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Wed 29th May, 2013

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mike_intv commented on Ubisoft Refuses to Comment on Watch_Dogs Wii U...:

Several posibiltiies.

Game cancelled totally.
Game cancelled in Europe/PAL.
Game cancelled in Italy.
Gamestop decided not to sell the game.
Gamestop made the game on-line ordering only.
Gamestop computers glitched.

This news seems to be based upon the experience of one person with one retailer.

Please note that every website that I have checked — including and still has the game available for pre-order on their websites.



mike_intv commented on Nintendo Was Dead To Us Very Quickly, States E...:

Something tells me that this is the same "unnamed developer" who complained about the early WiiU SDK last week.

This would fit the description — critical acclaim (the series), things left out, etc.

EA appears to be trolling.



mike_intv commented on Unsung Story: Tale of the Guardians Campaign D...:

I am not sure what makes me more wary — the fact that the low-selling Vita has the initial stretch goal or that two of the handful of commenters on a Nintendo-themed site expressed glee at that prospect.
Related to this, given that the sales potential is much higher for the 3DS, why do these developers always move the goal posts for it so much higher than
systems with much lower install bases?



mike_intv commented on Talking Point: Claims of Wii U Third-Party Dev...:

What is interesting to me is not so much what was written (which probably is more true than we would like to believe), but when it was written.

Why write this NOW? Over a year after launch. When many of the issues have been overcome. (And ironically, the new consoles are reportedly having the same need for updated and ever-changing SDKs).



mike_intv commented on Christian First-Person Shooter Super Noah's Ar...:

Interesting that the Examiner article notes:

However, this re-release of Super 3D Noah's Ark does not yet appear on the site, and has apparently only been made available through private orders via email, as explained in a press released circulated recently.

But does not show the press release.

Makes you wonder about it.



mike_intv commented on Sega Has No Plans To Bring Alien: Isolation To...:

This series of game has never been a super big seller. Couple that with the lower potential for sales of an M-rated game on a Nintendo console (given the general demographics of owners), and the probable business decision becomes apparent.

As for other third-party games, I think it will be a rough go. But I also feel like the entire industry is in for a "readjustment." If Pachter's predictions are to be believed, then only 90M consoles will be sold by the end of 2016. That will make it hard for anyone to get the sales (5M?) needed to break even on many "AAA" titles.



mike_intv commented on Call of Duty: Ghosts Wii U Performance Reporte...:

These are interesting differences ... but are they noteworthy or significant?

If they interfere with the enjoyment of the game, then it is a problem. If it is just techno-heads investigating issues that in the end do not matter, then it is not.

The article really does not tell me that.

It is interesting how for decades film was 30 fps and no one complained. VHS tape can be 10 fps (slowest speed). But you could still watch the show.

Personally, I don't usually get these games because they are NOT realistic. No single person, outside of a movie, gets into, let lone survives, all of the situations found within them.



mike_intv commented on The Wii Mini Will Arrive in the U.S. in November:

If it had on-line or the ability to transfer saves, this might be worth it.

But a used Wii can be had more cheaply with more functionality.

This move is designed at those looking to go low-end with their purchase. I wonder if it will be at closeout stores like Big Lots.



mike_intv commented on Bravely Default To Feature Optional Special At...:

This is not really any different than all of the Game Genie cheats that used to be entered — except the money is going to the developer for the cheats rather than to a third party (either device maker or cheat provider or both).

A few gamers want them, most don't use them. It sounds like they are trying to find a price point that is fair but does not encourage over-reliance on drinks. My guess is that they will be cheaper than a beer at a baseball stadium — and people seem to drink those $8 and $9 brews without problem, even though you could buy a six-pack for the beverage for that price in a package store or grocery store.



mike_intv commented on UK Retailer GAME Less Than Happy With Rivals I...:

Admittedly this is a view from the left side of the pond, but Nintendo is in a tough situation in the UK. It can't crack down too hard on these companies or they won't sell the games. But if it takes no action, street date becomes meaningless.



mike_intv commented on Rumour: Sony Running Campaign To Push Potentia...:

@ajcismo Has a relevant point.

If this is truly happening, it may be of questionable legal standing.

