And as said above, their are not barriers against interaction between players on their systems.



Jaguar11891 said:

Haha "Even the Mass Effect title on Wii U, which was a 'solid' effort" yeah whatever you say EA. Whatever you say...



lorenzo99 said:

Don't make games for kids EA? you use to be an Interesting developer but years of Fifa and Tiger woods updates and ridiculous costly download content year on year! I certainly didn't buy a Wii U to buy your games and my 360 hasn't downloaded your games for a long time! By the way, I am a die hard Nintendo fan with a Wii U! and I'm 43! Good riddance to you! No great loss!



Doma said:

It was dead to almost everyone very quickly, EA definitely weren't alone in thinking that.

In regards to them calling it a 'kids IP platform' - Are they even wrong? Somebody give me a list of every adult game that has sold well on the WiiU.



unrandomsam said:

EA do all sorts of casual absolute garbage on mobile that is targeted at kids.

They want special privileges they always have and Nintendo has never given them to my knowledge.

I don't want anything from EA but I do remember them ruining every worthwhile PC game studio that they bought in the West.

I bought the Humble Origin bundle (Ignored Origin just redeemed the Steam stuff) seen as EA wasn't taking their cut it was all for charity and I didn't enjoy any of the games. (I did enjoy stuff from Bioware like Nights of the Old Republic / Jade Empire but not what they are making now. Same with whatever happened to Bullfrog).



Dauntless said:

EA is dead to me on any platform. They seem to think that the PS4 and XBONE is going to save their business, because they haven't accepted the sad truth that a lot of gamers just don't care about them anymore.



lorenzo99 said:

(EA has “won” the honor of “Worst Company in America” for the second year in a row. ... April 9, 2013) No great shame then!



Yorumi said:

@Doma well lets see you said games advertised at adults. Well the ps4 and CoD and the like have all featured teenagers in their adds so those clearly arn't adult games. Hmm what do nintendo's adds look like? Oh wait they all feature adults with families playing games. So mario U, nintendoland, mario 3d world, pikmin 3, wii fit U, and others.

In fact I could be wrong but I don't think there's any other game company in their advertising that even acknowledges that adults play video games. So uh generally speaking shooting yourself in the foot isn't the best way to make a point.



lorenzo99 said:

I Play gears of war and halo online both enjoyed by adults and kids.
I play Mario games enjoyed by adults and kids.
Angry birds, played by all ages!
The whole 'adult' themed title debate is irrelevant! Games are to entertain and should be enjoyed by all. Those that deem Nintendo titles too be childish are simply missing out on some of the most fun and creative titles. Their loss quite frankly!



Yorumi said:

@lorenzo99 heh I already put up the obligatory C.S Lewis quote in #164. The whole idea of being concerned about something being "adult" is just stupid.



Doma said:

@Yorumi Kids are the MAIN focus in those ads and you know it. Btw 'marketed more towards' adults doesn't mean you actually have to include them in the ads...



lorenzo99 said:

But surely the Parents in those adds are enjoying themselves just as much?
My kids are into Nintendo because of my interest in Nintendo! Nintendo are about making games for all!



Yorumi said:

@lorenzo99 don't bother you're dealing with moving goal posts. He's decided the outcome no matter how foolish it looks. What's really funny is, after using the default internet response when proven wrong of "it doesn't count" that only leaves the point that by his own definition no one makes adult games. Basically "I'm going to bash nintendo and I don't care if pesky little things like logic and rationality get in the way." Truly we are dealing with a mature mind.



Doma said:

@Yorumi I said 'marketed more towards adults' to begin with. None of your list are examples of this. (wait Wii Fit is, but that's not even a game!)

How can you be this dense?



SCAR said:

Are you serious? I'm not being biased. I'm just saying that EA might make some good games(NFS: Mosted U, ME3, etc), but calling out Nintendo for kid" games, when they make kid games, and their quality has ben lacking, because of wrong decisions, it gets harder to take a story like this seriously.

