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Mon 5th Aug 2013

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Alshain01 commented on Kerbal Space Program Is Landing On The Wii U e...:

This is a truly innovative game, the type that come along not near enough. A game that truly fun and educational. I have more hours in this game than I can possibly imagine, (more all Zelda games, which is almost unthinkable for me)

Whether you buy it on Nintendo, or PC, XBox One, or PS4. Just buy it, learn to play it, and you will be more intelligent for it.



Alshain01 commented on Nintendo Download: 24th April (Europe):

@unrandomsam @Kodeen No, it's the copyright, not on the game itself, not on the chip itself (which would be a patent) but on the firmware code that resides on the chip. Copyrights last forever. So Nintendo would have to write their own emulator for that chip (which is against copyright law) or rewrite the game code to not use it (which they did in the port).



Alshain01 commented on Talking Point: Super Metroid's 20th Anniversar...:

The problem with the Prime trilogy was simple, it was a first person shooter, not Metroid. It wasn't Metroid it 3D, it was just a 3D first person shooter (which is probably why it was so popular given peoples fantasizing over Call of Duty clones) Other M had the advantage of being more like Super Metroid in controls. Story asside it was much closer to the original 3 games (only in 3D) than the Prime Trillogy. I personally would love to see more Other M style Metroid games, maybe with a better story though.



Alshain01 commented on Super Mario 3D World Picks Up SXSW 2014 Best M...:

They must give that award to anything. Super Mario World took everything that was just freaking annoying in New Super Mario Brothers series multiplayer... and put it in 3D. One of the worst multiplayer titles I've ever done. You get 4 people who are attached by leashes (or bubbles) in a 3D area, it was impossible to keep track of. I'd rather play almost anything than play that game with more than 1 player.



Alshain01 commented on Nintendo Download: 23rd January (North America):

@Darknyht I don't think they do. It seems logical, if you want to sell software you have to actually put it up for sale, but they just don't get that. They seem to think that money materializes from thin air. I've been a long loyal Nintendo fan, but even I'm finding myself disillusioned and ready to abandon this company.



Alshain01 commented on We Cannot Continue Without Winning, But It's N...:

The fact that they have an awesome back catalog but won't put it on their current consoles is a big problem. They can't even get games that finished development over 2 decades ago released when promised, how are they going to get modern games out? The Super Mario 3 fiasco is a big example of how Nintendo is failing to meet deadlines. There are others, but if you can't put out a 20 year old game on time, there is no hope for your company.



Alshain01 commented on The Second Best Damn Half Time Entertainment Y...:

Nope sorry. I know I'm probably nitpicking but I was in my corps style high school and college marching bands and I know what to look for but this band is terrible. The lines are awful and people aren't hitting their marks at all. Movement is totally off the beat. My high school did better performances than this.