Of course, many activities within the video game industry are of questionable legal standing. For example, why are all the freebies given game store managers not considered "payola"? I know they come "no strings attached" but they have the same effect as if they did. Since Nintendo does not give out free systems and loads of games, their systems are not pushed like those of its competitors who take this approach on an almost yearly basis.



mike_intv commented on "Uninformed" Store Staff Are Hurting Wii U Sal...:

If you read the whole story — it lacks info on when these tests were done and where they were done.

Going to a general merchandise store last fall (last spring in the Southern Hemisphere) would be very different than going to a game store this summer.(this winder in the Southern Hemisphere).

Additionally, since it is from a site that has stressed that Nintendo needs to go third party on smart phones to survive — I wonder about its credibility. It is entirely possible the story is from the early days of the console and is being relayed now — and by leaving out some information the story appears that it is occurring now.

(It is also possible that this happened yesterday ... but we don't know).



mike_intv commented on Hyper Light Drifter Receives Official Wii U St...:

It looks good. If it was $500k, I might pledge. But at $550k, it will be tough to hit and I don't feel like supporting a game that I would never get if it does not come to the WiiU. Too bad there is not a contingency funding option.

(Also, why is the WiiU stretch goal more than twice the Playstation stretch goal?)



mike_intv commented on Regular Show: Mordecai and Rigby in 8-Bit Land...:

What I can't believe is that I allowed my then 8-year-old son to watch Regular Show before Adventure Time.

Regular Show is my fave of the two. It is an authentic homage to the past — from the SMS to the licensed music.

Adventure Time was turned down by Nickelodeon twice (after its debut as a NickToons short). Hard to believe sometimes.



mike_intv commented on Talking Point: With Calls for Nintendo to Foll...:


I will overlook the comment that "real gamers" have to own Sony hardware being made on a Nintendo-based website.

That being said, owning it that may take care of the controller issue — but not the memory issue.

However, since the PS Vita TV is made to stream PS4 games, if I recall correctly, so the relevance of being a PS3 owner here is minimal.

I put the price info out there because it seems like everyone is fixating on the $100 cost — which is more like $180 for someone starting from scratch. Buying a game puts you over $200. The Wii U 32G will soon be $250 with a game.



mike_intv commented on Talking Point: With Calls for Nintendo to Foll...:


You are correct on the first point. Honestly, I would not be surprised if Nintendo released some sort of DS/2DS/3DS TV converter.

But you are both right and wrong on the second point. 16GB of data does not cost $40 — unless you are having to buy proprietary Sony Vita memory cards. $37 at Amazon on a price drop.



mike_intv commented on Nintendo Misses Out on Nikkei 225 as Stock Slu...:

A lot of stock analysts (a) don't really understand everything about video games and video game companies and (b) are looking at today, not tomorrow.

Nintendo's business is video games — hardware, software, and IP management. That makes it a much different creature than Microsoft (which has had issues with hardware such as Surface and purchases such as Nokia) and Sony (which has had legitimate solvency issues).

About half of Nintendo stock is also in the hands of large investor (former executive and banks), meaning it is in much better shape to weather fluctuations since people are holding it for the long-term and not looking to "buy low, sell high, make a profit" which guides so much investment information.

But while it has no direct impact on gaming — it is never good news when the stock goes down 8% or people rate its stock as a "sell." The lack of investor confidence can make it tough for some people to take the company seriously.



mike_intv commented on Bethesda: The Time For Convincing Publishers A...:

Nintendo thinks differently than Sony and Microsoft. It is like Honda in that regard. Honda's are not spectacular and often are a half a generation behind in the tech gadgets — but are usually durable, reliable and well loved by their owners. Not unlike Nintendo consoles.

Meanwhile, Bethesda wants a PC like experience so it can do what it does — which is release a certain style of game (they may release different genres but they are all tend to be apocalyptic adventures of one sort or another). These appeal to a certain type of person with certain tastes. Those are typically not the same group which buy Nintendo products.

Thus, from a business standpoint, I understand that the porting work would not yield sufficient profit (and given the "quality" of these games, I am not sure I would want a port).

I can also understand that the WiiU is not as powerful as the XB1 or PS4. Facts are facts.

That being said, I think a lot of people are betting erroneously on Sony and Microsoft selling at Wii-like levels because they have introduced new consoles. They will probably struggle. Too many options and too little money for too many people.

