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Thu 23rd Jan 2014

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Nintendo_fan32 commented on Nintendo Was Dead To Us Very Quickly, States E...:

I feel sorry for EA to make such a statement! Nintendo has defined a generetion! I cant imagine myself now without a Snes as a kid! Nway i do think its Nintendo fault for your existence! If only the golden duo of the 90's could come alive today in a strong manner , we all will assist at ps4 , EA , xbox1 funeral! By golden duo i mean Nintendo + Capcom! If only those epic classic games could be done and remastered for today's technology ur f#*in studio will cease to exist! Pls Nintendo you should open that Pandora Box! Teach these KiDS what it means "Gameplay" coz none of this games is playable anymore! Make some retro golden titles! R.I.P EA!