That's not being biased, it's the truth. If anything, you're being biased, because you're saying it's fine for EA to mess up, but not Nintendo. The same goes with Sony. Everyone always say that Nintendo is "doomed", they're "another Sega" etc. If you really want to criticise this stuff, you got to realize that other companies are jacked, or actually in a worse position.

I respect their work, but when someone says something stupid, I'm gonna call it out, and if this article was actually about a real comment from an EA employee, then it doesn't make them look any better.



Tony_342 said:

"We don't really make games for kids."

Neither does Nintendo. To my knowledge, Nintendo has never sat down and said, "Ok, let's make a game specifically for children." They make games for everyone.

This is a perfect example of big, Western publishers not being able to think for themselves. They always just follow suit, doing what everyone else is doing and copying other's successes. It reminds me of when Nintendo showed off Wind Waker for the first time, and all the third-party publishers thought that it somehow meant that the GameCube was solely intended to be a console for children just simply because the new Zelda game had "cartoony" graphics.



Yorumi said:

@sdcazares1980 Ha I was just about to post saying it wouldn't take long to see something like that. The thing about these is there seems to be only one company that this keeps happening to. Considering EA pays people to troll forums and promote their games I wouldn't be surprised if they're also paying people to make these comments so they deny them and stay in the news. I know that's conspiracy things but good grief no one else has these "problems".



Tomires said:

"like Activision"

  • um, what about Skylanders and Call of Duty then? There you go, two franchises that are usually played by kids.


AJ_Lethal said:

Wow, if that's legit they just didn't burned bridges with Nintendo, they completely decimated them afterwards.

Can't wait for the day EA's floor crumbles down to a chasm.



ocarinaoftime said:

Ea has made a statement they said nintendo was a great partner..they said do t belive fake sources..witb that being said ....get your facts straight nintendo hate...least post the ea update...its on gonintendo .com......go read it...



SCAR said:

This was proven false by Peter Moore.

No one says their partners are dead, or bring up other 3rd party developers. My hunch was right. The troll brought up Activision. Who does that?

It was a troll. As always, some people have believed it, and now they think it's true. Looks like the troll has inspired all the other ones, once again.



TheRealThanos said:

@DarkKirby They do amount to the same thing, so we agree on that part, except for the fact that, obviously, kiddy (friendly) is the negative and degrading misnomer for family friendly and totally superfluous as I already explained since in most cases kids are a part of a family, so there is absolutely no need to name them separately. But because so many sources (fanboys, media, people that for some reason don't seem to want or are able to get Nintendo) are perpetuating this idiosyncrasy, Nintendo is to this day stigmatized by that, where they themselves have ONLY stressed them being manufacturers of family friendly entertainment. Hell, the first console was called the Famicom, as in FAMILY Computer.
I do agree with you on the strictness of their online policy though. I still stand by what I said about the other platforms also having measures against obscenities and so on, and Microsoft certainly has some big rules on that. I know several people that have been banned, but Nintendo's friend codes are horrible indeed, and I have said that on many occasions, in many topics, so there's another thing we agree on.
Speaking of farces, though, I don't know if you missed my sarcasm (I can't imagine you did, though) but them maybe being geared towards mature or adult gamers could have been the starting point from their perspective, but like many have already said in the comments before me, the majority of these games are played by zit-faced teens and preteens, that are polluting the in-game chats with their high pitched squeals, sounding like piglets about to be slaughtered and throwing all kinds of obscenities left and right. Kids that I would more than likely slap senseless with one hand behind my back while wearing an eye patch. If that audience is supposed to be mature, then we're living in the wrong world, my friend.
The little C.S. Lewis quote from @Yorumi (#163) sums that all up, by the way. Good one...



Yorumi said:

@SCAR392 The bigger question is why does this only happen to one single company? This seems to be nearly a monthly thing, someone "representing" EA bashes nintendo, EA then claims it's not true.