Finally, as for Bethesda thinking that Nintendo should consult with it (since it is apparent it consulted with other third parties) — it just isn't big enough. Even with id as part of the larger corporate structure, it only has a handful of very similar IPs (Elder Scrolls (incl. Skyrim), Fallout, Wolfenstein, Doom).

Not having Bethesda is no big deal in reality.

Gearbox was also on that panel and continued to contradict itself. (Remember Aliens: Colonial Marines was going to have the definitive version on the WiiU).

The only mega third party developer not doing at least something for the WiiU is EA. A combination of being upset over Nintendo not adopting Origin as its on-line and expectations that Microsoft was going to block used games (which they expected Sony to follow and which Nintendo would not do) has led the two-time worst company in America to not releasing anything for the WiiU.



mike_intv commented on Review: Rayman Legends (Wii U):


I think you are mistaking an individual dislike for a certain style of platforming for a major design flaw. Having played the "app" some, I can tell you that I would generally rather play a Murphy level than an Endless Pit level.

Also, in reading reviews, I have seen people complaining about the lack of options of what to do on other systems because the B-button mapping may be innovative but it does not allow for freedom of action.



mike_intv commented on The Wonderful 101 Misses the Top 20 in UK All-...:

I think we see here a number of factors:

  • Low install base of WiiU consoles in the UK means the market for this game is relatively small. --
  • Digital promotion increasing likelihood game is purchased digitally (and thus not reflected in retail charts). --
  • Niche nature of Platinum Games releases --
  • Mixed review scores confusing some would be buyers (editorial note — at least some of whom should by now know not to trust review scores without doing additional research) --
  • Economic pressures (editorial note — I don't know how it is in the UK, but in the US, median income adjusted for inflation has continued to drop, meaning less discretionary money) --


mike_intv commented on n-Space Not Currently Working On New Projects ...:

Something is amiss here. I wonder if too much is being placed on mobile platforms. Especially by those who have connections with EA.

And if publishers don't like the pace of 3DS sales, they will be in for a shock in 12 months looking at PS4 and XB1 numbers.



mike_intv commented on GameStop Defends Xenoblade Chronicles Pricing,...:

Gamestop is selling the games as used, so that let's them set their own price. Selling used items at more than their original price is nothing new for Gamestop — or any retail sector (many a used paperback for college courses about 30 years ago carried bookstore prices over their original cost).

As for competitive pricing, this game is usually over $100 on both eBay and Amazon right now.

The problem people are having is the quantity that showed up all at once — and how some seem to be in different style cases and insides intact. (I have many times bought used games with Club Nintendo codes unused — so that is not uncommon. However, GS worrying about such, considering it just issued a corporate edict to trash DS cases/books and just sell the carts, is more surprising).

What is much more amazing is the price for Metroid Prime Trilogy — $85 on Gamestop and higher in secondary markets. BestBuy dumped that game for $20 at one point. (I never bought it since I had all the component games and had not played them yet — an obvious error on my part but one I am not willing to spend $100 to rectify).



mike_intv commented on Satoru Iwata Cites Poor Basic Wii U Sales To R...:

A low price point alone will not sell a console. There has to be something to play on the unit. That has always been the case.

But there will be a price cut ... it may just come later rather than sooner.

EDIT — And everyone should know that the harder Nintendo says something is NOT going to happen, the more likely is that it WILL happen.

(I also would love to see more details on the Nintendo representative who gave Games Industry the info about the WiiU being sold for a loss. While I don't doubt that it is probably true, I do know that site generally does not view Nintendo kindly and sometimes has difficulty with the timeliness and accuracy of information.)



mike_intv commented on Wii U Hardware Still Being Sold At A Loss:

What I find interesting is that we have little detail on who said this, when they an unnamed source that we know little about — "a Nintendo representative" — is being treated as an all-knowing oracle.

While I don't doubt that the story is highly likely, I would love to know how much this person knows (or does not know). I at least would like to know whether they are with NCL, NoA or NoE. That might give an indication as to how much they know (or don't know).




mike_intv commented on Specialist Retailers Emphasize Their Support f...:

Not being in the UK, all can do is check the Internet. So while everyone is talking about Morrisons, I cannot find a recent link to them selling ANY video game system. So are they still selling (other) games in store but none on-line?