The places these are published while possibly click bait must have at least some degree of credibility. So the bigger question is what exactly is going on? Is there some organized conspiracy against EA? They've done plenty to piss people off to the point that I don't even think if this statement was true it could do any damage. So I just don't get it, it's not like this is an isolated incident.



SCAR said:

There are legitimate EA employees that have spoken out about Nintendo, but their words don't represent the entirety of EA, so it ultimately doesn't matter.

There was that 1 EA guy that said that Wii U wasn't 8th gen, and Nintendo was horrible. People just lash out in weird ways, whether it's true or not.



Yorumi said:

@SCAR392 well that's kind of my point though, no other company really has this problem. Yes they get isolated incidents but that's not what is happening with EA. Like I said this is almost a monthly occurrence there. Do they have literally no ability to control their information flow or something? Is there no professionalism there?

It's like a person arguing with himself. EA: "Nintendo sucks" EA: "No they don't" EA: "Yes they do" EA "no they don't. Someone needs to do some investigative reporting, tonight at 8, what the heck is going on at EA?



Windy said:

Wow another rip on EA session. This is becoming a regular thing here. Tell all the Madden, FIFA and Need For Speed fans they stink. Of course our versions of those games do stink and whose fault is that on below standard hardware with gimmick controllers. Whose kidding who?



Bender said:

Sigh... Honestly I don't care what EA has to say, since them disliking the Wii U means we can avoid their crappy $15 DLC horse-armor packs or whatever... Hooray for an EA-less platform!



SCAR said:

Your post didn't make any sense. Are you actually trying to say that Wii U's hardware is below standard?



FuseBlues said:

Some interesting comments about ME3.

My wife and I played and LOVED the Mass Effect trilogy on Xbox 360. If EA had brought out the trilogy on WiiU, we'd have purchased it again for the gamepad functionality. Instead they put out the third part of a trilogy, and then grumbled that no-one bought it. sigh



MikeLove said:


It wasn't proven "false". All he did was give the diplomatic answer that any boss in this situation would. The author of the article even called Peter Moore out on it in a tweet, reaffirming that he had a source inside EA who said that.

Anyway, the statement will only be "proven false" when EA starts releasing games on the Wii-U. Until then, it looks like its true.



MikeLove said:

@Doma @Yorumi

Doma is right, Nintendo skews their games and marketing to children moreso than the other companies. How many first party Nintendo titles are rated "M" (regardless of whether or not children play them, which they aren't supposed to, an "M" rating is designated for games targeted at adults)? Sony and Microsoft's in-house studios develop WAAAYY more M rated games than Nintendo, not to mention all the M rated third-party titles that skip Nintendo consoles.

All the PS4 ads I saw on tv showed adults driving cars, shooting guns, etc. All the Wii-U ads I've seen (which aren't many) have children and parents bouncing around the living room in colorful clothing.

As for advertising, PS4/Xbox have ads on during NFL football games, before movies at theaters, during UFC events, on major network tv stations, etc. Nintendo has ads on Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network.

You tried to be smug and dismiss @Doma, but he was speaking the truth.



MeloMan said:

Wow, haven't seen this many posts in a LONG time... EA really pissed us off this time

Anyway, my two cents are, here we go again about the kiddie stuff.. I swear Nintendo can't win for anything. So by that logic EA, Sony simply spoke "we are a not kid system that will guarantee that you will make profit" and that's what you go by right? Even in the hey days of Sony dominance, the devs "brought" that "type" of gaming which "defined" Sony's platform, not the other way around. If you build it on Nintendo's system and push it, "maybe", you'd have different fortunes, EA. But meh, ain't gonna stop me from playing Nintendo systems any more or less.



SCAR said:

One employee doesn't represent the entire outlook of a company. He doesn't have the position to be saying things like this. The guy will probably get fired now, so who cares what he says.



MikeLove said:


And one boss does?

When Obama says "XXXXXX country is a great friend to America!" do you think everyone in the government and beneath him believes that, or do you think maybe Obama just says that because its the "nice" thing to say?

Again, actions speak louder than words. The boss of EA says they like Nintendo, but its been like a year since they have released a game on the Wii-U. Keep living in la-la land!



Red_XIII said:

EA, we get it. You need gigabytes of power for your deluded war fantasies. We know your demographic is 12 year olds with salty language. So leave, and don't make a big deal about it. No one will miss you when you are Microsoft exclusive. No one will miss you when your short sighted delusions sink you down. No one will miss you when you're gone.



Yorumi said:

@JohnRedcorn no I used his own definition against him. I asked him to specifically define adult. So you want to say adult = M rating? I would argue that's a very immature definition of adult, saying you need violence and gore to be adult. There are many books, movies, and all other forms of entertainment that are adult and yet do not have any blood, violence, or sexual content. There's lots of entertainment that isn't rated M or R that is very much adult.

By your definition it's not adult to read a science publication, or watch a tv show that doesn't contain violence and/or sexual content. I would argue that's the very definition of immature.



SCAR said:

He's not just one boss, he's THEE boss. He knows more about EA than the person who said this, 100%.

EDIT: None of us work at EA, and the CEO just told us that this story is BS. How much more information do you need to know?



MikeLove said:


You are trying to be too profound for your own good and looking into something which I never said.

This is the rating for "mature"...


Thats the definition that is in play here. The one used to describe "mature" videogames. I said PS4/Xbox have more "mature" rated games than Nintendo, and thats a fact.

Go off on all the tangents you want, but this is all I am talking about. If you you find some love story in an anime RPG "mature", good for you, but its not what either myself or @Doma was talking about.



SCAR said:

Ya. That was a year ago. EA CEO said this TODAY.

The whole articlle was about partnership, not their release schedule.

The only thing this guy said, that is true, is that Mass Effect was basically guaranteed to fail on launch day. So were alot of other games, because they were 7th gen. EA, Activision, Ubisoft, etc companies put games on the Wii U that were most likely going to be DOA.

If anything, that should show how strong their partnership is. They released a game for Wii U, knowing it wouldn't sell well.



retro_player_22 said:

Nintendo was dead to them so fast but their poopiedoodoocacapoopledoople games (SimCity and Battlefied 4) were dead to us even faster
Please watch the profanity — TBD



Yorumi said:

@JohnRedcorn ah but see doma said adult, and I asked him to define it. Someday you may realize though your definition of mature excludes almost every single adult activity on the planet. What you're actually saying is nintendo needs more games aimed at kids who are terrified of being thought of as a kid so they can feel mature playing a game they're "not supposed to."

The fact that you have to change the words someone said, which anyone can easily go back and look at speaks volumes. Funny how I even went so far as to ask someone to define their terms so as not to be confused and you've just arbitrarily decided to change their words to make them fit whatever you want.



MikeLove said:


I just mearly tried to support his argument with my point, but didn't intend to override it or change his wording. Hell, he may not even agree with what I am saying, so if thats the case, forget about what he said and listen to me.

All I stated was PS/Xbox have more "mature" rated games than Nintendo. It's true. Thats all I am saying. If you want to get into some philosophical debate in regards to what constitutes a "mature" game, find a new dance partner. I am just going by what the ratings board considers (and rates) a "mature" game.

"What you're actually saying is nintendo needs more games aimed at kids who are terrified of being thought of as a kid so they can feel mature playing a game they're "not supposed to."

I'm not saying that at all. Again, you are reading to deeply into things and looking for arguments that aren't there. I think maybe your fedora is on a little too tight.



JaxonH said:

Now they're just TRYING to be ignorant, and I'm offended.

I'm 30 years old, and to tell me that I only play kids games because I choose the Nintendo platform is to insult my intelligence. I only play entertaining games, and games that challenge me, Sure, kids may play them, but there's a difference between games that can be enjoyed by everyone, and games specifically tailored to children. The difference between Nintendo games and 3rd party games is not "for kids" and "for adults". Many, many kids play AAA games, and many, many adults play Nintendo games.

I know why they say this crap- they do it to garner attention from the ACTUAL kids playing THEIR games- the prepubescent ones that have an ever-growing compulsive need to feel like they're mature adults for the games they play.

I'm selling every EA game I own, and I'm never buying another game from them again. I won't stand for this trash talk any longer...



Kyloctopus said:

I can't believe so many people are believing this.
The moment I heard it, what caught my eye was "Anonymous" already it sounds illegitimate.
Then, this whole kiddy thing. As if any EA executive would say this.
Don't let your hatred blind you, this could be false. And CVG just really knows how to ruffle feathers.



MikeLove said:


Where? Deflect much?

Why didn't you counter my statements in regards to Nintendo primarily directing their advertising to children and parents, while their competitors target single adult males? Instead you went on a tangent nitpicking the "mature" game statement and derailed the whole argument.

So lets get back on track, and you can tell me how Nintendo DOESN'T target children/parents with their advertisting.



SCAR said:

I'm not holding my breath. All this negativity doesn't indicate anything. That's all I'm trying to say. Who cares if an EA employee thinks Nintendo is for kids?

As I already said, EA's CEO just confirned that all this "dead" stuff, is BS. You're telling me that I don't know what's going on, but the CEO of EA just confirmed all the "blindness" that I have.



MikeLove said:


"I know why they say this crap- they do it to garner attention from the ACTUAL kids playing THEIR games- the prepubescent ones that have an ever-growing compulsive need to feel like they're mature adults for the games they play.

I'm selling every EA game I own, and I'm never buying another game from them again. I won't stand for this trash talk any longer..." this reaction not the epitome of "childish"? The whole "I'm taking my ball and going home!" mentality?



Doma said:

@Yorumi "no I used his own definition against him"

Wrong. Read what i defined adult as, then read the list of games you came back with. Until you have any retort to comment #229, please stop mentioning me. Your arguments are pathetic.



JaxonH said:


Absolutely not. This is what ADULTS do. I'm not taking my ball and going home, I'm taking my money and spending it elsewhere. What, you expect me to give my money to a company that openly insults me? I think not. Learn when to use the "take my ball and go home line" at the appropriate time. This was not one of them. I work hard for my money, and I'll be d***ed if I support a company that so openly mocks both me and my fellow fans. It's called voting with your wallet.



MikeLove said:


If its not "dead" to EA, even though they haven't released a game on the Wii-U in 10 months, can you please name me one single EA game that has been announced as coming to the Wii-U in the future? Shouldn't be hard, since they are so tight with Nintendo, right?



SCAR said:

We don't know what information EA and Nintendo are telling each other. Ask Peter Moore, not me. Go on his Twitter, and ask if they have any games for Wii U. I'm not EA's CEO, so I can't answer your question.



MikeLove said:


I'm not the EA CEO either, yet I know about all sorts of games they are releasing for the PS4 and Xbox all the way into 2015. Odd.



Obito_Sigma said:

OH NO HE DID NOT! TIME TO BRING ON EA PROFANITY!! How dare they? I used to like them became they helped publish Free Radical's Time Splitters, which is my favorite FPS franchise of all time! Ever since they stopped the franchise, I have no use for their games!! I don't care if EA Games stop coming to the Wii U, but when they call Wii U owners children, that's where it gets it!




SCAR said:

Ya, and if we're asking where the Wii U games are, that doesn't have anything to do with Sony and Microsoft. Sony and Microsoft having announced games isn't the answer to where Wii U's games are.



Snap said:

As a launch day, stood in line, owner of the WiiU I think I have the right to say that due to lack of sales of the actual hardware ALL 3rd party publishers are feeling the same. The last time I played a 3rd party game was early in 2013. It's been either 1) OFF or 2) Playing Zelda, Mario, or Nintendo Wii games.

I'm looking forward to Donkey Kong... I'm certainly not looking forward to ANY 3rd party games, ever.



Yorumi said:

@JohnRedcorn Wait so you go and use what someone else was saying turn it around, I clarify and you say I'm derailing things? You're basing you entire definition of adult on what advertisers say. And what's more you're acting exactly 100% like what was described in my quote in my very first post about being obsessed with what people think of what you enjoy.

What's more, none of these games are rated M because they provide depth, fun, complexity or anything like that. They're rated M for because they contain blood, violence, sexual content, and profanity. The problem is virtually no M rated games actually offers mature content. Xenoblade is far more mature than and CoD, the tales series as well, oh but that's cell shaded must be for kids. Monster hunter has a lot of complexity and skill involved and is about hunting giant monsters, it's only rated T.

The point is you pigeonhole the definition of kid to mean anything that doesn't involve excessive blood and gore. That's an incredibly childish definition. The irony being that obsessing over blood and gore is generally something very immature.

So we're looking at ads that involve adults playing games, trying to sell systems to adults, oh that doesn't count cause there's not violence in those ads so they're obviously kids. It's entirely arbitrary. All you've basically said is you're going to define mature as any game nintendo doesn't get, and kid at any game nintendo gets.

There are more adults in nintendo ads than sony ads but you're saying it's sony who's advertising to adults.

So again I reiterate: "When I became a man I put away childish things, including the fear of childishness and the desire to be very grown up."



SCAR said:

Seriously, go ask Peter Moore on his Twitter, where the Wii U games are. That's the only way you'll get an answer, so I don't get why you keep bugging me.



Sir_Deadly said:

Hold up, I heard that ME3 was a really buggy and crappy port on there effort. I am sorry but companies that make statements like this gives them a very bad image. Nintendo does fine w/out them anyway.



TwilightOniAngel said:

@Sir_Deadly yeah it was buggy and a pathetic port for the wiiu just like all the other games EA games made for the wiiu i know cause i played it they didnt even try they just copy and pasted.



Rafie said: how ugly the comment section has turned. LOL

@Yorumi Well said in your post (#180). I'm inclined to agree. However, some of these folks are just talking out their behinds to make it seems as though the Wii U is on par with the PS4, not that they're knowledgeable about the GPU's and such. Thank you for the information though.



Yorumi said:

@Rafie it's usually a safe bet that almost everyone in a console war doesn't know what they're talking about. The actual truth in this case is generally somewhere in the middle, the wiiU isn't really on par with the ps4, but it's also not as far behind as many would have you believe.

Believe it or not actually quantifying power in a computer is extremely difficult because there's just so many variables. A classic example that's still true today is the mhz myth. You can go to wiki for more details but the short of it is a faster clock rate doesn't necessarily mean a processor is more powerful. There's also the problem that one processor may be more powerful at one task, but weaker at another.

People just love to war over everything.



tebunker said:


Oh look I come home from work and look at Nintendolife and Damo posts what is in effect another Neogaf thread. I love how, just like the poorly done Neogaf thread you all but ignore the fairly well written article to focus on one bad quote that doesn't even really have an impact on the op ed piece.

Keep up the good work there buddy /sarcasm



Boyoshi said:

I love this. EA please understand.
Many mature people play Mario and Zelda for nostalgia.
Many Immature people play games like battlefield to look 'cool'
Its just sad that EA doesn't see that they probably have a larger kiddy market (at the moment).
So, 'Clap,Clap' EA, 'Clap,Clap'



SCAR said:

There was still a chance, and you know it as much as I do. I said before, there have been lies or false claims. It's not that unwarranted to question a similar article.

The fact that one employee doesn't represent the entirety of a company, still stands.

I would hardly call this "EA source", a spokesman.



FJOJR said:

Yes us "kids" here in Nintendo land sure hate hockey, football & (for those who are into it) soccer. Cause those games are for the "grown ups" on the Xbox and playstation.



kereke12 said:

I'll play your games like Need for Speed, but your trash to me. You lost my respect. You guys are the one who started this. With the No 3rd party support. Your just trash.



Jeremyx7 said:

Nintendo doesn't make games for kids...they make games for everyone including kids! Very short sighted viewpoint on their part. They're just lazy to go out of their way to make a variety of games that are actually creative.



AtlanteanMan said:

No, EA doesn't make games "for kids". They instead focus on easily copy-pasted rehashes and sequels every single year of the same shooters and tired sports franchises for adults who don't see beyond kill counts and eye candy cinematics. Of course, they're more than willing to turn a blind eye to any underage kids who might be PLAYING their Mature-rated games; the money in their coffers spends either way (and yes, this situation is the parents' fault, but I'm pointing out EA's and other devs' hypocrisy in particular here).

Here's a news flash though, EA: Nintendo doesn't make all that many games for kids, either, just family-friendly, profanity-free games devoid of the typical dystopian, ruined brown and gray-dominated environments that dominate practically every major developer's titles anymore. Sure, Mario, Link, Donkey Kong, and Kirby and their worlds are bright and cheerful on the surface...but tell me how many of them you've BEATEN, let alone FOUND EVERY STAR or hidden item? The recent Donkey Kong Country games are old-school, brutal platforming, and let me tell you (I actually did these myself), beating all the bonus worlds in Super Mario World or finding every one of the 128 Stars in Mario 64 definitely ISN'T something your typical child is going to accomplish. Ditto Zelda's Water Temples without some sort of hint guide or Metroid's tons of hidden secrets. The content may be "kid-friendly", but that's only on the surface. These games are often TOUGH even for most adult gamers.

Here's EA's REAL problem with Nintendo: the business model. THIS is what caused the back-turning; of that I have very little doubt. Nintendo doesn't see online as the cash cow that EA does and so they've yet to really focus on it with any of their consoles. EA would be more than happy to develop scads of titles for WiiU provided they just had a format where they could easily gouge gamers for every last cent via Online Passes and overpriced DLC like they can on Sony and Microsoft's systems. There's the "company line" and then there's consumers knowing/being told the uncompromising truth. The truth hurts, doesn't it, EA?



tysonfury said:

The thing that gets me the most about all this is the perception that the Wii U has failed. As a system, I can't fault it, and the games are great. It's just the idea of the Wii U as a failure became very trendy very quickly, and it was all that was needed for third parties to jump ship. But I really think Nintendo did everything they could to attract them. The recent horror tale circulating the internet lately has been all but debunked by other developers, but the damage was done. And I do still wonder if there's a negativity campaign out there, organic or manufactured...
Like did anyone see this lately? Hate to sound like a conspiracy nut but....

Last time I checked, with 5.5M Wii Us, 4.6M PS4s and 3.2M XBones (according to vgchartz), Nintendo is the MARKET LEADER in this generation. It's time for Nintendo to seize control of the narrative here, and start to aggressively push Wii U on marketing and pricing and maintain its lead.

Wii U isn't dead, people! Nintendo is actually WINNING! (for now)



divinelite said:

I simply cannot understand your hate for mass effect 3...when you are so happy only get Bayoneta 2 not one

And I think even Xbox One players will be very happy because Kingdom Hearts 3 is coming to them even with out king dom heart 1. 5 or 2.5

I know half reason though, because Bayoneta 2 is financially paid by our beloved Nintendo ...



UnseatingKDawg said:

@WesCash: Regardless of your opinion of their "damn fine games", they're still a bad company. Name me 10 things they've done to benefit Nintendo, and maybe I'll be convinced. Maybe.



Henmii said:

"Even the Mass Effect title on Wii U, which was a solid effort, could never do big business"

I would have bought it....if it was the collection the other consoles did get! That's the point, we only got the finale to a series we Nintendo gamers could never play! We just should have had the collection, like everybody else!!



WesCash said:

Where exactly did I say that I thought EA was a good company?
I said they make some good games. They do.
I said they are one of the most powerful videogame companies. They are.
I said it wouldn't be a good thing if Nintendo lost their support. It wouldn't.
You might be reading too much into my comments if you think I have some sort of love for EA. But I don't have some personal vendetta against them either. They're a corporation out to make money, just like Nintendo (or any other company).

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